McGregor’s Revenge

By Flatfish

“Scream?!” snapped Abigail. “Why the hell would you choose scream?”

“Because it’s Halloween,” said Jason. “And I already have the mask. What are you going as?”

“Naughty schoolgirl zombie,” said Abigail. “I was hoping you would go with me as a mad teacher.”

“You can still be a naughty schoolgirl,” grinned Jason, “but instead of a teacher you’ll be chased by a mad slasher in a scream mask.” Jason gave an insane stare and drove home his point making wild slashing movements with an imaginary knife.”

Abigail was unimpressed. Every year since the age of 16 she had dressed as a naughty schoolgirl at whatever Halloween party she'd attended and every single boyfriend had failed to understand what he was expected to do. A slasher! – A flaming slasher. Why, for once, couldn’t she be dating a spanker?

Disgusted, Abigail turned on her heals and walked away. She banged open the glass doors that exited the student union building and stomped across the lawn, kicking her way through a pile of dead leaves, infuriating a young gardening assistant who still stood holding his rake.

“Oi, watch what you’re doing,” yelled Don McGregor. “You bloody menace.”

“Piss off!” yelled Abigail. She was feeling too bitter to offer an apology, “and shift your bloody leaves.” She gave another pile a kick, sending them flying into Don’s face.

This wasn’t Don’s first encounter with Abigail’s bratty behaviour. He was a twenty five year old horticultural graduate who had taken temporary work as an assistant groundsman on the beautiful campus at Sterling University. In the two months since he’d started he had suffered several infuriating run-ins with Abigail, a spoiled second year maths student. On his first day on campus he’d been pushing a wheelbarrow full of compost up the road when she’d run him into the curb, driving too fast in a sporty soft top that Daddy had bought her. The compost had tipped out and she’d just stopped long enough to curse him for being in the way, then with a screech of tyres off she sped leaving him to shovel the mess back into the barrow.  As he watched her flounce away now, his angry glare locked on her shapely bottom in skin tight jeans and his hand itched at the thought that someone needed to turn her over their knee for a serious attitude adjustment.

As Abigail headed down the road the door to the student’s union building burst open and Jason ran out with a whoop. He yelled to Abigale that the mad slasher was after her. Abigale immediately dropped her bad mood and ran down the street screaming and giggling with Jason limping and leaping behind her.


Halloween fell on a Saturday and everyone had tickets for the university Halloween bash. Abigail’s boyfriend, Jason, disappeared into town at lunch time with a bunch of friends for a pre party pub crawl, all dressed as horror characters. It was a big mistake. By the time he arrived at the party he was legless. His friends deposited him on a bench outside the venue still in his Scream mask. And that’s where Don found him.

The party was open to students and staff and Don had bought a ticket. He didn’t bother with fancy dress, just a shower and change of clothes. When he found Jason he didn’t know who it was but he was concerned that the student might harm himself if he was sick wearing a mask. He eased the hooded rubber face off Jason’s limp head and immediately recognised him as Abigail’s boyfriend.  He remembered Jason chasing Abigail down the street and an idea started to form in his mind. Glancing around to make sure no one was watching he eased the comatose student out of his black hooded costume and put it on. He pulled the mask over his own head then imitating Jason’s wild antics he headed on into the party.

Once into the foyer, Don couldn’t believe his luck. Abigail and two friends were just emerging from the restroom; three horror film schoolgirls in shockingly short skirts, school ties, wild hair and zombie makeup. Don gave a howl and waved his blood stained plastic machete in the air. He ran at the three girls flailing the weapon, threatening to smack them across the bottom. The girls screamed and ran. They piled around the doors to the Wallace Hall where the party was in full swing. Helen, the lead girl pulled open the heavy door, Becky followed and Abigail came last and was rewarded with a thwack across the seat of her skirt. She howled and pushed on through into the hall rubbing her bottom.

Inside, the music was deafening and the dance floor was heaving. The three girls scattered and disappeared into the crowd. Don came next and stared around wildly, waving his machete. The dancers nearest the door had seen what was happening and they laughed at the crazed Halloween performance. Joining in the fun, they parted giving Don a clear view of Abigail fleeing up the steps to the stage where she could hide behind the thick curtains that hung to either side.

Don made his way across the dance floor and stomped up the steps before disappearing behind the curtain to find Abigail.

She was leaning against the wall, laughing. “Ok Jason,” she shouted over the loud music, “you’ve had your fun,” Don held his hand up to his ear indicating he couldn’t hear. Then he moved on towards her.

Down on the dance floor people turned to see a commotion on the stage. The mad slasher in the scream mask emerged from behind the curtain with a screaming zombie school girl over his shoulder. Abigail’s feet were kicking frantically and she was thumping at Don’s back shouting for him to put her down. Her face was red and her expression was a mixture of anger, fear and embarrassed giggling. Don had one arm wrapped around Abigail’s legs, with his hand holding his machete. His free hand was dragging a swivel chair that he’d found abandoned. He pulled the chair into the middle of the stage and then sat down, swinging Abigail over his knee.

“Jason!” she screamed. “What the hell are you doing?”

At first Don used his machete as a paddle on Abigail’s bottom. The strong broad blade smacked against her skirt and she kicked and shouted, but it was pretty obvious she was just playing along, still believing it was Jason who wielded the weapon.  This wasn’t the effect Don was hoping for. This wasn’t a time for playing, this was a time for punishment. So dropping the machete on the floor he took hold of the hem of Abigail’s short skirt.

“Don’t you dare!” Abigail squealed.

Don pulled the scanty material up to reveal Abigail’s soft round cheeks, semi covered by brief pink panties with the words I’ve Been Naughty written across the seat.

“You can say that again,” muttered Don.

The words came out before he could stop himself and unfortunately the brief exclamation coincided with a brief drop in the volume of the music. Abigail froze on his knee. She knew that wasn’t Jason’s voice. She looked back over her shoulder with panic in her eyes. “Who the hell are you?” she yelled.

Don slowly turned his terrifying masked gaze towards her. He didn’t say a word. He just tightened his hold on her waist and raised his right hand.

“Oh no, no, please,” begged Abigail, writhing and trying in vain to escape. But a second later her pleading was replaced by yelling and crying as Don began to deliver the spanking of her life.

The people down on the dance floor watched in glee. Believing it was still a Halloween prank. With loud music drowning out both the stinging whacks and Abigail’s tearful yelps they never suspected that Abigail’s bottom was being well and truly thrashed.

Don just kept on smacking. Abigail’s cheeks turned pink, then red than dark red.

Don spanked until the music stopped. Then realising people were starting to stare and point he quickly pulled Abigail off his knee and dumped her onto the stage. He scooped up the machete and with a howl he ran down the steps and headed for the door. On the stage Abigail knelt tearfully rubbing her bottom, trying to remember where she had last heard that familiar voice.

Outside, Don returned the outfit to Jason and disappeared into the night. A moment later, Abigail emerged and found her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend asleep on the bench. She roused him enough to get him out of the cold October air and back to his room. She left him there in disgust and wondered back to her own hall of residence to ease her stinging cheeks and sexual frustration.


Sunday morning Don didn’t have to be in work but he was worried that he may somehow have been identified as the phantom spanker. He decided to come to the campus to face any trouble that might be heading his way. It was an unusually bright warm day and he sat on the same bench where he’d found Jason the night before. The students were passing in and out of the student’s union building as normal. There were no accusing looks, no threats and no hand of the law on his shoulder. Then from out of nowhere Abigail sat down at the side of him.

“I know it was you,” she said quietly.

“Eh? Sorry? Are you talking to me?” said Don, feigning innocence.

“Damn right I’m talking to you,” answered Abigail, nettled by Don’s indirect denial. “You dressed in a scream costume, chased me thorough the hall and spanked me like a naughty child, on the stage, in front of all my friends. How the hell am I supposed to live that down?”

Don couldn’t help grinning. He tried to hide it behind his hand but Abigail had seen him and the effect was infectious. She tried to look angry but in the end she had to grin as well. “It’s not bloody funny,” she giggled. “My arse is still sore.”

“You deserve it,” said Don, “using language like that.”

“Oh I do beg your pardon sir,” she said. “My bottom is still sore. Is that better?”

Don didn’t reply.

“Look,” said Abigail, “I know why you spanked me. It was a bloody stupid thing to do. I could have had you sacked or even called the police. But I know I can be a bit of diva and maybe sometimes I need someone with a firm hand to pull me back in line. I’m sorry about the leaves and everything. But I guess you’ve had your revenge now.”

The expression on Don’s face said he didn’t really agree.

“Oh I see,” said Abigail. “You’re thinking I deserve more than one spanking. You probably think you should have pulled my pants down and given me what-for on my bare bottom.”

“You know, that sounds like a damn good idea,” said Don now sporting an even bigger grin.

Abigail gave a mischievous smile.  “Well, if you're so determined to have your revenge," she said, "I have a hairbrush back at my room"