Secrets Lies and Consequences

By Flatfish

This illustrated story was developed from my entry in the LSF "Secrets and Lies" challenge 2013. It was formally known as Second Sight.

Old Joe White-Cloud scratched his whiskery chin as he surveyed the young English couple. He didn’t much like holidaymakers and in particular he didn’t like foreigners. Timothy Smart and his wife Sarah had to come to the USA to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. They didn’t want to see the usual tourist sights. Instead they had chosen a log cabin holiday home, high in pine covered mountains, on the shores of a deep blue lake. 

Tim Smart had punched well above his weight when he snared his beautiful wife. He was a young physics lecturer and life had cast him nerdy, tall and a bit on the skinny side. But Sarah loved him. She was stunningly pretty, with a figure to match. She was a junior computer programmer working at the university. 

Old Joe fumbled with the door keys and let the couple into their holiday accommodation. He showed Tim around the facilities while Sarah went her own way, flitting from room to room, making squeals of delight. 

As Joe led Tim through the master bedroom to the on suite bathroom, he unhooked a bath brush from where it hung on the shower taps. “I’ll move this,” he said, “then it won’t be wet when you need it later.” 

“What?” said Tim, puzzled by Joe’s remark. “What could I possible want with a bath brush other than to use it in the shower?” 

“You’re going to need it when you spank your wife,” Joe answered, as though it was a forgone conclusion. 

“Spank my… Are you crazy? What makes you think I would even consider such a thing?” 

Joe took Tim by the elbow and guided him to a spot where Sarah wouldn’t be able to see or hear them. He leaned towards him and spoke in a low, gravelly voice. “I am descended from a powerful medicine man,” he said with sincerity, “ and I have the gift of second sight.” Tim suppressed the urge to laugh out loud. “When I am near your wife I see she walks in the shadow of guilt and deceit. She carries a burden, a dark secret. But I see she cannot bear the burden for much longer. The truth will come out and when it does you will need this.” He swished the bath brush through the air. 

Tim laughed off the old man’s nonsense and went to join his wife. He found her outside, talking quietly on the phone. When she saw Tim approaching she quickly ended the call then stuffed the phone into her pocket. “Isn’t it lovely here,” she gushed. 

“Who was on the phone?” asked Tim. 

“Oh it was nothing important,” said Sarah. “Wow! Isn’t that lake beautiful.” 

Normally Tim wouldn’t have given a second thought to his wife’s dismissive response but the seeds of suspicion from Joe’s earlier comments were already starting to germinate. What if Sarah does have a secret? Who was on the phone? Sarah had chosen this holiday location. Why here? Had she arranged to meet a secret lover here? 

Joe handed over the keys and headed back to town in his old truck. Tim was sure he heard him chuckling as he drove away. Sarah, brimming with excitement, waved him off then disappeared into the cabin. 

“I’m going to take a shower,” she called.” 

When Tim heard the water splashing in the shower cubicle, he took his chance to examine Sarah’s phone. He went straight to her contacts. The names he expected to find were there of course; Sarah’s mum, himself, her best friend Sally… and Paul. Paul? Who the Hell’s Paul? 

Tim decided to keep his suspicions to himself for the time being. He would bide his time, think about his actions, and if Joe was right then Sarah wouldn’t be able to hide her secret affair with Paul for long. 

Tim was moody and quiet for the rest of the day but Sarah assumed he was just jetlagged. She was surprised later though when they went to bed and he just turned over and went to straight to sleep. 

The next morning Tim needed some time to himself, time to think. He arose early and grabbed a fishing rod. He wondered along the lakeside path until he found a likely spot then sat down to dwell on his problems. Almost an hour past before he realised his mistake. 

“Damn it!” he shouted, scrambling to his feet and snatching up his rod. “Stupid! Idiotic...” he ranted away to himself as he hurried back along the path. “What a moron I am to leave my wife alone.” The more he ranted, the more convinced he became that Sarah and her lover would be locked in each others’ arms, laughing at him while he sat fishing like a gullible, brainless dim-wit. 

As he approached the cabin Sarah was out front. She was dressed in a check shirt, tied under her breasts leaving her slim waist naked. She had put on her really short daisy dukes. The ones he had pressed her to buy, knowing how sexy she would look. How dare she wear them for her lover! The sun shone through her long golden hair and she was laughing and waving. But not waving at him - no she was waving goodbye to the driver of an expensive customised truck as it crunched its way back to town. 

This was the last straw. Tim’s self-condemnation turned to rage. His worst nightmare had come true and he had caught his wife in the act of waving goodbye to her lover. 

Sarah turned towards Tim but her smile vanished when she saw the look on his face. Tim threw his fishing rod on the floor and marched angrily towards her.   

A beautiful girl wearing very short daisy dukes turns towards her husband. She doesn't realise she is about to receive the spanking of her life.

“What ever is the matter darling?” she started to ask but her words turned to a frightened squeal when Tim grabbed her by the wrist and started towing her towards the cabin. “Please Tim,” she wailed. “What have I done? What are you going to do?” 

Tim dragged her into the bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and hauled her over his knee. 

“Don’t you dare do this to me!” screamed Sarah. “Let me go at once!” Tim didn’t answer. He pinned his wife in place with a strong grip around her waist and rested his hand on the soft rounds of her bottom where her naked lower cheeks gained no protection at all from her skimpy denim cut-offs. “What the Hell do you think you’re doing?” she cried. 

Too furious to speak, Tim raised his hand high and launched into a blistering spanking. Sarah yelled and kicked. Tears poured down her cheeks, but Tim wasn’t interested. He smacked and whacked until his arm ached. Sarah’s bottom turned fiery red under the relentless punishment. 

Sarah is spanked wearing daisy duke shorts.

Finally Tim calmed down enough to speak. “Now,” he said, breathing hard and resting his hand once again on Sarah’s burning bottom. “Tell me about your lover.” 

“Lover?” spat Sarah angrily between sobs. “What lover? What are you talking about?” 

“Ok”, said Tim sounding dangerously calm, “ if that’s the way you want it.” He released Sarah and let her scramble to her feet. Her hands flew to her bottom and rubbed frantically in a fruitless attempt to ease the fire. 

“Timothy Smart you are a beast and a bully,” yelled Sarah. “I hate you!” 

To Sarah’s surprise Tim didn’t answer. He just marched past her out of the room and returned a moment later carrying the bath brush. 

Sarah’s eyes opened wide in horror and she started to back away. “Tim, please, stop,” she wailed. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have a lover.” She tried to run past him but Tim caught her around the waist and lifted her off her feet. He carried her struggling back to the bed, sat down and flung her once again face down over his knee. Then pinning her in place, he pulled and tugged at her tight shorts, forcing them over her sore bottom and down her thighs. 

“Please Tim!” she screamed. 

“You had your chance to come clean,” said Tim. “But one way or another you are going to tell me exactly what’s going on and what you are hiding.” Sarah’s hand flew back to try and cover her bottom. Tim pushed it aside and held it in place while he grabbed her cotton panties and dragged them down to join her shorts around her knees. 

Sarah cried and begged but Tim was determined and merciless. He should have known better than to believe such a gorgeous creature could love him. Well now she was where she deserved to be, bare bottomed, over his knee, getting the spanking of her life. 

Tim picked up the bath brush and whacked Sarah hard on her already burning bottom. She howled as the sting in her right cheek quadrupled. She didn’t have long to dwell on the mounting fire before it was matched with an equal blaze in her left cheek. Smack after smack resounded around the pine bedroom and Sarah bawled. Her hips bucked and her feet kicked as Tim landed a dozen more searing whacks on each cheek before he stopped.   

Sarah is paddled with the bath brush on her bare bottom.

“Please Tim,” wailed Sarah. “Let me go. I’ll tell you everything.” 

“Who is your lover?” Tim demanded. 

“I don’t have a lover,” Sarah answered. Tim raised the bath brush again. “No, please no,” begged Sarah. “What makes you think I have a lover?” 

“Who telephoned you yesterday?” asked Tim. 

“Yesterday? No one.” 

Tim smacked the brush down hard twice, amplifying the fire in each cheek. Sarah howled. He was about to deliver another when Sarah cried for him to stop. “I… I remember,” she said. “I have something to tell you but I’m afraid. I’m afraid if I tell you you’ll start spanking me again.” 

“I will start again if you don’t tell me,” snapped Tim. 

“This holiday,” said Sarah, “I wasn’t entirely honest when I told you what it cost.” 

“You promised me you would stick to our budget,” said Tim. “How much have we over spent?” 

“I maxed-out my credit card and our savings and I’m overdrawn at the bank,” said Sarah. Tim could feel her trying to pull her hand free to cover her bottom. “I was worried sick about paying my bills so yesterday I tried to ring the bank and arrange an overdraft. I was ringing them when you caught me on the phone. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.”   

Tim was angry at Sarah's deceit but that could wait. He was more concerned about her love affair.

“So who’s Paul?” he demanded. 

“Paul? Paul who?” said Sarah. 

“Paul in your phone contacts,” growled Tim raising the bath brush again. 

“That’s Paul from work,” answered Sarah quickly. I have his number because we went on a course together last year and we exchanged phone numbers. I have Rachel and Victor as well. We all went together.”   

Tim put down the bath brush and ran his hand thoughtfully over Sarah’s reddened cheeks, making her wince. “But that still doesn’t explain who the guy was in the flashy truck. The one who came to see you when I was away fishing. You looked a bit too friendly to me.” 

“There wasn’t a guy,” said Sarah. “It was Mary from the bar in town; the lady who rented us this cabin. She just came to make sure we’d settled in OK.” 

“Oh no! Oh my God,” said Tim, Sarah was telling the truth. There was no affair. It was all in his head. He looked down at her soundly spanked bottom. "What have I done." 

He released his grip and helped Sarah up off his knee. She seemed to be taking it amazingly well. Wracked with guilt over what he'd done, he sank his face into his hands. Sarah tried to sit on the bed at his side but she yelped and leapt back to her feet. It stung far too much and she had to settle for lying on the bed gently rubbing her bottom. Tim looked down at her. “Sarah I’m so sorry.”

Sarah twisted around to see the damage to her bottom. "I'm not going to be able to wear those shorts for a few days," she giggled. "You spank really hard."

Tim went to the bathroom and fetched a bottle of cool after sun lotion. Sarah rolled onto her stomach to let him gently sooth her burning bottom. 

“I didn’t know you were into spanking,” she murmured with a sigh. “I’d have thought you would just walk away if you thought I was having an affair.” 

“I don’t know what came over me,” said Tim. “It all started with something Joe White-Cloud said.” Tim poured out Joe’s odd tale of mystic powers. He felt a fool for believing a word of it. 

“Well I’m glad you spanked me,” said Sarah. 


“Really,” she continued. “I mislead you about the holiday. I overspent and kept it secret. I’m glad its all out in the open and now I feel as though we can really enjoy our holiday because I’ve been properly punished and I don’t need to keep beating my self up with guilt.” 

“So does this mean I should spank you every time you misbehave?” asked Tim. 

Sarah smiled to herself. “Maybe,” she said. 

Later that evening the couple drove down to the local town and called for drinks at Mary’s bar. Mary raised an eyebrow when she saw how carefully Sarah sat down. 

“Are you OK honey?” she asked.  “You look a mite uncomfortable. Don’t tell me your husband’s been listening to old Joe White-Cloud. Let me tell you, you’re not the first young lady to come in here with her ass on fire. Old Joe likes to spin his tall stories about his ancient ancestors and his mystic second sight but its all bull. He only does it to try and get pretty girls spanked.” 

“Well it worked,” said Sarah, turning pink with embarrassment and shuffling uncomfortably on the barstool. “But he must have powerful magic because he was right about everything he said. I did have a secret.” 

“Ha! We all do, honey but Joe has no more magic than the rest of us. He just uses a bit of psychology to bring your secret to the surface. The fact is there’s only one thing you can believe about Joe White-Cloud - he’s the town’s biggest liar.”