Continued from Episode 2: The Campus Creeper

Spanking Soap

Series 2

Episode 3: The Cheating Wife

By Flatfish 

It was midnight and George Walker sat alone in the dark, waiting for his young wife to come home. The longer he waited, the angrier he became. It wasn’t just that she was out on the town again or the fact that he expected her home an hour ago. It was the gnawing, bitter, certainty that she was having an affair. 

The first sign he’d noticed was when she became really secretive about her phone. There was a time when she would happily leave it lying around or even lend it to him. Now she kept it hidden. It clearly held secrets that she wanted to keep from him.  Then there were the unexplained gifts. Things she claimed to have bought herself but somehow that explanation didn’t add up. Then last month there was a valentine’s day card. “All my love, Bobby” it said. When he tackled his wife about it she just shrugged. She said she didn’t know any guy named Bobby and she couldn’t be blamed for the behaviour of some secret admirer. He had dropped the card in the bin but he noticed later that she had discretely removed it and hidden it somewhere. And now there was the most damning evidence of all, she had started wearing expensive perfume and makeup and dressing more sexily than she had ever done in their two years of marriage. 

George looked at his watch and gave an annoyed snort. Where the Hell was she?

 He knew it was absurd to be sitting here waiting like an irate parent. He had met Stephanie three years ago and thought he was the luckiest man on earth. There relationship attracted a fair amount of criticism because she was only twenty-two and he was thirty-nine but somehow the age difference didn’t seem to matter. They loved each other and within a year they had married. But the age difference did matter. They had different needs, different desires. George wanted to relax when he came home from work but Stephanie wanted to play. Recently things had gotten worse. George frequently had to work late and all too often he came home to find Stephanie was already out with her friends. 

A rattle at the door brought George out of his gloomy reverie.  He sat up as the door creaked open and Stephanie crept into the room. She switched on the light and gave a start when she saw George waiting. He stared at her with anger in his eyes. 

Stephanie shuffled off her leather coat revealing a little stretch black dress that was so short it was barely decent. It was cut low displaying her full round breasts and clung to her narrow waist emphasising her figure. Her pretty eyes were glazed with drink and her long dark hair tumbled over her shoulders in dishevelled tresses. She looked gorgeous and sexy and it infuriated George that she had been out dressed like that. 

“H…hello George,” she said. “Erh…” 

“Where have you been until this time,” George barked. “Who have you been with and why, why are you half naked?” 

Stephanie bristled at George’s aggressive tone and his unreasonable interrogation. “How dare you speak to me like I’m a child,” she snapped. “What are you, my husband or my father. Let me tell you I’ll wear what I like and see anyone I want.” 

“No you will not!” George answered, getting to his feet. 

“Oh? And what are you going to do about it? Send me to my room? Ground me? Put me over your knee and spank me? I’m not some teenager who…” 

Stephanie’s rant faltered when George strode towards her. “That’s a damn good idea,” he said. 

 “D… don’t be ridiculous George,” Stephanie cried wide eyed. She backed up to the door in an involuntary attempt to protect her bottom, something she hadn’t had to do for many years. “You can’t be serious.” 

But George was deadly serious and Stephanie squealed as he grabbed her wrist and dragged her over to the couch. In one smooth movement, before Stephanie could regain her balance, he hauled her, face down, over his knee and laid a strong arm firmly over her waist, pinning her in place. He rested his hand on her soft round bottom where her dress stretched tight. The dress was so short it had ridden up, revealing a hint of her white panties and the gentle swell of her bottom. 

Stephanie just had a brief panic filled moment to glance back over her shoulder before the fearsome punishment began. She yelled as the first few smacks cracked against her bottom stinging far more than she could have imagined. Her hand flew back to protect herself as she begged for George to stop. Her bottom writhed and she kicked her feet wildly. But George just pushed her hand aside and continued. 

He was in no mood to offer mercy or forgiveness. Weeks of pent up fury drove his hand to delver a spanking his deceitful wife would remember for a long, long time. Stephanie bucked and fought but she couldn’t escape the relentless barrage that had her bottom blazing. 

“Please, please George,” she begged between cries and howls. “Stop! I’ll be good.” She didn’t really know what she meant by being good, she was just desperate for the spanking to end. 

George hesitated then lowered his hand slowly and let it rest on her bottom. “Are you going to carry on dressing like a tart?” 

“I don’t dress like a tart,” sniffed Stephanie quietly, fearful that her answer could trigger another spanking. She reached back and gently rubbed her bottom. “This is what everyone wears these days.” 

“That might be what girls wear when they want to attract the attention of every sex hungry male,” said George, “but it’s not appropriate for my wife.” Stephanie tried to push her way to her feet but George tightened his hold on her waist and slipped his hand under the hem of his wife’s dress. He gently stroked her sore bottom. “Now,” he said, “lets talk about Bobby.” 

“Wh… who?” 

“Wrong answer,” said George, pushing Stephanie’s dress up to her waist. 

“Nooo!” she pleaded, but it was too late. George angrily dragged her panties down to the middle of her thighs. 

Stephanie struggled, cried and fought but she could not escape the retribution that rained down on her bare bottom. The second spanking was just as long and ferocious as the first and soon Stephanie’s bottom was a deep and stinging red raw. The spanking would have gone on longer but between her howls and sobs Stephanie managed stutter the words that eventually stopped George in mid spank. 

“I… I… swear George. You are the only man in my life. Y… You have to believe me!” 

The sincerity of Stephanie’s words hit George hard, cracking the conviction that his wife was seeing someone else. He release his grip and Stephanie slipped to the floor where she knelt clutching her stinging bottom. She looked tearfully up at George. 

George buried his face in his hands, confusion and despair washing over him. 

“Fuck George, that really hurt,” said Stephanie, starting to grin through her tears. 

George uncovered his face, shocked at his wife’s reaction. He’d expected her to start screaming at him. 

“God knows I’ve tried to make you spank me sometimes but I never thought you’d be so… good at it.” 

“Tried to make me spank you?” queried George, sounding very confused. 

“Yes. And don’t pretend you didn’t find it exciting, putting me over your knee. I felt that hot tell tale bulge in your trousers.” 

“Are you telling me that all this has been an act, just to get a spanking? You’ve put me through hell!” 

“Well, no… actually… It hasn’t all been an act. Not deliberately anyway, but I suppose I sort of hoped…” Stephanie shrugged as she let her words trail off. 

“You little minx,” said George, starting to smile. 

George helped Stephanie to her feet. Her panties fluttered to the floor and she kicked them away. She pulled down her dress and winced as the clingy material scraped over her sore bottom. George took her in his arms. She looked up into his eyes and slightly parted her deep red lips. They kissed, long and hard then wondered hand in hand to the bedroom. 

 The next day, after George had gone to work, Stephanie sat hugging a mug of strong black coffee. She loved her husband and she hated deceiving him. Guilt was eating away at her. She was going to have to come clean and own up to her relationship with Bobby. But how could she do that?  Could there be a way to keep seeing Bobby without losing George? 

It was two weeks later, two-o-clock in the afternoon that George arrived home unexpectedly and made a discovery that finally forced Stephanie’s hand. 

When George entered his house, he was surprised that there was no sign of Stephanie. No sign except the disturbing sight of discarded female clothes that laid a trail towards the bedroom. 

George headed quietly up the stairs and as he came close to the top he heard the unmistakable sound of girlish giggling and the creak of bedsprings. The bedroom door was open and there, on the bed, he found his wife writhing in a passionate embrace with her lover. 

George’s arrival had gone unnoticed and he strained to hold back the bellowing fury that threatened to burst from him. Seething with rage, he decided on an alternative, more satisfying way to break-up the fun of the tightly clinched couple. 

He crept over to the dressing table and picked up the heavy wooden hairbrush that his wife always used to untangle her long tresses. Then he returned to the bed. Luck was on his side. His wife was on top, or so he thought. Her soft round bottom was uppermost and undulating. George raised the brush high then smacked it down with a loud and stinging thwap! In his rage George didn’t noticed that the girl’s bottom wasn’t in fact that of his wife, even when young female stranger arched her back and howled. Her partner, however, didn’t release her. Instead the girl found herself locked in place by her partner’s tight hold around her waist while George blindly unleashed his fury on her bottom, turning it a deep scarlet. She kicked and struggled and tried to reach back but there was no escape. It was only when the entwined couple rolled over together that George realised that both lovers were female and the pristine bottom presented for punishment this time was unmistakably Stephanie’s. 

George wasn’t about to be distracted by the fact that he had just soundly spanked the wrong girl. He was incensed by his wife’s betrayal and with his anger bubbling to the surface, he laid into Stephanie’s undefended bottom. Stephanie yelped with each whack and within a few seconds she reached her pain threshold and she tried to roll away but her partner had other ideas. Stephanie had thought it amusing to hold the girl in position while George mistakenly spanked her. Now was her chance for payback. She wrapped her legs around Stephanie’s thighs and her arms around her arms and waist and held her firmly in position, unable to move and unable to reach back and defend herself, howling until George had fully exhausted his rage. 

When the punishment finally stopped, the two girls rolled apart. Stephanie winced as she reached out and pulled over a bed sheet to cover her nakedness and that of her lover. Both girls stared at George with a touch of fear in their tearful eyes, their faces flushed. 

“Erh… Bobby, this is my husband George,” said Stephanie, her voice a little croaky after screaming and crying her way through her spanking, “and erh…George… meet my… lover, Roberta Sinclare.” 

George was stunned. Heavy feelings of shock, defeat and depression weighed down on his shoulders as he stared in disbelief at his wife and her pretty young lover. How could he have been so wrong about his marriage? 

“George, I know how this must look,” said Stephanie, “but it’s not what you think. You must be thinking our marriage is built on a lie, but its not. I… I love you. I love having sex with you. It’s just that I have other needs as well, needs that I share with Bobby. Please, don’t let this be the end for us. We can make this work George. I know it’s a shock but…but…. why can’t we all stay together? We can carry on as we always have, husband and wife. And Bobby and I can carry on seeing each other as well.” 

George was still too shocked to speak but his jaw dropped and his eyes bulged at his wife’s outrageous suggestion. 

“Look,” Stephanie continued. “We can all benefit. We can carry on having a loving marriage and fantastic sex… But now, you’ll have two naughty girls to spank.” 

“I… I… need a drink,” said George. 

He wondered away in shocked silence, his mind churning wildly over thoughts of losing his wife completely or sharing her with her lesbian lover. He poured himself a massive whisky and took a long gulp. Then he started to smile. That Bobby really was a mischievous looking brat, he mused, and the thought of being able to frequently put her and Stephanie over his knee really did sweeten the bitter pill. Maybe it could work after all. 

In the bedroom, Bobby turned to Stephanie. “When you asked me to move in with you and George you didn’t say anything about letting George spank me.” 

“Oh come on,” said Stephanie. “You know you love it and George can spank much harder than I can.” 

“You can say that again,” grinned Bobby, rubbing her bottom and wincing.


Continued in episode 2.4 She Needs a Damn Good Spanking.