Continued from Episode 6: Spanking Lessons

Spanking Soap

Episode 7: Kiss Me Kate

By Flatfish

“Harder Jim, harder. For goodness sake she won’t break.” 

Jim Dawson looked down at the cute bottom of Jenny Tate, draped over his lap. He hesitated, looked up at his teacher, looked at Jenny and then with a wave of intense determination he raised his hand and slapped it down hard on the eighteen year old's tight jeans.  Jenny squealed and scrambled quickly to her feet, rubbing her stinging bottom. Jim blew on his hand. “Owww,” he said. “Is it supposed to hurt me as well?” 

“Miss!” said Jenny. “I’m not letting him hit me like that. It really hurt.” She twisted around to try and see her bottom as if she expected to see a glowing hand print on her jeans. 

Susan Harper sighed. She was at the back of the school theatre watching the two students on the stage rehearsing the spanking scene for the forthcoming school production of Kiss Me Kate. 

“Jenny, it has to be hard enough to be heard in the very back row. Now you begged me for the role of Lilly and you knew there was a spanking scene. It’s no good getting cold feet at this late stage.” 

“It’s not cold feet that’s bothering her,” laughed Jim. “It’s a hot bum.” 

“It’s not funny,” said Jenny, thumping Jim on the arm. “It’s still hurting.” 

“Get back in position, the pair of you,” said Susan, “and this time I want to be able to hear every smack.” 

Jim sat down and Jenny lowered herself reluctantly over his knee. Jim started spanking. 

“Harder,” shouted Susan. “I still can’t hear it.” 

Jim picked up the pace and smacked harder. Jenny started to wriggle and soon she could bear it no longer and reached back to cover her bottom. 

“What are you waiting for now?” said Susan, sounding exasperated. 

“It’s not my fault,” said Jim. “Her hand’s in the way.” 

“Jenny! Stop being silly, move your hand now.” 

Jenny stayed where she was. Susan stood up and slammed her clipboard down on her seat. “Jim you come up here. I’m coming down to the stage. I’ll show you how you should be doing this.” 

Jim helped Jenny to her feet and went to sit on the back row. Susan paced purposefully down the theatre and climbed up onto the stage. Jenny could see she was annoyed. 

“Look Jenny. It’s only a short spanking. Just a few smacks, then the curtains close and the dancers take over. When the costumes are ready you will have a pair of padded bloomers and you will hardly feel a thing. I told you to wear extra knickers and baggy trousers for this rehearsal.” 

“They make me look like a scarecrow.” 

“Well that’s your choice. You’ve chosen to wear skintight jeans. I’m sorry if it stings a bit but we have to get this scene sorted.” 

Susan sat down and ordered Jenny to take her position over her knee. Jenny looked worried but obediently did as she was told. 

“Right Jim,” shouted Susan. “This is the performance I’m looking for.” 

Susan held Jenny in place with a hand over her waist and started to spank. Jenny yelped as the sting in her bottom increased exponentially with each smack but she tried to ride out the scene.  After six her eyes were watering and she couldn’t bear it any longer. She tried once again to reach back and cover her bottom. This was the last straw. Susan was seething with the frustration of trying to finish the scene. With each delay she was becoming more and more livid and the source of her anger was wriggling face down over her knee, wasting time. The temptation to take out her irritation on Jenny’s upturned bottom became more than she could stand. Tightening her grip on the young actress she set about delivering a harsh and furious spanking. Gone was any concern about the performance. This spanking was a punishment and was one that would be fresh in Jenny’s mind every time she tried to sit for the next few hours. Jenny yelled with each smack and tears streamed down her cheeks. She writhed around and tried to cover her bottom. But Susan was relentless, pushing her hand aside and raining whack after stinging whack on the girl's skintight jeans. Jenny’s bottom was blazing. 

Jim sat at the back of the theatre with his mouth open, unsure whether Miss Harper was demonstrating the spanking scene or whether something else was going on. The scene seemed much longer and harsher than he expected, but the teacher was definitely drawing an Oscar winning performance from Jenny as the well-spanked Lilly Vanessi. 

Finally Susan calmed down and realised that she had gone way too far. She stopped spanking and released Jenny. She helped the poor student to her feet. Jenny just stood holding her bottom and crying. 

“Erh, right then.” Susan tried to cover the fact that she had just thrashed one of her students by pretending it was all part of the demonstration. “Erh, perhaps that was a little harsher than you need to do it, but I’m sure you get the general idea.” 

After the rehearsal Jim and Jenny walked home together. Jenny’s face was still flushed with crying and Jim was pretty sure her bottom must be a similar colour. Jenny knew Miss Harper had over stepped the mark but she didn’t know what she could do about it. If she complained that the teacher spanked her too hard when she was demonstrating the spanking scene people would just say she was being soft. She was angry and she wanted revenge. Little did she know that in a short while she would have the perfect opportunity. 

Lucy Vaughn was Jenny’s understudy. It was her task to not only know her own chorus role but to be able to step into Jenny’s shoes if anything should go wrong. However, Jenny was fine and it was Lucy who was rushed into hospital with appendicitis. There was no one to take Lucy’s place. It was to too close to the first night and the only person who knew the part well enough was Miss Harper. 

Susan was appalled at the thought that she might have to take the part. It wasn’t that she feared performing, it was the embarrassing prospect of one her pupils turning her over his knee for a spanking in front of parents, kids and colleagues. Still, she thought, it’s not going to happen. Jenny is fine so there is nothing to worry about. 

The first night of the performance was a brilliant success. When it came to the fight scene Jenny gave Jim a well-timed fake slap across the face after which Jim towed her over to a chair, sat down and pulled her over his knee. He scooped her dress up to her waist, revealing a pair of comic spotted bloomers with plenty of padding. The spanking was delivered with enough force to he heard in the back row and Jenny hardly felt a thing. After six smacks the curtain was quickly drawn and the show went on. 

By Thursday the show had been playing for nearly a week to sell out audiences. And for a week Jenny had been plotting her revenge on Miss Harper. After the cast had taken their bows the curtain was drawn and they made their way off the stage to change out of costume. As Jenny left the stage she stumbled and cried out. Miss Harper ran over and helped her to a seat. 

“I’ve sprained my ankle Miss,” winced Jenny. “I can’t walk. You’ll have to do the show tomorrow.” 

Jenny’s parents rushed back stage and helped their daughter limp to the car for the journey home. Susan Harper was stunned. She had lost her key player with one show still to go. She was going to have to take the part herself. And to add to her problems, Jenny had gone home wearing the Kate costume. 

Jenny didn’t turn up at school the next day. Susan rang her parents to find out how she was and to ask about the costume. At home, Jenny insisted on coming to the school for the last night of the show. She was able to walk with crutches and she wanted to be back stage with her friends when the show ended. The sprained ankle was the best piece of acting she had done all week. In her bedroom Jenny laid out the Kate dress on the bed. She picked up the padded bloomers and looked around for a hiding place. Stuffing them under her pillow she called her mum and told her she was ready to go. 

The family arrived at the school and Jenny went in search of Miss Harper. 

“Miss, Miss, I’ve got your costume.” 

Susan Harper grabbed the dress and thanked Jenny. “Um, where’s the rest of the outfit?” she asked. 

“The rest?” said Jenny, looking puzzled. Then her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open. “Oh my God Miss. I’ve forgotten the bloomers.” 

Susan closed her eyes and gave an exasperated sigh. “Ok, Ok, I’ll have to make do without. Go and find Jim and tell him that when we do the spanking scene he mustn’t pull up my dress and he’ll have to spank softly because I won’t have the bloomers on. I’m going to get changed.” 

Jenny limped away to find Jim. 

“Hi Jenny,” said Jim. “Didn’t expect to see you here tonight. You’re not going to do Kate with crutches are you?” 

“No,” laughed Jenny. “Miss Harper is still doing it so don’t forget what she told us. Put her over your knee, pull up her dress and spank her as hard as you can so the audience can hear it at the back of the theatre; Really hard Jim; She won’t break.” 

Jim couldn’t believe his luck. Miss Harper had the sexiest bottom he had ever seen and he had fantasised about spanking her all year. Now it was really going to happen. What a shame she wouldn’t feel it through those padded bloomers. 

The show got underway and after some initial nerves Susan settled in to a great performance. When it came to the fight she carried off a magnificent fake slap then turned and sauntered away. Jim strode forward, grabbed her by the wrist, pulled her around and towed her over to the chair. He sat down and with a quick tug he finally had his English teacher draped over his knee.  Susan expected the spanking to start straight away and she gave a horrified squeal when Jim scooped her dress up to her waist. Jim expected to see the comical bloomers and his face flushed bright red when he saw that Miss Harper’s shapely legs went all the way up to her semi naked bottom. Only a triangle of pink cotton panties spared her from total exposure. Not knowing what to do next Jim stuck to what he knew best and proceeded to deliver a hard and fast spanking just as he had all week. 

The first smack landed with a resounding crack. Susan squealed. “Please Jim, don’t, not so hard! Cover me up!” 

“Miss, I have to,” cried Jim, landing another blistering spank. “They have to be able to hear it on the back row.” 

Tears sprang to Susan’s eyes as her words came back to haunt her. She kicked her legs and hammered her toes against the floor. She writhed and tried to escape Jim’s grip but he was surprisingly strong and her voluminous dress helped him keep her tightly in place. Her only thread of comfort was that after the sixth smack the curtains would be drawn and the nightmare would end. Only four more to go; Susan had never felt so exposed. She was acutely aware that every hot-blooded male, and quite a few females in the audience would have their eyes lustfully glued to her reddening bottom. She closed her eyes tight and tried to suppress her yells through gritted teeth as Jim bounced the next four full force smacks alternately on each cheek.   

In the wings Jenny had been busy. The heavy velvet curtains were controlled by a detachable handle that wound a manual winch. When all eyes were fixed on the performance Jenny had discretely detached the handle and dropped it behind a stack of stage blocks. As the final smack landed and the players ran about the stage in mock panic, a genuine panic broke out in the wings. The stagehands went to wind on the curtains and stared in mystified horror at the place where the handle should have been. Frantically they ran about searching. 

The spanking scene should have terminated with the curtains closing and three actors dancing and singing their way across the stage. The orchestra struck up its tune and the dancers began their performance but the curtains remained obstinately open and Jim, not knowing what to do and terrified of spoiling the show, continued the spanking, beating out the music as hard as he could with blistering smacks. 

Susan cried and yelped and begged him to stop. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her bottom blazed under the relentless onslaught as her cheeks turned a fiery red. Jim seemed to be smacking harder than ever, trying to make sure that every slap could be heard over the singing and dancing. Susan tried to push her way to her feet but Jim held her firm. 

"I'm sorry Miss, I'm sorry," cried Jim almost in tears himself, "but we have to carry on until the curtains close."

After a full minute of singing, dancing and spanking even the audience were starting to wonder when it would end. Suddenly there was a triumphant cry from off stage, the handle had been found. Slowly the curtains were drawn and Jim was finally able to rest his stinging hand. 

Players ran to Susan’s assistance and helped her to her feet. She paced about clutching and rubbing her bottom. She couldn’t speak. Tears rolled down her cheeks making grey wet rivulets of makeup. Gradually she pulled herself together. She still had the second half of the play to finish. She had developed a whole new understanding of Lilly’s character and the scenes that made reference to the aftermath of the spanking were now played with heartfelt sincerity and a stinging bottom.

In the wings, Jenny couldn't suppress her laughter. Her plan had worked so beautifully and it would be a long long time before Miss Harper would be able to sit down. Maybe next time the school did Kiss me Kate she wouldn't insist on Lilly being spanked so hard. 

In the audience a psychoanalyst, Dr. Snell, watched the show with his mind half occupied by one of his patients. He was treating Angela Wright. Her ex-husband, David, was a teacher at the school and coincidentally he was the boyfriend of the very woman who had just been soundly spanked on the stage. Angela was obsessed with the couple to the point of stalking them.  Every conventional treatment had failed to make any impression on Angela and Dr Snell had come to the school in the hope of meeting David and Susan to gain some inspiration for her treatment. The spanking he had just witnessed gave him an idea for a very unconventional therapy. 

Continued in Episode 8: Hypnosis