Continued from Episode 7: Kiss Me Kate

Spanking Soap

Episode 8: Hypnosis

By Flatfish 

“Relax. Close your eyes. You are drifting, drifting, backwards into the darkness…” 

Angela Wright felt Doctor Snell’s soothing voice wrap around her like a warm blanket; calm, relaxing, safe. 

As Angela sank into a deep hypnotic state, Doctor Snell continued. “It is September fifteenth, late afternoon, where are you?” 

“I…I’m outside the school,” mumbled Angela. The school is closed but David’s car is still in the car park. I must find him.” 

“Where are you now?” 

“I’m at the back of the school. There is a classroom light on. I can see David inside. He’s talking to another teacher. She is bending over the teacher’s desk. Oh my God! He’s spanking her!” 

“How do feel?” 

“He’s my husband. Her shouldn’t be with her!” 

“You’re divorced. But you feel jealousy.” 

“Yes! Yes! I’m jealous. I have to stop them!” 

“As you watch,” said the doctor calmly, “your jealousy fades. You feel guilty. You are in the wrong. You are a bad girl.” 

“I’m a bad girl,” repeated Angela. 

“Bad girls should be spanked.” 

“Yes. I’m so bad. I should be spanked.” 

“Yes,” said the doctor. “Whenever you feel jealousy about your ex-husband, the feelings will turn to guilt and you will be possessed with an undeniable urge to be spanked. You must be spanked. You will do anything to be spanked.” 

“Yes. I’m bad. I must be spanked.” 

Doctor Snell had been treating Angela for weeks, trying to break the insane possessive jealousy that caused her to stalk her ex-husband. Every conventional treatment had failed. Now he was trying a radical approach; a combination of replacement and aversion therapy. His aim was to plant ideas deep in Angela’s subconscious to replace jealousy with guilt and at the same time drive Angela to attract a painful consequence for the unwanted behaviour. 

“On the count of five you will awaken. You will feel relaxed and refreshed. One two three, waking up, four and five, wide awake and feeling great.” 

Angela opened her eyes and gave a deep sigh. She smiled at the Doctor and sat up. Snell reached into a drawer and pulled out a photograph. He handed it to Angela. Instantly her expression changed as raging jealousy swept over her. The doctor had been to the school concert the night before and had photographed Angela’s ex-husband David and his girlfriend Susan holding hands. 

As Angela studied the photograph her feelings started to change. “I shouldn’t be jealous,” she thought. “I’m wrong. I’m so bad. Why would I feel that way? I...I should be punished. I must be punished. I must be spanked!” 

Angela climbed off the consulting couch. “Doctor Snell. I’m so sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused. I want you to punish me.” 

“That would be most unprofessional Miss Wright.” 

“But you must! You must!” cried Angela. “Doctor if you don’t give me the spanking of my life, then I will tell everyone that you assaulted me when I was hypnotised!” 

“But that’s a lie. Miss Wright, please be reasonable!” 

Doctor Snell could feel his “Frankenstein” creation getting out of hand. He backed away but Angela strode forward. She leaned down and with a sweep of her arm she hurled everything from the Doctors desk onto the floor. Then seductively, with a mischievous grin she lowered herself over the desk and pushed out her bottom. Her short pencil skirt stretched tight.

“Spank me Doctor. Now!” 

“Miss Wright, I…” 

“Now Doctor! Don’t argue. Just do it!” 

Doctor Snell resigned himself to the task. He placed his left hand on Angela’s back then raised his right hand and gave her a hearty smack. Angela jumped but the smack did little to ease her raging need to be punished and she turned angrily to the doctor. 

“Is that the best you can do? Stop tickling me. I want to be punished. Now spank me hard!” 

The doctor picked up the pace and smacked each cheek alternately. After a dozen hard slaps Doctor Snell was working up a sweat. 

In the outer office, the doctor’s receptionist, Mavis, could hear the spanking taking place. She knew that Snell often tried unconventional cures but this shocked her. She was really concerned about the young lady on the receiving end of Snell’s treatment. She pictured her crying over his knee, as he beat the obsession out of her. Mavis could not stand by and let this continue. She burst into Snell’s room and opened her mouth to protest. But Mavis was stopped in her tracks. She was astounded to see the wanton young woman pushing out her bottom and demanding that the poor doctor should put more effort into the spanking. Doctor Snell was red faced and looking very unhappy. Mavis decided she would have to come to the rescue. 

“Doctor, Doctor, please, allow me to assist. I know exactly how to deal with this young madam.” 

Doctor Snell looked embarrassed but relived and he stepped back. Mavis strode forward and took hold of Angela’s ear, pulling her up from the desk. 

“Ow, ow, what are you doing? Let me go,” cried Angela. 

“You come with me,” said Mavis, dragging Angela towards a leather couch. She sat down and pulled the protesting girl over her knee. 

“Doctor Snell, would you be so kind as to fetch the hairbrush from my desk drawer?” 

Angela’s eyes opened wide as panic swept over her. She tried to twist off Mavis’s knee but the receptionist held her firm. Mavis had raised three daughters and she was well experienced at holding down a struggling young woman for a sound spanking. Angela was confused. On the one hand she had a burning need to be punished but on the other hand she had lost control of the situation and she was terrified of the dominating woman who was about to blister her bottom. She was right to be frightened. Mavis raised her hand high and began to spank, hard! 

Smack after smack echoed around the office as Mavis laid into Angela’s thinly covered rump. Angela, kicked, struggled and tried in vane to cover her stinging bottom. The hypnotic suggestion that had driven her to demand a spanking evaporated. 

 “Pleeeze. Stop. I’ve had enough!” 

“Have you indeed?” said Mavis. “Well I haven’t. I won’t tolerate your foul tempered demands. You need to learn a lesson and you need to learn it now.” 

Doctor Snell arrived with Mavis’s hairbrush. Mavis grabbed the hem of Angela’s mini skirt and with a few short tugs she pulled it up to her waist, revealing lemon panties and pink flesh. Angela cried in protest but Mavis was determined to drive home her lesson. She took hold of the hairbrush and continued the spanking. 

“No, no, no,” wept Angela. “Let me go!” He bottom blazed under the incessant thrashing and tears ran freely down her face. 

Finally Mavis tired and with a last hard thwack she released Angela who rolled off her knee and sat crying on the floor. Dr Snell cleared his throat. 

“Er, OK Miss Wright. If I might just ask you a question before you leave. How do you feel about this.” Snell handed her the photograph once again. Angela took one brief look and threw it away. She turned angrily to the doctor. 

“I never want to see my ex-husband again,” she spat. “I don’t know what I saw in him!” 

“That’s a very promising start, Miss Wright. I think you may finally be moving in the right direction.”

Two weeks passed and Angela barely gave David a second thought. At last she felt free of the mad obsession that had been ruining her life. It was Saturday morning and she was at the gym. 

Peter Forester paused in his exercise to admire the erotic sight of Angela’s bottom gently rising and falling as she lay face down performing her leg curls. Angela paused and turned to face him. 

“What are you staring at?” she said with a note of annoyance. 

“A’m sorry luv,” said Peter with a strong Yorkshire accent. “You have a fantastic arse and I just couldn’t keep my eye’s off it.” 

Angela blushed, unsure whether to be flattered or angry. She swung off the leg curl bench and walked away swaying her hips. As she turned the corner she came face to face with David. 

“What the hell are you doing here,” demanded Angela. “You know I use the gym on Saturday mornings.” 

Before David could answer, Susan came up and hooked her arm into his. Instantly the doctor’s good work was swept away as a raging wave of jealousy flooded Angela’s emotions. 

“Why you…I…” Angela started to stutter. 

Before she could tell David’s trollop what she really thought of her, Doctor Snell’s deep hypnotic suggestion took over and her emotions turned from jealous rage to guilt and regret. An overwhelming need to be punished took over.  David and Susan watched, mystified as the normally fiery Angela turned and fled in tears. 

Angela wove her way through the gym, checking each piece of equipment until she found the man she needed. Peter Forester was laid out on the bench press. His huge chest heaved and sweat glistened on his powerful biceps as he pushed upward on a barbell loaded with heavy weights. 

“Ha, am I supposed to be impressed,” laughed Angela. 

“Uh? What? What the hell…?” said Peter, nearly dropping the weights. He lowered the barbell onto the stand and sat up. “What do you think you’re doing you daft bugger? I could have dropped that load on my chest.” 

“Ooooh sorry”, said Angela in mock seriousness. “I’m such a naughty girl.” 

“Damn right you are,” said Peter. “I’ve a good mind to yank those shorts down and tan that beautiful arse of yours.” 

“Really?” said Angela, turning her back to Peter and patting her bottom. “Maybe you should.” 

Peter reached out and grabbed Angela by the wrist. “No!” she cried. “Not here. Lets find somewhere more private.” 

The couple left the main gym hall and walked along a short corridor. Angela lead the way and Peter walked behind her admiring her long blond hair, slim waist revealed by her cropped tee-shirt, peach bottom in running shorts and long bronzed legs. 

“I’ve had enough of this,” said Peter as they came to the door of the male changing rooms. With surprising speed for his size, Peter wrapped a meaty arm around Angela’s waist. She squealed as she was lifted off her feet, and carried inside. There were a few shouts of protest from semi-undressed men but these quickly turned to cries of encouragement as Peter sat down and swung Angela over his knee. 

 “Now lass, I’m going to tan your arse until you can’t sit down for a week.” 

Angela squeezed her eyes shut and tensed ready for the first smack. She was torn between a fierce desire to be punished and an intense terror that she had chosen a muscle bound giant who was really going to sting her scarcely covered bottom. She expected fire to burst across her cheeks any second but instead, to her horror, she felt an icy breeze as Peter grabbed the waistband of her shorts and panties and dragged them down her thighs. Then the pain exploded. 

 Peter was not a gentleman. He knew nothing of subtlety. He was faced with the delightful bottom of a girl who had invited him to spank her. He looked down at the pale porcelain flesh where a red blotch was already forming and grinned. This girl was going to really get her wish. Taking a firm grip on Angela’s slim waist, Peter set about delivering an unforgettable spanking. Smack after smack rained down on Angela’s quivering derriere. Her bottom blazed a fiery red. Tears flooded down her cheeks as she writhed and struggled. Despite his size and strength, Peter was having difficulty controlling Angela’s flailing arms and legs until two of his friends, Dave and Nick, joined him on the bench. Dave wrapped an arm around Angela’s ankles and Nick took hold of her wrists. Angela wailed in despair at the painful predicament she had talked herself into. She shouted curses at the three men but this just encouraged Peter to spank harder. After a few dozen smacks, Peter paused and blew cool breath on his stinging hand. Dave took the opportunity to land a few hard smacks of his own. 

A towel wrapped guy at the other side of the changing room had been enjoying the spectacle and seeing Peter struggling with a sore hand, he reached into his bag and pulled out a rubber soled gym shoe. 

“Here mate,” he said, walking over to Peter and handing over the shoe. “This is what you need.” 

Peter gratefully gripped the flexible footwear and slapped it down hard with a satisfying thwack on Angela’s sore bottom. Angela howled. She fought like a tigress but she could not free herself from the grip of the three spankers. Peter launched into a frantic tirade of stinging whacks, doling out the spanking with renewed enthusiasm. The whole of Angela’s bottom turned vivid scarlet under the relentless thrashing. Finally with three super hard smacks the spanking ended. Dave and Nick released their grip and Peter helped Angela to her feet. 

Angela tearfully pulled up her panties and shorts, easing them over her burning bottom. Without a word to the three men she turned and marched out of the changing room with one hand wiping her eyes and one very gently rubbing her bottom. 


Two days later, Angela sat uncomfortably in Doctor Snell’s consulting room. She was still having trouble sitting anywhere. 

“Miss Wright, how can I help you? I wasn’t expecting you until your next regular consultation.” 

“It’s this latest treatment, Doctor.  It's worked. I’m cured. You can hypnotise me again now and remove the spanking thing.” Angela shuffled painfully on her seat. “I know its you that’s made me like this and I don’t need it any longer.” 

“I’m afraid it doesn’t work quite like that,” said the doctor. “The need to be spanked will fade away as you learn to control your jealousy.” 

“I don’t feel jealous anymore,” said Angela. “Look, show me the photo.”

“Well, if you’re quite sure,” said Doctor Snell, reaching into his drawer for the picture of David and Susan. He hesitantly handed over the photograph. 

Angela looked at the picture and then put it down on the doctor’s desk. “See. No feelings of jealousy. No stalking. I’m completely cured.” 

“Well done,” said the doctor. “You have made tremendous progress. I’m very pleased that you have overcome this problem, and just in time for the wedding.” 

“Wedding?” said Angela. “Who’s wedding?” 

“Oh, didn’t you know,” said Snell. “David and Susan are to be married.” 

In the outer office, the doctor’s receptionist was just filing a patient’s record when there was a loud crash from the doctor’s consulting room. It sounded as though once again Angela had swept the contents of the doctor’s desk onto the floor. Doctor Snell came to the door looking flushed. 

“Ah Mavis, would you be so good as to assist me once again with Miss Wright. Oh and bring your hairbrush.” 


End of Season One

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