The Legend of Spanking Rock

by Flatfish 

“Howdy folks” 

Jenny and Matt looked up from their picnic into the wizened face of Old Man Johnson. 


“Don’t see many folks round here these days.” cackled old Johnson. “Was a time you couldn’t keep young couples away. Come up to see the Spanking Rock eh?” 

“W-what,” spluttered Matt, nearly choking on his sandwich. 

“Didn’t y’ know?  Yep, that there’s the Spanking Rock.” Johnson jabbed his thumb towards a large flat rock. “Been used by couples for close on two hundred years.” 

Now he had grabbed Matt and Jenny’s attention, Old Man Johnson invited himself to a sandwich and settled down to tell them the old legend. 

“Maybe two hundred years ago it started, two neighbouring tribes who didn’t like each other much occupied this land. And as always happens in these tales, in one tribe was a handsome young brave, Swift Fox he was called, and he was in love with a pretty young squaw, Morning Dew, from the other tribe. The couple had never met but Swift Fox had seen Morning Dew collecting water from the stream. 

Morning Dew’s father owned a few horses and sometimes he let the young squaw go riding. One day Morning Dew was out for a gallop when her horse got spooked. All she could do was hang on for her life as the beast came tearing through the neighbouring camp, trampling everything in its path. Swift Fox leapt onto his own horse and took off after her. He soon caught up and he managed to calm her horse down and bring it to a slow trot. 

When Morning Dew realised that Swift Fox was going to lead her back to his camp, she struck out at him and tried to escape. Swift Fox was too quick for her. In one smooth move he dodged the blow and wrapping his arm around her slim waste, he swept her off her horse and dropped her face down over his own. Then with Morning Dew’s horse in tow he headed back to the camp, giving the poor girl a few hard slaps on the rump as they cantered along. 

The tribal chief was a wise old dog and he knew that Swift Fox wanted Morning Dew. So to keep her around he said she had to be held as a prisoner until her father paid for all the damage. He knew if she slept with the other unmarried young women he could keep her around for a few days before things turned nasty. 

But Morning Dew was a high-spirited young thing and she soon made herself an escape plan. When Swift Fox came courting she played up to him. She made him think that everything was just fine. One day when they were out walking, out near where the horses were grazing, Morning Dew came up real close. Swift Fox let down his guard and before he could stop her, Morning Dew kicked him right where a man shouldn’t be kicked. Swift Fox dropped like a dead weight and Morning Dew ran for her horse. 

With his eyes watering and feeling sick, Swift Fox staggered to his feet and limped after her. He grabbed her as she was mounting her horse and ignoring her struggles and screams he dragged her off the horse and carried her back to camp. 

Swift Fox was furious. When he got back to camp with Morning Dew still struggling in his arms, he sat down on that rock and turned her face down over his knee. He dragged the back of her dress up to her waist, revealing her beautiful naked bottom. Then in full view of the camp he spanked her like there was no tomorrow.  At first she screamed and fought then she cried, cursed and begged but Swift Fox kept on spanking until her bottom was redder than the evening sunset. 

Now everyone thought that Swift Fox had blown it with Morning Dew. She was never going to be with a man who had humiliated her so much and who made it so she couldn’t sit down without a painful reminder of her punishment. But that wasn’t the case. Later that evening Morning Dew came to Swift Fox and asked if he was OK. She brought him some food and pretty soon they were lovers.  

Well, word of what had happened spread through the camp and it wasn’t long before another young brave took his girl over his knee at the Spanking Rock. Pretty soon the rock got a reputation and any couple that wanted a long and happy marriage would pay it a visit. It became such a ritual that any brave who set his heart on a girl would grab her, drag her over to the rock and prove his love. The harder the spanking, the more he loved her. Of course many braves got their faces slapped or clawed and every boy in the camp could try and spank a pretty squaw before she finally picked the one she wanted. As for Swift Fox and Morning Dew, they were married and lived happily ever after. Long after the tribes had moved on, the Spanking Rock kept its reputation. Boys have been bringing their sweethearts up here ever since.” 

When his tale was over, the old man said goodbye and went on his way, leaving the young couple in stunned silence, pondering his story. 

Jenny was first to get to her feet and wonder over to the rock. She ran her hands over its smooth surface and imagined what Morning Dew must have felt when she knew she was going to be spanked. Soon Matt joined her. 

“Maybe I should prove how much I love you,” he said. 

Jenny blushed and covered her bottom. Matt sat down and admired his girlfriend from head to toe with her long wavy blond hair, her cut-off tee shirt stretched across her firm breasts, her bottom hugging shorts and rolled down socks and hiking boots. Taking her hand in his he pulled gently. Perhaps it was the magic of Spanking Rock, or the fact that so many girls had done this before, Jenny didn’t know, but she allowed herself to be pulled face down over Matt’s knees. 

Matt rested his left hand in the small of Jenny’s back on the naked flesh between her tee shirt and shorts, and felt her smooth silky skin. He ran his other hand over the thin material of her shorts, feeling her bottom, firm and round. Jenny looked back over her shoulder. 

“Are you going to spank my ass or just sit and admire it?” she laughed. 

Matt raised his hand and slapped it down on the tempting target. Jenny gave a little yelp. Raising his hand again Matt started to spank her properly, slowly at first and not too hard. But when Jenny didn’t complain he picked up the pace and spanked harder. Each smack brought another cry and a giggle from Jenny and pretty soon he was spanking so hard that his hand was hurting. As the sting started to build in Jenny’s bottom she started to feel aroused; she wanted more. 

When Matt stopped to rest his hand, Jenny struggled to her feet and rubbed franticly at her bottom. Her face was flushed and her eyes sparkling. Her breasts were pushed tight against her tee shirt, the nipples hard making it obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She looked around to make sure they were alone then started to undo her shorts. Soon they dropped to the floor and she kicked them away. 

“Ok,” she said. “Now show me what you can really do.” 

Matt’s manhood was hard as he lowered the beautiful, half naked girl back over his knee. He ran his hand over her bottom and thighs, feeling the heat where her reddened well-spanked cheeks peeked out from her white panties. Then tightening his hold on her waist he started to spank her again, hard! 

Jenny was surprised how much more it stung without her shorts. Matt spanked her mercilessly and tears came to her eyes. She screwed her hands into fists and her legs kicked as the stinging heat built up. But the more she was spanked the lustier she felt. 

When Matt stopped and Jenny felt his fingers slip into the waistband of her panties, she raised her hips and allowed him to drag them down her thighs. The mountain air felt cool as it caressed her hot flesh. Matt started to spank her again. Her bottom was crimson and burning with a deep excruciating fire. With each stinging smack Jenny felt her thighs and belly rubbing against the rough material of Matt’s jeans. She parted her legs slightly and Matt paused between spanks to slip his fingers into her most intimate parts, exciting her and feeling the wetness of her intense arousal. 

Matt started to spank harder than ever, his hand loudly slapping against her naked tender flesh, faster and faster. Jenny cried and moaned then with a shudder of joy she climaxed. Matt stopped spanking and she rolled off his knee, clutching her bottom and crying with a complex mixture of pain and pleasure. Matt quickly kicked off his jeans and boxers and joined her in the cool grass. Jenny rolled onto her back. Kissing hungrily they tore at each other’s few remaining cloths before Matt slipped his throbbing manhood into her and they wildly made love. 

As sunset approached, the lovers dreamily walked hand in hand back to the car. Jenny sighed and Matt squeezed her hand. They were deeply content and in love and at that moment they fully understood the magic of Spanking Rock.