Three Girls

By Flatfish 

“But it makes no sense!” Janice screamed. “Ring the solicitor; it must be a mistake! I want to go too!” 

Dave Harris was used to his young wife’s frequent tantrums and he patiently tried once again to calm her down. “It’s here in the letter, Janice. You read it yourself. Your Great Aunt Jane has insisted that you should not be allowed to come with me to the solicitors.” 

Janice flounced away and dropped sulkily into an armchair. 

“It doesn’t mean she hasn’t left you anything. You know she was always a bit eccentric.” 

Janice didn’t answer, so with a shake of his head, Dave fastened his coat, gave his wife a peck on the cheek and set off for his appointment. 

An hour later, Dave sat in the old world offices of Randle and Sons with two other men, waiting for William Randle to begin the proceedings. A pretty secretary brought a tray of tea and invited the group to help themselves. 

“I’ll pour,” said Dave, climbing to his feet. “I’m used to it, living with Janice.” 

The other two nodded understandingly. Both Mark, Dave’s Brother-in-law, and Peter, the husband of Janice’s cousin were familiar with Dave’s wife. 

“How come Janice isn’t here laying down the law?” asked Peter. 

“Not allowed,” said Dave. “The solicitor’s letter gave strict instructions that she had to stay away.” 

“We got one of those too,” said Mark. “Mind you, Cindy was happy to stay at home and let me deal with this.” 

“Yeah,” said Peter. “Melanie was told to stay away too. Strange though, I always thought Aunt Jane had a soft spot for Melanie.” 

The conversation was interrupted as William Randle entered the room carrying a number of documents and a home recorded DVD. 

“My apologies for the strange arrangements gentlemen,” said Randle. “But Jane was quite specific about the reading of her Will. I have to tell you that the main reading will take place tomorrow and your wives will be invited to attend.” The three men looked mystified. “However, there are special bequests for each of you which are to be presented today, in the absence of your good ladies.” 

Randle slipped the DVD into a laptop on his desk and turned it so the beneficiaries could see the screen. He then handed each of the recipients a package. Dave received a letter, sealed in an envelope and addressed to his wife. Mark received an A4 manila envelope, also sealed. For Peter, the package was a box, eighteen inches square and quite thin, sealed and addressed to Melanie. 

“I thought the bequests were for us,” said Dave. 

“All will become clear,” Randle answered. He pressed a few keys on his laptop and Aunt Jane appeared on the screen. She looked frail but she still carried the air of dignified authority that had made her the family matriarch. 

“Boys,” she began, “well I guess I’m dead. Don’t be too sad. I had a good run and I enjoyed every minute. I think it’s important to enjoy life, don’t you?” 

The three couldn’t help nodding. But then Aunt Jane took on a more serious look. 

“I’ve asked you three here to try and guide you in the right direction. It seams to me that none of you are really getting the best deal at the moment. 

First I’m going to start with you David. You’re a good man; a patient man. But there comes a time when even a man such as yourself must put his foot down and say enough is enough. Janice, my great niece, is a monster. Don’t try to defend her. We all know the truth. She has been a selfish spoiled brat for twenty-five years and she is showing no sign of growing up. Well as my dear late husband always said, there is only one good way to deal with a brat – A damn good spanking and straight to bed! Mr. Randle will have given you an envelope containing a letter. When Janice throws a tantrum about the Will reading and demands the sapphire ring that she always hoped I would leave her, give her this letter and then give her what she really deserves. Don’t let me down David and don’t hold back. 

Now I come to Mark. What I have to tell you Mark in very hard to say and it will be very hard for you to hear. Please open the envelope that Mr. Randle has given you.” 

Mark ripped open the manila envelope and pulled out a photograph. He turned pale and a lead weight dropped in his stomach. 

“The man kissing your wife,” Jane continued, “is her lover, Tony Spall. I know you must be angry and upset but believe me, I know people and Cindy loves you. The man in the picture is nothing more than the plaything of a bored housewife. Indeed he is the plaything of several bored housewives. I do hope you will give Cindy a second chance but at the very least you must sort this out. I will not have my Great Niece making a fool of you. I am leaving you a hairbrush. It is strong and hard and has been in my family for many years. It is time for you to show Cindy what happens to girls who behave in this atrocious manner. 

Finally I come to you Peter. Your wife is neither cheating nor spoiled. In fact Melanie is a very nice young lady and a very good wife. However she came to see me recently and I could tell she is not entirely happy. She has a secret that she is afraid to tell you. Give her the box and don’t be shocked at what happens. 

So that’s it boys. Do as I say and things will work out for the best. Come back tomorrow for the full reading and bring the girls. Good bye boys and good luck.” 

When Dave returned home, Janice was waiting. It was early evening but she was still sulking and she had already changed for bed. Despite her frequent scowls, Janice was a pretty girl with long dark hair that cascaded over her shoulders and contrasted nicely with the pearly light pink of her satin pyjamas. Dave stepped forward to give her a hug knowing how sexy her slim body would feel through the shiny thin material. Janice took a step back. 


“Well what Angel?” 

“Well what has she left me? I’ll bet she’s given that ring to Melanie. She knew I wanted it.” 

“Calm down. The main Will reading is tomorrow and you’re invited.” 

“So what was today about then!” demanded Janice. 

“It was about this,” said Dave pulling the envelope out of his pocket and handing it over. 

Janice ripped it open. She started to read and her eyes opened wide. She sat down and read it again. She didn’t notice Dave taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeve. 

“This letter is from Aunt Jane,” said Janice. “It says…. Dave you wouldn’t! It says she has given you instructions to…. Dave, you…. Your not seriously going to…” 

“Spank you?” 

Janice put down the letter and looked up at her husband. Dave strode purposely towards her. Janice scramble out of her chair and ran. 

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on me!”, she cried. She ran for the door, intending to flee up the stairs but Dave was too quick. He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off her feet. 

“Dave, you can’t do this to me! Let me go! Let me go! I’m not a child. I’m too old to be spanked.” 

Dave sat down and wrestled her over his knee. “This is how it’s going to be from now on,” said Dave. “You are a spoiled…selfish…lazy...bad tempered...brat.” He emphasised each word with a hard smack on Janice’s upturned bottom.  “And brats get spanked!” 

The satin of Janice’s pyjamas made her very hard to hold. Dave pushed her top up her back allowing him to wrap an arm around her naked waist then he grabbed the waistband of her pants and dragged them down revealing her reddening bottom partly covered by white panties.  He continued spanking furiously. Janice reached back, protesting and trying to cover her bottom but he pushed her hand aside and pinned it out of the way. Janice was really bawling now but Dave had opened the floodgates on years of pent-up anger at his wife’s bratty behaviour. He took hold of the waistband of her panties and as Janice tearfully wailed “Noooo Pleeeease, I’m sorrrrrry” he dragged them down to the middle of her thighs. A full ten minutes of ferocious spanking turned Janice’s bottom to a stinging, glowing scarlet. Finally he let her go and she scrambled off his knee. 

“Now,” he said. “Get to bed, or shall I find a hairbrush and start again?” 

Janice, shook her head, wide eyed and ran up the stairs. Dave could hear her crying in the bedroom. He wondered over to the sink and tried to cool his hand in cold water. He felt sure Janice would be wishing she could do the same to her bottom. 

For the first time in years he felt as though he was in control. He strode confidently up the stairs and disappeared into the bedroom to comfort his wife. 

Over at Marks house Cindy sat at her dressing table and checked her stylishly cropped blond hair and expertly applied makeup, it was the only thing she was wearing. She stood and sauntered towards the bed, where her lover waited, allowing him to drink in the beauty of her flawless naked body. Music played quietly and erotically and she swayed, caressing her breasts. She spun around and stroked and patted the firm rounds of her pert bottom, toned by daily visits to the gym. She faced her lover again and watched him stir as she licked her scarlet lips with the tip of her tongue. Then with the lithe movement of a panther she crawled onto the bed.  

As Cindy’s beautiful face moved closer to her lover, her lips parted. Tony lifted his head to meet her kiss. Suddenly she pulled away, a look of wild panic on her face. Then Tony heard it. Someone was unlocking the front door. 

“Oh my God, oh my God,” Cindy cried. “It’s my husband. Quick, hide.” 

Tony leapt to his feet and Cindy gathered up his clothes and stuffed them into his arms. Mark was coming up the stairs. Cindy dragged aside the mirrored wardrobe door and bundled Tony into the space between her dresses. She slid the door shut then scrambled into bed and pretended to sleep. 

Mark pushed open the bedroom door, dreading what he would find. Cindy lay in the bed, a picture of angelic innocence. She stirred as he came into the room and opened her eyes sleepily. She smiled. 

“Hello darling,” she said. “You’re home early.” 

“Oh, so you know what time it is, even though you’ve just woken.” 

“Erh…erh… I…” 

“What are you doing in bed?” 

“I had a headache. I just came to lie down.” 

“Naked? With your best make-up on and your favourite perfume? You are naked under those covers aren’t you?” 

“I…I just wanted to be at my best when you came home, sweetheart. Why are you being like this?” 

“Oh I don’t know,” said Mark. “Maybe it has something to do with this.” He threw the photograph of Cindy and her lover onto the bed. Cindy stared at it horrified. 

“I… I can explain,” she said, though she didn’t know how she was going to do it. 

“Good,” said Mark. “And I suppose you can explain this too.” He marched over to the wardrobe and yanked the door open. Tony stared out at him with the terrified look of a rabbit caught in headlights, naked and trying to cover his embarrassment with an armful of clothes. Mark turned towards his wife and then in best John Wayne style he swung back, smacking Tony straight in the nose with his fist.” 

Tony collapsed like a stack of cards, stunned, into the bottom of the wardrobe. Mark reached down and dragged him out. “Get out of here,” said Mark contemptuously. Tony didn’t need telling twice. With one arm holding his clothes and another covering his broken nose where blood streamed between his fingers, he scampered down the stairs like a naked, white arsed, rat down a drainpipe. 

Cindy scrambled up on the bed. She dragged the covers up to her chin as if they could protect her. She was terrified but excited. She had never seen Mark like this. He was an animal. He was everything she wanted and she cursed herself for being so stupid. 

“Now,” he said, “your turn” 

Cindy’s eyes opened wide with terror. 

“Oh don’t worry,” spat Mark, “I’m not going to treat you like that slime ball. Aunt Jane left me the photograph of you and your lover in her Will. She knew all about your affair, she’s had a detective watching you. She also told me how to deal with an unfaithful wife and she gave me this.” He reached into his deep coat pocket and pulled out a large wooden hairbrush. It was clearly hard, almost black and polished to a high degree. He threw it down on the bed so Cindy could look upon her fate. 

Cindy stared at it. She was twenty-three and she had never been spanked in anger but she knew full well the significance of a hairbrush like that. She let go of the covers, allowing them to slide down, revealing her naked breasts. Her hands slipped protectively around to her bottom. Trembling she looked up at Mark, hoping for a reprieve but he just slipped off his coat and jacket and picked up the hairbrush. 

Cindy’s heart was hammering in her chest as she waited for her punishment. Her eyes were fixed on the hairbrush in Mark’s hand. Suddenly he stepped forward. Cindy screamed and tried to scramble away but he was too quick. He grabbed her arm and dragged her out from under the covers. He sat on the side of the bed and she screamed again as he hauled her, naked over his knee. 

Mark wasted no time. He gripped his wife’s waist and raising the hairbrush high he slapped it down with a deafening crack on Cindy’s right cheek. She had little time to dwell on the mounting pain before an equally fierce thwack scorched her left cheek. Cindy’s hand flew back to try and save her bottom but Mark just grabbed her wrist and pinned her arm in the small of her back. 

“No you don’t,” he said. “You’ve earned this and you’re going to get it – very long and very, very hard.” 

Cindy wailed and kicked her legs. There was no escape from the blistering spanking and what was worse was there was no escape from the guilt and regret that flooded over her. The spanking hurt like hell but she felt she really deserved everything she had coming. Deserving or not the sting in her tail was rapidly becoming unbearable and she kicked and howled and tears flooded down her face as smack after stinging smack compounded one agonising fire on another. 

When Mark finally stopped, he was out of breath and sweating. He pulled Cindy off his knee and deposited her on the bed. She was bawling uncontrollably and she writhed around clutching her bottom. 

Mark came away and shut the bedroom door behind him. He descended the stairs and went to pour himself a whisky. It had been one hell of a day. 

Half an hour later, Cindy came to join him. She had wrapped herself in a silk dressing gown. Her short blond hair was awry and her makeup had dissolved into black rivulets down her face. Mark shuffled up on the couch so she could sit next to him but she shook her head. 

“I can’t…can’t sit down,” she said quietly, reaching back and gently rubbing her bottom. She grimaced uncomfortably. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I…I don’t know why I did it. I love you, only you. Please don’t leave me.” 

“I need to think,” said Mark. 

Meanwhile, in a quiet suburb, Peter arrived home with Melanie’s box tucked under his arm. He sat his wife down on the couch and gave her the gift. Curious, Melanie carefully peeled away the tape from the sides of the box. She lifted the lid at one side and peeped inside. As realisation dawned she slammed the lid shut and blushed intensely. 

“What is it?” Peter asked. 

Melanie said nothing. 

“Aunt Jane said you have a secret that you’re afraid to reveal. She said I should give you this box and I shouldn’t be shocked. We shouldn’t have secrets from each other Melanie. You’re everything to me. There’s nothing you can reveal about yourself that would change that. Aunt Jane obviously thought this box would bring everything out in the open. Please…trust me.” 

Melanie nodded. “O…OK…” she said hesitantly. “Wait there.”  She bit her lip nervously then she stood up and took the box up to the bedroom. Peter waited and ten minutes later there was a quiet knock on the lounge door. 

“Erh, come in,” said Peter. 

The door opened and Melanie entered. She was 20 years old, five foot two, slim and pretty with long straight red hair and a sprinkling of freckles. She was dressed in the school uniform that Aunt Jane has sent her, white blouse, school tie, pleated mini skirt and white socks. She looked terrified and she was blushing intensely. She carried an American school paddle in one hand. 

“Please sir,” she said nervously. “I…I’ve been sent to see you for not doing my homework and for being cheeky to the teacher. Miss says I have to be spanked and paddled.” 

Melanie desperately hoped Aunt Jane had been right. She was dreading Peter’s reaction. She knew he was going to think she was a freak.

“Are you angry Peter?” she asked fearfully, dropping out of character.

“Damn right I’m angry,” snapped Peter. 

Melanie’s heart sank and she turned to leave the room. 

“Where do you think you’re going young lady?” 

Melanie froze. 

“It’s bad enough that you haven’t done your homework but I will not have students at this school being disrespectful to the teachers. Get over here now.” 

Peter pulled out an upright chair and sat down. Melanie almost skipped over to him. It was as if an enormous weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She put down the paddle and stood next to him, trembling with excitement. She looked down at his waiting thighs as she’d secretly done so often in the past but this time it was really going to happen. Peter took hold of her wrist, wrapped an arm around her waist and with a tug, sent her sprawling over his knee. 

Peter didn’t have any experience of spanking but the idea was quite a turn on and he guessed that Melanie expected the punishment to be genuine. So taking a grip on her waist he raised his hand and launched into firmly smacking his wife’s bottom. The uniform skirt was short, and pleated but seemed to offer a lot of protection and Peter wasn’t sure he was making any impression at all. 

Melanie just thrilled at finally being put over a man’s knee, a fantasy that she had held for as long as she could remember. Some of the smacks stung a little but not too bad. It was fun. Suddenly Peter stopped and Melanie thought for an awful moment that it was over. 

“I don’t think I’m getting through to you, am I young lady. But I think I have a solution.” 

Melanie squealed with delighted surprise as her short skirt was suddenly flipped up out of the way and she found her white cotton knickers on display. The spanking suddenly took on a whole new meaning, as now every smack was a stinger. 

After a few minutes, Melanie’s bottom was burning and her legs were kicking. It was everything she hoped it would be. But then without warning the spanking stopped. Peter grabbed the waistband of her knickers and dragged them down to the middle of her thighs. 

Peter looked down at his wife’s bottom, which was starting to pink up a little. It struck him that a spanking should be generating a much more vigorous response from his wife, so taking a stronger grip on Melanie’s waist he started to smack hard. 

“Owwww!” yelled Melanie. “That really hurts.” Tears started to form in her eyes and she twisted and writhed as a torrent of stinging smacks rained down on her unprotected bottom. Pink soon became red. 

Finally Peter allowed Melanie to scramble off his knee. The pristine schoolgirl looked decidedly ruffled. She rubbed frantically at her bottom, which smarted with a delicious warmth. Her knickers fell to her feet so she stepped out of them. Peter raised a surprised eyebrow but said nothing about it. 

“Stand in the corner and face the wall young lady,” said Peter. 

This was unexpected but it fit with the schoolgirl role-play so Melanie did as she was told. Her bottom was actually sorer than she expected but when she reached back to give it another rub, Peter made her stand with her hands on her head. 

She could hear her husband pacing the room. She pictured him as a stern headmaster weighing up how to deal with the incorrigible naughty brat standing in the corner. Her bottom was burning. Suddenly the pacing stopped and she could hear nothing but her own excited breathing. She was bursting to turn around and see what was happening. 

“You girl, come here,” Peter commanded. 

Melanie turned around and found Peter standing by the couch holding the school paddle. 

“Oh my God!” she said. She had forgotten about the paddling. Suddenly it didn’t seem like such a good idea. 

“Come here and bend over,” said Peter. 

Obediently Melanie walked over and bent over the arm of the couch. Peter flipped her skirt out of the way revealing her bottom, still red. 

“I had not intended to paddle your bare bottom young lady but since you have chosen to discard your knickers I have no choice.” 

Melanie gulped nervously. The hand spanking had hurt more than she expected. What was a paddling on her bare bottom going to be like? She soon found out. 

Peter whacked her slowly, three times. By the third she was kicking her legs and howling. She tried to scramble to her feet but Peter easily held her in place. 

“Not yet, young lady. Your behaviour warrants six of the best.” 

Three more hard whacks followed, building on the fire in her already stinging cheeks. When Melanie was finally allowed to stand up she paced about clutching and rubbing her bottom. As the pain subsided a little she marched up to Peter, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Thank you sir,” she said. “Now take me to bed.” 

The next day, three grateful couples joined the other family members in the offices of Randle and Sons. Dave held his wife’s hand lovingly and Janice was uncharacteristically well behaved. She gave an embarrassed smile as she shuffled uncomfortably in her seat. Mark stood behind Cindy’s chair with his hands on her shoulders. She looked pleadingly up at him and he bent down so she could whisper in his ear. A moment later they swapped places and she stood behind him gently rubbing her bottom. Sitting was still a major problem. Melanie sighed and smiled naughtily at Peter. The Will had yet to be read but the three couples didn't really care. They knew they had already received the best bequest Aunt Jane could possibly give.