Titan 5

by Flatfish 

Alison McDermott stood on the metal gantry and looked down into the darkened hall of the shop floor. One end of the room was illuminated where Arthur Jones the shop floor foreman was busy making final adjustments to the Titan 5. Alison picked her way carefully down the steps towards him, making sure she didn’t catch her high heels in the metal treads or get dirty marks on her white blouse or the grey pencil skirt that hugged the curves of her hips and bottom. 

Jones watched the beautiful young executive approaching and felt a strong sexual attraction. Her pretty face, framed by long dark hair, broke into a smile as she came towards him, the wicked smile of a cat that has stolen the cream. At twenty-five she was the youngest executive in the company having initially landed the job as a result of being the only daughter of the company’s founder and major share holder. Now, after her father’s death, she had her sights set on becoming the youngest CEO. Tomorrow she would be well on her way. 

“Good evening Mr. Jones. Is everything ready for tomorrow’s demonstration?” 

“Yes it is Miss,” said Jones. “But…” 

“Yes? Is there a problem?” 

“Well I know it’s not my place to say but your father would turn in his grave if he could see what you’re planning. If this goes ahead you’ll make almost the whole shop floor redundant. Your dad was a good man. He looked after his workers.” 

“You are correct,” she said, sounding nettled. It is not your place to criticise my actions. When we demonstrate the Titan 5 tomorrow I am sure the Board will make the right decision. And yes there will be some redundancies but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, as they say, and the Titan 5 will finally take this company into the 21st century.” 

“Ok Miss McDermott, if you say so. Be very careful if you go near that machine. These robots can be dangerous.” 

Jones wandered away leaving Alison alone, admiring the Titan 5. The huge machine was at the forefront of industrial robot technology. Alison had managed to persuade the board to lease one unit but her plan was to replace the whole shop floor workforce. The Titan 5 stood seven feet tall. Its multi-part platen could mould to support machine-parts of any shape while its long multi-jointed arms could manipulate items of any size and delicacy. Alison stroked the Titan’s smooth shiny metal and felt an almost sexual pleasure at its power. As she looked it over, she saw that a yellow cleaning rag had been left trapped in the machine. Now with Jones gone she decided she would have to remove it herself. She tried to reach it from several angles and in the end she had to lean against the platen and stretch her arm out towards the rag. Intent on retrieving the cloth, she didn’t notice the Titan 5’s clamp arm moving silently towards her. It was not until the arm wrapped around her waist, pinning her to the platen that she realised she was in danger. Pushing with both hands she tried to free her self but it was no good. With a quiet hum the machine slowly came to life. She felt the platen pressed against her belly start to change shape. In a few seconds it had moulded into a smooth hump and Alison gave a cry of surprise as with the robot arm pressing on her back she found her self rolled forwards, her feet lifting off the floor leaving her legs dangling and kicking on one side and her arms flaying around on the other, pinned at the waist and hanging over the hump like a naughty girl over a parent’s knee. Unfortunately for Alison the parallel did not end there and this parent was made of steel and was very, very strong. 

Alison was acutely embarrassed at being trapped in such a humiliating position but she could not escape. She had no choice but to shout for Jones to come and free her. She just hoped he hadn’t gone home. She didn’t relish spending the night in this position or being found by the workers when they came in on Monday morning. She shouted out for help but there was no sound from the dark machine room and no sign of Arthur Jones. 

From a dark corner, Jones watched the unfolding spectacle with satisfaction. He had spent many late nights over the past few weeks, training the Titan 5. He had smuggled in an old shop mannequin and used it to train the robot to identify key points of female anatomy and carry out a complex series of tasks not normally associated with light engineering, carefully manipulating the robot’s arms and storing every subtle action in the Titan 5’s program bank. Now from his ringside seat, he pulled out a camcorder and began to film the action, first zooming in on Miss McDermott’s pretty troubled face and then panning along her body, pausing where her breasts pushed against the material of her blouse, then up past her narrow waist to the delightful swell of her bottom, raised high, where her skirt was tightly stretched. 

Alison stopped shouting and tried once again to free herself. Pushing hard she arched her back but the robot’s grip was immovable. It was then that she saw the control panel. She couldn’t reach the off switch but she could clearly see the monitor that now displayed the robot’s programmed instructions. She stared in horror as she read: 

Program: Spanked Brat 1

Tool: Leather Paddle

Repetitions: 100.

 The paddle tool was a stiff but flexible strip of leather, 30cm by 15cm that the robot would normally have used to brush away metal shards after drilling. Alison looked quickly back over her shoulder, just in time to see the robot lifting the paddle and swishing it a couple of time through the air, mirroring the action that Jones had done when he had manipulated the robot arm in its training phase. Then with careful precision the robot positioned the paddle against Alison’s upturned bottom. 

“Oh my God. Please. No.”, cried Alison. 

As she stared, wide eyed, the robot slowly drew back the paddle. Alison squeezed her eyes shut as the robot paused then with surprising speed, whacked the paddle hard. A deafening thwack echoed around the empty machine room, rapidly followed by a howl from Alison as the stinging blow engulfed her whole bottom. 

As the robot took aim for its second blow, Alison saw the number of repetitions change from 100 to 99. Panicking now and with her bottom stinging she cried out again for someone to rescue her.  Unable to free herself she kicked her legs and beat her hands against the unfeeling steel of the Titan 5, but she was trapped. 

Suddenly the paddle struck again. Adding a new fire to Alison’s already stinging tail. Then picking up speed it came again, and again. Alison screamed and cried as the machine settled into a steady rhythm, giving her the soundest spanking of her life. 

Finally the repetition counter reached zero and the spanking stopped. Alison lay limp and still for a moment, her breasts heaving, breathless after screaming, crying and struggling, her bottom burning furiously. The arm pinning her waist slackened slightly and she thought for a moment that she was going to be released, but that was not the case. 

Looking back over her shoulder again, she saw that the robot had now replaced the paddle tool with a three-fingered mechanical hand. Slowly, the hand moved towards the waistband of her skirt and firmly gripped the material. Alison screamed and fought as with a sudden sharp tug her skirt button was catapulted through the air and the zip ripped open revealing a triangle of bare flesh and a hint of panties. The steel fingers slipped lightly down the exposed skin and hooked firmly onto the skirt. Alison could not reach back with her hands because of the steel arm over her waist so she tried to hold onto her skirt by pressing her hips against the platen. Detecting the resistance the robot gave a short rumble, shaking the platen and dislodging the skirt which was then dragged away revealing Alison’s designer white silk panties bare thighs and stockings. The robot arm lifted the skirt and dangled it in the air as if in triumph, before releasing it and allowing it to fall into the waste bin. 

From the shadows, Jones filmed every second of Alison’s distress, zooming into her tear stained face and along to where he could see the swell of her bottom peeping out beneath her panties, red and sore from the severe spanking. 

Alison looked at the monitor and wailed, “Oh God, please, no, let me go.” The screen read: 

Program: Spanked Brat 2

Tool: Wooden Paddles

Repetitions: 100. 

Wooden paddles were normally used by the Titan 5 to move or hold soft metals. They were flat and hard. Ideally suited to the task of spanking and with two of Titan’s three mechanical arms available, Alison was about to receive a two handed helping. 

The robot positioned the paddles over Alison’s silk covered bottom and paused, like a drummer waiting to march into battle. Then slowly it raised one paddles and with a flick of its mechanical wrist, slapped it hard against her tender right cheek. The resounding crack of wood on barely covered flesh echoed around the room and the unbearable sting drew a sorrow filled cry from Alison and brought more tears to her eyes. She had little time to dwell on the mounting pain before the second paddle was raised and landed an equally fierce slap on her left cheek, reducing the counter to 98. Picking up speed the alternate blows came faster and faster, the sting of each smack having no time to fade before another compounded the fiery torture. Smack by smack the counter wound its way down and with each whack Alison screamed and cried. After the longest two minutes she had ever known the spanking came to an end. 

By now, Alison’s bottom beneath the silk panties was blazing hot and crimson, pulsating with the relentless pain of two merciless spankings. But she had yet to face the final chapter in the ordeal of her punishment. 

The mechanical arms restored the wooden paddles to their holders. Then, once again the three-fingered hand made its way towards her. Slipping its steel claw into the waistband of her panties, the robot slowly pulled them down and off, baring her burning scarlet bottom. The robot dangled the panties momentarily in the air and then deposited them in the bin with Alison’s skirt. Alison looked up at the monitor and read:

Program: Spanked Brat 3

Tool: Slot 4

Repetitions: 6.

“No! No more, please,” she wailed.

The Titan 5 was a versatile machine and slot 4 was one of the locations where a non-standard tool could be placed for a special task. Alison didn’t have long to wait to find out what tool had been placed in slot 4 for the special task of spanking a spoiled young woman. 

Having deposited the panties, the steel hand disappeared from view, selected its new tool and then returned a moment later gripping a riding crop. Alison’s eyes opened wide with terror and she struggled again in a futile attempt to escape. Her naked bottom was perfectly positioned to receive its final thrashing. The robot placed the crop against the middle of Alison’s red sore bottom, taking a careful aim. Then winding back its arm it whacked the crop hard against the naked target. Alison screamed as a new intensity of pain burnt its narrow path across both cheeks, raising a thin red welt. Taking aim a centimetre lower, with robotic precision, the Titan 5 dealt the second stroke, drawing a new line immediately below the first. The third stroke landed a centimetre lower and forth lower down again. Stroke five seemed to strike with even more ferocity, targeting the tenderest part of Alison’s bottom, causing her to throw back her head and yell and this was rapidly followed by the final stroke which landed with merciless precision searing below the other five. 

With its task complete, the titan 5 slowly rolled Alison back onto her feet and released her. She staggered away from the machine and stood sobbing and trembling. Arthur Jones almost felt sorry for her. Her long hair was tussled and sticking to her tear stained face. Her white blouse was just long enough to hide her most intimate charms as she reached back and gently ran her fingers over her stinging bottom, feeling the ridges where the cruel riding crop had left its marks. 

Arthur Jones stepped out of the shadows. Alison wiped her eyes with her sleeve and blushed deeply when she saw him coming towards her. Slowly, realisation dawned. 

“You did this to me!” she cried. 

“Ha! Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t but I’m damn sure you deserved it.” 

“Argh! I’m calling the police. You’re going to rot in prison for this.” 

“Ok. But before you do, just bare in mind that the full story will come out. You will be in the Sunday papers as the girl who was spanked by an industrial robot. Your career will be over but you might make a good living as a glamour model.” 

“You bastard,” spat Alison. She walked stiffly over to the waist bin and retrieved her panties and skirt. “You haven’t heard the last of this.” 

Gathering as much dignity as she could, and with a flick of her hair, she marched away, tenderly rubbing her stinging bottom. 

Arthur Jones gave the Titan 5 a gentle pat. “Well done lad,” he said. “Maybe robots aren’t all that bad after all.”