Continued from Episode 2: Kidnapped

Spanking Soap

Episode 3: Spanking Students

By Flatfish 

David returned Susan to her house. It was 11:30 at night. She wasn’t able to drive herself home after being kidnapped by David’s ex-wife Angela. The scheming stalker  had used compromising photographs to blackmail the young English teacher into being her plaything. Susan had been dressed as a schoolgirl and then caned and spanked. Barely able to sit, she had ridden home kneeling on the back seat of her car while boyfriend David did the driving. Now, standing alone in the living room of her empty house she looked around, tapping the large wooden hairbrush from Angela’s house against her hand. Where was Mandy? 

Mandy, Susan’s eighteen-year-old sister was a student at the local college. She had promised that she would stay in and work on her assignment. Susan had tried three times to call her sister to come and help her when she was kidnapped but there had been no answer. Mandy was out. Susan picked up a note that her sister had scribbled and left on the table. The note gave Mandy’s poor excuse for not being hard at work and it finished with “Don’t wait up. See you in the morning.” Susan tightened her grip on the hairbrush, screwed up the note, then angrily went to bed. 

The next morning Susan awoke and sat on the side of the bed. Her tender bottom immediately reminded her of the previous day’s events. “Right!” she said. She picked up her hairbrush and went in search of Mandy. She pushed open her sister’s bedroom door and found her sprawled on the bed, hugging her duvet, laying half on her stomach and half on her side with her back to Susan. Mandy’s soft cotton pyjamas clung to the firm rounds of her bottom offering a very tempting target for Susan’s anger. 

“Wake up Mandy,” said Susan. “We need to talk.” 

“Go away,” came the muffled reply. 


Mandy pulled a pillow over her head. 

“Ok,” said Susan. “If we can’t do this the civilised way.” She marched forward, raised her arm and smacked the hairbrush hard against her sister’s bottom. The sound echoed from the walls of the small bedroom. 

Mandy screamed under her pillow. She twisted round on the bed and flung the pillow at her sister. “What the fuck was that!” she yelled. She frantically rubbed at her bottom to ease the sting that was now blazing where the brush had landed. Mandy looked very much like her sister with the same slim build and fine features. Her long dark hair, normally brushed straight, was a tangled early morning mess and her face was flushed with anger. 

Susan tapped the hairbrush against her hand. “Things are going to change around here Mandy. Why did you go out yesterday instead of doing your assignment?” 

“My assignment? What the hell has that to do with anything? You just hit me!” 

“Damn right I did and there’s plenty more where that came from. Now, get out of bed, get dressed and finish that assignment. I promised Mum and Dad that you would work hard at your course. We have tried talking and it hasn’t worked so from now on you will behave or there will be trouble.” Sue emphasised her point by slapping the hairbrush against her hand. 

“You can’t treat me like a child!” shouted Mandy. “Do you really think I’m going to let you spank me when I don’t do what you say?” 

“You will do as I say Mandy, or I will spank you. If you can’t live by my rules you can pack your bags and go back to Mum and Dad.” 

Mandy looked at the hairbrush and looked her sister in the eye. It was clear that Susan meant every word. Reluctantly, she did as she was told. She climbed sulkily off the bed and twenty minutes later she was sat at her PC in “Daisy Dukes” and a cropped tee shirt working on her college assignment. For the first hour she was making good progress and then the phone rang. It was Louise, her best friend and one of the students on her course.  

Susan came into the room just as Mandy was finishing her conversation. “Ok,” she was saying, “I’ll see you in half an hour.” 

Susan paced across the room and snatched the phone out of Mandy’s hand and threw it onto the table. “You’re not going anywhere.” She grabbed Mandy by the arm and pulled her over to the couch. “Oh no you’ve got to be joking,” cried Mandy. 

“Get over my knee. It’s obvious you’re not going to learn without a very harsh lesson.” 

On the other end of the phone call, Louise couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

With a sharp tug from Susan, Mandy was sent sprawling over her sister knee. Her skimpy shorts were skintight and her bottom cheeks peeked out. Susan had left the hairbrush on the couch earlier and now it came conveniently to hand. 

“Wait!” pleaded Mandy. “Can’t we talk about this? I …” Mandy’s words ended in a squeal as Susan slapped the hairbrush hard against her bottom catching the bare flesh and leaving an angry red mark. Smack after smack whacked against Mandy’s shorts and bare flesh. Mandy kicked and writhed and tried to cover her bottom but Susan always managed to land another resounding thwack! Eventually the spanking stopped and Mandy scrambled tearfully off her Sisters knee. The two sisters stared furiously at each other. The room seamed almost silent after all the smacking and crying. Both girls were breathing heavily. Out of the silence the girls heard a quiet voice on the phone, panicking and concerned. 

“Mandy, Mandy, what’s happening? Are you there Mandy?” 

Mandy picked up the phone sniffling. “Hi Louise. I’m here. I’m not going to meet you after all. I’m working on my assignment.” 

“What? What’s happened?” asked Louise. 

“You won’t believe this,” said Mandy. “Susan just put me across her knee and spanked me.” 

There was a moment’s silence, and then Louise giggled, “You know something Mandy. You’ve had that coming for a long time.” 

“Thanks,” said Mandy. “It’s nice to know who your friends are.” 

The girls both laughed and Mandy brushed away her tears with the back of her hand. They agreed to meet up on Monday at college. Mandy sat down, yelped and quickly stood up again rubbing her bottom frantically. She grabbed a soft cushion from the couch, put it on her chair then gently eased herself onto it before continuing with her assignment. 

Mandy arrived early at College on Monday morning. Louise shared a room on campus with another student, Tamara. Mandy went straight to the student accommodation block and knocked on the door of Louise and Tamara’s room. Louise opened the door wrapped in a towel. Five foot tall with short dark hair and a pretty face, she looked like a freshly showered pixie. Tamara, a mischievous looking red head with her hair in a ponytail, was sitting on her bed in jeans and a tee shirt. 

“Come in,” said Louise. “Tell us all about it.” 

“What are you talking about,” said Mandy, puzzled. 

“Being spanked,” said Tamara. “Louise is obsessed with it. She hasn’t stopped talking about it.” 

“It was bloody painful and embarrassing. I want to forget about it so don’t mention it again.” 

“Put it behind you,” laughed Tamara. 

“Did it make your bottom red?” asked Louise, ignoring Mandy’s remark. 

Mandy turned to Tamara. “I think there’s only one way we are going to make Louise stop talking about this. What do you think?” 

“I agree,” said Tamara. “Grab her!” 

Louise turned to run but she was too slow. Mandy grabbed one arm and Tamara grabbed the other. Tamara tore Louise’s towel off with her free hand causing Louise to squeal in embarrassment, then sitting together on Tamara’s bed, they pulled the naked girl over their knees. 

“No! Stop it! Let…me…go!” yelled Louise. But it was too late for words. This was a time for action. Mandy pinned Louise’s arms and Tamara trapped her legs. The two girls then started a blistering spanking that splattered Louis’s pale bottom with pink hand marks, then a fiery sore blush and eventually turned the lower half of her bottom and the top of her thighs a deep scorching red.  Other students passing in the corridor heard the commotion coming from the girls’ room and peeked around the door before going on their way with a grin. 

Finally the spanking ended and the girls released Louise. Her face was as flushed as her bottom. She snatched up her towel and wrapped it around herself. 

“Well I hope that answers all of your questions,” said Mandy. 

Louise was speechless. 

“Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it,” said Tamara. “You’ve been hinting that you wanted to be spanked as long as I’ve known you. You need to let your boyfriend know.” 

Louise gave an embarrassed grin and sat gently down on her bed. “You know Tamara,” she said, “this has given me an idea.” 

“Don’t look at me like that,” said Tamara. “I don’t want to be spanked.” 

“Maybe you don’t,” said Louise. “But I want the money you owe me. It’s been three weeks now. Maybe a spanking penalty would make you pay up.” 

“There’s no need for that,” said Tamara. “I promise you will have your money tomorrow.” 

“You said that last week and I’m still waiting.” 

Louise pulled a writing pad out of a drawer and wrote a note. “Here. Sign this.” 

Tamara read the note out loud and laughed. “I Tamara Blackshaw, do hereby promise that I will allow the bearer of this note to spank me with my full and willing consent until my bottom is red raw.” 

“Sign it,” said Louise. “I'll put it in my drawer and you can buy it back tomorrow when you give me my money.” 

Tamara hesitated. “What have you got to lose?” said Mandy. “You just promised to pay up tomorrow. What are you afraid of? Are you lying about paying the money back?” 

Tamara bristled at the suggestion that she was lying. And anyway what was the worst that could happen, a spanking from Louise? How bad could it be?” She snatched up a pen and scribbled her signature on the IOU. Louise smiled and slipped it into her drawer. 

The following day, inevitably, Tamara failed to pay back the loan. She barely had enough money to cover the debt and she used some of that to buy an outfit for a sixty’s party that was going to be held in the student union bar on Friday night. She laid her clothes out on the bed and was admiring them when Louise came into the room. 

“Have you got my Money Tamara?” 

“Er, no not exactly, but I will have it without fail next week.” 

Louise gave a deep sigh and pulled Tamara’s IOU from her drawer. 

“Oh no. You’re not going to hold me to that are you? If you spank me the debt is over. You won’t get your money.” 

“We’ll see about that,” said Louise. “I’ve thought of a way for me to get my money and you still get the spanking you deserve.” 

“What? What do you mean?” 

Louise slipped the note into her jeans pocket and smiled. 

“Louise! Come on! You can’t leave it like that. What are you going to do?” 

“Wait and see,” said Louise. She patted her pocket where the note was held. “Wait and see.” 

The week passed without incident. Tamara didn’t repay the debt and Louise didn’t spank Tamara. Friday night came and Louise, Tamara and Mandy met up and made their way to the student union bar to enjoy the party. Mandy and Louise wore tie-dye tee shirts and jeans and put flowers in their hair. Tamara wore a thin cotton micro dress, very short and brightly covered in a psychedelic print. A chain belt hung loosely around her slim waist and she wore full calf length white high-heeled boots. 

“If you bend over in that dress you’ll give some of the guys a heart attack,” said Louise. “Ok girls. The first round is on me.” 

“I see Tamara has finally paid up,” said Mandy, noticing that Louise had plenty of cash. 

“Oh no,” said Louise. “Tamara hasn’t paid. I got my money back another way.” 

Mandy and Tamara looked puzzled. 

“So what happens to my IOU now?” asked Tamara. 

“I don’t know,” laughed Louise. I haven’t got it anymore. I sold it.” 

“Oh my God,” giggled Mandy. “You’re in real trouble now Tamara. Whoever has that IOU has a promise from you that they can give you a spanking.” 

“No, no that’s not fair,” protested Tamara, panicking. “I want it back. I’ll pay you for it tomorrow.” 

“It’s too late,” said Louise with a note of satisfaction. “You’ve had plenty of chances. I have my money and Tony the barman has your IOU. I guess it’ll be a spanking for you tonight when the bar closes.” 

The girls entered the bar. Most students had attempted some sort of sixties outfit. An exception at one side of the room was a rowdy group who were loudly celebrating a birthday. This was the rugby team. It was Danny “Bull” Peters twentieth. He was the centre forward. Six foot two inches tall, good looking and a broad mass of muscle. He had made several attempts to make a date with Tamara but she had always rebuffed him. When he saw her enter the bar, a vision of sixties sexiness, he had to try again. As he approached Tamara she visibly sighed. She was rattled by the news that her IOU was in the hands of the barman. She really didn’t need Bull Peters drooling over her. 

“Look, Bull. This is a bad time. I know you’re no rocket scientist so let me spell this out in words that even you will understand. I…will…not…go…out…with…you!” 

Mandy and Louise stared open mouthed. “That was a bit condescending,” said Mandy. “He looks well upset.” 

Bull returned to his friends. 

“Harsh,” said one. 

“How rude,” laughed another. 

Bull took a long drink of his beer to drown his humiliation and quickly went back to enjoying his party. 

The three girls pushed their way to the bar. Tamara blushed and turned away when Mick, the barman, winked knowingly at her. Mick wasn’t actually that bad looking. Tamara made a decision. She would try and talk him out of spanking her. Maybe he’d prefer a couple of dates instead. She sat down on a bar stool and started to chat him up. It was difficult because the bar was getting really noisy. The rugby team were opening birthday cards and laughing loudly at the bawdy jokes. 

“I can see why you would want the IOU back,” said Mick, “but I can’t give you it. I’ve given it away.” 

“Given it away? Why? Who to?” cried Tamara. 

“To me,” said a familiar voice behind her. Thanks Mick. That’s a great present.” 

Tamara turned slowly around and stared at the chest of Bull Peters. Bull slowly unfolded her IOU and showed it to her. “Look what I found in my birthday card,” he said. 

Tamara swallowed nervously. “N…Now look Bull. That IOU. It was just a joke between Louise and me.  It’s not serious. Just give me the note back and I’ll buy you a birthday drink.” 

“Just a joke?” said Mick from behind the bar. “I don’t think so. Louise told me it was a debt and I paid good money for it. You have to honour your IOU unless you can buy it back from Bull.” 

Tamara scrabbled through her bag in the forlorn hope of finding some forgotten cash.  In the centre of the room the other members of the rugby team were making a space and placing a stool ready for Bull to return with his prize. Tamara saw what was happening and looked up at Bull with tearful pleading eyes. “I haven’t got enough money Bull. L...Lets be reasonable. Can’t we come to some arrangement?” 

“Let me spell this out in words that you will understand,” said Bull. Tamara flinched at hearing her own condescending phrase. “You… are… going… to… be…spanked.” 

Tamara was about to speak again but it turned into a terrified squeal as Bull took hold of her and hoisted her over his shoulder causing a loud cheer from his team mates As Bull marched her through the bar Tamara beat her fists against his broad back. Her dress was far too short to cover her bottom in this position and a few members of the rugby team ran up and gave her a resounding smack on her exposed cheeks, a taste of what was to come. 

Louise and Mandy watched astonished. Louise had thought Mick would discreetly give Tamara a sexy spanking in a back room. She never imagined the public spanking extravaganza that was unfolding in the middle of the bar. 

Bull set Tamara on her feet and she tried to run but in her high heeled boots she had no chance and Bull just reached out, grabbed her by the wrist then sitting down he yanked her over his knee. The rugby team gathered in a semi-circle around Bull and Tamara. The commotion was attracting a lot of attention. Other students were gathering to watch the spectacle.  Some were standing on tables and stools for a better view. 

“Now,” said Bull, resting a large hand on Tamara’s bottom. “It’s my birthday and my mates are going to sing Happy Birthday to Me. I think it would be terrific if I spank out the words on your bottom. Don’t you agree?” 

“No!” cried Tamara, trying to twist off Bull’s knee and kicking her legs. “Let me go. I don’t want to do this.” 

“I can’t believe that,” said Bull. “You wouldn’t have signed the IOU if you didn’t want to be spanked.” 

Before Tamara could protest again, Bull raised his hand and his team-mates burst into song. 

“Haaappy Birthday too yooo.” 

Bull smacked out each word with a resounding slap on Tamara’s bottom, barely covered by the thin cotton of her sixties dress. 

 “Haaappy Birthday tooooo yooooooo, ”  sang the team with extra gusto. 

Bull accompanied the singers, spanking out the words again, harder this time. He knew it must be stinging because his hand was burning and turning red. Tamara kicked and struggled but the singers drowned out her cries and pleading for the spanking to stop. The rest of the spectators joined in the song. As the crowd took a deep breath for the next line, Bull slid his hand gently up Tamara’s bare thighs and over her bottom, pushing her short dress up out of the way and revealing white panties and bronzed flesh with deep pink blotches and hand marks. 

“Noooo!” cried Tamara. 

“Haaappy Birthday to Bu-ull” sang the crowd as Bull loudly beat out the words on Tamara’s stinging cheeks. 

“Haaappy Birthday tooooo yooooooo”  

The final line was smacked home with Bull’s considerable strength. 

Bull leaned back laughing and Tamara scrambled to her feet, sniffing back her tears, and started to rub her bottom, but the crowd had other ideas and they spontaneously burst into a chorus of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.” Bull quickly grabbed Tamara, and with a squeal she was flung back over his knee. Bull enthusiastically spanked out the words, laying it on extra hard when the crowd sang “…and so say all of us, and so say all of us…” Tamara cried out in despair as the crowd launched into the second verse. When the song finally finished the crowd cheered and applauded and Bull ended Tamara’s spanking by joining in the applause with a rapid burst of stinging smacks. 

Bull helped the sobbing Tamara to her feet and sat her gently on his knee. Her face was flushed with embarrassment and crying and her bottom was stinging. Bull expected a slapped face but surprisingly she didn’t even pull away. “I hope there’s no hard feelings,” he said. 

 “I wouldn’t say that,” giggled Tamara. She squirmed on Bull's lap and resting her head on his chest. “Something down there feels very hard.” This time it was Bull’s turn to blush. 

Mandy and Louise watched in surprise as Tamara and Bull left the bar holding hands. 

“Well I certainly didn’t expect that,” said Louise. 

“I hope Tamara’s going to be OK for the protest march tomorrow,” said Mandy. “We’re going to have a sit-in outside the town hall.” 

“I don’t think Tamara will be sitting anytime soon,” laughed Louise. “Anyway, you had better be on your best behaviour tomorrow. Your sister will blister your backside if you get arrested.” 

“Oh, you know me,” said Mandy. “I’ll be a perfect little angel.” 

Continued in Episode 4: The Strong Arm of the Law