Naughty Girl 

By Sam Stewart 

It was Christmas Eve and the snow was gently falling. Sean Marsden strode past the glowing reindeer and Christmas lights sparkling in his garden and pushed open the front door, allowing the welcoming warmth of his home to illuminate the magical winter scene. But Sean was mad as Hell. 

He entered the lounge just as Sarah was bending over to pick up a fallen bauble. She smiled to herself, surely this time he wouldn’t be able to resist. She was right. Sean had never been one to strike a woman but he strode up behind her and landed a hard and resounding smack on the seat of her tightly stretched jeans. Sarah howled and shot upright, clutching her stinging bottom. She spun around to face her angry husband. 

“Owww!” she moaned, rubbing vigorously. She knew why Sean was angry but she couldn’t look him in the eye without grinning so she stared down at her feet and shuffled uncomfortably. “What was that for?” she mumbled sulkily. 

“Oh, take your pick.” Sean answered. “Could it be because you changed the bedroom clock so I climbed out of bed two hours early this morning.” Sarah tried to suppress a smile. “Or perhaps it was the salt in the sugar bowl, it really enhanced my coffee.” Sarah covered her mouth to hide her grin but there was no hiding the laughter in her eyes. “Or maybe…” Sean continued, “Maybe it was the highly starched underwear that has tortured me all day or the crank phone calls to my office from a giggling woman. Does that sound familiar?” 

There was a momentary silence while Sean waited for Sarah’s response. 

“Well?” he prompted. 

“Well it’s Christmas Eve,” said Sarah. 

Sean frowned. 

“Christmas Eve,” she said again. “I just wanted to make sure Santa knows I’ve been a really naughty girl.” 

“Oh my God,” Sean groaned as understanding dawned. Role-playing! He dropped into an armchair and rubbed his face. “You…” he struggled to find the words. “You have put me through Hell, all day, on Christmas Eve, for… 

“Well you did promise,” grinned Sarah. “It was all your idea.” 

Sean shook his head in disbelief. 

A few weeks earlier when he had first suggested to Sarah that it could be fun to spice things up with a little role-playing, he had been startled by how enthusiastically she jumped on board. The game they’d played had been entirely Sean’s choice but Sarah threw herself whole-heartedly into it. 

Supergirl was Sean’s fantasy. Sarah had a pretty face, long blond hair and the sort of figure and legs that looked stunning in Supergirl’s stretch top and little red micro skirt. As Sean approached her, armed with a lump of deadly green kryptonite (actually a jar of lime marmalade), Sarah had swooned onto the couch. Sean had scooped her into his arms and carried the unconscious superhero up to his lair. There he had placed her on the bed, slipped off her cape and top and tied her wrists to the bedstead. As Supergirl regained consciousness she was of course too weakened to escape and Sean had stripped off the remainder of her clothes and his evil torture had driven her crazy with sexual desire. When he untied her hands, the sex that followed had been wonderful. He remembered how, when they both lay exhausted on the bed in contented euphoria, he had promised that next time it would be Sarah’s choice.  It never crossed his mind that Sarah’s fantasy would be so… bizarre. 

Sarah loved to be spanked - or it least she imagined she would. She had been spanked many times in her imagination and especially every Christmas Eve, ever since she heard about Santa keeping a list of who was naughty and who was nice. But she had never been spanked in reality. Oh of course she’d had the odd playful swat, even the occasional angry smack, but she had never been turned over anyone’s knee and had her bottom well and truly spanked. She had been with Sean for four years and been married to him for six months but in all that time she had never found a way to tell him what she really wanted, never been able to tell him what would really fulfil her sexually. 

When Sean suggested role-playing it was the perfect opportunity to bring her dreams to life - a chance to gently introduce Sean to her hidden desires by pretending to be a fantasy character. But what should she be, a naughty schoolgirl, a careless secretary? The question was finally settled by the imminent onset of Christmas. She was going to be the girl she always longed to be at this time of year, the girl on Santa’s naughty list. 

Now it was Christmas Eve and Sarah had set the ball rolling. 

For the rest of the evening Sarah was on her best behaviour. The couple joined friends for a night on the town but Sarah’s mind was constantly on the fun awaiting her at home. She was acutely conscious of her bottom as she sat in the restaurant and later in the nightclub; would she still be able to sit when the night was over? 

When they finally stepped back into their house, Sean was ready to take his wife straight to bed but he knew Sarah was expecting much more. He was a little concerned that he might not deliver the performance she was expecting but her infuriating mischief and bad behaviour earlier in the day had gone a long way towards warming him to the task. 

With a gentle kiss and a shy smile, Sarah wandered off to the bedroom while Sean poured himself a brandy. His Santa suit awaited him in the spare room. 

Sarah prepared for bed. She examined herself in the full length mirror. It needed no imagination to see the beautiful, near naked girl through her tiny baby doll chiffon nightie. Her breasts were proud and firm, her nipples hard with sexual anticipation. She ran her hands over her bottom. She thought it wise to wear panties. She wasn’t sure if a bare bottom spanking might sting too much. 

She crawled onto the bed, slipped between the cool sheets and turned off the bedside lamp. She closed her eyes and tried to relax but her mind was filled with a thrilling excitement reminiscent of Christmas’s as a child, lying in bed, straining to hear the jingle of Santa’s sleigh bells. She listened again, recapturing those memories. There was no jingle but there was the unmistakable sound of soft footsteps approaching the bedroom door. 

Sarah pretended to be asleep. The door opened and Sean crept into the room. Sarah open her eyes a fraction and saw him, silhouetted in the doorway, the unmistakable figure of Santa Clause. Quietly Sean moved over to the dressing table and slipped something into his sack. Sarah was puzzled. She opened her eyes fully and switched on the bedside lamp to see what he was up to.  This was the opening Sean was hoping for. 

“Ho ho ho,” he said, turning to face Sarah. “Sarah Marsden. Don’t you know that naughty girls who stay awake to see Santa don’t get any toys?” 

“I was asleep Santa,” said Sarah. “Really I was. I’m a good girl.” 

“I can see I’m going to have to add telling lies to your long list of bad behaviour.” 

“But Santa!” cried Sarah. 

“No!” said Sean, “There are no buts. No excuses and no escaping your punishment!” 

“Punishment?” said Sarah. “Oh Santa please don’t leave coal in my Christmas stocking.” 

“Oh we’re way past coal young lady,” said Sean. He sat on the side of the bed. “Come here now.” Slowly he pulled off his Santa gloves. 

“W…what are you going to do Santa?” asked Sarah. 

“Something your parents should have done years ago,” Sean answered, enjoying the hackneyed cliché. 

Sarah looked terrified and pulled the covers up to her neck but Sean reached out and snatched them from her. 

“No Santa, no…” squealed Sarah. 

Sean grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him. She struggled but she was a slim lightweight and no match for Sean’ strength. He easily wrestled her over his knee.

Cushioned against Santa’s big fat belly padding and beneath his full white beard, with her bottom raised high, Sarah wriggled on Sean’s knee to make herself comfortable. She felt his manhood stir beneath her as he gazed down at her sexy soft curves. It was happening. It was really happening. She was a naughty girl and she was about to be spanked by Santa, just as she had fantasised for years. 

Sean rested one hand on Sarah’s waist and brushed the chiffon of her nightie aside with the other, allowing his hand to roam over the soft cotton of her panties. He had never spanked a girl before; no girlfriend had ever asked him so this was unfamiliar territory. He wasn’t sure if Sarah wanted a “lets pretend” spanking or a full blooded, bottom blistering can’t sit down for a week type spanking. He decided to take his cue from Sarah’s actions. She hadn’t just pretended to be naughty. She had genuinely behaved like a brat all day and he’d been the poor, unsuspecting victim. So it stood to reason that Santa should be equally genuine in handing out his retribution. 

Sean raised his hand and started to smack. Sarah squirmed a little but apart from a pleasant little sting the effect was unremarkable. This was not the reaction Sean was expecting so he picked up the pace and smacked harder causing Sarah to yelp with each crack of his hand, especially when he caught the naked flesh the peeked from either side of her panties. The heat in Sarah’s bottom started to build and she wriggled her hips in a hopeless attempt to avoid some of the whacks. Sean took a tighter grip of her waist and really let her have it. Her feet kicked and her hair flew as Sean blasted each cheek over and over again. Sarah howled and cried and when she couldn’t bear it any longer her hand flew back to try to cover her stinging cheeks. 

“I… I think I’ve… ouch! ... had enough now Santa,” she sobbed. 

“Ho ho ho Sarah,” said Sean. “Naughty girls don’t get to choose when their punishment ends.” 

“But Santa!” 

It was no use, the spanking continued. 

“Owww, Santa, owww, I know I’ve been naughty but… Youch!” 

Eventually Sean stopped and slipped his hand into the waistband of Sarah’s panties. Softly he ran his palm over her hot round cheeks, pushing her panties down over the sore flesh. Sarah thrilled at his touch. A moment ago she’d wanted the spanking to stop but she’d been wrong. She loved the way Santa took control and made her take her punishment. She felt quite proud of how she’d been so naughty and earned her spanking but she wondered just how far Sean would go. 

“Now young lady,” said Sean, caressing his wife’s bare bottom, “Santa has a special present for a naughty girl like you.” He dipped into his sack and produced Sarah’s large wooden hairbrush. He’d filched it from the dressing table earlier. Sarah trembled when he rested the cold wood against her hot flesh. She had actually bought the hairbrush hoping to be paddled with it one day, but now face down over Santa’s lap with her panties around her thighs and her bottom already stinging she wasn’t sure it was such a good idea. 

The first smack of the hairbrush exploded on Sarah’s bottom with an intensity that made her howl, but the pain carried a rich sexual pleasure that ran to her core. Her hips danced on Sean’s knee as a firestorm peppered her cheeks. Pink cheeks turned to red and tears flowed but it was everything Sarah hoped a spanking would be. She couldn’t help trying to avoid each smack but at the same time she didn’t want it to stop. 

When Sean landed the final smack, Sarah just lay over his knee breathing hard and sniffling. She reached back a trembling hand to carefully caress her sore bottom. Sean wondered if he had gone too far. Had he misread the situation? Putting down the hairbrush he ran his own hand over Sarah’s bottom and she flinched. Clearly the reddened flesh was as sore as it looked. When Sarah started to move she pushed herself slowly off his knee and stood facing him. She was almost glowing with sexuality. Her panties dropped to the floor and she sensuously slipped off her nightdress. 

Sean was so mesmerised he forgot he was still dressed as Santa until Sarah started to smile. She reached forward and softly unhooked his beard. They stared at each other for a fleeting moment then laughing they launched into a frenzies attack on the Santa suit, yanking off the broad black belt, dragging off the jacket and stomach padding and pulling off the boots and red trousers. In seconds Sean was as naked at his wife. He rolled further on to the bed and pulled her on top of him, pressing his lips hard to hers in a hungry passionate kiss. 

Sarah pushed herself up and knelt astride Sean’s legs, taking hold of his rampant manhood with both hands. She licked her lips then lowered her mouth over it, driving him wild with her tongue. But before Sean erupted, she drew back her head, moved forward and lowered herself onto his shaft, gently rising and falling and gyrating her hips, her eyes closed, lost in a world of ecstasy. Sean took hold of Sarah’s hips then caressing her body he slipped his hands over her slim waist and up to her full round breasts. 

With Sean still inside her Sarah leaned forward, gently clawing his chest with her carefully manicured fingernails. She lowered her lips to his and stretched out her legs. Sean wrapped one arm around her waist and reached out with the other. He found and picked up the hairbrush and brought the cold hard wood to rest once again against Sarah’s hot, stinging bottom. Sarah grabbed Sean’s hair and pressed her lips harder to his, kissing him deeply and savagely. 

As Sean thrust with his hips Sarah’s bottom lifted and Sean raised the brush and smacked it down. The effect on Sarah was electric. Sean thrust again and again, smacking the brush down hard each time, driving Sarah into a sexual frenzy. Sarah joined in with the movement working her hips in time with Sean, revelling in each whack of the hairbrush, growing wilder with each second until at last she was engulfed in waves of orgasmic pleasure. Sean came a second later. 

Sarah and Sean clung to each other until their passion was spent and they started to return to earth. Sarah lifted herself off Sean and rolled to the side. She yelped as her tortured bottom came into contact with the bed and she quickly shuffled round onto her tummy. 

“Wow! Sarah, that was amazing,” Sean panted. “I never knew smacking your bottom would send you so wild.” 

“That was the best present ever Santa,” giggled Sarah. “It was fantastic. If that’s what naughty girls get for Christmas I’m going to be really naughty from now on.” 

“Woa! Hold it right there Sarah,” said Sean.  “Santa’s gone back to the North Pole. There’s no need for you to be naughty.” 

“Really?” said Sarah sadly, starting to fear that her dream had been as fleeting as the magic of Christmas. 

“That’s right sweetheart, but even good girls can be spanked.” Sarah’s heart leapt. “In fact,” Sean continued, “the next time I do battle with Supergirl I’m going to bring my Kryptonite hairbrush.” 

Sara gave a deep, contented sigh. “I love you,” she said. “Merry Christmas.” 

“Ho ho ho,” said Sean.