Spanking Soap

Episode 1: Back to School

By Flatfish 

The staff room was bright but stuffy. Normally there would only be a few teachers but the Head Teacher had called a meeting of all staff to introduce the new PE teacher, David Wright. 

Susan Harper, a young English teacher, had grabbed one of the easy chairs and was catching up on her marking, balancing a pile of papers on her knee. She wasn’t really listening as the Head droned on.  She didn’t even look up as the handsome new sports teacher stepped forward. But when the Head announced his name, her head snapped up and the pile of assignments slipped from her knee and flapped onto the floor. The Head stopped talking and everyone turned to look at her. The silence was broken by a few sniggers. 

“Sorry,” said Susan, her face flushing. She reached down and scooped the papers together. 

“Actually Susan, you might remember David,” said the Head. 

“Er, yes, yes. Nice to see you again David.” 

David Wright and Susan Harper were both former students from the school and David had been Susan’s boyfriend for three years until they left school and went to separate universities. After that they had lost contact. It came as a shock now to meet again back at the same school. 

The day’s lessons passed uneventfully for Susan except she was constantly distracted by thoughts of David.  As the last of her students left for the day, she slumped in her chair, closed her eyes and breathed a long slow breath. 

“Hello Sue.” 

Susan opened her eyes. David had quietly entered her classroom and was sitting at one of the student desks. 

“Oh, David. I didn’t hear you come in. How have you been?” 

“OK, said David. “It’s great to see you again. I didn’t know you were working here. I didn’t even know you had become a teacher.” 

The couple chatted and relaxed, settling back into the intimate familiarity they had known six years earlier. 

“So are you married?” Sue asked. 

“Divorced. Free and single. I married just after university. Angela, a wealthy social butterfly, it was a disaster. She was selfish, demanding, jealous, a real brat. We have just come through a very acrimonious divorce. How about you?” 

“Single,” said Sue a bit too enthusiastically. “Still looking for Mr. Right.” 

The conversation drifted back to the days when they were a couple.

“It seems really weird being back in this classroom,” said David. 

“Yes. Do you remember Mr. Dobson? He used to teach mathematics in this room.” 

“Yes. He was strict. He wouldn’t get away with it now but he used to slipper you if you didn’t do your homework.” 

“I remember that. He used to call the lads out to the front and he made them bend over the desk for a whack. He never whacked the girls though.” 

“You sound disappointed,” said David. 

Sue shuffled in her seat as though some sexy thought had just thrilled her. “I used to have a fantasy about Mr. Dobson and his slipper.” 


“I used to imagine that I hadn’t done my homework and he would call me out. He would make me bend over in front of the whole class and whack me with his slipper. He wouldn’t stop at one though. He would be furious and he would whack me over and over again.” 

“You know,” said David, “I used to have a similar fantasy about you and Mr. Dobson.” 


“I know you didn’t always do your homework and it seemed really unfair that you got away with it. I used to picture Mr. Dobson realising his mistake and dragging you out to the front. But because you’re a girl he wouldn’t whack you with his slipper. He would put you over his knee and spank you.” 

The couple lapsed into silence, lost in their own thoughts.  David stood up and walked to the door. Sue thought for a moment that he was leaving. She wondered if she had opened up too much and he was embarrassed. David looked out into the corridor and then quietly closed the door. He picked up his sports bag, put it on a desk and unzipped it. 

“We are the only people at this end of the school. The caretaker and cleaners won’t be here for quite a while.” David dipped into his bag and pulled out a rubber soled gym shoe. He tapped it against his hand. “Maybe its not too late to bring your fantasy to life.”

Sue stared in disbelief. “You don’t mean….” 

“I mean, young lady, sit down over there.” David indicated one of the student seats. “I believe your homework is long overdue.” 

Sue’s stomach twisted into a knot and she didn’t know if it was excitement or fear. “We can’t,” she said. “Think of the scandal if we’re caught.” 

“There is no one to catch us. But if we are going to do it, it has to be now.” 

Susan hesitated and then walked over to David. He hadn’t realised until that moment how stunning his former girlfriend had become. Her long dark hair hung straight and loose down her back. Her white blouse clung to her breasts and through it he could see a hint of her lacy bra. She wore a black pencil skirt that hugged the contours of her hips and bottom, showing her youthful flat stomach and ending a few inches above her knees. Despite having to spend most of the day on her feet she wore elegant high-healed black shoes. Her subtle makeup made the most of the fine features of her pretty face. 

Susan chewed at her bottom lip nervously. She took the gym shoe out of David’s hand and tapped it against her bottom. “There,” she said. “I’ve had my punishment.” 

They both laughed and David took the shoe back from her. His face turned serious and he pointed to one of the student desks. “Sit down young lady.” 

Susan sat down in the student seat grinning and David walked over to the teacher’s desk. Turning to the imaginary class he said “Susan Harper where is your homework. Come out here.” 

“Wait a minute David,” said Susan. “I haven’t agreed to…” 

“How dare you call me ‘David’? My name is Mr. Dobson and you will call me sir! Now Harper. Don’t argue with me. You know the rules. Come here at once.” 

Susan swallowed nervously. She could feel herself being drawn into the fantasy. She wasn’t completely sure what would happen if she refused.  

“Harper, I am not going to wait all day.” David strode over to Susan and took hold of her hand. He pulled gently. She resisted at first. “Now! Harper.” With another tug Susan got to her feet and followed David back to the teacher’s desk. 

She was trembling. “David. We can’t. Someone will hear us.” 

David strode back to the door and checked the corridor again. It was dark and silent. 

“There is no one around. We can make as much noise as we like. Now young lady, I have had more than enough of your insolence. Bend over that desk and don’t imagine I am going to let you get away with a single whack. You have gone too far this time and I intend to ensure that you will be very, very sorry.” 

Susan knew that it was time to make a decision, one that could affect the rest of her life. She could refuse and walk away and maybe regret it forever, or she could take the first step on a journey to bring to life her most intimate and secret fantasies. She took one last look at the classroom door then nervously biting her lip, stretched herself over the desk. She could feel how her skirt was stretched skintight and she was acutely aware of her bottom now presented, ready for punishment. 

David put his left hand on Susan’s back and tightly gripped the sports shoe in his right hand. Having the girl of his dreams in this position was almost unbearable. He wanted to run his hand over the smooth contours of her bottom, but he had to stay in character and act out Susan’s fantasy as Mr. Dobson.  He placed the sports shoe against her tight skirt at the spot he intended the first smack to land. He drew back his arm to shoulder height. He saw Susan clench her fists and squeeze her eyes shut then with a sudden intake of breath he whacked her hard on the bottom. The dramatic effect took him by surprise. Susan leapt to her feet clutching her bottom with both hands and nearly knocked him off his feet. She spun round to face him. Her cheeks flushed and tears forming in her eyes. 

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Owwww!” 

David was about to apologise. He hadn’t intended to cause such grief. But on the other hand this was Susan’s fantasy. It was up to her to tell him stop if that was what she wanted. In her imagination Mr. Dobson had furiously slippered her repeatedly. He shouldn’t abandon the role-play after just one whack. 

“I did not tell you to stand young lady. Return to your position. Your punishment has barely started.” 

Susan looked shocked and frightened. But she turned back to the desk. “Yes sir,” she said quietly and lowered herself back into position. 

Susan’s bottom was stinging where the “slipper” had landed. She hadn’t expected it to hurt so much. She didn’t know how many more she could take like that. But in her fantasy she had screamed and cried as Mr. Dobson unleashed his anger on her bottom. She didn’t have a choice then so she shouldn’t have a choice now. If she was going to fully explore and experience the depths of her fantasy she had to let David do his worst. 

David put his hand firmly on Susan’s back, raised the “slipper” and began an incessant tirade of stinging whacks that soon had Susan crying out with each smack. “You naughty girl,” he lectured, emphasising each word with a stinging thwack. “When I set homework I expect it to be done. I will not tolerate laziness!” 

A fire was ignited in Susan’s bottom that stung more and more with each whack. She kicked and cried and tried to wriggle out of the way. She put her hands back to protect her tortured bottom but David brushed them aside and continued his relentless onslaught. Eventually she couldn’t take anymore. 

“Stop! Stop! Please!” 

David stopped and let Susan scramble to her feet. Tears were running down her cheeks and she paced around clutching her bottom. 

“Please Sir,” she said. “I…I’ve learned my lesson.” 

“Very well young lady. I trust that in future you will remember to do your homework.” 

“Yes Sir.” 

“Then go back to your seat.” 

Susan returned to the student desk and gently lowered herself onto the seat. Her bottom was stinging and she shuffled uncomfortably, trying to find a way to sit that wasn’t torture. 

“Did you enjoy that?” said David. 

“I’m not sure that enjoy is the right word. It was a lot more painful than I expected. But having said that, it was very exciting and it was fun,” said Susan. 

“Ready for another go?” 

“What? David I can hardly sit down.” 

David checked the corridor again. Still alone. 

“You girl!” He pointed to Susan. “Susan Harper. You were talking instead of doing your work. Come out here.” 

David moved the teacher’s chair away from the desk, sat down and looked Susan in the eye. “Come here now.” 

Susan stood up and came nervously towards him, still gently rubbing her sore bottom. 

“Slippering just hasn’t had any effect on you, has it girl?” 

“Yes it has sir. Honest sir.” 

“Well I don’t think it has. I’m going to make an example of you young lady.” 

Susan looked around the empty classroom and imagined it full of students, all wanting to see what more Mr. Dobson could do. 

“Slippering hasn’t worked. What do you think I should do with you?” 

“I…I don’t know sir.” 

“Well I will tell you. I am going to put you across my knee and give you the spanking of your life!”

Susan took a step back. “Oh no sir. Please. You can’t spank me sir. Not in front of the class. Sir my bottom’s too sore sir.” 

David reached forward and grabbed Susan’s wrist. He pulled her towards him then wrapping an arm around her waist he swung her over his knee. Susan Squealed. 

“You should have thought about that, young lady, before you decided to misbehave.” 

The spanking that followed was ferocious. Susan’s pencil skirt offered surprising little protection, especially as beneath the thin material her bottom was already red raw. David didn’t hold back at all. He hadn’t been kidding when he had said “the spanking of your life.” Smack after resounding smack echoed around the classroom. Susan wriggled and fought and tried to protect her bottom. But David lived and worked in the gym and the lightweight English teacher was no match for his strength and stamina. He ignored Susan’s pleading and crying and continued spanking until he was satisfied that she was well and truly punished. Finally he stopped and Susan struggled to her feet and rubbed her bottom frantically. 

“Didn’t you hear me yelling for you to stop,” she bawled. 

“I’m sorry. I thought it was just part of the game. We should have had a safety word.” 

“You didn’t have to spank me so hard.” 

“Well in my fantasy that’s how Mr. Dobson did it. Sorry. I guess I got a bit carried away.” 

Suddenly a light in the corridor came on. Susan pulled her clothes straight and turned away from the door to hide her tear stained face. 

Joe, the caretaker opened the door. “Everything alright Miss Harper. Working late?” 

“Yes, everything’s fine Joe. Sorry to be in the way. We are leaving now.” 

The young couple left the school arm in arm. David walked Susan to her car and they kissed. They were in love once more and completely unaware that jealous eyes watched angrily from the most shadowed area of the car park. 

Continued in Episode 2: Kidnapped.