Zero G 

By Flatfish

Staging Port II rotated on its axis, sweeping out two full revolutions every minute; a spinning jewel against the dark peppered backcloth of space. A myriad of glistening arrays gathered solar energy for the station’s main structure where huge concentric rings were linked to the hub by four narrow elevator shafts. Research scientists, students, a handful of warehouse technicians, support staff and a few guests, stopping off for reorientation on their way to the Mars station, populated the outer ring. Here the rotation provided a comfortable approximation to Earth’s gravity as the force of this giant centrifuge pushed its occupants out towards the hull. Three inner rings housed low gravity warehouses, where the only permanent residents were a variety of load shifting automatons. 

Yuki Uato appraised herself in the mirrored wall of the elevator as she made the slow journey from the outer ring to the hub. She was nineteen years old and a dark haired beauty. She had been a child prodigy, a mathematical wiz-kid and after an early start at the University of Tokyo her talent had quickly been recognised and won her a shot at the International space student program and one of the precious student slots on SP-II. But Yuki was a rebel; a nonconformist; a brat. She smiled mischievously at her reflection as she thought about what she was about to do. Her breasts pushed against her cropped sports top, stretching it tight, her nipples clearly showing. She turned to face the wall and looked back over her shoulder at her reflection and patted her cute bottom, tightly covered by her stretch gym shorts. 

The usual wave of mild nausea and headache washed over the young student as the elevator neared the hub and her body struggled to adjust to the ever-decreasing gravity.  A panel on the wall beeped and turned amber, warning that the lift was about to halt. A door in the ceiling slipped open and as the elevator slowed and stopped Yuki’s momentum carried her gently upward and out into the near weightless cavity of the hub. 

Yuki floated along a silver corridor, occasionally adding to her forward motion with a tug on the wall handles until she arrived at the door to one of the Solar Systems most unusual fitness facilities; the spherical Zero G gymnasium. She had booked the gym for a thirty-minute session and as she arrived the door slipped open and the previous occupant propelled himself out. 

“Hi Yuki,” said Fred McKenna, one of the research physicists. “Just a second while I flush.” 

Fred slapped his hand against a red button on the wall and there was a quiet hiss as the chamber cleaned and freshened itself ready for the next session. 

“Thanks Fred,” said Yuki with a grin. Then with a gentle kick against the wall she somersaulted past Fred and into the gym. 

Zero G sat at the very centre of SP-II and although it made a full rotation every thirty seconds as an integral part of the space port’s structure, its diameter was small and the forces on its occupants were negligible, giving rise to it’s name as a zero G zone.

Exercising in Zero G amounted to jumping, somersaulting, stretching and flexing inside a padded gravity free sphere. Hooks, handles and steps around the walls enhanced the callisthenic experience, but the dominant feature sat in the centre of the gym, anchored to the walls by two rigid arms, in line with the axis of rotation; this was Quintopus. It was upon this device that Yuki had unofficially targeted her considerable intellect. 

In appearance, Quintopus was a simple smooth black sphere with five long, flexible tentacles, but in action those tentacles could form poles, parallel bars and hoops and for the most athletic they could gently wave in random motions providing an every changing obstacle course. Yuki pulled out a yellow plastic progtab and passed it over Quintopus’s input port, downloading her own program instructions into the devices memory. 

She sprang away from Quintopus with the elegance of a ballerina and hooked her hand into a wall handle, ready to begin her routine. 

“Quintopus, begin session,” she ordered. 

“Welcome Yuki Uato,” a disembodied voice answered. It was rich and masculine and seemed to fill the room; it always gave Yuki a mild thrill. “Your session will begin in five, four, three, two, one… begin.” 

At first Yuki thought her program modifications had fallen at the first hurdle as Quintopus’s tentacles hung limp and motionless. She was about to float over and restore the default program when there was a twitch. She paused, holding her breath. Suddenly all 5 tentacles shot outward with uncharacteristic speed and poised ready for action. It was as if Quintopus had taken on a new personality. No longer the benign and friendly exercise coach, now it was a beast, alert and aggressive. It reminded Yuki of some of the more unorthodox martial artists she had seen on Earth. This promised to be a very interesting session. 

Yuki moved subtly from side to side, observing the beast. The tentacles moved with her. It was as if Quintopus was intently watching her, ready to strike as soon as she moved. Suddenly she sprang, turning and twisting through the chamber, avoiding the tentacles as they snatched fruitlessly at the air, trying to catch her. She hit the far wall with a thump and would have bounced back into the beasts grip if she hadn’t just managed to grab a wall handle. She turned and grinned. 

“You’ll have to try harder than that Quinty if you hope to catch me.” 

Quintopus didn’t reply but its tentacles snapped back into position ready for Yuki’s next move. 

Yuki prepared for another leap. She curled her legs against the wall to give maximum spring then launched herself at an apparent gap in Quintopus’s defences. Once again she twisted and curled her way confidently through the flailing arms but as she approached the safety of the far side there was an almighty thwack and she yelped as one of the tentacles lashed across her bottom sending her tumbling into the wall.

She grabbed a wall handle and clung to it, waiting for the sting to die down. Her eyes were watering and she gingerly reached back and ruefully rubbed her bottom. It seemed she had underestimated Quintopus. She hadn’t banked on a smack from a tentacle hurting so much and she hadn’t expected the beast to learn her movements so quickly. Her next move would have to be more cunning. 

Taking a leap sideways, she kicked at a hand loop on the wall and headed downwards, intending to pass below the tentacles, catching Quintapus unaware. She had debated with pedantic members of the teaching staff who argued that in zero gravity there is no up and down but the gym had a defined orientation determined by its fixtures and she had a sense in her minds eye that she was definitely heading downwards. 

As a swift moving tentacle swept down towards her she spun around the anchor arm out of harms way and launched herself up towards the far wall. It was a cunning strategy but not cunning enough. A tentacle came out of nowhere and wrapped three times around her slender waist. She was trapped and at the mercy of the beast, but the beast had no mercy. With Yuki’s arms flailing ineffectually around, Quintopus turned her slowly face down and took careful aim on her upturned bottom. 

“Noooo! Pleeese!” she begged, but Quintopus ignored her plea. 

Pulling back a tentacle it lashed three times at the soft round curves of her undefended cheeks. Yuki’s howls echoed off the gym walls. 

The beast released the sobbing student with a flick of its tentacle and sent her spinning towards the wall. Yuki grabbed a wall handle with one hand and steadied herself. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she cursed. She reached back and yanked down her shorts, twisting to examine her bare bottom where three new fiery red lines had joined the welt from Quintopus’s earlier smack. Yuki’s backside was stinging and burning and she considered using her safety word to terminate the session but she knew the best was yet to come if she could just hold her nerve. 

She turned to face the beast as it waved its tentacles around in the air. One snaked towards her. Slowly, tenderly the flexible limb slid up Yuki’s naked midriff and plucked at the bottom of her cropped sports top. Finding a tiny gap it slipped inside and curled around, caressing her left breast. A second tentacle followed, curling around her right breast. Yuki had decided not to wear her sports bra for this session and now she sighed deeply as Quintopus sensuously massaged her, exciting her, licking and pinching at her hardening nipples. A third tentacle joined in, but this one headed down, making its way into the waistband of her shorts and seeking out her most intimate charms, now moist with excitement. Yuki gave a shuddering intake of breath as Quintopus stroked and probed her vagina and teased at her clitoris. Then in an instant it withdrew and snapped once more into readiness. 

Yuki was hot with passion and she pulled off her shorts and top and let them float away. Naked now and breathing deeply she prepared for another traversal across the Zero G chamber. Quintopus had been swift to understand her moves and compute a counter strategy so she knew she stood little chance of success. She didn’t care. Torn between the satisfaction of outwitting the beast and the thrill of what Quintopus would do if and when it caught her, she dared herself to make a move. 

Curling her legs she sprang forward, heading directly into the heart of the beast. The tentacles darted towards her but she skilfully somersaulted around them, catching hold of one with a tight grip and letting it whip her around towards the far wall. Now with renewed velocity she flew forward, slipping easily through the flailing tentacles. She gave a triumphant whoop as she reached out towards the wall handle and sanctuary. But her celebration was premature. Her motion jarred to a sudden halt as a tentacle wrapped around her left ankle. Her fingertips brushed momentarily against the wall handle as the beast slowly and inevitably reeled her in. 

Yuki trembled with a mixture of trepidation and lustful excitement. A tentacle encircled her waist rendering her helpless in the zero gravity space and turning her face down once again. Two more wrapped around her arms and toyed sensuously with her breasts. A fourth wrapped around her thigh and between her legs, stroking and teasing, probing and penetrating, raising her sexual tension to a feverous level. Beads of sweat appeared on her skin and she moaned quietly as sexual ecstasy started to wash over her. The beast gently made her bend a little at the waist, rounding her bottom ready for the spanking that was about to be unleashed. 

A loud crack! echoed around the curved walls of the chamber and fire seared across her bare bottom. Yuki howled. The tentacles continued to caress her breasts, playing with her nipples and writhing between her legs as the beast took aim for a second whack. Five more times the flexible tentacle whipped its blistering punishment across her bottom leaving its inflamed deep red tramlines. With each stroke her excitement intensified and climbed until the sixth and most painful thwack brought her to a screaming sexual climax. 

The tentacles gently withdrew, leaving Yuki floating in a warm post-coital glow. Her bottom burned furiously and she laughed contentedly. She pulled herself over to Quintopus and reset the default program, removing all traces of her naughty misuse of the equipment. She retrieved her shorts and sports top and dressed, taking care as she eased the stretch shorts over her sore bottom. Leaving the gym she hit the flush button restoring the chamber to pristine cleanliness.  

Yuki returned to the outer ring, wishing she had thought to bring a skirt to cover her well-spanked bottom where the scarlet cheeks peeped from her shorts. Fortunately she managed to arrive unseen at her quarters where she undressed and slipped into the shower. 

Half an hour later she returned to her desk in the student centre and carefully eased herself onto her seat next to her intellectual rival, Jenny Thomas, a student from Oxford in the UK. 

“Been to the gym then?” asked Jenny, eying the progtab that Yuki had carelessly thrown onto the desk. “You know you're not supposed to reprogram Quintopus.” 

“Its just a few harmless exercises,” said Yuki innocently. She eased herself out of her seat and wondered over to the coffee machine. When she returned the progtab was gone and so was Jenny. 

Staging Port II rotated silently in the void of space. Deep in its centre, in a zero G chamber, the howls of a shocked young student echoed off the walls.