Continued from Episode 3: Spanking Students

Spanking Soap

Episode 4: The Strong Arm of the Law

By Flatfish 

Councillor Johnson stood inside the town hall wiping his hands nervously on a handkerchief. Outside a hundred students sprawled on the marble steps. Around them the police waited, ready to move at the first hint of trouble. Johnson was chairman of the road planning committee and it was his flagship project that threatened to demolish the row of old houses that had provided years of low cost accommodation to generations of students at the college. 

Mandy, Louise and Tamara had taken a spot on the top step. Mandy and Louise hadn’t expected Tamara to make it to the protest march. The night before Danny “Bull” Peters had hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her into the centre of the student bar where he turned over his knee and publicly spanked her. She was just telling her friends how she would have appreciated a cold step to sit on last night, when suddenly the huge oak town hall doors opened and Councillor Johnson walked out. 

The effect on the students was dramatic. The peaceful demonstration erupted into chaos. A bunch of troublemakers near the front pulled out eggs and threw them at the councillor. The police immediately moved in. Officers charged through the crowd to grab Councillor Johnson and usher him to safety. Students were pushed aside or lifted out of the way. One policeman barged into Mandy, knocking her into her friends. She regained her footing and took an angry swipe at the policeman, knocking his helmet to the floor. As the constable reached down to retrieve it, Mandy saw her chance to kick the helmet away. She only intended to knock it down the steps but in her haste she misjudged the kick and sent the helmet flying over the heads of the students and out into the busy road. Mandy and the policeman watched as a passing bus mangled it into flattened scraps. 

PC Tim Williams turned angrily to look into the face of the miscreant. He pulled out his handcuffs and reached out for Mandy’s wrists but before he could clip them on he was knocked aside. Mandy took her chance and ran. 

An hour later she arrived home. She tore open the door, ran inside and slammed it shut behind her. She leaned against it regaining her breath and shaking with fear. She had come so close to being arrested. Gradually she calmed down and wondered into the lounge where she slumped onto the couch. The house belonged to Mandy’s twenty four year old sister, Susan, an English teacher at the local upper school. Susan was sitting at the table marking a pile of assignments. 

 “How did the march go?” 

“Oh, you know, peaceful,” said Mandy, trying to sound calm. “There was a bit of trouble at the sit-in but I stayed clear and came home.”

A knock at the door interrupted the conversation. When Mandy didn’t move, Susan sighed, put down her pen and went to answer it. She returned a moment later and Mandy’s stomach turned over as PC Williams followed her into the room. 

“Amanda Jane Harper,” said Williams, “I am arresting you for assaulting a police officer and damaging police property. You do not have to say anything but I must caution you that anything you do say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” 

Mandy burst into tears. 

“Wait, wait,” said Susan. “What’s happened? What are you accusing Mandy of?” 

PC Tim Williams smiled. “You don’t recognise me do you.” 

Susan studied his face and then it came to her. “Tim Williams. You were in my English class when I did my final teaching practice as a student teacher.” 

“Tim? Tim Williams?” said Mandy, sniffling. Weren’t you in the year above me at school?” 

Tim’s face turned serious. “Yes, yes. Now, before we get distracted, I am here to arrest you.” 

 Tim turned to Susan and explained what Mandy had done with his helmet at the demonstration. 

“Well let’s not blow things out of proportion,” said Susan. “We will pay for the helmet and I will see to it that Mandy is punished. I’m sure there is no need to formally charge her with anything.” 

Tim looked as though he was thinking over Susan’s proposition but in fact he already had ideas of his own. He had recognised Mandy immediately when he saw her on the town hall steps and in the hour it had taken to track her down he had formulated his plan. Tim knew Mandy so well because he had been obsessed with her at school. As a sixteen year old he had fallen in love with the pretty girl in the year below him. He had eventually plucked up the courage to ask her out and in that instant his dreams had been shattered. Mandy and her friends had walked away giggling at the idea of dating the gangly youth. Now, at last, fate had handed him a golden opportunity to punish the spoiled brat for her cruel rebuff. But even Tim could not have imagined just how lucky he would be today. When he knocked on the door of Mandy’s house he had not expected his former English teacher to answer. He had been unaware that the pretty girl of his dreams and the beautiful twenty one year old student teacher of his fantasies were sisters. He remembered now how Miss Harper had turned the head of every boy in his class when she breezed into the classroom in her short tight mini skirt, and how sitting on her desk she had crossed her legs showing silky thigh all the way up to the curve of her oh so spankable bottom. Now, four years later he was alone with both girls and he knew that if he played his cards right, all of his dreams could come true. 

“OK,” said Tim thoughtfully. “Since I know you both and I know that Mandy isn’t a hardened criminal I am prepared to offer you an alternative punishment. If I take Mandy into custody the judge might throw the book at her. A violent attack on a policeman during an incident of civil unrest can carry a custodial sentence. You could be looking at six months in prison.” Tim was painting the worst possible picture. He knew that the custody sergeant would probably give Mandy a strong warning and an invoice for the helmet and that would be an end to the matter. But he wanted to persuade both girls that the punishment he was about to offer was infinitely preferable to being arrested. “This is what I am prepared to do. Mandy, you will agree to accept a very sound spanking from me.” Mandy looked shocked that an officer of the law should make such a suggestion. Susan smiled, satisfied that for once her delinquent sister was going to get her just deserts. “I don’t just mean going across my knee for a quick smacked bottom, I mean a spanking that will teach you never to assault a policeman again.” 

“Really Tim,” cried Mandy nervously, “there is no need to spank me. I promise I will never do anything like that again.” 

“I’m pleased to hear it,” said Tim. “But that’s not good enough. You have committed the crime and now you must face the punishment.” 

Before Mandy could beg again for leniency, Susan spoke up. “Mandy will accept her punishment. She really deserves it and I hope you will spank her very hard indeed.” 

If looks could kill, the look that Mandy gave her sister would have slain her where she stood. But that look turned to shocked amusement at Tim’s next words. 

“I am glad you feel that way Miss Harper. Because I’m a firm believer that parents should be accountable for the behaviour of their children. You have made it clear that in the absence of her Mum and Dad you have taken on the mantle of guardianship for your younger sister and so I hold you accountable. Therefore, you also will accept a spanking. And, I will take your advice and make sure the spanking is very, very hard.” 

Susan was shocked and momentarily speechless. She swallowed nervously. “Y…You can’t be serious. I was your teacher. You can’t expect me to let you spank me like a naughty child. You’re only, what, nineteen? Twenty? I’m nearly twenty-five. The whole idea is ludicrous. And anyway, Mandy is eighteen year old. She is responsible for her own actions.” 

“That’s the deal,” said Tim. “Either you both accept your punishment or I take Mandy down to the station and charge her.” He pulled out his handcuffs to emphasise the point. 

“Please, Susan! Don’t let him take me!” cried Mandy in a wild panic.” 

“Alright, alright. We’ll do as you say,” said Susan angrily. “Put your handcuffs away.” 

Tim folded his handcuffs and clipped them onto his belt. “Right ladies. This is what we are going to do. Miss Harper,” Tim felt compelled to use Susan’s schoolteacher title, “ do you remember when you taught us English, you wore a skirt that was really short. I’ll bet you still have it.” 

“I remember that,” said Susan. I only wore it twice. The head stopped me from wearing it because he said it was too distracting.” 

“Go and put it on now,” said Tim 

“You’re not serious! Can’t I just keep my jeans on?” 

Tim tapped his handcuffs. 

“OK, OK, I’m going” 

“Now Mandy, I am just going to fetch something from the car. You go and stand behind the couch.” 

The couch occupied a place in the middle of the room. Mandy climbed off it and went to stand behind it, trembling and wondering what was going to happen next. Tim went out to the car and returned a moment later with a briefcase. Susan came downstairs feeling uncomfortably exposed in her tiny skirt. She had forgotten how short it was and she was amazed that she had dared to wear it on Teaching Practice. 

Tim smiled at the nervous pair. He opened his briefcase. The girls thought he was going to take out some official documentation. Instead, he produced a wooden spanking paddle. “I picked this up from my house on the way over. I thought I might need it. Now, Miss Harper, stand up straight and put your hands on your head. I will deal with you after I have punished your sister. Mandy, bend over the back of the couch and put your hands on the seat.” 

Mandy had to stretch out and stand on her toes in order to comply with the instructions. Her jeans stretched skintight over the round contours of her bottom. Tim stood for a moment admiring the sight. He remembered how this girl had laughed at him as a teenager and four years of suppressed rage boiled to the surface. He gripped the handle of the wooden paddle. He looked at Mandy’s waiting bottom. He looked at the paddle and he knew it was time for retribution. He pulled back the paddle and let rip an almighty whack. Mandy leapt to her feet and gripped her bottom as the agony built up and raged. Tears sprang to her eyes and ran down her face. 

“Arghhhh! I…I can’t do it,” she cried. “Please! Please! Don’t do this. I promise I’ve learned my lesson.” 

“Your lesson has barely started Mandy. Get back over the couch.” 

Mandy shook her head. “Noooo! Please!” 

Tim put the paddled aside. He grabbed Mandy by the arms and turned her towards the couch, impatient to continue the punishment. Mandy wailed as Tim gripped the waistband of her jeans, pushed hard between her shoulder blades and hoisted her back into position. He retrieved the paddle and without pausing he set about delivering the paddling he had promised. Smack after smack landed with stinging ferocity on her skintight jeans. The first two had both cheeks blazing. The next half dozen built up the pain to an unbearable crescendo. Mandy cried and struggled and kicked her legs but the spanking continued until Tim had completely exhausted his pent-up anger and Mandy had cried herself hoarse. 

“Stand up,” ordered Tim. Mandy struggled to her feet squeezing and rubbing her blazing bottom. Now, take off your Jeans.” 

“What?” said Mandy, unable to believe her ears. 

“Take off your jeans now. I haven’t finished with you yet.” 

“Don’t do it Mandy,” shouted Susan. “This is ridiculous.” 

“No, no, I won’t.” 

“Can I remind you,” said PC Williams, “that this spanking is in place of six months in prison. You have committed a very serious crime and you cannot dictate the terms of your punishment. Now take down your jeans. Arguing will only make things worse.” 

With trembling fingers, and tears running down her cheeks, Mandy unfastened her jeans and eased them down over her stinging bottom, revealing light blue panties and sore red skin. She stepped out of them and kicked them to one side..

“Now, stand there and put your hands on your head,” he told Mandy. I am going to deal with your sister.” 

Susan’s stomach turned over. She had just watched her sister suffer a ferocious paddling. Tim pulled out an upright chair and sat down. “Right Miss Harper. I want you over my knee, now.” 

Susan used one hand for support as she lowered herself into position and the other to cling onto the hem of her mini skirt in a futile attempt to make sure it covered her panties. Tim looked down at his former teacher. He had imagined this scene so many times over the past four years. Her silky long dark hair, her narrow waist, and the swell of her hips to her firm round bottom scarcely covered by her short skirt. He rested his hand on her bottom, hardly able to believe that his fantasy had become reality. He firmly gripped her waist and Susan looked fearfully back over her shoulder, knowing what was about to happen. Raising his hand to shoulder height he quickly landed a firm slap on Susan’s right cheek and then a harder one on the left. The third really stung. He started spanking faster and harder and in seconds he was vigorously delivering a spanking that had Susan kicking her legs and yelping with every smack. Soon Susan’s bottom was blazing and tears were running freely down her cheeks as she struggled and begged him to stop. 

Mandy watched her sister’s blistering punishment. Even with her own bottom stinging from the earlier paddling she felt a certain attraction to PC Tim Williams. She always was attracted to men in uniform and Tim had developed nicely. Now in his police uniform and with Susan kicking and crying over his knee he looked extremely sexy. 

Tim stopped spanking Susan but kept a firm hand on her waist. He put his hand on her bare thighs and slid it up over her hot, sore bottom, brushing her skirt up, and revealing her white panties. Susan felt a cool breeze on her exposed cheeks.  “No, don’t!” she cried. 

Tim was about to begin spanking again. He looked at his hand; It was hurting and looking as red as Susan’s bottom. Mandy noticed his hesitation and saw an opportunity to repay her sister for the comment earlier when she asked for the punishment to be very hard. 

“Er Tim… Constable Williams, I can bring you your wooden paddle if it will help.” 

“You wicked bitch,” said Susan. 

“Yes,” said Tim smiling, “That would be great.” 

Mandy took her hands off her head and picked up the paddle. Susan tried to struggle free as Mandy carried it over and handed it to Tim. 

“Don’t go away,” said Tim. “You’re next.”

Tim tightened his grip on Susan and raised the paddle. Even Mandy flinched as he whacked it hard against her sister's bottom, catching the bare flesh of her lower cheeks. Susan cried out and arched her back. She tried to reach back to protect herself but Tim was able to pin her hand to her side and another dozen whacks followed in rapid succession. Finally Tim released her and Susan struggled to her feet. She paced the room rubbing her bottom, unable to sit or stand still. 

Tim turned to Mandy and she backed away shaking her head. “You’re not doing that to me,” she said. 

“Oh yes he is,” said Susan. 

She rushed forward, grabbed Mandy and wrestled her over to Tim. With a last push she sent her sister sprawling over Tim’s knee. Then as Tim pinned Mandy in place, Susan grabbed the waistband of her panties and yanked them down to her knees. Tim sat wide-eyed staring at the helpless half naked girl over his knee, but this was an opportunity he couldn’t turn down. Holding Mandy firmly in place he raised the paddled and cracked it down on her bare bottom. The sound echoed round the room like a pistol shot. Mandy yelled and writhed about on Tim’s knee. She could feel his swollen manhood under her belly and she was as aroused as he was. She kicked and cried and gripped the chair legs. The spanking continued ferociously until Mandy suddenly stopped writhing and cried out in a climax of pleasure. 

Tim released her and Mandy eased herself off his knee. She pulled up her panties and slipped them gently over her bottom. Tim was shaken by what had happened. It was not the reaction he expected. He stood, brushed down his uniform and slipped the paddle into his briefcase. Clearing his throat with a nervous cough, he looked at the two girls, both standing rubbing their stinging bottoms. Their eyes were red with crying and their hair stuck to their tear stained faces. 

“I... I hope you have learned your lesson,” Tim said to Mandy. “Perhaps you’ll think twice before assaulting a policeman in future.” 

Not sure what else to say, Tim turned to go but Mandy stopped him. “I don’t know if you’re seeing anyone at the moment,” she sniffed, “but you once asked me out. If you ask me again I might say yes.” 

“Saturday night?” said Tim. “Seven o’clock?” 

“I’ll be waiting,” said Mandy, smiling through the tears. “I’ll see you then.” 

Tim left the house and punched the air. “Yes!!!” he shouted. Suddenly there was a crackle on his radio. 

Assistance urgently required at Jennings Warehouse.” 

Tim asked for details. 

Two WPCs have entered the warehouse to investigate a break in. We have reason to believe the perpetrator is Bill ‘Spanker’ Johnson and he may be still on the premises. If he is then those girls are in serious trouble.” 

Continued in Episode 5: Girls in Blue