Alien Abduction

by Flatfish

Silently, observation stealth craft 27 drifted over the forest searching for the tell tale signs of human life. Research officer Khe-khe Te-doh  in command with two crew piloting the ship. Khe-khe Te-doh  was carrying out her mission, to make discrete observations of human behaviour, collect sensor data and return undetected to the mother ship in stationary orbit miles above. She had been searching for hours above the sparsely populated terrain and had found little worthy of further study. She was about to abandon the mission when a faint spec of colour flashed onto her black sensor screen. Narrowing the focus, the infrared detector clearly picked out two human beings in a log cabin five hundred feet below.

Richard Harding poured two glasses of ice-cold Champaign and handed one to his girlfriend Marie. They clinked the glasses and each took a sip. It had been three weeks since Richard first asked the beautiful and shy Marie out for the evening. They met at work where Richard was an up and coming solicitor and Marie was a new recruit to the secretarial team. Straight away there was a bond between them as Richard’s easy manner broke through the shield of Marie’s shyness and brought out the exciting girl beneath. Now they had come away to Richard’s mountain lodge to enjoy a weekend of passion and pleasure. 

“Richard,” said Marie, taking a nervous sip from her glass. “There’s something I need to ask you.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Richard, this is a bit embarrassing but I, I…”

Richard sat down next to Marie and took her hand. “Go on.”

“Richard, I was talking to Jane Towers and telling her that we were coming here for the weekend and she said…” Marie paused and took another sip of Champaign.

“Marie. Jane and I went out together for a while but that ended months ago. Whatever she told you, that relationship is dead in the water. We didn’t exactly part amicably. What has she been saying?”

“No, no Richard. It’s not like that. It’s just that she said I shouldn’t come here with you.”

“Did she give you a reason?”

“Yes.” Marie took another generous sip of Champaign to calm the butterflies in her stomach. “She said she came here with you and you tried to …” Marie took another sip.

“Marie. What did she accuse me of?”

Marie bit her lip nervously and mumbled into her Champaign glass. “She said you tried to spank her.” Marie chanced a quick glance into Richard’s eyes and then took another long drink.

“Marie? Jane said that about me but you still came. Didn’t you believe her?”

“I do believe her Richard…but I’m still here.”

The couple sat silent for a moment. Marie hoping she had made her feelings clear and Richard pausing to make sure he hadn’t misunderstood.

Richard stood up and held out his hand. “There is something I need to show you Marie. I love you and this could make or break our relationship.”

Marie stood up. Hand in hand they walked to the bedroom where Richard led her over to the built in wardrobe and took hold of the door handles. “Well here goes,” he said. “This is my toy box, but you don’t have to play if you don’t want to.” He pulled the doors open.

In the wardrobe, carefully displayed, was a spanking couple’s Aladdin’s cave. Handcuffs and silk ropes hung neatly from the walls. Paddles of various shapes, sizes and materials were neatly arranged.  Whips ranged from a relatively gentle soft martinet to a wicked looking riding crop.

“This is who I am,” said Richard. “I have never shown this to anyone. I have put it together, hoping to share it with the right girl.”

Marie stepped forward and ran her fingertips over the restraints and implements.  “This is a big step Richard. I love you and I do want you to spank me. But, I’m new to this. I have always dreamed of being spanked but no boyfriend has ever actually done it. I don’t think I’m ready yet for bondage and whips.”

Richard breathed a deep sigh of relief. She hadn’t slapped his face and demanded to be taken home, as he feared. Her words were music to his ears, “I do want you to spank me, ” she had said. “I do want you to spank me”

Richard led Marie over to the bed and sat down. Marie looked nervously down at his lap. She had come to the cabin hoping this would happen but now she wasn’t so sure. Would she actually allow herself to be put over his knee and spanked? She took a deep breath, made her decision and carefully lowered herself into position.

Richard stroked his hand gently down Marie’s back to her narrow waist, over the swell of her peach like bottom and down her thighs to the hem of her short summer dress. Sliding his hand under her dress, he caressed her cheeks again over her silk white panties, drawing the dress up to her waist, raising the curtain on her perfect bottom, the stage for the spanking he was about to deliver. Marie moaned a little at his touch and closed her eyes.  Richard raised his hand and smacked it down on the silk covered right cheek. Marie didn’t protest so he raised his hand again and smacked it down on the left cheek, harder this time. Marie moaned again, squeezing her thighs together, then relaxing and lifting her bottom ready for the next stinging smack. Richard picked up the pace, smacking, teasing and exciting Marie. As the sting intensified she became more aroused. Richard smacked harder. Marie moaned and sighed. Richard slid his hand over the silky material of her panties and into the waistband, then down over the hot flesh. Marie lifted her hips and Richard slipped her panties down her thighs. Raising his hand, he smacked it down on her bare bottom. Marie yelped at the more severe sting and thrilled at the sensation. Encouraged by her response, Richard took a firmer hold on her waist and set about spanking her bottom to a deep scarlet.

High in the air, Khe-khe Te-doh watched the unfolding seduction on her infrared monitor. She had seen the multicoloured shapes of the humans below join hands and walk together. “Ah yes,” she thought, “the usual courting ritual. The couple will now lay together and copulate. But no! What was this?” The female had lain across the seated male and he was taking some action that she could clearly see, in infrared, was heating up the female’s hindquarters. This was an aspect of the courting ritual that Khe-khe had never observed. This required a much more detailed study. Disregarding her orders to discretely collect data, Khe-khe ordered her crew to land the ship.

Richard eased Marie’s panties back over her reddened, smarting bottom. She carefully turned over and sat up on his knee. Gently, he touched his lips against hers before kissing her passionately. She hugged him tightly, more in love than ever with the man who had lovingly delivered her first romantic spanking. Richard was just starting to unzip her dress when a loud hammering at the door shattered their tender moment. “Who the hell can that be?” he said.

Richard helped Marie to her feet and then went to answer the door. Marie zipped up her dress, pulled it straight and went to join him. Angrily, Richard unlocked the door and came face to face with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Khe-khe Te-doh stood five foot eight. Her long blond hair framed her finely featured face. Her hourglass curves were wrapped in a figure hugging metallic silver dress that clung to her perfectly proportioned breasts and narrow waist and ended high on her bronzed thighs. Her lower legs and petite feet were encased in silver boots. Richard and Marie only had a second to see the young alien and her two black uniformed companions before Khe-khe raised her electro-static handgun and fired, stunning the couple into black unconsciousness.

Richard awoke to the blinding glare of a white light shining directly into his face. Squinting he struggled into a sitting position and looked around the room.  Marie lay a few feet away, still unconscious, on what looked like a doctors couch; identical to the one he was sitting on. The room was only twenty feet square. Three white walls and a forth one, transparent, looking out onto a featureless anteroom. “Rats in a laboratory” he thought. On a long table, against one wall, Richard was troubled to find some of the contents from his bedroom cupboard, restraints, paddles and whips.

Marie came around and sat up holding her head. “Where are we,” she said. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, but I think we’re prisoners. I think we’ve been kidnapped.

There was a sharp hiss and a door slid open in the transparent wall. Four people had come into the anteroom and were now entering the lab. Khe-khe Te-doh led the way, accompanied by a male silver uniformed officer. The other two where clearly security guards, dressed in black, weapons drawn.

“I am pleased you have awoken. I apologise for shooting you. I trust you are unharmed. I am research officer Khe-khe Te-doh.” She pronounced the name as a collection of throaty clicks and stunted syllables. “This is my colleague, Pah-foh Reh. We are not from your planet.”

“Whoa!  Hold it right there Keekee,” said Richard. “What do you take us for? You expect us to believe you are some sort of extraterrestrial but you look like us, you talk like us, what game are you playing?”

“This is not a game,” said Khe-khe. “The indigenous people of our home world are not like you and I and they do not wish to alarm you with their appearance. Instead, they have recruited human crewmembers. Many generations back, my own ancestors were native to Earth. They were abducted for experimentation and breeding. Today the people of my planet are more enlightened and human’s born on the home world are accepted as equals. Pah-foh and myself are scientists, recruited as research officers to study human behaviour on Earth. Our colleagues are from the military wing. I speak your language and seven other earth languages.”

“Why have you brought us here?” said Marie angrily.

“I witnessed your courting ritual. My intention was to observe from a distance but your behaviour intrigued me. I have brought you here, along with some of your tools,” she indicated the table of spanking toys, “to show us the ritual in detail.”

“If you think I am going to let Richard spank me while you watch, you can think again you creep!”

“You really have no choice female,” said Khe-keh, irritated by the insult. “You will obey willingly or you will be fitted with an obedience disc.”

“A what?”

“An obedience disc. It is a small device that attaches to your neck and inhibits free will.” 

The discussion was suddenly halted when a harsh guttural voice came over the intercom, clicking and grunting its commands. Khe-khe answered in the same language. Richard thought she seemed to be arguing her case but the harsh voice was clearly unmoved. The orders were barked out and Khe-khe’s demeanour changed from the arrogant capturer to unhappy obedience. She looked worried.

“That was my commanding officer. It seems that in bringing you here I have exceeded my authority. Such an action is only permitted if it leads to an extraordinarily detailed study of the subject. In order to redeem the situation, we will be stepping up the research from an observation to a more interactive study.” Turning to Richard she said, “You will not be required to spank the female. Instead I will receive the spanking in order to observe the experience first hand.”

Marie smirked. “Hah! Not so clever now are you. I hope when Richard has finished with you that you won’t be able to sit down for a week!”

“You need not be so smug female. You will be taken to another lab where Pah-foh will gain first hand experience of giving the spanking.”

“No way!” said Marie backing away and covering her bottom.

Keh-keh barked an order and while one security guard restrained Richard, the other stepped forward and hoisted Marie, kicking and screaming over his shoulder. Pah-foh wandered over to the table and picked up handcuffs, ropes, and the riding crop. Pah-foh and the guard holding Marie then left the room, quickly followed by the other guard who used his weapon to ensure that the furious Richard did not follow. The door hissed shut leaving Richard and Khe-khe alone.

“Now,” said Khe-khe. How do we begin?”

Richard turned to face her. He had never been as angry as he was at that moment, but with a struggle he regained his composure and vowed to himself to make the unsuspecting alien pay heavily for what she had done.

“The first thing YOU need to understand Keekee, is that a spanking is fundamentally a punishment.” Richard’s tone was low and even. “You have been a very bad girl Keekee and bad girls need to be spanked very, very hard.”

As Richard moved menacingly towards her, Khe-khe started to fear that by interpreting the spanking as a courting ritual she had made a big mistake. She backed away and looked nervously towards the door. Looking into Richard’s eyes she knew she was in trouble and she was well aware of the meaning of the word punishment. Darting to the side she tried to dash past him, but Richard was too quick. He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her over to a chair placed near the table.

“No! No!” cried Khe-khe. “Let me go! I don’t want to do this!”

Richard ignored her protests. He sat down and with a quick flick of his arm, sent the beautiful alien girl sprawling face down across his knees.

Khe-khe was muscular but light weight and no match for Richard who regularly spent many hours in the gym. She kicked and struggled but he clamped her firmly in place with a strong arm around her waist. Her short silver dress rode up revealing the soft curves of her lower cheeks and a hint of silver panties. Richard raised his hand high and brought it down hard with a resounding crack that echoed around the room. Khe-khe screamed in anger. Without a pause Richard’s hand flashed up again then down, hard and fast, inflicting a merciless tirade of stinging spanks on the defenceless girl. Khe-khe cried and wailed with each burning smack as the heat in her bottom rose to an unbearable crescendo. After five minutes of relentless spanking Richard stopped to get his breath and to rest his hand, which was now red and stinging. Khe-khe tried to struggle to her feet but Richard held her firm. “Oh no you don’t. I’m just getting started.” 

“You will pay for this Earth man. My security guards will be here any second. Release me now and I will spare your life.” 

“I don’t think so Keekee. If your guards were coming they would be here by now. I think your commanding officer is determined that you will complete this research whether you want to or not.” Richard grabbed the hem of Khe-khe’s dress and dragged it up to her waist fully revealing her perfectly formed bottom semi-covered by the silver panties, the remaining bare flesh a deep pink from the sustained spanking. Keh-khe screamed in frustration and tried harder to struggle free but it was no use. She reached back to try and protect her bottom but Richard moved her hand and pinned it to her side. He then set to work transforming the pink flesh to a deep burning red. He raised his hand and smacked it down on her semi naked right cheek as hard as he could. Again and again his hand cracked against her flesh, alternating between cheeks and covering the entire area of her bottom. Khe-khe screamed, cried and kicked but she could do nothing to ease the relentless attack. 

Finally Richard stopped spanking but held Khe-khe in place over his knee, satisfied that he had taught the young alien a lesson she would never forget. “Now. Are you going to set us free? Immediately!” he said. 

“You will never leave here,” said Khe-khe, twisting round and glaring over her shoulder. “You will pay for this humiliation. And that goes for your girlfriend too! 

The mention of Marie infuriated Richard once again. “Ok!” he snapped. “If that’s the way you want it.” 

Khe-khe wailed as Richard grabbed the waist of her panties and violently yanked them down to the middle of her thighs. “Noooo!” she screamed. “Please! I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry!” 

Richard reached over to the table, picked up a heavy hairbrush and laid the hard cold wood against the burning scarlet bare bottom of the unhappy alien. Ignoring her pleas, he rapidly delivered three furious barrages of twenty hard thwacks, each stinging smack accompanied by screams and tears from the helpless girl. Khe-khe cried hysterically and struggled to free herself. When he was finished, Richard released her and she slid to the floor, crying uncontrollably, clutching her stinging bottom in a futile attempt to sooth the unbearable fire. No sooner had he released her than two guards entered the room. Without warning Richard was injected with a clear fluid and he rapidly faded into unconsciousness. 

In the lab next door, a different drama was unfolding. Pah-foh had followed the security guard carrying Marie, kicking and shouting, into Lab 2. He opened a drawer and took out a small disc. The guard lowered her to the ground and wrapped his arms around her, immobilising her while Pah-foh attached the obedience disc to the side of her neck. Instantly, Marie stopped struggling. 

As soon as the tiny device took control, the anger and fear that had raged inside her evaporated along with her ability to make any decisions. Pah-foh walked around her, looking at a hand held display that reported a range of physical and emotional signals detected by the labs sensors. Marie was calm, content, at peace with Pah-foh. When he ordered her to remove her dress she willingly complied, enjoying a mild sexual thrill as the flimsy material fell to the floor, leaving her standing in her bra and panties. Pah-foh instructed her to walk across the lab and stand at the end of a table with the front of her thighs pressed against it. She obeyed without question. Pah-foe handcuffed her ankles to the legs of the table and ordered her to bend forward, resting her hips on a pillow that he placed there, and stretching her body and arms along its length. He attached silk ropes to her wrists and pulled them tight before securing them to the legs at the other end of the table. With the obedience disc in place, Marie had neither the will nor the ability to stand up but Pah-foh wanted to explore the effect of the bondage toys and his sensor display registered Marie’s pleasure at being helplessly bound to the table. 

Pah-foh picked up the riding crop and swished it through the air, feeling it flex in his hands. Marie’s stomach fluttered at the knowledge of the fate that was about to befall her silken bottom. Reaching into a pocket, Pah-foh produced a small laser knife and cut through the sides of Marie’s panties, pulling them away to bare the target. He then cut though her bra straps and pulled away her bra, discarding it on the floor with the pants. The sensor displayed Marie’s sexual excitement now reaching fever pitch. Pah-foh ran the tip of the riding crop down her spine and rubbed it over her bottom. Marie gave an involuntary moan of pleasure. 

Pah-foh positioned himself and laid the crop across Marie’s bottom, taking careful aim. With a flick of his wrist, the crop thwacked against her tender flesh. Marie gave an involuntary cry. A second later the crop struck again, this time with more force and fierce pain shot across Marie’s bottom and lingered for a few seconds. A faint red line appeared where the crop had landed. The next whack was harder still and tears welled up in Marie’s eyes but before the burning pain could fade, another stroke landed and then another. The intense sting built up more and more in Marie’s reddening bottom as the cruel whip drew its lines of angry red welts. Marie started to cry but Pah-foh’s monitor still showed her feeling an intense sexual pleasure now mixed with fear. Pah-foh stepped up the pace, thrashing Marie harder and faster. Marie’s body shook and quivered and beads of sweat broke out over her skin. Her breathing became fast and deep and her heartbeat rose. Suddenly with a scream she climaxed, shuddering violently in her restraints. 

Pah-foh stopped, satisfied with the results of the experiment and feeling an intense sexual excitement of his own. Seconds later the guards entered the room and injected Marie. The room faded into blackness.


Back on Earth, Peter awoke, lying on his own bed. Marie was asleep at his side, naked, laid on her belly, her scarlet bottom covered in a grid of welts that promised she would not sit comfortably for days. 

Up on the ship, Khe-khe sat on a thick cushion writing up her report. The doctor had recommended an ice pack but refused to give an analgesic to ease her burning bottom. He was strongly apposed to abduction and believed Khe-khe had escaped too lightly for her crime. 

In his quarters, Pah-foh dangled the handcuffs from the fingers of one hand and swished the riding crop through the air with the other. The spanking experiment had been sexually intense and he now longed to share his bed with the beautiful Khe-khe. First, though he wanted to experiment a bit more and he was determined that the earthman was not going to be the only one to enjoy spanking the perfect pert bottom of Khe-khe Te-doh.