Continued from Series 1 Episode 8: Hypnosis

Spanking Soap

Series 2

Episode 1: Spanking Honeymoon

By Flatfish 

“Brrrrrrrrrr. It’s freezing,” squealed Susan through chattering teeth as Pierre, her ski instructor, propelled her through the doorway into the wooden alpine shack. A blast of snow-chilled air whistled in after them. Pierre forced the door closed, fighting the blizzard. 

Susan looked around at the bleak surroundings. An old wood-burning stove sagged in the corner and the only furnishings were a cupboard and a wooden bed with a new looking mattress and no bedding. 

Pierre hurried over to the stove, which was already primed, pulled matches from a waterproof pouch, and quickly started a blaze. “Now Cherrie,” he said, with a strong French accent, “hurry up and get out of those wet clothes before you catch your death.” 

Susan was nervous and a little embarrassed as she wrestled off her boots and socks, quilted jacket and soaking ski pants but she understood the risk of hypothermia if she remained wet. Fortunately her thick jumper was just long enough to cover her panties and as long as she didn’t bend over it would make a passable micro dress. 

Pierre dragged off his own wet clothes and set the whole lot to dry near the stove. He pulled open the cupboard and pulled out blankets and a duvet then rummaged a little longer before turning around with a triumphant grin. He held up a bottle of champagne and two glasses. 

“What the hell’s going on Pierre,” snapped Susan. “They don’t leave champagne in emergency huts for stranded skiers so where did that come from?” 

Pierre laughed and shrugged. “Ok,” he confessed. “Guilty as charged. You’ve caught me out. I brought the champagne and bedding up here yesterday.” 

“But… but that means you knew we would be trapped by the blizzard.” 

“Of course Cherie, how else could we be alone to enjoy our amour?” 

“Our amour?” cried Susan in disbelief. “What amour? You know I’m a married woman. For God sake Pierre, I’m here on my honeymoon. How could you think I would want sex with you?” 

The smile disappeared from Pierre’s face and anger flashed in his eyes. “You have been flirting with me for days,” he growled. “Are you telling me now there is nothing between us? There is a name for girls like you Cherie. You delight in teasing and tempting then you cross your legs and laugh.” 

“It’s not true!” protested Susan. “I… I was just being friendly. I never… I… I did nothing to make you think I would…” Her stuttering words trailed off as she could see Pierre’s anger rising. “I’m getting out of here!” she cried, “where are my clothes?” 

She spun around to the heater and as she bent to pick up her ski pants she offered Pierre a target he couldn’t resist. As her jumper rode up to reveal her soft bottom cheeks peeking out from her panties, Pierre strode forward and delivered the full force of his anger in one almighty smack! 

Susan howled and shot upright with her hands clutching her stinging bottom. She spun back to face Pierre with tears bubbling up in her eyes. Her face was as red as the flaming handprint that covered her left bottom cheek. “What the hell!” she screamed. “How dare you do that to me? You… you… oaf.” 

Pierre gave a smile of satisfaction. “Oh,” he said. “There’s plenty more that I dare do to you. You need to learn that you can’t treat men this way and get away with it. In fact I think I might just put you across my knee and give you the rest of the lesson.” 

Susan backed away as Pierre moved towards her. “Now just wait a minute,” she said, sounding very unsure of her self. “This is just a misunderstanding. Don’t do anything rash. When my husband hears about this he will go berserk.” 

But Pierre wasn’t in the mood to listen to reason. He was awash with pent up sexual tension and he had been convinced this young and beautiful teacher from England was going to be warming his bed. Well if he couldn’t have sex with her, he was damn sure he was going to have the next best thing and she would be spending the rest of the day with a very sore bottom. 

Susan and her husband David had arrived in the alpine village ten days earlier on their honeymoon. For the first few days they had enjoyed a rich mixture of snow, skiing and unbridled sex. But an over ambitious ski jump had left David limping about the hotel. For two days Susan had joined him in his boredom but eventually she gave in to his suggestion to hire a ski instructor and go back to enjoying the mountains. It was then that she chose the handsome Pierre to personally tutor her in the art of skiing. 

Pierre had been attracted to Susan from their first meeting. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders, framing her strikingly pretty face. But most of all he had longed to smack the pert curvaceous bottom that swayed so temptingly as they skied together down the slopes. 

Their time together was steamy, “in a fun way” thought Susan. She believed she was simply enjoying a little holiday flirtation. What harm could it do? But Pierre saw things differently. He saw his predatory advances willingly reciprocated and he soon began to make plans for a night of passion. The promise of an approaching storm had given him the opportunity he needed. 

But now rebuffed and with Susan alone in the emergency ski hut, Pierre was determined to teach the beautiful temptress the error of leading on a hot-blooded Frenchman. 

Pierre stepped forwards and Susan backed away until she was brought to a stop by the hut wall. She looked frantically about like a terrified animal. But in a single room hut with a deadly blizzard raging outside, there was nowhere to hide. In desperate panic, as the wickedly smiling Pierre drew closer, she swung her fist with all her strength and landed a gristle crunching blow in the centre of the shocked ski instructor’s smug face.  Pierre roared and flew back, his handsome features now blighted by a bloody and swollen nose. He staggered to the hut door and pulled it open then reached down and scooped a double handful of snow and pressed it to his face. Bizarrely, for a fleeting moment Susan considered grabbing a handful for her bottom, which still stung furiously where Pierre had smacked her. But instead, she ran forward and hit him full in the back sending him sprawling out into the snow dressed only in his boxers. Then she slammed the door shut and looked desperately for a way to lock it. 

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she wailed as she looked frantically about the empty shack. In desperation she leaned against the door in a futile attempt to hold it closed. But it was no use. Pierre pushed wildly against the door forcing it open a few inches. She could hear his desperate pleading as he tried to force his way in. 

“Susan, Susan” he cried. “For God sake let me in. I’m dying out here!” 

Trembling, Susan moved away from the door and seconds later Pierre staggered back into the hut, frozen and furious. His nose throbbed, his eyes were starting to blacken and his frost covered body was stinging with the cold. He looked wildly around until his seething gaze settled on Susan. He slammed the door shut and strode towards her. She turned to run but he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off the floor. He carried her kicking and struggling over to the bed. All thoughts of sexual desire were gone but the desire for revenge was raging and he sat down and flung her over his knee. 

Susan found herself facing the floor and she whimpered as she felt her jumper dragged out of the way exposing her scarcely covered bottom. There was a moment of terrified anticipation as Pierre raised his hand then she howled as the first angry whack cracked like a pistol shot against her tender cheeks, re-igniting the blaze from Pierre’s earlier smack. Whack after stinging whack slapped down on Susan’s wriggling rear. Pierre’s fury was unstoppable and he rained his incessant torrent of blistering smacks until Susan’s bottom was a burning scarlet and she cried herself hoarse. 

It was two hours later that the two dishevelled skiers finally returned to Susan’s hotel. The storm had been short lived and with no reason to stay in the cabin they had pulled on their damp clothes and descended the mountain. They didn’t speak, just glowered angrily at each other and went their separate ways. 

“Oh thank God you’re safe,” cried David as Susan sheepishly entered their hotel room. “I’ve been frantic. Did you get caught in that storm?” 

“Yes we did,” Susan answered, “but we sheltered in an old ski hut so no harm done.” Her bottom was still uncomfortably sore, the sting being compounded by the rub from her damp ski pants. But she didn’t relish trying explaining to David how she had flirted her way into such a dangerous situation, nor how she had been soundly spanked for it. “I’m just desperate for a big hug, a hot shower and some dry clothes,” she said. 

Ten minutes later Susan stood in a cascading stream of hot water. David joined her and gently soaped her body, caressing her soft curves and triggering shivers of ecstasy. She gave an involuntary yelp and flinched as his hand moved over her sore bottom but she realised the sensation was actually rather nice now she was safe in the arms of her loving husband. She pressed her breasts against David’s chest and stood on tiptoes to kiss him, long and full. She slipped her hand between them and stroked his erect manhood. David wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her hard against him. Their wild lovemaking ran deep into the night. 

In the morning Susan awoke an hour before David. She was unable to settle and tossed and turned uncomfortably, wracked with guilt about the day before. By the time David was roused from his sleep, Susan had made a decision. She sat up in bed and turned to her husband. 

“David,” she said, “you remember that day in the classroom back at work when you put me over your knee?” 

“How could I forget,” David answered. “What made you think of that?” 

The couple had been childhood sweethearts and had been reunited when David took a job as a PE teacher at the school where Susan taught English. They had reminisced over days when they were both students at the school and had acted out a shared fantasy in which David had played the role of a former teacher and slippered and spanked Susan for failing to do her homework. 

“Do you remember how hard you spanked me, as though you were really punishing me, and how you ignored my crying and just kept spanking me until I could barely sit down.” 

“I thought you’d forgiven me for that,” said David. “It was just inexperience. We…” 

“No, no I’m not blaming you,” said Susan. “But now we’re married I want to ask you to do something that you might not want to do; something similar to that day.” 

David frowned and looked puzzled. 

“David, I’ve done something really stupid and I feel really bad about it. I… I… want you to punish me. I want to feel your strength and to know that you will always be there, keeping me in line; Keeping me safe.” 

“What on earth have you done?” he asked. “What could possibly make you feel this way?” 

Susan’s lip trembled and she stared down at her hands and fumbled nervously with the sheets. Quietly she spilled out the whole story about what had happened the day before. She admitted to flirting with Pierre and tried to reassure David that it was just innocent fun. But she knew she shouldn’t have done it. She knew it was wrong, especially as she was on her honeymoon and her new husband was stranded in the hotel with an injured ankle. She described how she had broken Pierre’s nose and how he had pulled her over his knee and roasted her bottom. By the time she was finished, David was fuming. He was a cross with Susan but he was ready to kill Pierre. 

“Please David!” Susan begged. “Forget Pierre. I’ve already taken care of him. He won’t be seducing anyone for quite some time with a broken nose and two black eyes. I’m the one you should be mad at. I caused the whole sorry mess and I need your forgiveness.” 

David pulled Susan towards him and gently kissed her. But Susan pushed away. 

“No!” she cried. “That’s too easy. I’m never going to be really sure you’ve forgiven me until I’ve been soundly punished. I know you’re mad at me so don’t try to hide it. I’ve let you down and I’ve let myself down.  Please don’t bottle up that anger.” 

David gave a long, annoyed sigh. “OK,” he said, “if that’s really how you want it.” Susan could see in his eyes that he was serious. “Fetch your hairbrush.” 

“M…my hairbrush?” Susan stammered. She hadn’t expected that. Up to then she had known she wanted to be spanked but she had been the one in control. That simple phrase had taken the reins out of her hands and she knew she was going to get exactly what she’d asked for – a genuine, awful, well deserved punishment for her bad behaviour. 

She slipped out of bed and wondered across to the dressing table nervously biting her lip. She picked up her hairbrush. It wasn’t the first time that brush had been used to punish a naughty bottom. Indeed, not long ago she herself had spanked David’s ex-wife with it so she knew how effective it could be. She was very conscious of the fact that she was still naked from their night of passion and she wished she had waited until she had dressed before asking David to punish her. 

David pushed himself upright and threw back the duvet. He patted his thighs and Susan climbed cautiously onto the bed. She handed David the hairbrush then crawled over his knee and settled down with her chin on her hands and her bare bottom raised and vulnerable. She felt David’s warm hand take a firm hold of her waist and the cold hard wood of the hairbrush rest against her flesh. 

“Now young lady,” said David. “Your behaviour this week has been atrocious. I promise you that by the time I have finished with you, you will be very, very sorry. I intend to make sure you will think twice before you ever behave like that again. Your flirtatious behaviour put our marriage at risk, not to mention how you put yourself in grave danger. You could have been raped or murdered.” 

It seemed the more David lectured her, the angrier he became as though the words were focusing his mind as well as hers on the foolishness of her actions. By the time he finished the lecture Susan was in tears and David’s grip on her waist had become so firm it carried the promise that she was in for the spanking of her life. 

There was a moment of silent reflection before the hairbrush was suddenly raised and brought down with a loud thwack on her bottom. The agonising sting left no doubt that David wasn’t playing. He was angry and serious about teaching her to behave. In the past the couple had often engaged in sexy spanking games but the pace had been slow and the intensity controlled. This spanking was a whole new experience. David whacked her over and over again, leaving no time for one sting to subside before another was delivered. Susan drummed her feet wildly against the bed and bawled. 

Suddenly there was a loud hammering at the door and the hotel manageress was outside the hotel room shouting for the commotion to stop. The handle rattled as she struggled to insert her master key into the lock. David swung Susan off his knee and pulled the duvet up to cover their nakedness. A second later the door burst open and the manageress and two burley porters rushed into the room. 

“What the hell!” said David. 

“Are you OK madam,” asked the manageress ignoring David. She looked at Susan’s tearful face and at the hairbrush, and there was no mistaking the movement under the duvet where Susan was clearly rubbing her stinging bottom. 

“I’m OK (sniff) Erh… Thank you for your concern,” said Susan. 

The manageress looked doubtfully at Susan and shot David an accusing look then ushered her companions out of the room. “Then I apologise for the intrusion.” She said as she quietly closed the door, leaving the lovers to kiss and make up.


 Back in England, Susan’s sister Mandy read through a holiday postcard from Susan and David. She pinned it to the corkboard above her desk. She had been living with Susan for the last year but she had decided to move out after her sister’s wedding. Now she shared a little bed-sit in the halls of residence at the college where she was a student. Her roommate Trish came stumbling excitedly into the room. 

“Have you heard, Mandy? There’s been another spanking attack. Suzy Parker. She was coming back to the halls of residence when the Campus Creeper got her. She’s in her room now being calmed down by the nurse. I’ve just been sent to fetch an ice pack for her bottom."


 Continued in Episode 2.2: The Campus Creeper