Speed Date

By Flatfish

“Hi. My name is Dave,” said the handsome stranger. “You are stunningly beautiful and I would love to put you over my knee and spank you.”

Cindy stared open mouthed and blushed. Her face was burning which added to her embarrassment. If this was speed dating in the UK it wasn’t like anything she’d expected when she left New York. Fortunately with everyone lost in their own conversations she was fairly sure no one had heard Dave. But still she glanced around nervously.

 “Hi… I… I’m Cindy,” she stuttered quietly. “I like you too and I… I think I might like that.”

Dave grinned and his blue grey eyes sparkled. Cindy smiled shyly.

“Perhaps we should take this away from here,” said Dave. He could hardly believe his luck. Not only had he found a girl who seemed to share his passion but she had a sexy American accent and she was phenomenally attractive.

It had been over a month since Dave first decided to openly declare his spanking interest at speed dating sessions. He’d been thrown out of the first two venues. The second had been particularly painful.  One girl had slapped him and others gave him a look of disgust. The nearest he’d come to a positive outcome was when one girl just giggled but said it wasn’t for her. She’d given him a pretty smile and looked like she might be persuaded but before he could try and sell the idea, he had been publically and loudly ejected from the venue. But tonight was a different story. The first girl he’d tried was Cindy; the beautiful, shapely, highly spankable Cindy and she said yes!

Dave and Cindy left the Regency Lounge at the Park View hotel and, wandered to a nearby restaurant.  A few drinks and a romantic meal settled some of Cindy’s nervousness though it didn’t do much to calm Dave’s excitement.  Cindy explained how she was over in the UK with two friends from work. The three girls were here on a twelve month work visa and had rented a house together while they supported a new software package at a local engineering firm.  Dave admitted he was a struggling freelance journalist. It was a pleasant summers evening and after the meal they walked hand in hand to Dave’s nearby apartment. As Dave fumbled with the door lock, Cindy began to have second thoughts. She really liked Dave but she didn’t know what had possessed her to agree to his bizarre proposal; a spanking for goodness sake. It was madness.  She’d never had so much as a slap from her parents so why had she agreed to be spanked? True, she’d always taken great pleasure in watching movies where the tempestuous heroin was turned over the knee of the leading man but …

Cindy’s reverie was abruptly interrupted as Dave shoved open the door and led the way into his apartment.  He helped her slip off her coat, revealing her short thin cotton dress.

“I… I… erh…” Cindy struggled to find the words to let Dave down gently. “Dave I…”

“Not another word,” said Dave sternly, launching straight into role playing his fantasy, oblivious to what Cindy was trying to tell him. “You have been a very naughty girl Cindy and you know what that means.”

“No! Wait!” cried Cindy, but it did no good. Dave thought she was just playing along. He grabbed her by the wrist and towed her over to the couch where he flopped down dragging her over his knee. “Now let this be a lesson to you,” he quipped.

Dave spanks Cindy over her thin dress

“No! Please!” she wailed, but Dave held her firmly around the waist and raised his hand high. Cindy’s shocked protests turned quickly to tearful yelps as Dave smacked his hand down hard on her thinly covered bottom. Dave was like a starving man at a banquet. He spanked Cindy with a passion. He had dreamt of this moment for so long he never wanted it to end. Cindy kicked, howled and writhed. She reached back to try and protect her bottom but her hand was pushed away. The punishment was relentless. Her bottom burned and throbbed but still smack after stinging smack rained down. She begged and cried but Dave still thought she was playing along and her yells just encouraged him to smack even harder. Eventually Dave paused, and for a brief moment Cindy thought it was over, then he grabbed the hem of her dress and dragged it up exposing her bottom and continued the ferocious spanking on her pantie covered cheeks.

Dave pulls up Cindy's dress and spanks her on her panties

When Dave finally stopped his hand throbbed. Cindy was too traumatised to move straight away and just lay over his knee bawling. She slowly reached back and gently rubbed her burning bottom but it wasn’t until Dave pushed her hand aside to stroke her hot stinging cheeks that she pulled herself together and scrambled unsteadily off his knee. She pulled her dress down. Her face was almost as red as her bottom.

“You’re a goddamn maniac!” she yelled. She stormed over to the door, grabbing her coat on the way.

Dave looked horrified that he had caused such distress. “I… I’m sorry,” he mumbled inadequately. “I… I thought…”

“Sorry?!” yelled Cindy. “Tell it to my ass!” and with that she turned, hauled on the door and left, rubbing her bottom and bursting into tears again as she headed out into the street.

 Cindy arrived back at the rented house in a taxi. She’d wriggled and squirmed all the way, barely able to sit through the twenty minute journey. She stumbled into the house looking flustered and dishevelled.

“What’s happened?” asked Marie, her pretty roommate, with a wild look of concern.”

“Oh my God” said Petra, her younger companion, coming to join them. “Are you OK?”

Cindy broke down and poured out the whole sorry saga. The friends made room on the couch for her to lay face down. Marie gently folded back Cindy’s short dress, revealing her friend’s beaten bottom. Cindy shuffled her panties down in the forlorn hope that the cooling air might be soothing and Marie gasped at the inflamed deeply reddened skin. Petra brought a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a cloth and Cindy winced as she applied it as a cold compress to her throbbing cheeks.

“You know you really deserved this,” said Marie. “Have you forgotten what we discussed about not taking any chances with men while we're here? And you should have let us know where you were.  It’s in those rules we agreed, if anyone is going to be home after 10 they will let someone know. We were worried sick. A sore ass is bad enough but you could have been lying in a back street somewhere with your throat cut.”

“OK Mother,” sighed Cindy sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to mother you,” snapped Marie, tempted to give Cindy bottom another slap. “I’m just saying we have rules and it would show some consideration if you made some attempt to follow them!”

“I’m not the only one whose been breaking the rules,” grumbled Cindy. “What about you’re room? We’re supposed to be keeping the place clean and tidy but your room is a toxic waste site. And what about the bathroom? I’m sick of picking up after Petra.”

“You know,” said Marie, “you’re right. We’ve really let things slip. What we need is a strict penalty for anyone who breaks the rules. Like when we were at school. You didn’t ignore the rules if you thought you would be sent to the principal’s office.”

“How about, if you break a rule you’ll be grounded,” suggested Petra.

“That’ll never work,” said Marie, shaking her head. “We would just ignore being grounded the same way we ignored the rules. No this has to be something so terrible, so frightening, so utterly unthinkable that we would always follow the rules and never risk doing anything to incur this… punishment.”

Marie and Petra both looked down at Cindy’s bottom with the same thought in their heads. Cindy sensed their stares and twisted round to face them.”

“No!” she said. “No, no, no way. I am not going back to Dave to ask him to spank us!”

“You’re not asking him to spank us,” said Marie. “You’re just asking him to be available if he’s needed. No one is going to be spanked because the whole point is to force us all to follow the rules. No one will break any rules if they think they could face the humiliation of being spanked like a naughty child. No one wants to find themselves face down on the couch with a packet of Birds Eye resting on their ass – do they?”

Cindy reddened and squirmed. “I guess not,” she mumbled.

Dave was stunned a couple of days later when Cindy called through on his mobile. He’d half expected her to call the police after their last disastrous encounter so when she asked if he would be available to discipline her friends if necessary he was amazed.

The plan worked perfectly for almost a month. Dave was disappointed by the lack of action but the girls’ house was immaculate, the girls were unusually considerate to each other, no one dare risk doing anything that might put their ass in the fire. But by the fifth week things began to slip.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning. Cindy and Petra were at home and Marie had been called into the office to sort out a problem. She’d left early morning in a rush, carelessly leaving her pyjamas discarded on the bathroom floor. She arrived home at lunch time and came face to face with a stony faced Cindy and Petra.

“Hi, what’s going on,” she asked.

“Marie, you’re in big trouble” said Cindy. “I’d like you to meet Dave.”

Marie hadn’t noticed the guy sitting over on the couch. “Dave?” she repeated, looking puzzled, “…Oh no! Not spanking Dave!”

“That’s right,” said Petra, “and guess who’s going to get spanked.”

“W… what? Why? What am I supposed to have done?” wailed Marie.

“You left your pyjamas on the bathroom floor,” Cindy answered.

“And that’s it?” said Marie, “just my pyjamas? I’m not letting anyone spank me for that!”

“No,” said Cindy with a wicked grin. “I picked them up for you and put them in your room.”

Marie’s face flushed and her hand covered her mouth as she realised she really was in trouble. She hadn’t cleaned her room for over a week. She’d kept meaning to but she’s always put it off until tomorrow. And now her room was back to being a pig sty. Not only that but she’d had some of her meals in her room recently and she hadn’t bothered to dispose of the leftovers or returned the pots to the kitchen.

Trembling, Marie resigned herself to her fate. She was wearing a smart business suit – a short grey skirt with a broad elasticated belt that defined her slim waist, a matching jacket and a crisp white blouse. She slipped off the jacket and handed it to Cindy then feeling like a condemned woman but holding her head high, she walked over to Dave and stood at his side. Dave adjusted his position and patted his lap, and Marie, red faced with humiliation, lowered herself over his knee.

Marie braced herself for the punishment to come. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth.

Dave spanks Marie

The first smack on her firm round cheeks hurt like hell and Marie’s hand flew back to rub feverishly at the sting. “That’s too hard she cried.”

“Don’t be a wimp,” jeered Petra. “You know you deserve everything you’re going to get.”

Marie wailed as Dave pushed her hand away and launched into a burst of a dozen hard swats that had her howling and kicking, peppering both cheeks and raising a sting that wouldn’t quit. He paused for a few seconds to let Marie recover her breath then set her legs kicking again with a vicious fiery encore.

By now Marie’s eyes were filled with tears but Dave wasn’t finished. He took a tighter grip on her waist and reached for the hem of her skirt. As he started to raise it Marie swng back and slapped his hand away. “No!” she shouted. “I never agreed to that.”

Dave looked really annoyed but  he knew she was right. To console himself he launched into a longer,  harder,  much more severe spanking over her thin skirt. Cindy and Petra watched wide eyed, feeling guilty and wincing with every smack, and Dave didn’t pause until he was satisfied that Marie had well and truly learned her lesson.

When Dave finally released her, Marie scrambled tearully off his knee and ran from the room, fleeing up the stairs and slamming her bedroom door behind her. Petra gave a deep sigh and wanderd into the kitchen. She grabbed the bag of frozen peas from the freezer and followed Marie up the stairs.

It was a salutary lesson for the three girls and they were on their best behaviour for three weeks afterwards. At only nineteen years old, Petra  was the youngest member of the team and she was feeling very uneasy. She wanted to drop the whole idea but her friends wouldn’t agree. She was finding the regeme really hard and she had a persistent sence of forboding. She felt  that as the only girl who hadn’t been spanked by Dave she was tempting fate and it would only be a matter of time before she would find herself face down over his knee.  She was right to be afraid.

It was a Saturday night and Petra had joined some other friends from work to celebrate the eighteenth birthday of a girl from the customer service department. She had promissed Marie and Cindy that she would phone if she wasn’t going to be home by midnight – but no call came. At 1:00 am the girls finally went to bed, worried that there was no sign of Petra and still no word.

Two hours later the household was awoken by the creak of footsteps coming up the stairs and a deep male voice and Petra, giggling and shusshing. As the dawning hours wore on the sounds of passionate love making kept Cindy and Marie awake and peace didn’t come until Petra sneaked her boyfriend out at five am and finally setted down to sleep.

It was Sunday afternoon when Petra wandered, bleary eyed, down the stairs.  She pushed her way into the lounge wearing just the white stretch top and lilac panties that she had been sleeping in. She flopped down on the couch.

“Just in time,” said Cindy, menacingly.

“In… (yawn)… In time for what?” asked Petra.

The conversation was interupted by the doorbell and a moment later Marie showed Dave into the room.

Petra squeeled and grabbed a small square cushion to try and cover her semi-nakedness.

Dave grinned and absentmidedly rubbed the palm of his spanking hand. “I see you’ve dressed for the occasion,” he said to Petra.

“What’s going on?” said Petra. “Why is Dave here?”

“He’s here to deal with an inconsiderate brat,” snapped Marie.

“What? Wait, wait… Can’t we talk about this?”

“There’s nothing to discuss,” said Marie. “You stayed out late without letting anyone know. You brought a boy back here without warning us. You kept everyone awake all night having sex;”  This made Petra blush, “and you sneaked your guy out this morning thinking you could fool everyone. If that doesn’t deserve a long hard spanking then I don’t know what does!”

Petra looked tearful. “At least let me go put some jeans on,” she said, conscious of what a spanking would feel like with only her panties to protect her bottom.

“You’re fine as you are,” said Marie. “If you’d shown more consideration last night I might feel differently but you didn’t and what goes around comes around.”

Dave sat down next to Petra. He coaxed the cushion out of her grip then tugged at her wrist. Petra looked pleadingly at Cindy and Marie but both just shook their heads. So with tears forming in her eyes and her lip trmbling, she let Dave ease her over his knee. Dave took a hold of her naked waist and raised his hand. Petra looked back over her shoulder, hopeful that the imploring look in her eyes might soften Dave’s heart and encourage him to go easy on her.

“Oh wait, wait,” said Marie hurridly. “Speaking of consideration,” she pulled out a large wooden hairbrush and handed it to Dave. “I wouldn’t want you to hurt your hand Dave,” she smiled, “you had better use this.”

Petra’s eyes opened wide. “Oh my god, oh my god, no that’s not fair. You…” Her protests ended abrupdtly when Dave raised the hairbrush and smacked it down hard, whacking her right cheek with a loud crack! Petra howled and started to bawl but the spanking that followed was unrelenting. Her bare feet kicked wildly as she twisted and bucked on Dave’s knee and the merciless paddling peppered each cheek in turn, turning them a vivid scarlet.

Dave spanks Petra with a hairbrush

To Dave’s disapointment there were no more punishments for the three girls. The taste they’d already had and the threat of more was enough to keep them in check. But a desire has been awakend in Cindy and soon she was back at Dave’s appartment to pick up again from their last disasterous date.

“I thought you didn’t like it,” said Dave.

“I don’t want to be beaten until I can’t sit down like last time,” she answered. “Be more sensual, more considerate and stop when I say stop!”

“OK,” said Dave. “OK, I can do that.”

Cindy smiled. “Good. Play your cards right and who knows where it might lead.”

In the weeks that followed Cindy and Dave explored an amazing world of spanking sex, tender, loving and exciting. Cindy’s bare bottom was frequently scarlet and the sex that followed was mind blowing. But the day finally came when she had to break the news that support at the engineering firm had come to an end and the girls’ work visas were running out. Dave drove them to the airport and watched as thee beautiful girls walked out of his life.

Two months later in a suburban New York bar a sign in the window read “Speed Dating Tonight”.  Cindy sat nervously at table five. An attractive man, maybe a couple of years older than her, settled opposite and smiled. He introduced himself briefly but Cindy held up her hand to stop him. “Hi. My name is Cindy,” she said. “You are very attractive and I want you to put me over your knee and spank me.”