By Flatfish 

Sandra Johnson, store detective at Raddley’s department store closed the door with a quiet click and turned to face the latest miscreant. 

“Take a seat Miss…?”

“King”. Er Jane... M..Mrs.”

“Mrs King.” 

The twenty year old hesitantly pulled back a chair and sat down. Johnson looked over her captive. Jane King was elegant. Far more sophisticated than the usual shoplifter at Raddleys. She was extremely pretty, with shoulder length blond hair. An expensive pink off the shoulder jumper hugged her breasts. Her smart grey miniskirt rode up a little as she sat and Johnson thought she caught a glimpse of a stocking top before Jane tugged down the hem. 

“Mrs King. You were shoplifting.”

“What? No! There must be some mistake.” 

Johnson turned her security monitor towards the trembling girl and set the video running. Jane’s face flushed as she witnessed herself wondering through the store, picking through the makeup shelf and slipping a lipstick into her bag with a furtive glance around to check for security.  There was no mistake. There could be no escape. She had been caught red handed. 

Johnson tapped a notice on the wall at the side of her desk. It read, “Shoplifters will always we prosecuted.” 

“We have a very strict policy at this store Mrs. King, very strict. We will not tolerate theft. I have no choice but to report this matter to the police.” Johnson lifted the phone and began to dial. 

“No, no, please, wait. I didn’t mean to do it. I have never stolen before. I’m sorry. Look, I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t ever do it again. I promise.” 

Johnson looked at Jane’s tearful face and for a moment she was tempted to let her go. She put the phone down and looked her in the eye. 

“Mrs. King. I have no option. You have committed a serious offence and you must pay the price. You have to be punished.” 

Jane looked shocked at the word punished. “Look, I know I’ve done wrong but this is the first time. Surely we don’t need to inform the police.” 

“If you were a few years younger, Mrs. King, I would have a little leeway. I have an alternative punishment for youngsters.” Johnson pulled open a drawer and took out a school paddle. Placing it on the desk, she said, “ I have been known to call in the parents of teenage shoplifters and suggest that they could administer six of the best to the seat of their kids jeans. The kids don’t want it but most parents take up the option. Believe me, those kids never come back for a second dose.” 

Jane looked at the vicious paddle. It was made from a hard polished wood and it had eight holes drilled through so it could be applied with maximum speed and effect. 

Jane knew her short thin skirt wouldn’t offer much protection but she really didn’t want to be arrested. A short paddling would be really humiliating at her age but it had to be better than a criminal record. 

“Is…Is this an option for me?” she said quietly. “Would you be willing to give me,” she hesitated, embarrassed to say the words, “erh… six …of … the … best, instead of calling the police?” 

Sandra Johnson looked shocked. “I’m afraid that is out of the question Mrs. King. I have no intention of being arrested for assault. Parents choose to paddle their kids. I wouldn’t dream of using the paddle myself.” She picked up the phone and started to dial the number of the local police station. Jane’s stomach turned over. Then Johnson paused and thoughtfully put the phone back on the receiver. 

“Perhaps there is a way." She looked at Jane as though weighing up her possible response. “If I were to call your husband and he was to come here, then maybe we could come to a suitable compromise.” 

“M..my husband?” said Jane. “But he’s at work.” The idea of her husband finding out that she had been caught shoplifting was unthinkable. And for him to hear that she had requested a paddling to avoid the police was …. Well she didn’t know what his reaction would be. 

“The choice is yours Mrs. King.” Johnson picked up the phone. “Do I dial the police or are you going to give me your husband’s number?” 

Jane mumbled the number and Johnson dialled. 

“Mr King? This is Sandra Johnson, security manager at Raddley’s Super Store. I have your wife here. I’m afraid there has been an incident and we need you to come over immediately…. No, it’s not an accident. Your wife is fine….Yes, yes I understand that you are a busy man but…” As the conversation continued, Jane could hear her husband’s angry voice on the other end of the phone and she could see Johnson becoming more irate. Finally Johnson said, “Look. Here’s the bottom line Mr. King. Either you come here now and deal with your delinquent wife or I shall pass the matter to the police.” With that the call ended and Johnson put down the phone. “Your husband is on his way and judging by how angry he was I think you should have let me call the police instead.” 

Jane had a lead weight in her stomach. She remembered similar occasions growing up when her mum had sent her to her room with the warning  “wait till your father comes home”. 

When Richard King arrived he was shown to the security office. As he came into the room, Jane leapt to her feet and ran to him, throwing her arms around him and feeling the reassurance of his presence. She hugged him tightly but Richard placed his hands on her shoulders and gently eased her away. He was taller than Jane, and a few years older. He looked down into her upturned face. 

“What’s this about, Jane? Shoplifting? You?”

“Jane couldn’t return his gaze and she looked down, nervously at her white stilettos.” 

“It wasn’t really stealing. I..I forgot my credit card and I didn’t have enough cash to pay for everything, I didn’t think one little lipstick would matter. I’ll come back tomorrow and pay for it.” 

“How could you be so foolish!” said Richard. “I can’t believe it.” 

“I’m afraid its quite true Mr. King,” said Johnson. “Your wife has been caught on security camera steeling from the store... Mrs. King, would you wait outside please… Mr. King we have things to discuss.” 

Jane looked furious at the suggestion that she should leave but she decided she was in enough trouble and went to the door. 

Outside the security office there was a row if chairs and Jane sat down. Now she really felt like a naughty schoolgirl. How much more like waiting outside the principal’s office could this be? Inside she could here the mumble of her husband’s discussion with the security guard and blushed as she though about Johnson telling Richard how she had requested a paddling. Suddenly the door opened and Sandra Johnson appeared. “Please come back inside Mrs. King.” 

Nervously Jane entered the room. She was surprised to see that Richard had taken off his jacket. He had placed an upright chair in the middle of the room and sat down. He was slowly, menacingly, rolling up his shirtsleeve. Johnson’s wooden paddle was propped against the side of the chair. 

“Come here Jane.” Said Richard. 

Jane was terrified. “Richard. What are you going to do? Can’t we sort this out like sensible adults”. 

Johnson spoke up. “I am afraid you are not in a position to dictate your punishment, Mrs. King. You have already requested an alternative to the police. Your husband and I have agreed what that alternative will be.” 

“Jane,” said Richard, “the police would take a very dim view of your shoplifting and I have had to agree with Mrs. Johnson that your punishment must be severe enough to be equivalent to being arrested. I’m afraid you are going to be soundly spanked.” 

“SPANKED?” cried Jane. 

“Spanked. Long, hard, over my knee and on your bare bottom. I have no choice. It is the police or a spanking. And frankly, the decision has already been made. We will not be leaving this office until Mrs. Johnson is satisfied that you have been well and truly punished.” 

“But…but. Richard. Please. You can’t spank me. Not on my bare bottom. Not in front of her! And anyway, I’m too old to be spanked.” 

“You were willing to be paddled by Mrs. Johnson. You asked her to do it so it’s no good playing the shy girl now.” 

“Yes but that was just a little paddling on my skirt. You can’t seriously expect me to accept a spanking in front of Mrs. Johnson.” Jane looked panic-stricken and tears were forming in her eyes. 

Richard left his seat and walked swiftly over to his wife. Taking her by the wrist he pulled the desperately struggling woman over to the chair. Sitting down he gave a quick tug and with a shocked squeal, Jane found herself sprawled across his knee. Sandra Johnson watched with satisfaction as Richard took a firm grip of his wife’s waist and picked up the paddle. Raising it high he cracked it down with a resounding smack on his wife’s tight skirt. Jane howled as the burning pain shot through her bottom and tears trickled down her cheeks. “This,” said Richard as he continued the spanking, “is for dragging me out work when I was in a very important meeting.” Jane kicked her legs and pleaded for him to stop but the spanking was hard, relentless and ferocious. 

After a minute Richard paused, but he maintained his firm grip on his wife’s waist. “Now,” he said, “we come to the little matter of you asking a stranger to paddle you.” 

“I didn’t!” cried Jane. “I just asked if it was an option.” 

“Same thing,” said Richard taking hold of the hem of Jane’s short skirt and dragging it up to her waist revealing a pair of pink panties covering the blushing rounds of her bottom. 

Without the protection of her skirt, Jane could feel the hard wood of the paddle as Richard rested it against her soft cheeks. “No Richard… No… Please. I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t do it again. I promise.” 

Richard looked across at the security guard to see if she was satisfied. Sandra Johnson smiled and shook her head. Jane wailed as Richard raised the paddle and began a second ferocious onslaught on his wife’s barely protected rump. Smack after smack echoed around the small office. By the time he had finished Jane’s bottom was scarlet. 

“Mrs. Johnson,” said Richard. “I’m sure Jane has learned her lesson now.” 

“No!” said Johnson getting to her feet. “You have not delivered the punishment that we agreed.” She strode over to the couple and grabbed the top of Jane’s pink panties. Jane squealed and kicked as Johnson dragged them down to her ankles. “Now Mrs. King,” said Johnson with an evil grin, “We begin your punishment for being a thief.” 

Jane had imagined that her spanking couldn’t possibly be any more painful. But the removal of the thin shred of protection offered by her panties had a dramatic effect. When the first smack exploded on her bare bottom there was a brief moment of dread before the searing pain engulfed her backside. She arched her back and a suppressed scream hissed between her clenched teeth. The second swat ended any attempt at keeping quiet and she howled as the fire in her bottom doubled in intensity. A third blistering smack had her bawling. Tears flooded down her cheeks and she tried to cover her bottom and writhed madly in a futile attempt to escape the rest of the punishment. Richard pushed her further over his knee, pinned down her legs and pushed her arm aside, making sure he could deliver the last three stinging swats unhindered to the tender lower half of her flaming red cheeks. 

At last the punishment was over. Jane lay for a moment blubbing and sniffling. She slowly reached back with a trembling hand and gently stroked her blazing bottom. Richard helped her to her feet. She stood quietly, staring at her shoes. She had kicked off her panties and Richard picked them up and offered them to her. She shook her head so he put them into his pocket. Jane carefully eased her skirt down over her bottom, wincing as the tight material rubbed the inflamed flesh. 

Johnson looked at the contrite shoplifter, satisfied that she had been sufficiently punished. “I trust,” Mrs. King, “that you will pay for your goods in future and we won’t need to repeat this lesson.” 

Jane nodded. 

Mr. and Mrs. King left Johnson’s office and made their way down to the shopping area. Johnson watched them on the security camera, making their way through the crowded store. Jane tried unsuccessfully to protect her bottom from the bustling shoppers and she winced every time someone brushed against her skirt. Johnson expected the couple to leave the store and was surprised when Jane stopped and whispered something into her husband’s ear. Richard wondered over to the hair and beauty counter and bought a large wooden hairbrush. Jane stood, looking shy and biting her lip. With their purchase safely paid for, the couple left the store hand in hand. 

Johnson swung around on her swivel chair looking thoughtful. “I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mrs. King,” she said to herself. 


This story was inspired by "Angie's Turn", a superb art work by Kami Tora.