Continued from Episode 3: The Cheating Wife

Spanking Soap

Series 2

Episode 4: She Needs a Damn Good Spanking

By Flatfish 

Stephanie, Bobby and George lived together in an unconventional arrangement. George, Stephanie’s husband had been faced with a choice of completely losing his much younger wife to her lesbian lover, or sharing his wife’s affections and letting Bobby move in with them. The deciding factor came when George was promised he would be living with two naughty young women in need of frequent spankings. So far, the relationship had worked in as much as George still enjoyed married life and his wife still enjoyed sexy-time with her girlfriend. But the opportunity for George to put Bobby over his knee just hadn’t come around… until now. 

Bobby raised a soap covered leg and fluttered her elegantly painted toes against Stephanie’s glistening left breast, hardening the nipple as the two naked girls sat face to face in the steaming bath water. 

“Steph?” she asked in a mischievous voice, “did your mum and dad ever spank you when you were a teenager?” 

“No,” answered Stephanie, writhing a little against Bobby’s caress. “What makes you ask that?” 

“I was just thinking,” said Bobby. “Mine didn’t either and I’ve always felt I missed out somehow.” 

“Missed out on being punished?” said Stephanie incredulously. 

“Oh no,” explained Bobby. “I was punished all the time; told off, sent to my room, grounded every other week. But I never had that… ‘Wait till your father gets home young lady’ speech and then having to wait in my room knowing I was going to be spanked until I couldn’t sit down.” 

“Mmm,” said Stephanie. “I can see how you might have enjoyed that.” 

“I don’t think enjoyed is the right word,” said Bobby thoughtfully. “I think I would have dreaded being spanked by Dad. But there’s just something about that little scenario that makes me tingle and makes me wish it had happened sometimes.” 

“Well it’s never too late,” said Stephanie with a grin as an idea came to her mind. “You know I promised George he’d get the chance to spank you. Maybe he’ll do what your dad should have done.” 

Bobby’s face dropped and her stomach turned over. “Now just a minute Steph,” she said. “I… I don’t know about this. I’m not sure I want…”

“You’ll do as your told young lady,” snapped Stephanie, cutting off Bobby’s protestation. 

Bobby looked shocked. She had been a child the last time anyone spoke to her that way and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She knew in reality that she was a full grown adult just the same as her girlfriend but those words still made her feel like a naughty teenager who’d just overstepped the mark with her mother. 

Stephanie pushed herself to her feet and stepped out of the bath. She wrapped a towel around herself and turned to Bobby. “ I’ll see you downstairs when you’ve finished your bath,” she said, “and don’t leave a mess.” With that, she turned and marched out of the bathroom leaving Bobby stunned and open mouthed. 

Bobby climbed dripping out of the bath and grabbed a towel. She slowly dried herself, thinking about what had happened. What sort of monster have I unleashed, she thought. She finished drying, dropped the towel on the floor and scampered along the landing to her room to get dressed. A second later there was a hammering on the bedroom door. She pulled it open a bit and came face to face with Stephanie, looking very irate. 

“What did I tell you about that bathroom?” snarled Stephanie. 

“What…? What do you mean?” asked Bobby puzzled. 

“Come with me.” Stephanie grabbed Bobby by the wrist and dragged her out of her room. She towed the still naked girl along the landing, ignoring her protests, and stopped outside the bathroom. “Look at this,” she snapped. She stepped aside so Bobby could have a clear view of the mess. 

“What’s wrong with it?” asked Bobby. 

Stephanie gave an impatient snort. She grabbed Bobby by the arm, turned her so she could get a good swing at her bottom then smacked her hard. Bobby yelped and her hand flew back to rub away the sting where a red handprint flared. 

“What the hell?” said Bobby. 

“I told you, DON’T… LEAVE… A… MESS!” said Stephanie, emphasising the words with more painful slaps. 

“Owww! Stop it, yelled Bobby, trying in vain to dance away from the smacks.” 

“Stop it? Stop it?  You wait ‘till George gets home young lady,” scolded Stephanie, “then I promise you you’ll know what a smacked bottom really is.” 

“You made as much mess as I did,” argued Bobby, “I’m not cleaning it up!” 

“How dare you answer me back!” barked Stephanie. “As long as you live under my roof you’ll obey my rules!”  

“Why are you being such a cow?” yelled Bobby. 

“What did you call me?” said Stephanie, her eyes to turning to angry slits. She pointed to Bobby’s bedroom. “I don’t want to hear another word young lady.  Go to your room.” 

Bobby’s eyes opened wide. She didn’t know how this little fantasy had got so wildly out of her control. She really felt like a naughty teenager in deep trouble. Like it or not, she was being sent to her room to wait for her punishment and Stephanie just wouldn’t listen to reason. 

Bobby opened her mouth to argue again but Stephanie held up her hand. “Not another word,” she hissed through clenched teeth. 

With a snort of frustrated teenage angst Bobby stomped off back to her room and slammed the door shut. 

George Walker was Dean of Students at the local college and it had been one hell of a day. He was still in a foul mood when his phone rang. It was Stephanie and she seemed to be as angry as he was.  He listened with a look of intense annoyance as Stephanie ranted about Bobby’s atrocious behaviour. 

“…and she never cleans up. She lazes in bed until God knows what hour. She’s neglecting her school work…” 

“School work?” George puzzled. He thought Stephanie must be referring to Bobby’s university work. He knew she was a postgraduate psychology student. 

“… and she’s rude and disobedient,” Stephanie continued. “George I’m at the end of my tether. I’ve sent her to her room to wait until you get home. We’ve been far too lenient with her George and we’ve created a spoiled brat. Now there’s only one thing for it. That girl needs a damn good spanking!” 

When George arrived home, Stephanie was waiting. She met him as he came through the door. She was standing in the hallway, looking furious, arms folded. 

“She’s in her room George,” she said. 

“Right! Leave her to me!” snapped George, pacing towards the staircase with an air of barely contained rage. 

Stephanie’s expression changed to a look of concern. She nibbled her bottom lip nervously. She hadn’t realised George was going to arrive home in such a temper. If she’d known, she wouldn’t have started this game and she feared Bobby was in for a much harsher spanking than either of them had expected. 

In her bedroom, Bobby was also in a bad mood. After slamming her door shut she had thrown herself down on the bed. She was furious with Stephanie for making her feel like a naughty child but for some reason she fully embraced the fantasy and let loose her suppressed teenage anger. She screamed through clenched teeth and hammered her feet and fists against the bed. When that little tantrum didn’t ease her temper she picked up her cuddly teddy and threw it across the room. Sulkily she pulled on her pyjamas. As time passed, her anger turned to anxiety. Was Stephanie really going to send George up to spank her?  She reached back and ran a hand over her bottom, conscious that her thin cotton pyjama pants would offer little protection against a sound spanking. She was just weighing up whether to change into something more substantial when there was an angry knock at the door. 

“Roberta!”  called George angrily. “Can I come in?” 

Bobby hated being called Roberta and she was sure George just used her given name to wind her up. “Go away George,” she shouted. “And you can tell that cow Stephanie to keep her distance too.” 

George was in no mood to ask twice and Bobby looked shocked when her door burst open and he marched into her room. Without pausing to close the door he strode up to the girl on the bed. Bobby took one look at the angry determination in George’s eyes and tried to scramble away but George just grabbed her by the arm, sat on the side of the bed and hauled her over his knee. Bobby’s hand immediately flew back to protect her bottom but George just grabbed her wrist and pulled it up into the small of her back pinning her in place. 

Stephanie was still in the hallway when she heard the unmistakable sound of a very painful spanking clattering from Bobby’s room. Bobby was yelling and George was lecturing her on her bad behaviour, drilling home the lesson with a furious and relentless thrashing. Stephanie ran up the stairs with the intention of calming things down a bit and she arrived in the doorway of Bobby’s room to see Bobby red faced and bawling while George landed a torrent of frighteningly hard whacks on the thinly covered round cheeks of her blazing bottom. 

When George saw Stephanie he paused and rested a hand on Bobby’s upturned rump. 

“Ah Stephanie, I’m glad you’ve arrived he said, a little breathlessly. “Go and fetch your hairbrush. I intend to make sure this young lady remembers this punishment for quite some time.” 

“My hairbrush George?” said Stephanie sounding shocked. She was going to say she thought Bobby had been punished enough but she changed her mind when Bobby made an ill judged threat. 

“I’ll get you for this Steph!” she spat between sobs. 

Stephanie didn’t respond. She just marched out of the room and fetched her hairbrush as instructed. By the time she returned George had already dragged Bobby’s pyjama pants down to her knees displaying the scarlet flesh of her thoroughly spanked bottom. 

“You fucking bitch Stephanie,” yelled Bobby as the hairbrush was handed over. 

“That little remark is going to cost you dearly,” said George as he tightened his grip. Then with a howl from Bobby he began a long and scorching paddling to her already sore bottom. 

When George was finally satisfied he swung Bobby off his knee and on to the bed where she lay frantically rubbing her bottom, sobbing and cursing. Stephanie looked down at her girlfriend’s red and stinging cheeks and winced. She fetched a jar of cold cream and gently moving Bobby’s hands aside, she caressed the inflamed flesh with cool fingers. Bobby sniffed and rolled fully onto her tummy to allowed the soothing salve to be applied. 

The next day, Bobby spent a few hours trying to concentrate on her research in the university library, her sore bottom making sitting an uncomfortable torment. Eventually she gave up and decided that it was time for Stephanie to have a lesson of her own. She came home to find her girlfriend soaking in the bath once again. 

“Hi Steph,” she said, smiling innocently.” 

“Oh Bobby, you’re home early. I hope there are no hard feelings about yesterday. After all you did say you wanted to know what it was like to be sent to your room and spanked. ” 

“No of course not,” lied Bobby. “No hard feelings. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.” She dipped into the water and lightly ran a handful of soap bubble down Stephanie’s back causing a shiver. She grabbed a towel and with an enticing wink she invited Stephanie to join her in the bedroom. Stephanie scrambled to her feet excitedly and stepped, dripping out of the bath, first one leg and then the other. But the instant her foot touched the floor Bobby grabbed her, pulling her off balance. She sat on the side of the bath and tumbled Stephanie over her knee. Stephanie almost slipped headfirst back into the water but she stopped herself by plunging her hands into the foam. Bobby hooked her arm over Stephanie’s waist and held her in place with her shining wet bottom uppermost.   

“I’ve heard,” said Bobby, ignoring Stephanie’s squeals of protest, “that a spanking when your bottom is wet hurts far more than a dry spanking. Maybe you’d like to help me satisfy my curiosity about that too. Shall we find out if it’s true?” 

“No Bobby! No!” pleaded Stephanie. 

“Oh I think we shall,” answered Bobby with a wicked grin. 

A bath brush came easily to hand and Bobby raised it quickly and slapped it down hard on Stephanie’s quivering bottom. The long handle of the brush gave it added speed and the generous wooden head formed a large oval paddle that smacked against the wet flesh with fearsome force. The loud crack and Stephanie’s howl resonated around the tiled bathroom and a fiery red patch instantly appeared. Stephanie kicked her feet wildly. She wanted to reach back but she couldn’t move her hands without plunging headfirst into the bathwater. A second smack raised a matching red oval on Stephanie’s other cheek but her bawling and pleading didn’t melt Bobby’s resolve to dish out a proper punishment. Bobby settled into a rhythm of hard and stinging whacks and didn’t stop spanking until she felt fully avenged and Stephanie’s entire bottom was a deep and fiery red. 

Later that evening, Bobby and Stephanie lay together in bed talking. Bobby stroked Stephanie’s sore bottom, comforting her. 

“I have to do some teaching next week,” said Bobby. “They’re running some evening classes on psychology at the University and I’ve been asked to do a session based on my research. 

“You’re going to be teaching about the psychology of punishment?” said Stephanie. 

“That’s right,” said Bobby, “and I’ve been looking for a way to spice up my session a bit.  All this spanking has given me a pretty good idea.” 


Continued in Episode 2.5: The Psychology of Spanking