The Wife Sitter

by Flatfish

The doorbell rang. Yvette Harman marched angrily to the door. Who was calling at this time? She didn’t need interruptions she had to get ready for her night out. When she opened the door she realised it wasn’t a person but one of those creepy android men. She recognised the slightly grey skin and the stiff movements. 

“Yvette Harman?” 

“That’s me”, said Yvette. “Who are you?” 

“I am Barclay Operations Babysitter 7.2, but you may call me Bob.” 

“You’re a Barclay Babysitter? You’ve come to the wrong house. I don’t have a baby.” 

“There is no mistake, Miss Harman. Your father has hired me to look after you while he is away on his business trip.” 

“My father?” said Yvette. “This is crazy. I’m a 22-year-old married woman. Why would …” 

Bob held up his hand. “It is no good lying to me, Miss Harman. I was fully programmed with your stats before leaving the office. You are Miss Yvette Harman of 278 Willow Avenue. You are a troublesome teenager in need of firm control. I have instructions to ensure that you behave yourself in your father’s absence. 

“Look at me”, said Yvette. “Do I look like a child?” She ran her hands over the swell of her firm breasts, down to her narrow waist, curvaceous hips and around to her well toned bottom.  “This is some sort of trick by my husband isn’t it? He doesn’t want me to go out while he is on his trip.” 

“I do not wish to debate the matter,” said Bob. I have been hired to baby sit you until your father returns and that is what is going to happen. Yvette started to protest but Bob firmly gripped her arm, moving her back into the room. He stepped in after her and closed the door. 

“You can’t do this!” cried Yvette. 

“In fact I can, Miss Harman. Your father has chosen the platinum care option, which gives me full parental authority. I make the rules and you will behave or you will be suitable punished.” 

“I have told you he is not my father! He is my husband. I am an adult and I will do as I like. Now leave my house.” Yvette pushed against Bob’s chest, momentarily knocking him off balance and causing him to stagger towards the door. Bob was not going to be so easily deterred from his mission. He regained his balance and strode swiftly towards Yvette. 

Fear suddenly gripped her as she realised that her action, while understandable as an adult defending her home, were not acceptable to Bob, who was convinced she was a spoiled teenager. She turned to run but Bob’s android reflexes were too swift. He hooked his plasti-skin coated steel fingers into the waistband of her tight jeans and dragged her back towards him. Bob wrapped his arm around Yvette’s waist and lifted her off the ground. At over 6 feet tall, with muscles of steel, he had no trouble carrying the struggling young woman over to a nearby chair. He sat down and laid her, kicking and shouting, face down over his knee. 

“Get off me you stupid tin bastard” 

“Its time to establish some ground rules young lady” said Bob, clamping Yvette firmly in place with his left hand and raising his right hand to shoulder height. Yvette’s jeans stretched tight over her firm bottom. 

“Don’t you dare!” screamed Yvette. Her words had no effect. Bob’s programming had determined that this young lady had earned a sound spanking and she was going to get one. 

“There will be no more lying!” Smack! “There will be no more arguing!” Smack! “There will be no more swearing!” Smack! Smack! Smack! “Is that understood?” The spanking continued hard and fast until Yvette could bare it no longer and she sobbingly agreed to Bob’s rules. When he released her she scrambled to her feet rubbing her bottom furiously, tears filling her eyes. 

“Now Miss Harman, in view of your behaviour you will go to your room and stay there until I say otherwise.” 

Yvette turned and headed for her room. “We’ll see about that”, she mumbled. 

“I have exceptional hearing, Miss Harman”, said Bob, taking a step towards her. 

Yvette cried out and ran up the stairs, disappearing into her room. 

Bob busied himself downstairs, cleaning up. His programming gave a 98% confidence rating that Yvette would not disobey him again. But Bob was in error. His calculation was based on his data for a young spoiled teenager. It did not allow for a wilful 22-year-old wife who was determined to leave the house and join her fiends in the local bar. 

James, Yvette’s husband had pleaded with his wife not to go out while he was away on his 24-hour business trip. Several women in the area had been attacked late at night while walking home alone and James was terrified that Yvette’s carefree attitude would put her in danger. They had argued for hours on the night before the trip and eventually she had promised him that she would stay in while he was away. Unfortunately for Yvette, Jim had heard her later on the phone to her friend. 

“He is living in the dark ages Trish”, she said. “He just isn’t 22nd Century man. I have told him I will stay in, to shut him up, but he is just treating me like a child. Let’s meet up at the Heron Bar at nine.” 

James had weighed up her words. “Treating her like a child? Well If she is going to lie to me and behave like a child then maybe I should.” James decided to telephone his friend George Barclay, the CEO at Barclay Operations and hire a BOB 7, bypassing the usual verification checks. He arranged for it to be programmed with details that would ensure his wife was handled appropriately. He was still angry with Yvette, which made him a bit overenthusiastic when he set the child handling profile to be strongly biased towards firm discipline including spanking if appropriate. 

Now in her room, Yvette fumed. Her bottom was still sore from Bob’s treatment. His steel muscles and hard plasti-skin hand meant that a Spanking from a Bob 7 would be well remembered and she had fought hard which had turned what would normally have been a few smacks into a long extended punishment. Yvette peeled down her Jeans and examined her bottom in the mirror. It was quite pink and hot, contrasting with her white panties. She slipped out of her clothes and wrapped a short black silk kimono around her naked body. Grabbing her mobile phone she headed for the bathroom. 

“Hello, Trish”, Yvette whispered into the phone. “I’ve been delayed a bit. I can’t talk for long. I’m still coming but I won’t be able to get there until ten. Bye”. 

She put the phone aside, took off her robe and stepped into the shower. The hot water cascaded through her long blond hair and over the curves of her body, well toned from hours in the gym. She ran her soaped hands over her breasts, belly and thighs and gently over her bottom, washing away the stress of the evening’s events. Ten minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, blow dried and scented, wrapped once again in her short kimono, brushing her hair as she walked. She entered her bedroom and came face to face with Bob. 

“Miss Harman.” said Bob. “You will not be keeping your appointment with your friend. Please ring her again and tell her that you will be staying in tonight. I will not tolerate underage drinking or breaking curfew.” 

“The hell I will”, said Yvette. “You can stay and baby sit if you like but I’m a big girl and I’m going out. Now get out of my room you perverted bag of bolts and let me get dressed!” 

“I thought we understood each other, Miss Harman”, said Bob, “but clearly I haven’t made myself clear. I am in charge and you will obey my rules.” He reached forward and grabbed Yvette’s wrist with one hand and took the hairbrush from her hand with the other. He examined the brush. It was heavy and made from some sort of hard wood with a smooth broad back. “Perfect”, he said. 

“What do you mean”, said Yvette. Her eyes opening wide as she feared the worst. “What are you going to do?” 

She tried to pull away, but Bob’s grip was precision tuned for maximum hold without damage. “We are going to reinforce those rules”, he said. 

Sitting down on the bed, he pulled Yvette once more over his knee. “No!” she screamed. “Please don’t! I didn’t mean it. I’ll do as I’m told. I promise.”

Unfortunately for Yvette, once a Bob 7 was set on a course of action they could not be deterred. Bob had determined that a long hard spanking with the hairbrush was called for and he was not going to change his mind. 

Yvette tried to cover her bottom with her hand. She could feel how little protection the thin silk of her Kimono offered and she wished she had had the chance to put some panties on.  The silk flowed over the contours of her body perfectly and ended just below the swell of her bottom. Bob moved her hand aside and rested the hairbrush on her right bottom cheek, just above the thigh. He raised his leg slightly, adjusting her bottom to the optimal position. He raised the hairbrush to shoulder height. 

“Nooo Pleeeze! I’ll be good. I promise!” 

Yvette squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth. The hairbrush flashed down and smacked against her bottom with a resounding crack! She cried out as the fire burst across her right cheek. Half a second later the sting burst across the left cheek, then again on the right. It was far worse than she could have imagined. The hand spanking on her jeans earlier was nothing compared to this. With each resounding smack! The fire grew. She couldn’t bare it. She writhed and kicked, trying in vain to avoid the relentless onslaught and ever increasing pain engulfing her whole bottom, but there was no escape. Whack! Smack! Smack! Crack! With the precision of a clock Bob continued the fierce spanking, concentrating mainly on the tender lower cheeks. Tears filled Yvette’s eyes and ran freely down her face. She Kicked and struggled and cried uncontrollably, bawling more with each new whack! 

After, what seemed like a long, long time the spanking ended. Bob released Yvette and left the room, allowing her some time to recover. Laying face down on the bed, crying hard into her pillow, she gingerly slid her Kimono up and touched her hands against her hot stinging bottom. It was far too sore to rub. As she laid there, her flaming bottom naked and cooling in the night air, she felt an unexpected surge of sexual excitement. This was all James’s fault but right now she wanted him. She wanted to feel his strong reassuring embrace and for him to satisfy her growing lust. She climbed off the bed and wiped her eyes. Taking off her Kimono, she admired herself in the full-length mirror, twisting to see the deep red hew of her poor tortured bottom. Pulling on a soft cotton nighty, panties were unthinkable; she resigned herself to finishing the evening playing a contrite teenager. 

Downstairs, Bob was waiting for her. She produced her phone as instructed and called Trish. Sniffling into the phone, she spoke to her friend. “I’m not going to make it tonight after all, Trish. I’m not feeling well. She laid a hand against her still scorching bottom. “I think I may be running a temperature.” 

When James arrived home the following morning he found Bob supervising Yvette as she ate her breakfast. Oddly she had chosen to stand at the breakfast bar. He dismissed The Bob 7 unit and went to embrace her. 

“Don’t you come near me!” she said. “How could you do that to me?” 

“I’m sorry darling. I was angry when you lied to me and I was worried that you would be harmed. I tried to cancel the android but I was too late. Anyway, at least you were safe. I hear there was another attack last night. That could have been you.” 

“Yes well… Anyway you didn’t have to tell him I was a child.” 

“I wanted to be sure you would have a quiet night in. A Bob unit is safe. Unless you behave like a spoiled brat, he is guaranteed to treat you kind… Er, you did behave didn’t you?” James suddenly remembered the strict settings he had chosen. “You didn’t annoy Bob did you? I may have set the discipline settings a little high”. James swallowed nervously. Yvette did not seem amused. 

“James. That monster spanked me! Twice! I’m so sore, I can barely sit down!” 

James struggled to suppress a smile. “I’m sorry darling. But I wish I’d been there to see it. It’s not everyday you see a beautiful woman spanked by a robot.” 

Despite her sore bottom, Yvette giggled at the thought. “Well next time”, she said, softening towards her husband. “You can cut out the middle man and spank me yourself!” She blushed at her own words. “But not until I recover from this one of course.” She rubbed her bottom and grinned.


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