New Year’s Resolution

 By Flatfish 

Nick looked down at the soft rounds of his young wife’s bottom wrapped in thin tight leggings as she lay trembling over his knee. He raised his hand and smacked it down hard. Alison yelped and winced. He smacked again, harder and again harder still. Alison’s hand flew back to try and protect her scalded cheeks but Nick pushed it aside. 

“Oh no you don’t. You asked for this and you’ve earned it. Now you’re going to get it.” 

 “No! Please Nick,” pleaded Alison. “You don’t need to do this. I’m sorry. I’ll clean up now I promise.” 

“Too late,” said Nick. 

He took a firmer grip of his wife and set about spanking her again. Smack after stinging smack echoed around the room.  Alison kicked her feet and tried to twist out of the way but there was no escaping the blistering punishment. 

“This,” said Nick, “is for the sink full of washing up.” Another resounding smack landed. “And this is for not making the bed! And this is for the mess in the bathroom. The house looks like it’s been ransacked.” 

After a full five minutes of lecturing and incessant spanking Nick finally stopped and rested his hand. Alison reached back, sniffling and trembling and gently rubbed her bottom but Nick didn’t let go. 

“Now,” he said, “we come to the little matter of the laundry.” 

Alison looked back terrified. “No Nick! No! What are you going to do? Oh my God…No!!” she screamed. Nick grabbed the waistband of her leggings and dragged them over her sore bottom and down her thighs. He picked up a hairbrush and rested its cold hard wood against the pink flesh that peeked from either side of her cotton panties. Alison fought and struggled but Nick held her firmly in place. He raised the brush to shoulder height and paused, amplifying the anticipation of the excruciating pain that was about to explode across Alison’s tender derriere. Then without warning he flashed it down with a loud, sharp crack! 

Alison howled and burst into tears. Nick hesitated. He wondered for a moment if he had gone too far.  Alison looked tearfully back over her shoulder then turned away as Nick raised the brush for a second swat. A dozen hard smacks landed in rapid succession turning her exposed cheeks a deep crimson. Alison yelped and cried with every slap of the unforgiving wood as her bottom blazed under the stinging onslaught. 

When Nick finally released her, Alison scrambled to her feet. She ran from the room and slammed the door. In a flood of tears she stormed up the stairs and flung herself face down on the bed. She kicked her legs and punched the pillows in an angry tantrum. With each kick and punch her fury lessoned. Now feeling sorry for herself, Alison’s focus returned to her stinging rump. She carefully eased her leggings and panties over her bottom and caressed the scalded flesh with a cool hand. She thought back on how she had landed in this predicament. 

Alison and Nick always enjoyed a Christmas filled with family traditions and they had started a tradition of their own for the new year celebrations. Every New Year's Eve they sat together and wrote down their new year resolutions. They wrote a couple for themselves then they swapped papers and each wrote a resolution for their partner. The lists were then sealed in envelopes ready to be opened on New Year's Day. 

In the morning Alison and Nick had sat at the breakfast table and peeled open the envelopes, excited to know what challenge the new year would bring. The children were still in bed. Alison opened hers first and read out her list. 

“I promise to lose seven pounds by March,” she said and patted her tummy. “And I promise to quit smoking immediately.” 

“About time,” said Nick. 

Then Alison came to the resolution that Nick had written for her. She flushed a little when she saw Nick’s challenge and bristled at the implied criticism. She took a deep breath and read out, “I promise to always have the house clean and tidy by the time my husband comes home from work.” 

Alison put the paper down on the table. “And what do you mean by that?” she said. “I always do the housework.” 

Nick earned enough money to give his wife and two young children a reasonable standard of living. So Alison had enjoyed being able to choose to be a housewife. Her job was to look after the home, the children and her husband while he was the breadwinner. Nick wasn’t a chauvinist. But he was happy for Alison to be at home if that was what she wanted and Alison was happy to do it. He was always willing to lend a hand when it was needed but recently that seemed to be every night. And now the children were at school during the day he was starting to wonder what Alison did with her time. 

“I just think it would be nice,” he explained, “if you could have the place sorted during the day so that we can relax together at night.” 

“Mmmm,” mumbled Alison. “I’m not sure I want you to open your resolutions now. Maybe I should think of something else.” 

“What?” said Nick, his curiosity peeked. “Why would doing the house work change your mind about this?” He waived the envelope. “I think we’d better see what you’ve written.” 

Nick opened the envelope and Alison blushed. He opened the paper and read out the list. 

“I promise to go to the gym and not waist my membership. I promise to spend more time with the children.” Then he came to the resolution that Alison had set. His eyes opened wide and a huge grin spread across his face. “I promise to spank my wife whenever she fails to keep to her new year’s resolutions.” 

Alison knew that every year she made her resolutions and never kept them. She thought this might be a bit of fun, a little incentive to stick to her diet and cut down her cigarettes. She imagined Nick wagging his finger at her and giving her the sort of playful spanking that occasionally spiced their love life. She had never been spanked as a punishment and never considered how seriously Nick might take this resolution. 

For the first few days of the new year Alison stuck to her resolutions – more or less. She had the housework done by the time Nick came home. She stuck to her diet most of the time and she tried to give up smoking. She sneaked the occasional cigarette when she was alone. It had been a few years since she was a teenager trying to have a smoke without her parents finding out and she felt the same mixture of fear, guilt and excitement now. 

It was Friday morning when things started to go wrong. Nick had gone to work and Alison had just returned from the school run. She was just having a coffee before starting the housework when the phone rang. It was her mother. Alison’s parents were planning a weekend away at their holiday cottage and they wondered if the grandchildren would like to join them. Alison’s two daughters loved spending the weekend at Grandma and Grandad’s cottage and Alison jumped at the chance for a weekend alone with Nick. No sooner had she put the phone down than the doorbell rang. It was Julie, an old school friend. It had been years since Alison had seen Julie and the two girls were soon lost in reminiscing about the past. Alison pulled out the photo albums and they laughed and giggled their way through the morning. They had a quick lunch and the plates joined the breakfast pots still waiting to be washed. In the afternoon Alison searched through her family videos and pulled out a recording of her eighteenth birthday party. The others were left scattered on the floor. They had just finished watching when Alison glanced at the clock. 

“Oh my God!” she cried. “Look at the time.” 

Alison ran up to the childrens’ bedroom to pack them a weekend bag. Julie followed her. Alison couldn’t find Rosey’s favourite top and she searched through the laundry throwing clothes around until she found the missing item and realised it was still waiting to be washed. Finally she packed some alternative clothes, grabbed the bag and set off to pick the children up from school. Julie gave her a lift and took Alison and the children on to Grandma’s house. 

When Alison finally returned home, Nick’s car was already parked in the driveway. She crept inside and noticed immediately that the photo albums and videos had been tidied away. The washing machine rumbled from the kitchen and there was the clatter of washing up being done. She silently went to hang her coat up and wondered how much trouble she was in. When she returned to the lounge she found Nick standing in the kitchen doorway holding a tea towel.  She smiled weakly. 

“Erh Mum and Dad have taken the Kids to the cottage so we have the place to ourselves,” she said. 

“That’s handy said Nick – Under the circumstances.” 

“W…what circumstances are those?” asked Alison innocently. 

“Wait there a minute,” said Nick. “I think actions will speak louder than words.” 

Nick disappeared up stairs and Alison stood looking at herself in the mirror. “Actions will speak louder than words? What did he mean by that?” 

The answer came to her seconds later when behind her reflection she saw Nick return to the lounge with her new years resolutions in one hand and her hairbrush in the other. 

Alison spun around. “Oh now Nick,” she said, laughing nervously and holding up her hands as if they could shield her. “You wouldn’t, would you? I…I can explain. You’re not really going to spank me are you?” 

Moments later Alison was kicking and struggling over Nick’s knee. Her jumper was pushed up out of the way and the blistering punishment that followed was not the sexy spanking she had imagined. 

Now, lying on her bed with her bottom blazing, she started to think that maybe this was the way to stick to her resolutions after all. And although it stung so much at the time, she was starting to feel pretty sexy. She rolled off the bed, wiped away her tears and stripped for a shower. Soon, pampered and perfumed she wondered downstairs wearing nothing but a white satin chemise. 

Alison lowered herself onto the couch next to Nick. 

“I see you can still sit down,” smiled Nick. 

“Just about,” giggled Alison. 

“We should stick to our new year resolutions don’t you think,” said Nick examining his hand as if making sure it was still good for spanking. 

“S’pose so,” Alison answered quietly, wondering where Nick was going with this. 

“I found a half eaten packet of biscuits in the kitchen,” said Nick. You haven’t been slipping up with your other resolutions have you?” 

“N..No,” mumbled Alison. “Anyway, if I’ve had a biscuit that’s OK. My resolution says I’ll lose seven pounds by March. You can’t spank me unless I fail to lose the weight by then. Ha!” Alison stuck her tongue out at Nick in mock defiance.

“True, true,” said Nick. “Are you sure you haven’t slipped a bit. After all, we promised to keep those resolutions and honesty is important don’t you think.” 

“Yes, of course we should keep our promises,” said Alison sounding puzzled. 

“I’m glad you agree. I certainly intend to keep all my resolutions.” 

“I know that,” said Alison. “My bottom’s still smarting.” 

“So you won’t be surprised,” said Nick, “at what happens next.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Well when I tidied away the biscuits I decided to put them in the biscuit tin and …” 

“Oh No!” cried Alison covering her face with her hands and peeping through her fingers at Nick. 

“That’s right,” said Nick. “It was the same biscuit tin that you hid your cigarettes in.” 

Alison didn’t really struggle as Nick took hold of her wrists and pulled her over his knee. She knew she shouldn’t have been smoking and she’d often thought that if her parents had spanked her when they found out she might have given up years ago. Her satin chemise flowed over her curves and with a brush of his hand Nick slipped it up her smooth back revealing her bare bottom, still pink from the earlier spanking. 

Nick raised his hand and delivered six sharp smacks to her upturned cheeks. It was not as bad as she expected and she squirmed on his knee enjoying the mild erotic sting. Nick slipped his fingers between her legs and she parted them slightly allowing him to probe deeper, exciting her. She lifted her bottom and Nick delivered another flurry of smacks, harder this time. Alison writhed but held her position. Nick took a tighter grip of her slim waist and started spanking fast and hard. Alison gripped a cushion and buried her face into it, stifling her squeals. She couldn’t help curling her legs but Nick pushed them back and continued spanking. Alison could feel his manhood hot and rampant under her belly. 

Suddenly Nick stopped spanking, flipped his wife over and kissed her passionately. He could feel her nakedness under the thin satin of her chemise as he squeezed her breasts and caressed her bottom and thigh. Quickly they separated. Nick tore at his shirt buttons while Alison unfastened his belt and pants, freeing his erection. Nick kicked off the last of his clothes and the couple sank down together onto the rug and made wild frantic love. 

In the warm afterglow of sex Alison and Nick lay side-by-side panting. Alison turned to Nick and stroked his chest. 

“Wow,” she said. That was unexpected. I don’t remember seeing that in our new year’s resolutions.”