Spanking Scene

 By Flatfish

“Max! Max!” You rat!” yelled Penny Walters. “You promised me a great role in a major movie. Not this seedy little stand-in part.” 

Max Peters, theatrical agent, held the phone away from his ear until the screeching tirade ended. 

“Honey, honey, calm down. You’re a good actress but if you’re going to make the big time you have to be in the right place at the right time. This is a world-class production and it’s coming to London. Take this role and your talent will be showcased to the most influential people in the business.” 

“But Max,” said Penny sounding exasperated, “have you looked at this part. Jenny Winters is staring. She plays Peter Harris’s pampered wife. When Peter finds out she’s been cheating he puts her over his knee and spanks her. Jenny is refusing to do the spanking scene so my job is to stand in for her. Those influential people you were talking about won’t be watching my acting they’ll be watching my bum.” 

“That’s no bad thing Penny. In this business you have to make the most of your assets. Just make sure your give a convincing performance and let that beautiful rump of yours do the rest. This sort of opportunity doesn’t come around every day. Grab it with both hands. This is your passport to the big time.” 

Two days later Penny was at the studio. The set for the spanking scene was already in place. It was a bedroom, three walls and no ceiling but unmistakably a bedroom. A large double bed dominated the set. Against a wall opposite the foot of the bed, a white dressing table held perfume, a jewellery box and a hairbrush. Penny thought through the stage directions scattered through her script. The unfaithful wife was to be hauled off the dressing table stool and flung over the knee of the husband. A sound spanking would then follow with the hairbrush on the seat of her silk pyjamas. Penny picked up the hairbrush with some trepidation and was pleasantly surprised to find it was light and incapable of inflicting much discomfort. 

“Hi,” said a deep voice behind her. “You must be Penny.” 

Penny turned and came face to face with the male lead. “Oh! Your Peter Harris,” she said nervously. 

“I see you’re checking out the hairbrush. Don’t worry.  It’s a Hollywood prop. It’s going to be a fake movie spanking with a fake movie hairbrush.” Peter put his hands on Penny’s shoulders and looked into her eyes. “You won’t feel a thing.” 

Penny, so close to one of her screen heroes, was swept up in the intimacy of the moment. She thought Peter was going to kiss her. Shutting her eyes she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. 

“No!” said Peter stepping swiftly back. “What are you doing?” 

“I, I, I’m sorry. I thought…” 

“No. No. I’ve got to go,” said Peter. He turned quickly and rushed away. 

An hour later Penny was in hair and make-up. She chatted to the hair stylist about her encounter with Peter Harris. “He was wonderful,” she said. “So kind and thoughtful. And then he kissed me.” 

Suddenly there was the loud crash of shattering pottery as a vase was thrown angrily at the floor. Jane Harris, the props manager had been passing and overheard the conversation. She stormed away in a furious temper. 

“Oops,” said the hair stylist. “You shouldn’t have said that. That was Jane Harris. She's Peter Harris’s wife. She’ll kill him if she thinks he’s playing away.” 

Penny sank down into her chair, uncomfortably aware that her exaggeration had caused a rift that would make her very unpopular. 

Outside, Peter Harris was having a smoke when his irate wife found him. 

“What the hell’s going on Peter?” 

“What? What are you talking about?” Peter was puzzled by the ferocity of his wife’s question. 

“You and that floozy who’s doing the stand in. She said you kissed her.” 

“WHAT! No! She tried to kiss me and I pushed her away. She’s lying.” 

“OK,” said Jane with a scheming note to her voice. “If that’s true then you won’t mind punishing her for causing trouble.” 

“Punishing… What do you mean?” 

“Well,” said Jane with a wicked grin. “You’re going to have the brat over your knee. What better opportunity could you have to teach her a hard lesson about telling lies?” 

It was a difficult choice for Peter. Soundly spank Penny and keep his wife happy or refuse and have his wife think he was having an affair. But Penny brought this on her self so really he shouldn’t feel bad about it. No. There was only one choice. The spanking scene would have to be real. And anyway, it couldn’t be too bad with that flimsy Hollywood hairbrush. 

“OK,” said Peter quietly. “I’ll do it.” 

As props manager, Jane had other ideas about the hairbrush. She wondered over to the film set and found it on the dressing table where she had placed it for filming that morning.  “Mmmm,” she said, weighing it thoughtfully. “This really won’t do.” 

Ten minutes later, across the road from the studio, Jane stood in a local sex shop explaining her needs to the shop assistant. 

“What I need,” she said, “is a real hairbrush, but not just for brushing my hair. I want one that is ideally suited to spanking my girlfriend.” 

“I have two that might be suitable, depending on how much sting your girlfriend likes,” said the shopkeeper. He put a light wooden hairbrush on the counter. “This one will smart and cause a slight blush. But this one,” he placed a broad shiny black resin brush on the counter, “this will have her in tears.” 

Jane picked up the black brush and tapped it against her palm. It stung. Twisting around she smacked it against her bottom. Even through her jeans it left a residual sting that she had to rub away. “Oooh, yes,” she said. “This is exactly what I’m looking for.” 

Jane returned to the studio and replaced the Hollywood hairbrush with the new black spanker. Just in time for filming to start. 

As the bedroom scene unfolded, Penny stood off camera waiting for her call. She felt uncomfortably exposed wearing nothing but flimsy silk pyjamas but she knew that the female lead, Jenny Winters, was enduring the same discomfort. Jenny sat at the dressing table brushing her hair. Penny realised at once that something was wrong. The hairbrush she was using was not the one that had been there earlier. Peter burst into the room shouting about his wife’s affair. A blazing row followed and ended when Peter grabbed the hairbrush, dragged Jenny over to the bed and flung her angrily over his knee. 

“Cut! Hold your positions.” The director shouted his instructions across the set. 

Jenny was carefully extracted from the scene and Penny was positioned over Peter’s knee. 

“What’s going on Mr Harris?” said Penny, facing the floor. “Where’s the fake hairbrush?” 

“I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans Penny. You have been telling lies and causing trouble between my wife and I. Now I’m sorry to say, you are in for the spanking of your life.” 

“And Action!” shouted the director. 

“No wait. Please. Let me go.” Penny tried to struggle to her feet but Peter held her firmly with a strong arm around her waist. 

“No adlibing,” said the director. 

Peter raised the hairbrush and brought it down with a resounding whack on Penny’s bottom. The thin silk pyjamas clung to her contours and offered no protection against the smooth hard back of the spanker. Fire blazed across the soft target and tears burst from Penny’s eyes and ran down her cheeks. A second smack followed and Penny’s hand flew back to try and defend her stinging bottom. Peter had no difficulty moving her hand aside and delivering another fierce crack to the poor girls tortured rump. Penny had not been spanked before and she could never have imagined it would hurt so much. Smack after smack rained down in the incessant hard and fast paddling. Penny kicked and struggled, bawling uncontrollably. Her face was as crimson as her blazing stinging bottom, which almost glowed through the white silk of her pyjama pants. 

The scene was coming to an end. The director was immensely impressed with Penny’s acting, so life like, this girl would have a big future. 

Peter looked towards his wife who was standing in the shadows. He stopped the furious spanking, expecting confirmation that she was satisfied with his efforts. However, Jane Harris had not yet finished with the strumpet who had spread lies about her husband’s philandering. Putting her fists together, she slowly drew them apart signalling to her husband that those pyjama pants had to come down. 

Peter quickly put down the hairbrush and took hold of the waistband of Penny’s pants. In one swift pull he yanked them away from her scalded bottom and down to her knees. Then with everyone shocked by his actions he picked up the hairbrush and continued to blister her now naked bottom. Penny screamed and kicked wildly but there was no escape. 

“Er…Cut Cut Cut.” Shouted the director. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” 

Peter continued to deliver another dozen merciless whacks before he acknowledged the directors instruction. The director picked up the script and flicked hastily through the pages. There was nothing to indicate that the wife’s bottom should be bared in this scene. 

“I said no adlibbing,” shouted the director angrily. 

Peter helped Penny to her feet. She pulled up her pants and ran from the set crying. 

Back in her changing room Penny peeled down her pyjama pants and examined her scarlet bottom in the mirror. She ran cold water into the hand basin then wincing, she eased her bottom gently into it. Suddenly the door bust open and Jane Harris entered. 

“Perhaps you will think twice before you spread any more lies about my husband.” 

“Leave me alone,” cried Penny. “You’ve had your revenge.” 

“Oh. Do you think it’s all over,” laughed Jane. “Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but they are asking for you back on set.” 

“What?” said Penny starting to cry again. “Why?” 

“It seems there was some confusion. Someone told Peter to pull down your pants. They are going to have to film it all again.” Jane pulled the door open and shouted into the corridor. “It’s OK boys. I’ve found her. She’s coming down now.”  Jane turned back to Penny. “Come on then,” she said with a wicked grin. "I'm looking forward to this. Angry spanking scene – Take two.”