The Research Assistant

by Flatfish 

Pamela Smart franticly stuffed her tennis racquet into her bag and ran across the campus to the medical research centre. She was going to be late for her interview and she badly needed the money. Two days ago she had received the letter confirming that she had been short listed for one of Dr Henderson’s research programmes. Three days work with good pay and the likelihood of more work to follow. She trotted down the cool corridor and stopped outside the doctor’s office. She took a deep breath and tugged down on the hem of her short tennis skirt in a fruitless attempt to cover her bare shapely legs. Nervously, she knocked on the door. 

“Come in,” said a cheerful voice. “Ah Miss Smart. Welcome. Please take a seat.” 

“I’m sorry about my outfit Doctor”, said Pam. “My tennis assessment ran late and I had to come straight over.” 

“That’s quite alright, Miss Smart”, said the Doctor. His easy manner hiding his private thoughts that this outfit would be perfect for the interview he had in mind. 

Dr Henderson had posted an advert across the campus, in the sports faculty, for a student to be a guinea pig in his latest research program. He hadn’t specified the nature of the work but he knew the type of candidate he had in mind. The promise of good pay had attracted quite a few students and to avoid accusations of impropriety he had short-listed them. He chose the beautiful Pamela Smart who was his ideal candidate, 19 years old, long blond hair tied back in a pony tail and stunningly beautiful. 

“Now Miss Smart”, he said, looking through a manila folder containing her application. “Everything seems to be in order so let me tell you a little bit about my research. I have been working on a new type of anaesthetic. A powerful local anaesthetic that could save many lives in the operating theatre. This is an opportunity for a selfless young lady like you to save peoples lives at the cost of only a little minor discomfort to yourself.” 

Pamela nodded, looking appropriately serious and interested, although her main concern was to earn some money. 

“In order to gauge the effectiveness of my product, Miss Smart, I need a brave healthy candidate willing to accept a minor degree of pain. Are you still interested?” 

Pam was a little uneasy about the thought of pain, however minor, but she also had the rent to pay and no money in the bank. “Ok” she said, and smiled nervously. 

“Good, good. Let me show you the equipment.” 

Dr Henderson lead Pam through to a neighbouring room where a control panel stood in front of a glass wall that separated a sealed area containing a strange contraption. 

“Inflicting moderate pain without damage is not as easy as you might think, Miss Smart. And doing it in a way that can be precisely measured and controlled is very tricky. I have concluded that the simplest and most harmless method to control the pain of a subject is by applying a spanking. After all, even children are spanked and no parent would wish to harm their child.” 

Pam stared wide-eyed at the doctor in disbelief.  Lost for words, she looked again at the contraption and realised its purpose. He wasn’t joking. He had built a vicious looking spanking machine and placed it in a soundproof room. 

She was about to tell the doctor what he could do with his research but then she remembered the rent. Three days work. What harm could a little spanking do and no one needed to know. 

“Ok”, mumbled Pam. “I guess, if it’s going to save lives …” 

“Excellent!” said the doctor. “Now there is just one more formality, Miss Smart. I need to be sure that you are capable of completing the project. I wouldn’t want you running away on day one. I’m afraid the machine isn’t fully operational yet so I am going to have to test your resilience by hand. Let us return to the privacy of my office where I must ask you to take an aptitude test.” 

Pam and the doctor returned to the office. The doctor locked the door and pulled a sheet of typed paper out of his desk drawer and handed it to Pam. “Looks a bit short for a test”, she thought. 

“Please read and sign this document, Pamela”, said the doctor smiling reassuringly, “then we can carry out the… er…aptitude test.” 

Pam started to read and her mouth dropped open. “You are Joking”, she said. She re-read the document. “You want me to sign this so that you can ‘put me over your knee and spank me for as long and as hard as necessary to ascertain my suitability’?” 

“It is purely in the interest of science Pamela. I need to test your resilience to a sound spanking. How else can I assess your suitability for the research position? Let me assure you of the utmost discretion on my part. No one will know the nature of the aptitude test. But if you don’t feel you can agree then you may leave now and I shall simply find an alternative candidate.” 

Pam read the document again. On the one hand the proposition was outrageous. But on the other hand the doctor’s argument sounded quite reasonable and she would feel such a fool if she backed out and the job went to one of her friends. She knew Jane on the volleyball team had applied. Taking a deep breath. She made her decision. She picked up the doctor’s pen and signed the waver. Handing the document to the doctor she said “Ok Dr Henderson. What happens now? Can I at least go and change into some jeans?” She laughed nervously and ran her hands over her bottom, smoothing down her clothes. “I think my tennis skirt will be a bit too short for me to bend over for a spanking.” 

“On the contrary, Pamela. Your current attire is perfect. The only adjustment I must ask you to make is to take off your tennis shoes. You may place them here on this small table.” Reluctantly, Pamela did as she was asked, placing the white rubber soled plimsolls next to a bottle of some sort of cooling lotion and a large wooden hairbrush. She didn’t appreciate the significance of the hairbrush. 

Henderson placed an upright chair next to the table and sat down patting his knees. Pamela came to his right side and looked down at his lap, feeling the anxiety of a naughty schoolgirl about to spanked for a serious offence. Dr Henderson took hold of her hand and gently eased her into position over his knee. He adjusted her position slightly, centring her hips. Her hands were able to touch the floor on one side and her feet dangled on the other, her bottom perfectly positioned. Henderson rested his hand on the trembling target. 

Pamela had been right about the length of her tiny tennis skirt. Although it covered most of her bottom, it left a tantalising glimpse of the swell of her lower bottom cheeks and a hint of white panties. 

“Now Pamela”, said Henderson “we will begin. Are you ready?” 

Before she could answer, Doctor Henderson raised his hand to shoulder height and slapped it down hard on Pam’s upturned bottom. “Yeouch!” she screamed and tried to struggle to her feet. Doctor Henderson held her firmly in place and dealt another two severe smacks. “Please be still Pamela. I have barely started.” 

Another five hard spanks followed in rapid succession, alternating between cheeks. Pamela squealed and cried with each one, thrashing about and kicking her legs. Dr Henderson stopped briefly, but only to take the time to grab the hem of her short skirt and pull it up to her waist, revealing her perfectly formed bottom, pert and firm, covered by the thin white material of her panties. 

“Nooo!” cried Pam, twisting around and trying to push her skirt back down to protect her exposed bottom. Henderson grabbed her wrist and pushed it out of the way. He raised his hand high and brought it down as hard as he could, irritated by her futile attempt to stop him. Pam screamed again and cried, begging him to stop, tears pouring down her face. Henderson ignored her pleas and smacked his hand down hard again and again on the thin material of her panties, raining an incessant torrent of stinging whacks on her blazing bottom. 

Finally the punishment stopped. Henderson was breathing deeply with the exertion of holding on to the struggling nineteen-year-old and delivering the long and relentless spanking. His hand was stinging, the palm sharing a deep red blush with Pamela’s tortured bottom, a blush that almost glowed through the material of her panties.  She was crying uncontrollably. She had enjoyed a mild love-spanking once or twice in the past when wrestling with her boyfriend after a mischievous prank. But she had never received such a merciless hiding before. 

Slowly, Pam calmed down. Her bottom burned like a furnace. Henderson released her wrist, allowing her to reach back and rub her bottom gently to ease the unbearable stinging. She tried to scramble to her feet but Henderson quickly pushed her back into position and pinned her arm to her side again. 

“Wha…What, What are you doing?” she sobbed, struggling to free herself. “Let go of me!” 

Henderson held her firmly in place. “I’m sorry Miss Smart, I’m afraid we haven’t quite finished”. He took hold of the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down. 

“Don’t you dare!” she screamed and struggled harder. The struggling worked in Henderson’s favour, raising her hips and freeing her panties, which were swiftly pulled down to mid thigh. “Please be calm, Miss Henderson. I am a doctor after all.” 

Henderson admired his handiwork. Her suntanned back and legs framed the once white skin of her bottom, which now glowed a deep pink. Henderson rested his hand on the burning flesh, enjoying the heat. Pamela winced and tears started to fill her eyes again. “Please, Dr Henderson. Let me go. I don’t want to do this. You can keep the job.” 

Henderson reached over to the table, picked up one of Pam’s tennis shoes and rested its cool sole against her bottom. “No! No! Please…” Her words abruptly ended with a tear-filled cry as Henderson raised the plimsoll and whacked it down with as much force as he could manage on her naked bottom. Faster and faster, Henderson continued his cruel onslaught. Whack! Thwack! Thwack! The noise echoed around the office, each stinging blow accompanied by a tearful cry from Pamela. The doctor concentrated his attack on the tender lower cheeks turning them to a deep red. Pam screamed and cried, bucking, kicking and thrashing around whipping her blond ponytail from side to side. 

When Henderson finally stopped, Pamela was howling. He put down the tennis shoe and ran his hand over the blazing red orbs of her bottom. Then slowly reached for the hairbrush. 

When Pam felt the cool hard wood rest against her skin she twisted around to see what was coming. “No. No,” she screamed. Terrified at the sight of the hairbrush. “Please! I can’t take any more. Let me go.” She struggled harder than ever to free herself and Henderson had to pin her legs down with his right leg and push hard on her back, forcing her head towards the floor and making her naked bottom a perfect undefended target for the savage hairbrush spanking. 

He raised the brush high and brought it down hard. Whack! Smack! Slap! The hairbrush was worse that anything she had felt so far. The pain engulfed her whole bottom, stinging more and more with each blow. The spanking seemed endless, but Henderson finally stopped and allowed the sobbing girl to slide to the floor where she lay crying with her hands gingerly touching and stroking her blazing bottom. 

 “I’m sorry I had to spank you so hard,” said Henderson, matter-of-factly, “but it was essential that I exposed you to an extreme of pain far beyond anything you will encounter in the experiments. It was a scientific necessity that I should fully understand your resilience and reaction to a spanking of that magnitude. He reached down and helped Pamela to her feet. She stood before him, looking every bit the well-punished girl that she was, even though she had done nothing to deserve it. Her face was flushed and tearstained. Her eyes were red with crying so hard and strands of blond hair were stuck to her wet cheeks. She was still sobbing and sniffling. Her panties had fallen to the floor and her hands were up the back of her skirt clutching her stinging bare bottom. 

“You will be pleased to know that you have passed the aptitude test with flying colours. I will contact you again in two weeks with information about the first experiment.” Henderson reached down and picked up the discarded panties. He handed them to Pam. He offered her the bottle of cooling lotion. “Apply this liberally as required”, he said, “until your bottom cools down.” He unlocked the door and held it open for Pam. “Thank you for coming Miss Smart. I’ll be in touch.” 

Pam’s eyes turned to furious slits. “You bastard!” she said, fully realising how he had manipulated the interview to get her over his knee. 

“Miss Smart. Really I don’t see the necessity to resort to personal abuse.” 

“You fucking bastard.” 

“Miss Smart. Our activity this afternoon was entirely proper and professional and well within the bounds of our signed agreement. Please calm down and I will see you in two weeks time.” 

Pamela was furious with the doctor and humiliated and furious with herself for allowing it to happen. She snatched the cooling lotion out of Henderson’s hand and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. 

Doctor Henderson crossed the room and turned off the camcorder that had discreetly recorded his treatment of Pamela Smart. He loaded the DVD into the player. “Yes”, he said to himself, admiring the protesting girl on the screen. “A most suitable candidate.” 

Pamela went home and showered. She lay face down on the bed and massaged some of Dr Henderson’s cooling lotion into her bottom cheeks where they were they were still tender. By now though, most of the burning and stinging had given way to a much pleasanter feeling. She had often fantasised about a real spanking but she never thought it would really happen. She wished she could persuade her boyfriend to spank so hard. That would be really good, much better than that cold and creepy doctor. 

Pam’s boyfriend was away on a temporary placement and wasn’t due back at the university for two weeks. She ran her hands over her breasts and down between her legs, stroking and fondling her body, fantasising about her boyfriend catching her over the doctor’s knee and beating up the doctor to defend her honour before taking her home for an even harder spanking for letting herself get into that situation. 


When almost two weeks had passed, Pam was surprised to receive a letter giving a time and date for the first research experiment. She had thought the doctor would never want to see her again after her angry outburst. However, it seemed the doctor still wanted her to take part in the research. She had thought that if the offer did come through then she would turn it down but this letter changed her mind. Dr Henderson had written a compelling plea stressing the importance of his research and assuring her that she would be in full control and could end the experiment at any time. He also enclosed a very tempting advance payment and promised a generous performance related bonus on the successful completion of the tests. 

By coincidence the first experiment was scheduled for the same day that Pam’s boyfriend was due home. She left him a note and headed over to the campus and the medical research building. 

Doctor Henderson welcomed her to the lab and showed her through to the glass room where his assistant nurse Julie Good took over. The doctor left the room and went to check out the control panel. Nurse Good pulled a screen in front of the spanking machine and asked Pam to step behind it. 

“Now Miss Smart”, said the nurse, I would like you to remove your jeans, trainers and socks. Pam did as requested, glad that the screen gave her some privacy. Dressed only in a yellow tee shirt and a pair of panties she stood nervously with her arms folded while Nurse Good explained how the experiment would work. “Doctor Henderson has created a spray-on anaesthetic which should completely block the sensation of pain. The experiment is in two parts. Today we will not use the spray. Our aim today is to measure your natural resistance to pain. We will use the machine to give you a precisely measured spanking. Gradually the intensity will be turned up. When it reaches a level where you can no longer bare it then press this button and the spanking will stop.” The nurse showed Pam a red button on the end of a long wire. 

The spanking machine was composed of an A shaped trestle with Velcro straps on either side for wrists and ankles.  The spanking was to be delivered by a large wheel with four leather paddles around its rim. The wheel was supported by a multi-jointed steel arm that would allow the position and angle of the wheel to change in order to cover the subject’s bottom in a carpet of spanks. 

“We will require you to tolerate the highest level of spanking that you possibly can and to encourage you we will be paying a generous bonus for each additional level.” Nurse Good gave Pam an appraising look, paying special attention to her cute bottom. Pam blushed. “I estimate that you will reach level 3, possibly 4.” 

With a hand from the nurse, Pam nervously bent over the trestle. She reached down, stretching out her arms and Nurse Good fastened her wrists into the Velcro straps. “Don’t worry about being fastened in”, said the nurse. This is purely for your safety. As the machine reaches the higher levels you may be tempted to move out of the way of the paddles. That could be very hazardous while the machine is in operation.” 

Pam’s hips were comfortably supported by thick leather padding on top of the trestle, her bottom uppermost. Nurse Good stepped behind her and took hold of the waste band of her panties. “Ahh! What are you doing?” cried Pam. 

“I just need to remove these, Miss Smart, so that they don’t interfere with the experiment.” Nurse Good pulled down the panties and removed them. Finally she fastened Pam’s ankles into the straps, rendering her completely helpless, stretched out over the trestle with her bottom perfectly placed to receive whatever punishment the device could inflict. Nurse Good examined her handiwork and gave Pam a sharp smack on the bottom. “Yes”, she said, “that will do.” She then removed the screen that had been obscuring the view from the control room. 

Pam could see the doctor through the glass. He smiled at her and reached for a microphone. “Almost ready Pamela.” 

Nurse Good switched on the machine and it started to hum. “First we must establish the target area.” She moved the robot arm towards Pam and rotated the wheel until one of the leather paddles was in firm contact with her bottom. The nurse pressed a button to mark the start of the spanking area. Slowly she moved the paddle around, sliding it backwards and forwards over each cheek until she had covered the whole target several times. She then pressed another button to mark the end of the learning session. 

“Now, Miss Smart, the machine knows exactly where to deliver its, … er…spanks for maximum effect.” Pam didn’t like the sound of that but she wasn’t in a position to argue. The nurse handed Pam the button on a wire. “Hold this. When you cannot take any more, press the button and the spanking will end." 

The nurse left the lab. Doctor Henderson’s voice crackled through the speaker. “We are starting now Pamela. Here’s level one.” The wheel began to turn slowly, gently slapping Pam’s bottom once every three seconds as the robot arm traced out its recorded path, a slight sting with each slap but nothing to worry about. 

Henderson checked his stopwatch, wrote a note and pulled the slide control down another inch. “Level two” 

The wheel gathered speed a little. The paddles slapped harder and faster. The sting started to build in Pam’s bottom and she cried out with each smack. Slap! “Ouch!” Smack! “Ahhgh!” She was longing to reach back and rub her bottom but the wrist straps were firm and she could do nothing but endure the eye watering stinging as the wheel moved steadily across her bottom, covering each inch with mechanical precision. 

Well done Pamela. Here comes level three.” Henderson pulled the slide control down another notch. 

The wheel accelerated again. The paddles were now beating a loud tirade of whacks that echoed around the lab.  Pam was trying not to cry but tears ran from her eyes and dropped to the floor as she struggled to free her ankles and wrists. The relentless thrashing of the paddles was causing a rapidly increasing sting in her whole bottom, her flesh turning to a deep red. She gripped the button hard but still didn’t press it. 

Henderson checked his stopwatch, wrote his note and slid the control down again, raising the spanking to level four. 

The wheel whistled as the paddles flew through the air and landed with a resounding THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! on Pam’s blazing bottom, the smacks coming in such rapid succession that several landed almost in a single spot as the robot arm continued mercilessly along its path.  Pam was crying loudly, wailing with each stinging smack! She held out as long as she could, hoping to reach level 5 but soon she could bear it no longer and stabbed repeatedly on the stop button, screaming for someone to free her from the excruciating torture. 

In the control room Doctor Henderson calmly checked his stopwatch, wrote a note and started to push the slide control back towards the off position. In the lab the wheel slowed, level three, level two. Pam, still crying, stopped shouting and started to calm down. She turned her head towards the control room expecting Nurse Good to come through and free her. Instead she saw that a commotion had broken out.

“No!” she cried. “Turn off this fucking machine!” The wheel continued its relentless unbearable level two spanking on her scarlet stinging bottom. 

Pam’s boyfriend, Peter, had arrived home and read her note. He had come over to the lab to see her. When he entered the control room and saw his semi-naked girlfriend trapped in some sort of kinky torture device he went berserk. “What the hell’s going on!” he shouted. “Get her out of there!” He dragged Henderson away from the control panel and searched for the off switch. Henderson tried to pull him away but Peter fought back. Panicking he grabbed the slide control and yanked it down to the bottom hoping that the machine would stop. In the lab the machine started to whine and Pam screamed as the wheel began to accelerate again. Henderson managed to drag Peter away. He pushed him out of the control room and locked the door. 

In the lab the spanking machine was increasing its pace. Level three. Pam struggled and cried but could nothing to save herself from the rain of stinging whacks. Level four, the level that Pam could not bear. Level five, the wheel turning so fast that the paddles delivered a continuous layer of burning pain over her tortured bottom. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Pam was now screaming hysterically and fighting to free herself. Level six, level seven, MAXIMUM! The whole of Pam’s bottom was deep-red, trapped in a blazing hell of pain as the paddles clattered loudly and relentlessly against her flesh. 

Henderson grabbed the slide control and pushed it up to the zero position. The wheel slowed and stopped. Nurse Good and Doctor Henderson ran into the lab. “Oh my God, oh my God” cried the nurse. They freed the hysterical crying girl from the straps and helped her to her feet. Pam’s bottom blazed. Nurse Good sat down and pulled Pam over her knee to apply some of Doctor Henderson’s cooling lotion. 


Two weeks later Pam was fully recovered but she did not return to the lab to finish the experiment.  She forgave Peter for his blunder with the spanking machine on the condition that they include a little more spanking in their love play. 

In his office, Henderson opened a manila folder and picked up a photograph of a beautiful dark haired girl in a skimpy bikini playing beach volleyball. “Send Jane Ratcliffe in please Julie. And stop my calls. It’s time for Miss Ratcliffe’s aptitude test.