Continued from Episode 4: The Strong Arm of the Law

Spanking Soap

Episode 5: Girls in Blue

By Flatfish 

William “Spanker” Johnson - Bill to his friends, would have been just another burglar but for a careless blunder that landed him in the Sunday papers. He broke into the house of a young and beautiful international pop sensation. He didn’t realise she was home when he tried to pocket her jewellery. She awoke to find him in her bedroom and when he tried to escape she hit him over the head with a vase. It wasn’t a good choice of weapon. The thin and expensive porcelain shattered painfully but only served to infuriate Bill. He retaliated by turning the girl over his knee, yanking down her pyjama pants, and giving her the spanking of her life. He might have got away with it but as he left the house he took off his balaclava and was instantly snapped by the early morning paparazzi. When the story broke – POP STAR ROBBED AND SPANKED! -  Bill found his face plastered across the Sunday tabloids. It cost him three years in prison and earned him a reputation with the police as the spanking burglar.

Bill served his time, but from the day he was released, he took it as a personal challenge to make spanking a trademark of his burglaries, while never leaving enough evidence to get caught. However, Bill didn’t only rob pretty girls with spankable bottoms. Sometimes he would carry out a straightforward burglary and that was his plan when he broke into Jennings Warehouse. He knew it was empty so he really didn’t expect to have anyone to spank. But his plans changed dramatically when police officers Jane Harris and Pamela Ross spotted the open door and decided to investigate. 

The two girls were on their way to the station when they saw that the warehouse had been broken into. Jane a pretty short haired brunet, was due to work in the offices and had elected to wear her dress uniform, a white shirt with checked cravat and dark blue pencil skirt. Pamela, an athletic blond with her long hair tied in a ponytail, was dressed for a morning in the community and had put on her dark blue tee shirt and lightweight uniform trousers that hugged the curves of her well-toned bottom, a bottom that had earned her the nickname WPC Rear of the Year. As they entered the warehouse, both girls wore their stab-vests and uniform hats. 

Inside the warehouse, boxes and crates were stacked in enormous towers forming a maze of cardboard corridors.  The girls cautiously set off together down a wide central gangway. At the first crossroads they decided to separate. Jane continued forward but Pamela crept slowly along a narrow pathway to the left. At the end of the passage, she turned right. She had only taken two steps when Bill pounced from the shadows. She hadn’t seen or heard him and was taken by surprise when he grabbed her from behind. Bill wrapped one strong arm around her body, pinning her left arm to her side. In his right hand he had prepared a strip of strong adhesive tape and he slapped it over her mouth before she could alert her companion. She flayed around, clawing at his balaclava, kicking at his legs and trying to remove the tape. Bill managed to unhook her handcuffs and clipped them onto her left wrist. He pulled both of her arms behind her back and clipped her right wrist into the cuffs. Lowering her to the floor, he wrapped his arm around her legs and taped her ankles together.  Finally he hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her over to a sidewall where a table and two chairs had been placed. He deposited her on one of the chairs and stepped away into the shadows, leaving Pamela as bate in his trap. 

Jane had finished her search of the main gangway and had started exploring the smaller side routes. As she turned a corner she saw Pamela struggling at the far end of a narrow passage. Quickly, she ran to free her helpless colleague. In her haste she didn’t realise that Pamela’s panic stricken eyes were trying to warn her of the trap. The second she emerged into the open space Bill grabbed her. This time there was no need for a gag. He embraced her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides. He lifted her off her feet and carried her over to the table where a narrow drainpipe ran down the wall. Bill was able to force her arms forward and handcuff her to the pipe leaving her bent over the table ideally positioned for the spanking he planned to deliver. 

“Now,” he said. “Don’t you make a pretty pair; Two girls in blue.” He turned to Pamela. “You, young lady, are a very bad girl. My shins are bleeding after all that kicking.  I’ve got a good mind to put you across my knee and spank you until you can’t sit down for a week.  And as for you,” he said, turning to Jane. I’m sure I can find something to give that sexy bottom of yours a paddling you’ll never forget.” 

Pamela looked furious but couldn’t say anything because of the tape. 

“We know who you are,” said Jane angrily. “You’d better let us go now before this goes too far. If you lay one finger on us, Bill Johnson, you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison.” 

“That’s a convincing argument,” said Bill. “I’m almost tempted to walk away. But…” 

He looked at the swell of Jane’s hips as she was bent over the table, the curve of her bottom in her tight pencil skirt, just waiting for his attention, and Pamela sitting silently, fuming, awaiting her turn. It would be the panicle of his spanking career to smack the bottoms of these two policewomen. He had to do it. 

“I don’t know who Bill Johnson is,” he lied. “And you don’t know who I am and you can’t prove anything.” 

Bill considered himself a skilled professional and he carried the tools of his trade in a holdall. He always had a crowbar, lock picks, wire cutters and tools for safe cracking but because he was “Spanker” Johnson he also carried a large heavyweight hairbrush and a spanking paddle that he had lovingly fashioned from a piece of hard wood. Now he reached into his bag and pulled out the paddle. 

When Jane saw what was coming she knew she was going to be first. She pulled frantically against the handcuffs but the drainpipe held firm. Bill walked slowly up to her and took up his position for a good swing. He placed the paddle against her skintight skirt and rubbed it against her bottom. Jane squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth. She knew how much a paddling could hurt because she had experienced it once before when a group of cadets had initiated her at police training college. But that was six years ago.

Bill took a deep breath, raised his arm high and whacked the paddle hard against her bottom. The pain was explosive and much more ferocious than her college experience. Tears sprang to her eyes and she stifled an agonised scream. Pamela watched in horror and struggled in anger and frustration at this maltreatment of her colleague. A second blow landed with a resounding crack and the fire doubled in a strip across Jane’s bottom. This time she could not suppress a howl. She fought again with the handcuffs but could not free herself. She longed to reach back and rub her stinging cheeks. Bill struck again and again and each blow increased the unbearable agony. Jane thought it was never going to end. Suddenly the paddling stopped. There was a moment’s hesitation and indecision then Bill took hold of the zip at the back of her skirt and pulled it down opening up a triangle of bronzed flesh. 

“No! Don’t you dare!” sobbed Jane. 

Bill took hold of her skirt and despite her struggles; he managed to work it free and slipped it down her legs and off. He was delighted to find that Jane had chosen to wear stockings. The dark silky nylons ended halfway up her thighs and left naked skin up to the sore red flesh that peeked from her black cotton panties. He placed the paddle against the partly covered skin. Jane felt the cold wood against her burning bottom. She felt him raise the paddle. 

“No! Please! Stop!” she cried pulling with all her strength on the handcuffs in a desperate attempt to be free and to protect her stinging bottom. 

Bill took careful aim at the soft lower half of Jane’s scantily covered rear then swiftly and ferociously thwacked the paddle hard against the exposed flesh. Jane’s head shot back and her hips danced against the table. A second blow had her legs kicking and with the final agonising shot she was crying uncontrollably. 

Bill put down the paddle, satisfied with his efforts. Now he turned his attention to the helpless policewomen bound and gagged on the chair by his side. Pamela shook her head and looked around panic stricken, knowing she was next for a soundly smacked bottom. 

Bill carefully pealed the tape away from her mouth. Pamela struggled against her bonds but there was nothing she could do. “Let me go you, you …” the words ended abruptly with a cry as Bill pulled her off the chair, sat down and turned her over his knee. He looked down admiringly at the young woman before him. Even in her police uniform she displayed an outstanding figure with her slim waist, round hips and “rear of the year” bottom tightly covered by her thin, tight trousers. 

 Bill wasted no time. This bottom was begging to be spanked. He raised his hand and slapped it down fast and hard, relishing the sharp crack and the sting in his palm that meant Pamela’s bottom was blazing even more. With a sparkle in his eye and a mad grin on his face concealed by his balaclava, Bill laid into Pamela’s bottom with a vigorous tirade of spanks that soon had her pleading tearfully for him to stop. Bill kept up the pace for a minute, two minutes, five minutes. Pamela writhed about, crying and twisting her hips to try and avoid the incessant stinging smacks, but with her hands locked into the handcuffs she could do nothing to protect herself. 

 “Let her go,” screamed Jane. “Can’t you see she’s had enough.” 

Bill stopped. He was panting with the effort of the vigorous spanking. His holdall was down at the side of the chair and he reached into it. “I wasn’t going to use this, but seeing as you decided to interfere I think I’ll give your friend the rest of her spanking with a hairbrush.” He pulled out the brush and placed it against Pamela’s trembling bottom. 

“Oh no! Please! Why didn’t you just keep quiet Jane,” sobbed Pamela. 

“I was trying to help,” said Jane. “But don’t you go blaming me. I told you we had to wait for backup but you insisted on coming in. It’s your fault we’re in this mess. Maybe you deserve everything you get.” 

“Enough!” said Bill. “I don’t want to hear your petty squabbles. Keep quiet if you know what’s good for you.” 

Bill took a tighter grip on the hairbrush and once again admired the waiting target. He hooked his fingers under Pamela’s stab vest and dragged her further over so that she was bent over his left knee. He used his right leg to pin her in place ensuring that her bottom was uppermost and her pants were stretched even tighter. Raising the hairbrush he set about giving her a second furious spanking that soon had her bawling and struggling to be free. 

When the spanking finally stopped, Bill lowered Pamela to the floor. “Now,” he said. “I came here to rob this place so you two wait quietly while I check out the safe in the office.” With that, he disappeared from view. 

As soon as Bill was gone, Pamela struggled up onto her knees. Still sniffling, she shuffled over to the wall next to the table and managed to work her way onto her feet. Turning her sore bottom to the table she started to push the obstacle out from under Jane’s body. Jane stood on tiptoes and when Pamela gave a swift shove, the table slid out of the way. Now Jane was able to move up to the drainpipe, giving her limited movement in her hands. Pamela twisted around and Jane was able to reach into her colleague’s pocket and retrieve the handcuff keys. Seconds later Pamela was free of the cuffs and able to rub her stinging bottom and then rip away the tape that bound her ankles. Soon Jane was also free. Then they heard Bill returning. 

The two girls took up position as if they were still bound. As Bill came confidently closer, Jane leapt to her feet and swung around with her nightstick, whacking him behind the knees. Bill went down like a stack of cards. Instantly the two policewomen were on him and soon they had him pinned down and handcuffed. They pulled off his balaclava and dragged him to his feet. Bill gave an embarrassed grin. 

“Er, ha ha. It was just a bit of harmless fun, girls, I hope there’s no hard feelings.” 

“No bloody hard feelings,” said Jane, snatching her skirt off the floor and pulling it painfully up over her sore bottom. “You’re nicked Johnson and you’re going to prison for a long, long time.” 

As the two policewomen escorted Bill away from the warehouse, backup finally arrived. PC Tim Williams had received news over the radio that the WPCs were in danger and had dashed over from the home of Susan and Mandy Harper where he had been administering some unofficial police discipline. He was relieved to find that the girls had everything under control and had arrested the felon. 

“The inspector wants to see you two when you get back to the station,” said Williams. “I think you're in trouble for taking on Spanker Johnson without backup. But now you’ve arrested him I suppose you’ll get a commendation.” 

The two girls looked at each other. If news got out that they had been trapped and spanked by Johnson they’d be on school crossing duty for the rest of the year. Not to mention that they would be the laughing stock of the station. 

Jane pushed Johnson into the back of the police car and climbed in beside him. “Now listen to me Johnson,” she said. “I’m arresting you on suspicion of burglary and you’ll probably serve a few months in an open prison. If anyone finds out that you spanked me and WPC Ross then I’ll see to it that you’re charged with sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon, grievous bodily harm, kidnap and imprisonment. I might even throw in attempted rape. So make sure no one finds out. Is that clear?” 

Johnson nodded his agreement. He couldn’t believe his luck. 

Six weeks later Bill stood in Springwood Open Prison using the phone. For all his faults, he was devoted to his daughter and had been a single parent for years. He rang his girlfriend, Alison. At twenty-two she was much younger than him but they had been living together for two years before he was arrested. In Bill’s absence, Alison was looking after the troublesome teenage girl. 

“I haven’t got long Alison, so listen. I need you to do me a big favour. It’s parents evening at Julie’s school on Monday night and I need you to go and find out how she's doing.” 

“OK,” said Alison thoughtfully. She had been having trouble taking on the roll of parent and she thought that maybe the school could give her some tips. “I’ll let you know how it goes.” 

Continued in Episode 6: Spanking Lessons