by Flatfish 

Twins, Sue and Jill Harris had a bond that could not be broken, a bond that gave them an almost telepathic connection, this was a bond that would transcend death itself. In appearance, the girls were identical but their personalities were strikingly different. Jill was adventurous, exciting, outgoing, a risk taker.  Sue was quiet, studious and cautious.

True love came first to Sue. While Jill was out enjoying the wild life, Sue was studying at university and there she met John, the man who would become the love of her life. John was caring and thoughtful, a perfect match for Sue. Within days they were going steady, within weeks they were inseparable and shortly after graduation they were married. 

It was good that Sue had met her soul mate because he was there to comfort her when at only 22 years old Jill was tragically killed in a car accident. Sue was, of course, distraught at the loss of her sister and she knew she should feel, as twins do, that a piece of her soul had been ripped away. But somehow, she felt that Jill was still around, watching her and looking after her. The feeling surprised her. It contradicted her sense of reason. But Sue’s confusion was nothing compared to that of Jill, who now found herself wondering through Sue and John’s house, invisible, silent and ghostly. 

The bond that had been so strong between the girls in life now bound them together in death. Jill found she could sense her sister’s feelings and could surround her in comforting thoughts and emotions. But the biggest surprise of all came one day by accident when she found she could not only influence her sister, she could take over her body completely. To Jill it felt as though she was momentarily alive again. For Sue it felt only as though she had briefly become a little adventurous and performed some surprising and ill-considered action. She reasoned that it must be happening because she missed her sister so much with her zany schemes and carefree appetite for life. 

Jill loved her sister far too much to take advantage of this extraordinary power. She only wanted to do what was best for Sue. But there were times when she knew her sister’s actions were just too cautious and the temptation to give her a little push in the right direction was just irresistible. 

Jill knew that Sue and John were deeply in love. But she could see that John was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Sue’s reluctance to try anything adventurous in the bedroom. Jill feared that this was a problem that could eventually wreck her sister’s happiness. She knew she was going to have to take matters into her own hands and sprinkle a little pepper into the couple’s bland love life. 

One night, when Sue was working late, John took the opportunity to enjoy a little private time on the internet. He believed he had the house to himself and thought nothing of the little shiver he felt when Jill floated into the room and stood looking over his shoulder. When Jill saw the Web sites that John was visiting she smiled knowingly and a plan began to form. It seemed that unknown to Sue, there was nothing John wanted more that to put his sexy young wife over his knee and spank her. This was a game that Jill had played many times with different boyfriends and she knew that given the chance, Sue would love it. 

The next morning John left for work and Sue was about to do the same, but Jill had other plans. Stepping briefly into Sue’s body, she put her plan into action. Sue felt that tingle of excitement that always accompanied her sister’s presence. A mischievous smile crossed her lips as she lifted the phone and told her boss that she was just too ill to make it into the office. Then grabbing the credit card that she had promised John she would never use again after the last big bill, she set off for the shops. 

So it was, that when John arrived home from work that evening, he found Sue waiting for him. Jill had “helped” her choose a little black dress that clung tantalisingly to each contour of her shapely curves. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and she had selected a sexy pair of stilettos that she knew John would like but which she would normally be far too sensible to wear. 

“Wow!” he said. “You look fantastic.” 

Now without her sister driving her actions, Sue smiled weakly. She didn’t know how she was going to tell John that she had broken her promise and chalked up a massive bill on her credit card. “Er, thanks”. She said. “Er John, there is something I have to tell you.” She took a deep breath. “John, I didn’t go to work today. I rang in sick and went shopping instead. I took my credit card and bought these clothes.” She paused and waited for John’s response. She was sure he would be furious. 

“Oh Sue, don’t worry. You look great. We’ll find the money somehow.” 

Jill listened patiently to this and realised she was going to have to take a hand. Stepping easily into Sue’s body, she took over the conversation. Sue’s face lit up with Jill’s mischievous smile then changed to a look of annoyance. “Is that all you are going to say? We will find the money? I have broken my promise. I have lied to my boss. I have spent hundred’s of pounds that we can’t afford.” 

“Well what should I say?” 

“A real man would be furious. A real man would tell me off. I have been really naughty. A real man would drag me over to the couch and put me over his knee!” 

Jill released Sue’s body and stepped back, ready to watch the fireworks, leaving Sue horrified at the words that had come from her own mouth. She couldn’t believe what she had just said. 

“No John wait. I didn’t mean it.” Sue held up her hands and backed away as John purposefully strode towards her. “I, I, I don’t know what I was thinking. Please John”. 

But it was too late for pleading. 

“So a real man would tell you off would he?” John stressed the words “real man”, clearly stung by her words and determined to meet her challenge. “And a real man would put you over his knee. Well Sue, I’m a real man and you are in for a spanking you’ll never forget!” 

“John. Please. No. No. You can’t. I’m too old to be spanked. I’m your wife, not a child. You can’t do …” Her words ended abruptly in a squeal of dismay as John grabbed her wrist and marched towards the couch, towing his struggling reluctant wife behind him. He sat down in the middle of the couch and yanked the protesting girl over his knee. Pinning her in place with a firm arm over her slim waist. 

This was a moment John had dreamt about since the first day he met Sue; her body writhing on his knee, her beautiful pert bottom, thinly covered by her short, tight dress, presented for a well-deserved spanking. He had always been afraid to make his dream a reality, but now Sue had asked for it, in fact she had demanded it! John rested his hand on her bottom and gently smoothed out the material of her dress. “Now”, he said, “I’ll show you what a real man can do.” 

The first smack was quite light but Sue jumped in response and let out a little cry. The next five smacks came in quick succession, harder, this time. John was starting to get a feel for the task. The sting started to build in Sue’s bottom and she struggled a little harder. “John, please, I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry!” 

“You will be” said John. Warming to the part. Determined to play his wife’s game to the full. He tightened his grip and brought his hand down hard again and again. “Telling lies!” Smack! Breaking your promise!”  Smack! “Spending money we can’t afford!” Smack! Smack! 

Sue bucked and kicked and tried to cover her stinging bottom with her hand but she couldn’t escape the relentless onslaught of spanks. John moved her hand aside and held it in place out if the way. 

“You are going to learn, Sue, that behaviour like this won’t be tolerated.”

“Ow! Owch! Ooh!” Tears welled up in Sue’s eyes and ran down her cheeks. “John please, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” John gave her another ten hard smacks, alternating between cheeks. 

Finally the spanking stopped. Sue scrambled to her feet. Face flushed. Hands franticly rubbing and squeezing her stinging bottom. “John. How could you”, she cried. 

This wasn’t the reaction John expected. He stopped grinning and a look of concern took over. “Sue, look, I’m sorry. I thought… I. You said…” 

Sue knew he was right. She had demanded a spanking and to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. She really liked the way John had taken control and she had been so helpless when he pulled her over his knee. It was exciting, and John was so strong. He surprised her. She sat down at the side of him and winced when she realised her bottom was still a little sore but there was also a warm arousing glow. She stroked John’s arm to reassure him. John gently wiped away her tears and kissed her. 

Jill, silent and ghostly, watched with satisfaction from a corner of the room. She expected the couple to head for the bedroom but instead Sue reached out for the TV remote. “No!” said Jill to herself. “That’s not going to happen”. Once again she entered Sue’s body and took control. 

Sue had forgotten that one of her purchases that morning had been a large wooden hairbrush. She had left it on the coffee table and Jill now made her put down the TV remote and pick up the hairbrush instead. Turning to John she handed it to him. “You promised me a spanking I would never forget. Do you really think that was good enough.” She knelt on the couch at the side of him and pulled her dress up to her waist. Then she lowered herself once more over his knee. 

John was stunned. He put the hairbrush down by his side and gently ran his hand up her stocking covered thighs on to the bronzed bare flesh and the now pink swell of her bottom, partly covered by her silky white panties. He reached down and gripped the hairbrush, feeling its weight and letting its cool hard wooden back, rest against her hot flesh. 

Jill extracted herself from Sue’s body and floated back to the corner of the room where she could watch the unfolding drama. Sue trembled at the touch of the cold hairbrush. How had this happened? She felt scared of the spanking she was about to receive but excited and aroused. She could feel John’s swollen manhood pressed against her belly, warm and hard. She looked back over her shoulder. John looked nervous about spanking her with the hairbrush. Especially as her only protection was the thin silk of her panties partly covering her bare bottom. She smiled nervously at him and he smiled back. 

“Right, Sue” said John, getting into the role. “You asked for it and now you are going to get it”. He raised the hairbrush a few inches and smacked it down on Sue’s exposed bottom. Sue released a quiet cry. The sound of the hairbrush was surprisingly loud and the sting was much sharper than the hand spanking she had just received. But now there was something else. Along with the sting came a sexual excitement, tingling through her loins and into her belly. She gave a deep sigh and lifted her bottom slightly. Rounding the flesh ready for the next smack. 

Smack! Crack! Sue closed her eyes tight. She writhed a little, rubbing her self against John’s thighs. The sting and the excitement were building. She felt more aroused than she had for months. She turned her head. Smack! “Owch! Mmmm. Harder John.” 

John raised the brush higher and smacked it down harder on Sue’s reddening bottom. She cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. John smacked her again and again covering every inch of her bottom. She writhed and kicked and John couldn’t tell if she was trying to avoid or meet the next stinging smack. 

After twenty or so smacks, John stopped and put the hairbrush down. He gently stroked Sue’s bottom, now a deep red, feeling the burning heat. He slipped his fingers into the top of her silk panties and started to pull them down, unsure if She would protest. Sue sighed contentedly and lifted her hips allowing the panties to be slipped down to the middle of her thighs. John slipped his fingers between her legs, stroking and probing, feeling the moisture of her arousal. Sue gave a moan of pleasure.

John reached down and gripped the hairbrush again. He rested the hard wood against Sue’s hot naked bottom. “Ohh yes,” she whispered. He raised the brush high and brought it down hard. Sue cried out but didn’t try to stop him. Again he brought it down. Smack! Whack! Whack! Faster and faster. Sue’s cries became more and more frantic. Her breathing faster, her body bucking and writhing with each resounding smack! Suddenly she cried out, gripping his leg hard and shuddering in a climax of pleasure. Breathing hard, John stopped the spanking. He put down the hairbrush and rested his hand on her flaming bottom. 

After a moment Sue turned, sitting up on John’s knee. He could feel the fiery heat of her bottom against his leg. They kissed long and hard. Sue stood and pulled up her panties, wincing as they slid over her stinging bottom. She straightened her dress and held her hand out to John.  Hand in hand the couple headed for the bedroom, feeling more deeply in love than ever. 

Silently, floating in the corner, Jill watched with satisfaction. Pleased to have rescued the marriage, she faded from our world for now and went to plan her next intervention into her sister’s life.