Continued from Episode 1: Back to School

Spanking Soap

Episode 2: Kidnapped

By Flatfish 

Susan climbed into her car and watched David drive away. It had been an interesting end to the day. Her bottom was really sore, even against the soft car seat. In the classroom David had bent her over the desk and slippered her until she could barely sit and then he had put her over his knee and spanked her. She squeezed her thighs together. He had brought her teenage fantasy to life and now, in the aftermath she felt so sexy. She wished she had been able to invite David back to her house. She wanted him in her bed but she knew her younger sister Mandy would be at home, working hard to complete her college assignment. She didn’t want to give a bad example. She was having enough problems keeping the eighteen year old in line. Mandy had pleaded with her parents to let her stay with Susan during term time and they had only agreed after promises and assurances from Susan that tied her into a binding responsibility for her sister’s wild behaviour. 

Susan gave a deep sigh. She turned on the engine and flicked on the headlights. Suddenly, from out of the shadows a woman ran in front of the car. She was about Susan’s age, twenty-four, pretty with long blond hair. She wore a brown leather bomber jacket and white designer jeans. She was in a wild panic. She waved her arms frantically, shouting for Susan to stop. Susan turned off the engine and wound down her window. Immediately, the strange woman’s manner changed. She came around to Susan’s window and smiled. 

“I have pictures of my husband spanking you in your classroom. If you don’t want them posting on the internet you will do exactly as I say.” 

Susan flushed with embarrassment and felt the lead weight of dread in her stomach. 

“What? How? How did you…” 

“If your going to play hanky panky in the classroom, you should make sure your classroom isn’t on the ground floor. You and David were so careful to check the corridor,” she laughed, “but you didn’t notice me outside in the shadows, taking pictures through the window.” 

Angela Wright, David’s jealous ex-wife had waited outside the school for her former partner and when he hadn't appeared she had sneaked around the school peering into the classrooms in hope of finding him. Now she was more intent on dealing with his new love interest. She demanded that Susan move over into the passenger seat and then climbed in and settled herself behind the wheel. She started the engine and pulled away. Half an hour later they arrived at Angela’s quiet country cottage. She ordered Susan out of the car and let her into the house. 

“I know these pictures will stop you from seeing David,” said Angela, waiving her phone tauntingly at Susan. “But before I let you go I’m going to make sure you don’t steal any other husbands.” 

“David is not your husband. You’re divorced.” 

“David thinks he can walk out on me but I’ll decide if and when our marriage is over. It’s not over yet and I’m going to make sure you keep your hands off! You’re going to be my plaything. A walking, talking Barbie doll.” 

“You had better let me go,” said Susan. “My sister is expecting me. She’ll be wondering where I am.” 

“No one knows you’re here and your not leaving until I’ve finished with you. Now, seeing as you’re so fond of acting the naughty schoolgirl, that’s the game we’ll play. Now strip!” 


“I said strip. I told you you’re my Barbie doll. I’m going to dress you up. Now take your skirt and tights off. I’m going to get you something to wear.” 

Angela left the room. Susan pulled out her phone and quickly rang her sister. Her plan was simple. Get Mandy to come to the cottage. Together they would overpower Angela, take her phone and delete the incriminating pictures. Susan waited for Mandy to pick up the phone. She knew she must be home. She was supposed to be doing her assignment. After a few seconds the answering machine responded. Susan quickly ended the call and hid her phone out of site, just in time for Angela to return. 

“Here,” said Angela, “put these on.” She held out a very short pleated skirt and a pair of white socks. 

“No way!” said Susan. 

“Do I have to remind you about the pictures,” said Angela smiling. “And don’t think you’ll be able to snatch my phone. I have hidden it. Now, take off your skirt and tights and put on your uniform.” 

Susan snatched the skirt and reluctantly changed her clothes. Angela then handed her a striped tie. With the outfit complete, Angela looked Susan over. Satisfied that she looked like a naughty schoolgirl she made her sit at the table. She fetched sheets of paper and a pen. 

“Now girl. You will write out two hundred times I must not steal Angela’s husband.”  Angela laughed. “And make no mistake girl, if those lines aren’t completed to my satisfaction it will be the cane for you.” 

Angela left the room. Susan looked at the blank piece of paper. She wrote the line twice and then threw the pen down in disgust. “This is ridiculous.” Susan pulled out her phone and tried again to ring her sister. There was still no answer. 

When Angela returned she was carrying a thin garden cane. She swished it though the air. “Have you done your lines or am I going to have to punish you with this. Raising the cane she thwacked it against a chair arm. Susan flinched at the severity of the impact. She looked down at the almost empty paper and wished she had done the lines. 

“Bring those lines to me,” said Angela. 

Susan stood and picked up the papers. The last time she had felt so vulnerable she had still been at school and had been called into the head teacher’s office. Now, dressed in school uniform, with her unfinished lines and with the threat of the cane, she really felt like a naughty schoolgirl in deep trouble. She pulled at the hem of her mini skirt in a futile attempt to cover her bare thighs. Trembling she handed the papers to Angela. Angela’s eyes opened wide in mock surprise and anger. 

“What’s this? I said two hundred lines not two lines. Don’t you know the difference between two and two hundred girl? Perhaps I should give you two hundred strokes of the cane. I’m sure that would teach you the difference.” 

“Two hundred! No please!” cried Susan. She looked around in panic for somewhere to hide.” 

“No,” said Angela. “Even I wouldn’t be so cruel. But you have been a very bad girl so I am going to cane you.” 

Crazily, Susan felt grateful to Angela for her kindness. She actually felt that she had been bad and she deserved to be punished. 

“Hold out your right hand.” 

Susan held out a trembling hand. Angela laid the cane across her palm then raised it ready for the vicious stroke. Susan closed her eyes and tensed. With a swish, fire burst across her palm. She put her throbbing hand under her arm and paced about, waiting for the pain to calm down. Tears ran down her cheeks. 

“Now the left hand,” said Angela. 

“No, no, please don’t.” 

Angela grabbed Susan’s left wrist and forced her to hold out her hand. There was another swish and pain shot across her left palm. Susan sat down and put her hands between her thighs, rocking backwards and forwards, waiting for the sting to subside. 

“Don’t imagine that’s the end of your punishment young lady,” said Angela sternly. Stand up and bend over the chair arm. I’m going to cane your bottom. It’s six of the best for you.” 

Susan stood and slowly moved around to the chair arm. She looked over her shoulder with frightened eyes at the cane and then lowered herself into position. Angela tapped the cane against Susan’s bottom, barely covered by her pleated miniskirt. She raised her arm. Susan squeezed her eyes shut. Angela took a sharp intake of breath and then stopped. “You really are a very bad girl. Pull your skirt up out of the way.” 

Susan reached back with trembling hands and slowly drew her skirt up revealing her white cotton panties. Her bottom cheeks peeked out at each side. Angela prepared again for the first stroke. Raising her arm back, she took a deep breath and whacked the cane down on the middle of the upturned cheeks. Susan cried out in agony as the searing pain shot across her bottom. She automatically reached back, but with her hand already stinging she quickly moved it out of the way. Angela prepared for the second stroke, a centimetre below the first. With a loud thwack the cane blazed its second trail of fire across Susan’s bottom, partly catching the swell of bare flesh. Susan started to scramble to her feet but Angela pushed her back into position. 

“You really are bad at counting aren’t you. I said six of the best. You’ve only had two. If you try that again I will start again at the beginning.” 

The third stroke landed below the other two, this time catching more bare flesh. Angela watched with satisfaction as  a pair of angry white lines rose on Susan’s bronzed flesh and then turned red. By now Susan was crying uncontrollably. Angela felt the warm glow of revenge as she watched this trollop who had stolen her husband crying like a baby. But the thought of David refuelled her anger and she tightly gripped the cane. Grabbing the waistband of Susan’s panties she dragged them down her thighs. 

“No, no, what are you doing?” 

“I’ve decided I’ve been too lenient with you.  You stole my husband!” 

“He’s not your husband,” wailed Susan. 

Raising the cane again, Angela set about thrashing Susan’s bare bottom. This time there was no counting. Whack after searing thwack rained down, covering Susan’s cheeks in a crisscross of welts. Eventually Angela calmed down and Susan rolled off the chair arm onto the floor, crying and clutching her bottom with both hands. 

Angela wondered into the kitchen, giving Susan time to calm down. She returned after five minutes with two cups of tea. 

Susan stood up and pulled up her pants, gently easing them over her bottom. “You are insane,” she said. “You have kidnapped me, dressed me up and whipped me with a cane and now your offering me a cup of tea.” Susan was thirsty after crying so much. She accepted the cup and the two women sipped their tea as if they were the best of friends. 

“You…You can let me go now,” said Susan. 

Angela thoughtfully put down her tea and looked Susan in the eye. “No, not yet. Do you know what happens when a girl has been caned at school and her mother finds out?” 

“What?” said Susan. “What do you mean? What are you going to do?” 

“I’m going to be your Mother,” said Angela. 

Susan put down her cup. “No. No way. Enough is enough.” 

“Am I going to have to publish those pictures after all?” said Angela. “Now young lady, what’s this I hear about bad behaviour at school. Go to my bedroom and fetch my hairbrush.” 

Reluctantly, Susan wondered up the stairs and found Angela’s room. Was this her chance to grab the phone? She looked in the jewellery box and searched through her drawers but she couldn’t find it. She pulled out her own phone and tried again to ring her sister. Once again there was no answer. Angela shouted up the stairs. “What’s taking so long? If you’re not down here with that hairbrush by the time I count to ten I will double your punishment. Susan looked on the dressing table and found a large wooden hairbrush. She almost started crying at the thought of what was to come. She returned downstairs and found Angela sitting on an upright chair with her arms folded. 

“Come here,” ordered Angela. “If you’re naughty enough to be punished at school then I will punish you at home. I am going to put you over my knee and spank you!” 

Susan gave Angela the hairbrush and allowed herself to be positioned over her knee. Her short skirt was brushed out of the way and her pants were pulled down once again. 

Angela looked down at Susan’s sore, red bottom with its crisscross of angry cane marks. She rested the hairbrush against the hot flesh. Susan flinched as the cold wood touched her sensitive skin. 

“When I have finished with you young lady, you won’t be able to sit down for a week!” 

Susan burst into tears. She had been slippered and spanked by David then viciously caned by Angela. How could she bear another spanking? And where the Hell was her sister? She was jerked back to reality as Angela lifted the hairbrush and whacked it down mercilessly on her backside. She kicked and struggled and bawled as the ferocious spanking engulfed her bottom in a blazing fire, each smack reawakening the inflamed tramlines left by the cane. 

Suddenly there was a loud hammering at the door. Angela stopped spanking and listened.  It was David.

“Angela, Angela. I Know you’re in there. Open up.” 

Angela stood up, dumping Susan unceremoniously onto the floor. She looked around in a panic. “Quick she said. Hide in the kitchen.” 

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Susan with a triumphant grin on her tear stained face. 

The hammering stopped and there was a rattle in the lock as David remembered that he still had a key for Angela’s house. The door bust open and he rushed into the room. 

“What the Hell is going on!” 

Susan in school uniform was still on the floor, clutching her bottom, her pants around her ankles. Angela was standing. There was panic in her eyes. She was hiding the hairbrush behind her back. 

“That bitch kidnapped me,” said Susan, “She has pictures of us doing stuff in the classroom this afternoon. She’s been blackmailing me to stay here and be her play thing.” Susan scrambled to her feet. She turned her bottom to David and lifted her skirt. “Look what she’s done to me!” 

David looked shocked. “Angela,” he said threateningly, taking a pace towards his ex-wife. 

Angela backed away. “Now David. Er…Its not like that.” David walked slowly towards her. She looked over her shoulder and took another step backwards, towards an open doorway. “Don’t do anything rash David. I…I can explain.” Suddenly she dropped the hairbrush, turned and ran but Susan was ready for her and blocked her way. David hooked his arm around Angela’s waist and lifted her off the ground. He carried the struggling woman back to the upright chair, sat down and dragged her over his knee. 

Angela’s white designer jeans stretched tight over her bottom as David started to deliver a furious spanking as hard and fast as he could. Angela screamed and protested like a spoiled child, bursting into tears and trying to reach back and protect her bottom. Susan picked up the hairbrush. “I don’t think she can feel your hand through her jeans,” she said wickedly. “Let me have a go.” 

David pulled Angela further over his knee so that her bottom was uppermost. He pinned her legs down with his right leg then grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them behind her back. Susan took careful aim with the hairbrush then raised it above her head and whacked it with all her strength against Angela’s undefended bottom. Angela screamed. Even through her jeans the pain that engulfed her right bottom cheek was unbearable. Susan quickly followed with a shot to Angela’s left cheek. The impact against the tight denim echoed around the room. Another dozen stinging whacks followed in frenzied succession as Susan released her anger and need for revenge. Finally she stopped to get her breath. “Now,” she said. “Where is the phone Angela?” 

“You’ll never find it!” Angela screamed between sobs. “I’m going to ruin you!” 

“Oh dear,” said Susan. “It looks like sterner measures are called for.” 

“Don’t you dare!” screamed Angela as Susan reached under her belly and unfastened her Jeans. “No…No…Stop!” Angela’s protests were ignored as Susan grabbed the waist of her jeans and dragged them over her upturned bottom and down her thighs. 

“Panties too,” said Susan, taking hold of Angela’s tiny pink pants and dragging them down below her bottom, revealing the reddened flesh beneath. 

Susan rested the hairbrush against Angela’s hot flesh and said “Now Angela. Are you going to tell me where the phone is or am I going to deliver, what was it now, oh yes, two hundred spanks to your bare bottom?”

“No, no, please. I’ll tell you. Just let me go. It’s under my pillow.” 

“Hold her there,” said Susan. “I’ll go and look.” Susan wondered away. 

“Ok,” sobbed Angela. “This is very embarrassing laying here with my bare bottom on show. You can let me go now. I’ve told her where the phone is.” 

“Not just yet” said David tightening his grip. 

Susan returned with the phone. She found the pictures and deleted them. 

“Now let me go,” said Angela. 

“Oh no,” answered Susan. “Now where was I. Oh yes. Two hundred spanks.” 

“Nooo!” screamed Angela as Susan picked up the hairbrush. “Don’t!” 

Susan rested the hairbrush against Angela's right cheek. "Lets count them."

"No! Please! Please! Let me go!" Angela writhed around in a futile attempt to free herself.

“One!” said Susan and whacked the hairbrush down as hard as she could on Angela’s bare bottom. The effect was very satisfying as a deep red mark appeared and Angela bawled. 


It took twenty minutes to complete Angela’s punishment and when it finally ended she was as sore as Susan. As Angela herself had pointed out, Susan could be very bad at counting and she was horrified when Susan mysteriously lost count at one hundred and seventy five and had to start again. 

“How did you know we were here David?” Susan asked. 

“I was passing the school and I saw Angela’s car in the car park. I couldn’t find her there so I came here to tell her to stop stalking me. When I arrived here I found your car parked outside.” 

Angela struggled to her feet and painfully eased up her panties and jeans. “You vicious bitch,” she sobbed at Susan. 

“I had a good teacher,” said Susan with a grin. “Er, Angela, I’d like to borrow your hairbrush.”  

“Keep it. I never want to see the bloody thing again.” 

“Why do you want the hairbrush?” asked David. 

“My sister promised me she would stay in and do her assignment tonight. I rang her three times and she was out! I have learned a lot today about the power of spanking to make people behave.” Susan tapped the brush against her hand. “Mandy is about to learn the same lesson.” 

Continued in Episode 3: Spanking Students