Catgirl and Mouse

Catgirl and Mouse Join the Orchestra

by Flatfish 

The veil of clouds drifted aside and in the brief glow of the full moon, the unmistakable silhouette of a woman flitted with feline grace across the rooftop of the old abandoned warehouse. She tried each rusty door and skylight, searching for a way into the building. In the centre of the rooftop, she found a skylight that had been left open. It was too easy but she was confident that she could handle whatever surprise awaited her in the darkness. Prising the hatch open a little further, she slipped head first into the void, somersaulted through the air and landed in a silent crouch on the floor below. 

In the street outside, Catgirl’s sidekick, Mouse, moved with the ease of a circus contortionist through a tiny open window. Once inside, she crept across the room and peeped out into the dark open space of the warehouse. 

An anonymous tip-off had drawn the super heroines to this building. The informant had revealed that their evil nemesis, Maestro, was composing his next opera of mayhem somewhere inside. 

With her extraordinary ability to see in almost complete darkness, Catgirl gazed around the room. Satisfied that she was alone, she crept towards the door.  As she reached for the doorknob her animal instinct warned her of imminent danger but she suppressed the feeling and slowly turned the handle. Suddenly with a loud click and a deafening hiss the room filled with a potent immobilising gas. Immediately, Catgirl’s legs buckled and she fell to the ground. The room spun around and she heard echoing voices and Maestro’s manic laughter as the black sleep of unconsciousness engulfed her. 

Down below, in the cavernous warehouse, Mouse moved quickly and silently between the storage boxes. Her highly sensitive hearing could make out music playing in one of the offices above. Double doors led to a stairway. The music was louder here, a sure sign that she was closing in on the Maestro. Slowly she crept up the stairs. Her grey skin-tight cat-suite clung to the contours of her body like a second skin. She came to a door and carefully pushed it open a few inches and peered through the gap. It was a corridor, dimly lit and empty. Pushing through the doorway she ran quickly and silently towards a partly opened door at the end. 

Maestro was inside, quietly discussing his plans with two muscular henchmen. Over in a corner, Mouse was shocked to see Catgirl, trapped in a large cage, pacing from side to side, her steel hard muscles and feminine curves highlighted by the glossy shine of her black cat-suit. The three men were admiring their prize. Gazing with lust at Catgirl’s firm round breasts, slim waist and curvaceous hips swelling to her peach like bottom. 

Suddenly, a large hand thump into the middle of Mouse’s back and she was propelled forwards into the room. 

“Ah good,” said Maestro. “Now we have the full cat’s choir we can begin.” 

Two giant hands grabbed Mouse by the arms and she was pushed towards the cage. Guns were pointed at Catgirl until the cage door was opened and Mouse was thrown inside. 

“At last!” said Maestro. “My feline foe and her rodent friend, trapped. Rest assured my little minims, I shall kill you soon. But first we shall have some fun. You have been a discord in my symphony of crime for far too long, and I am going to savour the music of your torment before I dispatch you to the heavenly choir.” 

“You will soon be singing a different song Maestro,” said Catgirl, gripping the cage bars. “You won’t be able to hold us and when we are free I will see to it that you are put away for a long, long time.” 

“Brave words from a caged animal,” said Maestro. He turned to his men and clicking his fingers, gestured towards the cage. 

Two of the henchmen moved forwards, armed with dart guns. Carefully they took aim. Catgirl spun around in a futile attempt to find cover but the first dart hissed from the gun and stabbed her in the thigh. The second henchman fired, stabbing Mouse in the shoulder. Debilitating weakness flowed through the girls’ muscles, draining their strength. Slowly they sank to the floor. 

The two thugs put down their dart guns and entered the cage. They removed the darts from the fallen girls. Giant, the largest of the henchmen reached down and hoisted Catgirl over his shoulder. She weakly hammered her fists against his broad back but in her drugged state her blows were totally ineffective. Giant reacted to the minor irritation by laughing and landing a meaty smack on her upturned bottom. Mouse was equally defenceless and could do nothing when the second henchman scooped her up and carried her out under his muscular arm. 

Chairs had been placed in two semi circular rows facing Maestro. His henchmen and women came together and took their seats, each carrying a musical instrument. 

“Now,” said Maestro, “as you see, I have my orchestra. I have woodwind and strings but I also have a role for a cat and a mouse. You will be both the percussion and vocal sections.” 

The two thugs took seats in the middle of the front row and swung the weakly struggling girls face down over their knees.  Giant was right-handed and sat with his hefty right hand stroking the shiny, skin tight material covering Catgirl’s bottom. The other man was left-handed so Mouse was positioned head to head with Catgirl. The two crime fighters looked up at each other. Even with her mask on, Catgirl looked furious at this indignity. Mouse looked apprehensive and tearful. 

Each thug was handed a wooden paddle, which they now rested on the beautiful curvaceous bottoms before them. Maestro tapped his baton on his music stand and the mini orchestra of musical misfits positioned themselves for the first piece. The thugs raised their paddles. Giant licked his lips. He was almost bursting with the anticipation of the pleasure that lay before him. Catgirl and Mouse had tormented Maestro and his gang for two years. The feline crime fighter and her mousy companion had foiled each carefully laid plan. Now, here they were, trapped, defenceless and about to receive the spanking that they so richly deserved. 

Maestro suddenly raised his baton and slashed it down. The orchestra burst into Beethoven’s ninth symphony. With each energetic down thrust of the baton the two henchmen slapped the wooden paddles hard on the thinly covered bottoms of Catgirl and Mouse. 

Mouse had never been spanked and the stinging pain shocked her. The hard wooden paddle slapped against her left cheek, bringing tears to her eyes. She struggled and swore at her attacker. The next smack sent pain shooting through her right cheek. Before she could recover the paddle struck again raising the pain to a new height. The evil musician started to slap the same cheek repeatedly, four beats on the left then four on the right, spanking out Beethoven’s rousing theme, raising the paddle high to make sure each crack of wood on bottom could be heard above the music of the orchestra. Mouse tried hopelessly to protect her bottom but the thug grabbed her wrist and easily pulled her hand out of the way. As the pain became unbearable, Mouse couldn’t help contributing to the vocals of Maestro’s miss-composition. With each stinging whack she screamed and yelled. Her Mouse outfit was designed to offer protection to vital organs but the scientist who designed it had considered the female posterior to be a thing of beauty. Consequently the material offered little protection and instead stretched thinly over Mouse’s firm and shapely bottom. 

Catgirl was equally vulnerable in the tail but she was determined not to give Maestro the satisfaction of hearing her yell. Maestro accepted the challenge and his baton swished through the air harder and faster. The two henchmen mirrored his actions with the paddles, working up a sweat as they mercilessly spanked the helpless girls. Mouse screamed and cried uncontrollably. 

Suddenly, Maestro signalled for the music to end. Mouse continued to blubber so Maestro called for her to be gagged.  It was time for Catgirl’s solo. Giant lifted Catgirl off his knee and stood up. He grunted a command for the other spanker to hold her. The second henchman released Mouse and pushed her over to one of the violinists, where she collapsed to the floor franticly rubbing and squeezing her flaming bottom. Then he moved over to Catgirl and stood behind her gripping her by the arms. He pulled back her shoulders, thrusting her breasts forward. A broad grin spread across Giant’s face as he reached forward with huge fingers and gripped the zip that ran down the front of Catgirl’s suit. Slowly he pulled it down, unveiling the smooth flesh beneath, then grabbing each side of the cat suit he yanked it apart revealing Catgirl’s naked breasts. Dragging at the tight material, Giant roughly stripped the cat suit from the weakened girl until she stood dressed only in her mask and thong. The two henchmen pulled Catgirl behind a chair and lifting her onto tiptoe, forced her to bend over the chair back. Giant then secured her hands to the front of the chair with handcuffs. The two men stood behind her and raised their paddles. 

“Are we ready gentlemen?” said Maestro. “Then let us begin.” 

Maestro lifted his baton and swung it with dramatic purpose towards Giant. The huge thug whacked the paddle hard against Catgirl’s left cheek. The sound of wood smacking against naked flesh echoed around the room with a resounding crack! Catgirl suppressed a scream. The pain that now flared in her bottom was much worse than before. Despite the second skin quality of the cat suit, it seemed that it had provided some protection after all. Maestro flicked his baton towards the second thug who immediately slapped his paddle as hard as he could against Catgirl’s right cheek. Tears welled up in her eyes and ran over her mask and down her face as she struggled to hold back another scream. She pulled against the handcuffs and kicked her legs but she could do nothing to protect her bottom, which now blazed with the fires of hell. 

Maestro signalled for the rest of the orchestra to join in and they raised their instruments. The violinist released Mouse and returned to her place in the string section. With a huge flourish Maestro began once again to conduct the orchestra but now, as the music played, he gave his full attention to Catgirl. With each stab of the baton another fiery whack landed on Catgirl’s tortured bottom. Sometimes taking it in turns and sometimes landing repeated smacks on one cheek, the two thugs took great pleasure in turning her flesh scarlet. The ever-increasing pain became unbearable and Catgirl couldn’t hold back her cries any longer. Starting with a low wail and building to a scream, she was soon yelling and crying with each stinging blow. 

Everyone’s attention was on the struggling Catgirl and no one noticed Mouse, sitting on the floor, as she removed her gag and rubbed strength back into her muscles. The nerve drug that had been so disabling was wearing off. As the music reached a crescendo and Catgirl’s spanking was becoming a relentless storm of savage blows, Mouse leapt to her feet. Grabbing a violin from the nearest crook, she smashed it over the head of the shocked musician. Spinning around she caught another in the ear with a high kick. The stunned hoodlum was thrown from his seat and stumbled forwards into Catgirl, knocking over her chair. Catgirl found that her strength was also returning and furious at her treatment she scrambled to her feet and swung the chair hard into Giant’s face, smashing the chair into firewood and freeing her hands. Giant stumbled backwards and fell to his knees, stunned, spitting out broken teeth , blood running from his shattered nose. Before he could recover, Catgirl and Mouse sent spinning kicks into each side of his head. The huge crook crumpled and fell to the floor with a mighty crash. Seeing their main defence obliterated, those members of Maestro’s gang that were still standing ran for the exits. 

When the dust settled, most of the gang had escaped. Maestro was nowhere to be seen. Mouse found a key on the unconscious Giant and unfastened Catgirl’s handcuffs. Catgirl reached back and gently stroked her cool hands over her blazing skin, sniffing back the tears. She picked up her cat suit and pulled it on, easing it carefully over the swollen red flesh of her stinging bottom. 

As the girls secured the last of the fallen felons, Maestro’s insane laughter burst through the quiet room. Spinning around they saw his evil face filling a security monitor. 

“It’s been fun Catgirl,” laughed the mad musician. “It is sad that I didn’t have time to finish you off. No doubt you are giving me a standing ovation since you won’t be able to sit down for a week. But do not worry. I will return. With the Maestro you can always be sure of an encore.