Continued from Episode 4: She Needs a Damn Good Spanking

Spanking Soap

Series 2 

Episode 5: The Psychology of Spanking

By Flatfish 

Roberta Sinclare, Bobby to her fiends, surveyed the sleepy eyed half dozen students who had turned up for her psychology evening class. 

“Ok,” she began, “tonight we are going to examine the psychology of punishment and by way of an example we are going to consider what our motivation might be when…” 

She paused in mid sentence as a young and flustered girl came stumbling down the steps into the lecture theatre. 

“… when SOMEONE DESERVES A SPANKING!” She glared meaningfully at the pretty latecomer. 

The girl’s face flushed immediately.  “I… I’m sorry I’m late,” she stuttered. My bus was late and I…” 

Bobby held up a hand and the girl’s nervous attempt at an excuse faded away. 

“Is that the truth?” asked Bobby. “You’re late because your bus was late?” 

“Y…yes,” the girl answered, starting to sound very unsure. 

“So that wasn’t you I saw in the foyer when I came in,” said Bobby. “Dressed like you in a lemon tee-shirt and black leggings; The girl who looked and sounded just like you; The girl on her mobile, arguing with her boyfriend.” 

The young girl flushed again, now bright red, caught in an embarrassing lie. 

“What’s your name?” asked Bobby. 

“It’s Jenny,” answered the girl, quietly. “Jenny Hanson.” 

“Well Jenny Hanson,” said Bobby, with a gleam in her eye. “Since you have disrupted my lecture and then lied openly to my face. What are you going to do to earn my forgiveness and the forgiveness of the rest of the class?” 

Jenny looked down at the floor and shuffled like a naughty a child. 

“I’ll tell you what you are going to do,” said Bobby, striding up to the girl. “You are going to help me illustrate the very subject I was announcing when you disrupted my lecture.” 

Bobby grabbed Jenny by the wrist and towed her out to the front of the lecture theatre. She grabbed a chair from the side of the room and planted it the centre. Then without warning she sat down and yanked the startled student over her knee. 

Jenny squealed in protest, kicking and writhing but Bobby had a strong hold around her waist and the young student couldn’t free herself. Her squeals soon turned to tearful yelps as Bobby pulled her tee-shirt out of the way and delivered a dozen blistering smacks to her upturned bottom. 

“So class,” said Bobby, looking up at the astonished faces of her audience and resting her hand on Jenny’s bottom, “who can tell me why I am spanking Jenny?” She emphasised her question by landing another three hard whacks to the poor girl’s rump. Jenny howled and kicked her feet. 

A hand went up at the back of the class. “It’s because she was late and she lied,” said a grey haired lady looking sympathetically at Jenny as she struggled red faced over Bobby’s knee. 

“Well,” said Bobby, “those events certainly triggered this punishment,” another three stinging smacks set Jenny bawling, “but that isn’t actually why I’m spanking her. Think about my motivation. Why a spanking and not just a telling off? Why didn’t I just let the matter go without punishment? After all, this isn’t school is it? You are all free to come and go at your own discretion.” 

Another hand went up. “It’s a matter of timing,” said a smirking student on the front row. He spoke with an arrogance that shouted of over confidence. “She was just unlucky. She came into the lecture just as you needed someone for your demonstration and frankly her behaviour earned her just what she deserved.” 

“Smug bastard!” said Jenny. The remark earned her another three hard smacks. 

“Mmmm,” said Bobby thoughtfully. “Close but no cigar.” 

The student flushed and looked disgruntled at being told he was wrong. 

“Come on now,” said Bobby. “This class is about psychology and this lecture is about the motivation behind punishment. Am I going to have to spend the full two hour session spanking this girl?” This drew another howl of despair from Jenny. Bobby delivered another barrage of stinging smacks and finished with an extra hard whack that set Jenny bawling again. “Now don’t tell me about events. Tell me about emotions.” 

“You’re spanking her because you’re angry,” said one student. 

“You wanted revenge,” said another. 

“You’re feeling maternal,” said the grey haired woman from the back. 

“Maternal?” asked Bobby. 

“Yes. Jenny is a young girl. Probably still at school.” 

“Actually I’m nineteen,” protested Jenny between sobs. 

“And still young enough to benefit from a sound spanking,” said Bobby giving her another couple of hard whacks and generating more howls and kicking. By now Jenny’s bottom was on fire. 

“So,” continued the woman, “feeling maternal you saw a need to teach her a lesson so she wouldn’t spoil her education with bad behaviour.” 

“Its all about sex,” said a good looking young man at the front. “Jenny is stunningly attractive. Her bottom is really spankable. This isn’t about punishment it’s about sex.” 

“Interesting,” said Bobby. “What’s your name?” 

“Tony Firth,” the man answered. 

“I think you have an admirer,” said Bobby to Jenny. Then returning her attention to the class she continued, “sex is a very powerful motivator and in some scenarios punishment and sex do go hand in hand.”  

With one last hefty smack Bobby released Jenny and let her scramble to her feet. To everyone’s surprise Jenny didn’t run from the classroom. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and stood quietly rubbing her bottom and wincing. 

“OK, “ said Bobby to the class, “We are going to spend the remainder of this lecture studying some of the theories and empirical research around punishment and I would like you to bear in mind the possible motivations that we have discussed here, revenge, anger, teaching someone a lesson so they won’t offend again, even sexual attraction. I would like to believe that the next time you find yourself handing out a punishment you will reflect on your true motivation and you will pause to think about whether the punishment really is appropriate.” 

“So what was your motivation for spanking Jenny?” asked Tony. “You could hardly say it was appropriate.” 

“Actually,” said Bobby with a grin, “ my motivation wasn’t any of those we have discussed. My motivation was a need to bring an attention grabbing educational experience to my students. And now I would like you all to give a round of applause to a good friend of mine and blossoming drama student, Jenny Hanson, for an outstanding performance.” 

Jenny started to bow but straightened up with a grimace and a yelp as her leggings stretched even tighter over her sore bottom. The class chuckled. “I know I’m learning method acting,” she said, “but did you really have to spank me so hard?” 

After the lecture, Tony found Jenny hanging around outside the lecture theatre. 

“That spanking looked really genuine,” he said. “You’re a good actress.” 

“There was no acting involved in that,” laughed Jenny. “I stopped acting the minute Bobby put me over her knee. That spanking stung like hell.” 

“Would you like a coffee?” asked Tony, “if you can still sit down.” 

A beautiful smile illuminated Jenny’s face. “I’d love one,” she said. 

As the evening wore on the couple sank into the relaxed familiarity of kindred spirits. Jenny admitted she had always loved spanking. It was her fascination with sore-bottomed Hollywood heroines that had drawn her into drama. She met Bobby through social networking and after she confided a long held fantasy to be spanked as a naughty schoolgirl by her teacher, Bobby offered her the next best thing – to be spanked as a naughty student. 

“Well you certainly are a very naughty student,” said Tony. “In fact I think you escaped quite lightly.” 

“Lightly!” gasped Jenny. “I suppose you would have pulled down my pants and spanked my bare bottom with a hairbrush.” 

“Sounds like you wish Bobby had done that,” said Tony. “So maybe I should finish what she started.” 

Jenny just grinned mischievously. 

Back at Tony’s luxury town centre apartment Jenny sank into the couch and gazed around. The place was spotless. She thought guiltily about the mess in her own room back at the student accommodation. She was relieved she hadn’t taken Tony back there. 

“Sorry it’s a bit stark,” said Tony. “I’m a bit OCD.” 

“Really?” said Jenny. She picked up a cushion and dangled it tauntingly over the side of the couch. “So you would be quite cross if some brat came along and messed the place up.” She let the cushion drop onto the floor. 

A flicker of annoyance flashed across Tony’s face, then he grinned, picked up the cushion and placed it back on the couch. Jenny climbed to her feet and sauntered across the room. She came to a side table and picked up a small vase. She admired it then deliberately put it down in the wrong place. 

“Alright young lady,” said Tony sternly. “I see your game and if there’s any more of that you’ll find your self over my knee.” 

“Oooh promises, promises,” taunted Jenny. “She turned her bottom towards Tony and patted it.” 

Tony strode purposefully towards her but Jenny ran off giggling. She yanked open a door that she hoped was the bedroom. A king size bed occupied the centre of the room so she took a running dive and landed face down in the middle of it. 

Tony followed her in but he didn’t grab her straight away. Jenny was puzzled and looked back over her shoulder to see what was going on. Tony calmly slid open a drawer and fished around for something. Jenny gulped nervously when his hand emerged a moment later holding a fearsome wooden hairbrush. This was not the sort of hairbrush you would expect to find in a single man’s bedroom, but the sort of bottom blistering hard wood paddle favoured for a particularly sound spanking. 

Jenny swiftly shuffled round into a sitting position and eyed Tony mischievously. “I don’t know what you think you’re going to do with that,” she said. “You can’t spank my bottom – I’m sitting on it.” 

“We can soon remedy that,” said Tony. Before Jenny could wriggle away he sat on the bed and grabbed her by the wrist. Jenny squealed and tried to pull away but she was reeled inescapably forward until with a last tug she was propelled over Tony’s knee. Tony grabbed the waistband of her leggings and started to pull them down. 

“Wait, wait,” squealed Jenny. “Stop before you do something you’ll regret.” 

“What?” said Tony, puzzled by Jenny’s words. 

“Well,” said Jenny with a giggle, “I wouldn’t want you to punish me without thinking carefully about your motivation.” 

“Oh I’m quite clear about my motivation,” said Tony continuing to pull Jenny’s leggings down and resting the cold back of the hairbrush against her panty covered bottom. “I listened very carefully to the lecture.” He raised the brush and smacked it down on Jenny’s bottom with a loud thwack. “Anger!” he said. “Revenge,” another hard smack. “Teaching a brat a well needed lesson.” This seemed to call for three stinging whacks. “And…” He paused to pull down Jenny’s panties revealing a very cute bottom that was rapidly turning red under its second spanking of the night. He ran his hand gently over the smooth sore flesh. “And sex!” The ferocious spanking that followed needed no more words, just a lot of howling from Jenny. 

Scorching spanking gave way to scorching sex. Wild with passion the couple tore at each other’s clothes. Jenny pushed Tony back onto the bed and knelt astride him. She stroked his manhood with cool fingers before rolling a condom into place. Then on the brink of ecstasy and with her bottom still blazing and eyes wet with tears of pleasure-pain she lowered herself onto his rampant shaft. 

Afterwards the couple lay together in a gentle embrace. Tony stroked Jenny’s bottom softly. “I’ve been wondering what topic to study for my psychology project,” he said. “We’ve talked a lot about the psychology of the spanker but what makes you tick? What makes you love being spanked so much?” 

“It’s an interesting question,” said Jenny. “I have no idea what the answer is.” 

“Good,” answered Tony with wicked grin. He gave Jenny a sharp smack. “That means we have lots of research to do.”