The Punishment 

By Flatfish 

Janine sat on the couch fidgeting nervously and watching the clock. She knew that pretty soon David would arrive and carry out his threat. She wished she’d never taken his essay. A struggling student at the local college, Janine was eighteen years old, with curves that stirred the loins of every boy she met. She was stunningly pretty with long straight naturally blond hair and blue eyes thanks to her Scandinavian roots. She knew she was beautiful and she dressed to kill, with clinging tee shirts and skintight jeans. Her looks, bubbly personality, dazzling smile and wealthy parents placed her at the centre of the social elite. College, so far, had been one long party. 

The party nearly came to an end three weeks ago when the Dean of the college called Janine into his office and made it clear that one more failed assignment would be the last straw. It was only her first year at college but if she didn’t start working immediately then it would be her last.

 Writing even a passable assignment was a major problem. Janine had scraped by in the past with a few paragraphs of her own opinions. This time she had to do it properly, proper research, proper sources. This time she needed help. But who could help her. Her friends weren’t that much better at essays than she was. She needed an expert. In desperation she wondered into the library and looked around.

 David Payne had always been top of the class. He was always top of Janine’s class but his quiet studious nature placed him and Janine at opposite ends of the social spectrum. He wasn’t bad looking, really quite attractive, thought Janine, but completely devoid of social skills. Quiet and introspective, when it came to girls he looked, he wanted, but he was plagued by shyness. So in the quiet library he was astonished when Janine’s carefully manicured hand appeared on the page in front of him. He turned his head and ran his gaze along her elegant arm, taking in her expensive perfume and exquisite breasts before looking into her blue eyes and noting her nervous, almost shy smile. 

“Hello,” she said sweetly. “I’m Janine. We’re in the same…” 

“I…I know,” said David. “ Er…Hello.” 

“I have a bit of a problem,” said Janine, pulling out the chair next to David and sitting down. “Will you help me?” 

David could not believe his luck. Out if all the students in the library Janine Granger, his dream girl, had chosen to sit with him and talk to him

For nearly an hour the two students sat in quiet discussion about the essay. But all the time, with Janine’s pretty face only inches from his own and the seductive smell of her perfume in his nose, he longed to ask her out. 

Eventually, Janine stood up and pulled together her papers. She thanked David for his help and sauntered away down the aisle between the library tables. David watched her go. The library was silent but inside David was screaming with frustration. He saw Janine stop to talk to her friends. She bent over and put her elbows on their table, swaying her hips from side to side like a mischievous cat swishing its tail. David watched, entranced. “That bottom,” he thought, “was made to be spanked.” 

For the next week Janine barely acknowledged David’s existence. It was clear to him that she had used him when she wanted to and now she didn’t need him she had discarded him like a forgotten toy. He didn’t feel bitter. He knew how far down the social pecking order he was, but he couldn’t help being disappointed. He had loved his brief time helping her and he really wanted more. 

On the day before the assignment deadline, David’s heart leapt. He was working quietly in the library again when Janine suddenly appeared and slipped onto a seat next to him. 

“Hello,” she said, “remember me?” 

David smiled nervously. “How’s the assignment going?” he asked. 

Janine lied. “Oh, erh…it’s nearly done. Just putting the finishing touches to it.” The truth was she hadn’t started and now she was panicking. “Erh, I was wondering if I could borrow your essay, just so I can make sure mine’s good enough.” 

“I’d like to help,” said David, “but I’m handing it in today” 

Janine stroked her fingers across the back of David’s hand and looked at him through hurt, beautiful eyes. “It’s really important,” she said. “You could let me borrow it and I can hand it in with mine tomorrow.” 

David really wanted to say no but Janine was beautiful and desperate. So, ignoring the alarm bells ringing in his head he pulled out his assignment and handed it over. 

Janine lived with her parents in a large detached house in an exclusive corner of town. She sat in her bedroom with her laptop and looked through David’s assignment. Her plan was simple, re-write David’s essay in her own words. How hard could that be? A few minutes later she knew the answer – very hard. It looked like gibberish. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She had really screwed up. She should have started researching this topic weeks ago. Now she was going to fail. It looked like her brief spell at college had come to an end. It was so unfair. Other people could miss the assignment and just get a lower average. Why should she be thrown out? 

The more Janine argued with herself, the more she convinced herself what she must do. She was going to have to copy David’s assignment word for word and claim it was hers. David’s original would just have to go in the bin. She would worry about the consequences afterwards. 

Three days later David stared at the college notice board in disbelief. The results had been posted and he started at the top expecting to find his name. He was surprised to find Janine had beaten him to the top spot. He worked his way down the list becoming more and more concerned but could find no sign of his mark. He read it again - still no name. Desperately, he looked around for Janine but she was nowhere to be found. 

Finally, David went in search of his tutor. Perhaps his assignment was just lost in a pile of papers in the tutor’s office. David arrived at Dr. Wilson’s room and was about to knock when a panic-stricken Janine came running down the corridor towards him, shouting for him to stop. 

Ten minutes later, David and Janine sat together in the student coffee bar. Janine was pink faced and trembling slightly as she sipped nervously at her drink. David sat stony faced and furious. 

“So let me get this straight,” said David. “You stole my assignment and handed it in as if it was your own and you don’t think I should report you to Dr. Wilson. Do you think I’m just going to forget about it? I worked on that assignment for weeks. I want my marks.” 

“I was desperate,” pleaded Janine. “I didn’t know what else to do. They were going to throw me out. I..I’ll make it up to you. I can pay you.” 

“I don’t want your money,” snapped David. “You think money can buy you anything. You think you can just go through life, stepping on other people, doing whatever you like. You know what. You’re a spoiled brat. I’m going to see Dr. Wilson and prove to him that the assignment’s mine.” 

“But…but… David, Please!” 

“Don’t waist your breath,” said David. “You deserve everything that’s coming to you." 

Tears started to trickle down Janine’s pretty face and David felt wretched. “Look,” he said. “It’s not my fault. You can’t seriously think you should get away with this.” 

“No,” sniffed Janine, quietly. “But I shouldn’t be expelled. I’m really sorry. I’ll never do it again. I’ll do anything if you just don’t tell anyone.” 

“You shouldn’t make promises like that,” said David. “You don’t know what I might ask for.” 

“I mean it, David. I’ll do anything. I’ll go on a date with you if you like.” 

Janine knew instantly by the look on David’s face that she had said the wrong thing.” 

David fumed. “You think that going on a date with me would be a punishment?” 

“No… no…that’s not what I meant. I…I….” Janine lapsed into an embarrassed silence. 

David was so angry that even his normal shyness couldn’t hold back what was on his mind.  “You don’t even know you’ve done anything wrong do you?” 

“I..I do,” said Janine. “Really I do and I’m sorry.” 

“Yes? Well if I had my way you’d know what sorry is. Someone ought to give you a damn good spanking!” 

As soon as he had spoken David regretted it. He was sure he’d gone too far. He expected Janine to call him a creep and run off to laugh about his absurd remark with her friends. He was surprised when she just bit her lip and looked tearfully down into her coffee like a naughty child after a harsh telling off. 

After a moment of strained silence she looked up, questioningly. “Is…Is that what you’re going to do? 

“What? said David, “thinking he must have misunderstood.” 

“You said I ought to be spanked. Is that what you’re going to do? Are you going to spank me for stealing your assignment?” 

David’s heart pounded in his chest and he could feel his face flushing. “Erh, Y…yes,” he said hesitantly. “I won’t tell Dr. Wilson. B…but I’m going to put you across my knee and spank you until you can’t sit down for a week.” 

Janine nodded and shuffled in her seat, suddenly acutely aware of her shapely bottom. 

That was yesterday. Now Janine sat alone in her parent’s house, awaiting the fate she knew she so richly deserved. The silence of the empty house was broken only by the relentless tick-tock of an ancient grandfather clock, marking time as the moment of her punishment drew closer. A sudden knock on the door made her jump. With legs like jelly she went to let David in. 

When Janine opened the door, David was stunned. He had managed to convince himself that she wouldn’t be there or maybe her parents would answer the door. If she was there she would be wrapped in thick frumpy clothing or she would just tell him she had changed her mind. He was wrong. When she opened the door she was radiant and as beautiful as ever. She wore tight blue jeans and a simple white tee-shirt that hugged her breasts and narrow waist. She looked nervous as she stepped back to allow him in. 

Janine led David to her bedroom. She didn’t want her parents to come home to find their daughter over a boy’s knee. David walked up the stairs behind her with his eye’s riveted to her bottom. He was almost bursting with the excitement of what was to come. Janine, on the other hand was becoming more and more nervous. She had never been spanked. She didn’t want to be punished but she knew she had brought this on herself and now she had to face the consequences. 

Janine’s bedroom was clean and smelt of perfume. The bed occupied the centre of the room and David sat on it and brushed his thighs as though preparing a place for Janine to take her punishment. Janine backed away, shaking her head and nervously covering her bottom. “I…I can’t David. I’m scared. It’s going to hurt."

David looked puzzled. “Of course it’s going to hurt, Janine. It’s a spanking. It has to hurt to teach you a lesson. Are you changing your mind? Do I have to go to Dr. Wilson and explain how you stole my work and claimed it was yours.” 

Janine blushed and shook her head. She stared sulkily at the floor. David stood up and walked towards her. He took her hand in his and she looked up, knowing there was no escape. David pulled her gently over to the bed and sat down. Reluctantly Janine gave in to her fate and lowered herself, trembling, over his knee. 

David rested one hand on Janine’s waist and the other on the soft round of her bottom where the thin denim of her designer jeans stretched tight. Janine twisted around and looked pleadingly into his eyes. David stroked her bottom, unsure about carrying out the punishment. Bizarrely a thought struck him. 

“Janine, what did you do with my copy of the essay?” 

Janine remained obstinately silent. 

“I mean, you handed in your copy but what happened to mine. I’d like it back. You do still have it don't you?” 

Despite being over David's knee with her bottom uppermost and vulnerable Janine couldn’t lie. “It...It’s over there,” she mumbled, indicating her computer desk where she had carried out the crime. 

David couldn’t see anything on the desk. Then his gaze dropped to the waste paper bin. His work was there, sticking out of the top, he could just make out the title. Weeks of study and effort tossed aside and half covered in discarded makeup and soiled cotton wool balls. He looked back at Janine. He could feel his anger rising. 

Janine grimaced and mouthed the word sorry. 

David looked at her bottom, raised his hand and smacked it down hard. Janine yelped and her hand flew back to try and protect herself. David grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand aside. A ferocious spanking followed. Janine hammered her toes against the floor and writhed about trying to avoid the incessant tirade that rained first on one cheek and then on the other. 

When the spanking finally stopped, Janine just lay over David’s knee sobbing. She reached back and gently rubbed her bottom with a trembling hand. But it wasn't just the spanking that brought tears to her eye's. She had felt horribly guilty about stealing the essay after David had been so kind. He had been right when he called her a spoiled brat. Now she was exactly where she deserved to be, over his knee being spanked like a naughty little girl. Janine was almost disappointed when David released his grip. She struggled to her feet and without a word, fetched a hairbrush from her dressing table and handed it to him. Then with a flush of embarrassment and staring straight ahead, she unfastened her jeans, pushed them down her thighs and scrambled back over David’s knee. 

Beneath Janine’s belly, David’s manhood was threatening to burst out of his jeans. He brushed her tee-shirt aside and took hold of her slim naked waist. Her bottom was pink and hot after the recent spanking where the cheeks peeked out from her white cotton panties. He looked at the hairbrush. It had been handed down from a bygone age when things were made to last. It had a generous paddle area and a long handle. It was made from a very dark, hard wood. David thought it must be ebony. He rested the smooth back against Janine’s hot flesh and she flinched at its cold touch.

David raised the brush a few inches and smacked it down on Janine’s right cheek. She suppressed a yell, the sting was far harsher than she had expected. Tears formed in her eyes and she gripped her duvet and buried her face into it. As the sting subsided a little she arched her back, raising and angling her bottom for the next blow. It came quickly, harder than the first, scalding her left cheek. She hammered her feet against the floor. This time there was no respite before a second whack scalded her right cheek and another stung the left. A rich sense of justice was washing over her. She had been bad, really bad, and now she was getting the punishment she deserved. But apart from the release from her deep-seated guilt, there was something else; something sexual. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the massive emotional wave that engulfed her. She reached back and pulled at the waistband of her panties. David immediately took the hint. He put down the hairbrush, grabbed Janine’s panties and dragged them down her thighs. Then taking up the hairbrush again he spanked her hard until her bare bottom was a deep stinging red and Janine was bawling into her duvet. 

When the punishment was over David stood up, lifting Janine in his arms. He lowered her onto the bed and sat down next to her. The invitation in her tear-filled eyes and her slightly parted lips was unmistakable. David bent forward and kissed her. Janine wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. The sex that followed was wild and left the couple exhausted and panting. As they quietly lay together on the bed, Janine stroked David’s chest thoughtfully. 

“David, we could work on our next assignment together.” 

“That’s a great idea,” said David, “if you really mean it. But I’m not going to let you take another of my essays.” 

“No, of course not,” laughed Janine. “But you can help me. You can keep me on the straight and narrow. And if I don’t work hard, well…, “ she took a deep breath, “well then there’s always the hairbrush.”