Mistress and Slave Girl

 By Flatfish   

Bronz slave girl sculpture

This story was inspired by the the sculpture shown above.

Jane yelped and a tear trickled down her cheek as the crop seared a fresh line across her bare bottom.

 “Th…thank you mistress.” 


Jane howled. This stroke was harder and bit deep into her soft cheeks. Her belly danced against the flat-topped stone pillar where her semi naked body was draped and held in position by chains to her wrist and ankle manacles. 

“I said count, slave, count.  I want to hear your misery.” Without waiting for a reply Mistress Victoria swung back the crop and delivered another fierce whack to the defenceless target. 

Jane howled again and pulled frantically against her chains in a futile attempt to reach back and sooth her burning bottom. The inflamed welts stung and throbbed under the merciless punishment. “four…sob…fourteen, thank you mistress.” 

 Victoria smiled cruelly and ran the tip of the crop over the sore flesh of her helpless slave girl. Jane writhed and hissed a suppressed curse. 

“Mmmm, fourteen, is that sufficient punishment for your insolence?” mused Victoria. “Or do I need to drive the lesson home with another dozen strokes?”   

Mistress Victoria debates whether to continue spanking slave girl

Jane gave a panic stricken glance back over her shoulder, but dared not look directly into Victoria’s eyes. 

Victoria raised the crop. Jane was trembling. She squeezed her eyes shut and tensed ready to receive the next blistering stroke. 

“Actually, I think that’s sufficient,” said Victoria lowering the crop. 

Jane relaxed with a long sigh. “Thank…(sob), thank you mistress…” In that instant Victoria raised the crop again and thwacked it down hard, a particularly vicious stroke across the soft relaxed lower cheeks of Jane’s unprepared bottom. 

Jane arched her back and screamed into the air. She stamped her feet and pulled wildly against her bonds, rattling her chains, desperate to sooth the fire that tore across her punished rump and burned with unrelenting torment. 

Victoria laughed in delight. “Oh, I do so love to make my little slave dance. I think you can stay there and dwell upon your misdemeanours, while I go and enjoy a well deserved glass of champagne.” Victoria hung up the vicious crop and sashayed sexily towards the door. Her shiny black latex cat suit clung to her well-toned curves.  

Before leaving, she turned back and smiled at the bound slave girl. “Be good.” She said, and blew a kiss, then disappeared into the next room. 

Jane sobbed and swayed her stinging bottom from side to side. At only twenty-six, she was head of a prestigious recruitment company. Her career required her to radiate authority and handle her staff and clients with a firm confident manner. But in her heart she harboured a guilty secret. For as long as she could remember, one deep-rooted desire dominated her thoughts. She just wanted someone to take her in hand and give her a damn good spanking. Every man and sometimes woman that she met was assessed in terms of his or her potential as a spanker. But despite a long string of relationships, bratty behaviour and failed hints, Jane never felt able to openly reveal her true wishes and never received the spanking she so desperately wanted. Never, that is, until she chanced upon Mistress Victoria on the internet. 

Her first visit to Victoria’s large suburban house had been a far cry from her life as slave girl. Dressed in a smart pencil skirt suit and white blouse, she had knocked hesitantly at the door and Victoria had invited her in. A little taller than Jane and strikingly attractive, with long dark hair and an athletic figure, Victoria was around thirty years old. She wore jeans and a tight jumper that clung to her firm breasts. She showed Jane into the lounge and fetched tea before settling down to discuss her visitor’s desires. 

Victoria engendered a trust that soon had Jane confessing her most intimate needs. She listened intently as Jane shyly mumbled her story. Then with an understanding nod of her head she put down her cup and stood up. “Wait there a moment,” she said. 

Victoria disappeared into another room, which she referred to as the chamber. When she returned she carried a spanking paddle in each hand; One was leather and the other a dark polished wood. 

Jane turned pale. The moment had really come. It was finally time to replace a life long fantasy with cold, hard fact. An often dreamt about sting and red bottom was about to become a reality. She swallowed nervously. Victoria pulled an upright chair into the middle of the room and sat down. She placed the paddles on a coffee table at her side. 

“Come here,” she said. 

Jane stayed nervously in her seat, staring at the paddles. 

“I do not intend to repeat myself young lady.” 

Jane heard the note of annoyance in Victoria’s voice and scrambled quickly to her feet. She hurriedly took off her jacket, but still she hesitated. 

“I have had quite enough of your defiance Jane,” said Victoria. “I’m going to put you across my knee young lady and give you a spanking you’ll never forget.” 

Jane had heard those words many times in her dreams but now faced with the prospect of her dreams becoming reality she was scared. 

Victoria gave an exasperated sigh and with an angry look she swiftly stood up, marched over to Jane and took hold of her wrist. With well-practiced skill she hauled the frightened girl back to the chair, sat down and pulled her over her knee. 

Jane flushed with embarrassment. She was acutely aware of her bottom encased in her tight pencil skirt. She felt Victoria take a firm hold of her waist and she looked back over her shoulder in time to see her raise her hand. The punishment was about to begin. 

Victoria landed a first, slightly cautious, smack and was pleased to find that Jane’s bottom was fleshy but firm, ideally suited to a good spanking. 

Jane gave a little yelp, more from surprise than pain as the first smack started a slight tingly sting. More smacks followed quickly, raising a burn in both cheeks as Victoria’s expert hand delivered Jane’s first real spanking. Jane's bottom was stinging, her face was burning and tears were forming in her eyes but she was relived that she could bear the pain and hadn’t humiliated herself by running out at the first smack. As the sting in her bottom increased she really wanted to reach back and rub the pain away but she was determined to be brave. She kicked her feet a little, squeezed her eye’s shut and clenched her fists. Suddenly the spanking stopped but Victoria didn’t release her grip and Jane glanced back to see Victoria picking up the leather paddle. 

“Now young lady,” said Victoria, “that was a nice little warm up, but we can do much better than that.  From what you tell me, you’ve spent the last twenty-six years being a naughty, mischievous brat and getting away with it. I’m not about to let that go unpunished.” 

“But, but, Victoria, I…” 

“Don’t be insolent,” snapped Victoria. “You will address me as Mistress Victoria and I am not about to let you waist my time with pathetic excuses. There are consequences for bad behaviour, young lady, as you are about to find out.” 

Jane’s first reaction was to scramble to her feet and run. What had happened to the nice kind woman who had invited her in and served her tea? She had never been scolded so harshly, and that tone of voice carried a promise of a very sound spanking. But mistress Victoria had a firm grip and it would have taken more courage than Jane possessed to defy her. So Jane stayed where she was, gulped nervously and accepted that she was really going to get the punishment she had fantasised about for so long. 

Within three blazing whacks of the paddle Jane’s hand flew back to cover her bottom and tears were trickling down her cheeks. Victoria took hold of her wrist and pushed her hand aside then without a word, continued the spanking. Jane kicked her legs and yelped with every smack. Finally with an extra hard whack the spanking stopped. 

Jane sagged over Victoria’s knee. Her bottom was blazing and tears and makeup had made rivulets down her face. “Do you require time to recover before we continue?” asked Victoria icily. 

Jane nodded. “Yes…yes please Mistress Victoria.” 

Victoria helped Jane to her feet and took hold of her arm. She marched her over to a padded leather door, showed her in and switched on the light. “This is my punishment chamber” she announced proudly. “This is where naughty girls and boys receive their just deserts.” 

The room was quite dark. It had no windows and was illuminated by small spotlights that gave it a sexy reddish glow. The walls had been padded for soundproofing. A tall Saint Andrews cross with wrist and ankle restraints was mounted in the corner. Whips, crops and paddles adorned the walls and in the centre of the room stood a stone column, about waist high. It looked as though it may once have stood in a garden supporting a sundial or a birdbath, but now its purpose was clearly quite different.  An iron ring fixed to the side held light chains with wrist and ankle manacles. 

Victoria led Jane over to a corner where a square wooden block on the floor had the words “Naughty Step” carved into it. Jane was made to stand on the step and face the corner. Victoria told her to stop rubbing her bottom and to put her hands on her head. 

“I’ll give you a few minutes to compose yourself then I will expect to see you back in the lounge.” With that, Victoria left Jane alone. 

Jane knew why Victoria had given her this moment of respite. She had acted as though it was part of the punishment but Jane knew this was really her opportunity to think about what she really wanted. She had been given a taste of Victoria’s discipline. Now she had to decide if it was for her. Should she walk away having dipped her toe in the water or should she let go of her fears and inhibitions and take the plunge into Victoria’s world of S and M. Her bottom was stinging. It was a tough choice. 

When Jane returned to the lounge Victoria was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. She put it aside and looked Jane up and down. “Well, young lady? Are you ready to continue or do you wish to leave?” 

“Please, Mistress Victoria,” said Jane quietly. “I’m ready to continue.” 

“Very well,” said Victoria. “If that is your decision. Take off your skirt.” 

This was a turn that Jane hadn’t expected. She flushed with embarrassment but shyly unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it revealing pink panties and self-supporting stockings. 

Victoria moved back to the upright chair, sat down and patted her thighs. Jane obediently moved to Victoria’s side and lowered herself over her Mistress’s knee. Victoria took hold of the waistband of Jane’s panties and tugged. 

“Oh my God,” thought Jane as she lifted her hips and allowed her panties to be pulled down. “What am I doing?” 

Victoria picked up the wooden paddle, raised it to shoulder height and smacked. As the pain exploded across Jane’s bare bottom she knew this punishment was in a different league to the earlier spanking. The intensity of pain was excruciating, unbearable, but at the same time fantastically erotic. Jane gripped the chair with one hand and Victoria’s leg with the other. She curled and kicked her legs and rubbed her belly against Victoria’s thighs. Victoria increased the pace of the spanking and as the paddling reached a crescendo Jane cried out in an intense sexual climax. Spanking was everything she hoped it would be.

Six months later Jane and Victoria were best friends. Jane had progressed through more and more severe spankings and role-plays. Naughty schoolgirl, clumsy maid and today, Jane's favourite, punished slave girl. 

Jane was intensely uncomfortable on the punishment block. She had been there for nearly half an hour. Victoria should have returned to release her. Her session should have been over ages ago. 

“Mistress Victoria come and release me, please,” called Jane. 

There was no reply. 

“Mistress!” said Jane, raising her voice. 

Still no answer. 

“Victoria!” Jane shouted angrily. “Come and release me now!” 

The door flew open and Victoria dashed into the room looking anxious and apologetic. “Oh my God, oh my God,” she cried. “I’m so sorry Jane. I forgot all about you." 

Victoria released Jane’s manacles and the slave girl slowly stood up. Her back was aching and her bottom was stinging. She was furious. She gently eased up her panties. Victoria handed Jane her leather mini skirt, which she carefully slipped back on.

“You forgot all about me?” she said angrily. 

“I’m really sorry,” said Victoria, but she couldn’t help giggling at Jane’s misfortune. “Let me make it up to you.” 

“No!” said Jane. “There’s nothing you can do to make this up to me. That was really unprofessional!” 

Jane walked along the wall of Victoria’s chamber, running her fingers over the array of whips and paddles. “You’re a professional disciplinarian. What do you think should happen to a girl who behaves so badly?” 

“You can’t be serious,” said Victoria. “I dish out the punishment. I don’t receive it. You’re the slave girl”. 

“You once told me, ‘There are consequences for bad behaviour,’” said Jane unhooking a leather taws from the wall and smacking it against her hand. She looked Victoria in the eye.  “Bend over and take your punishment.” 

Victoria was stung by her own words. She knew she would lose all respect if she didn’t live by her own code. She gave an angry look and then stepped reluctantly up to the punishment block. With a resentful look back at Jane and her face flushed with humiliation, she bent over the stone column. 

Jane fastened the manacles onto Victoria’s wrists and ankles then stood back. The light reflected on Victoria’s shiny latex cat suit where it stretched like a second skin over her firm, round bottom. 

Jane gave her own bottom a gentle rub. It was still stinging from her earlier whipping. She winced and reflected that Victoria deserved nothing less. 

Taking a stance that would allow her a good swing, she stroked the taws across Victoria’s bottom. 

“Get on with it!” snapped Victoria. 

“Oh, don’t be so hasty,” purred Jane. “I want to savour every moment.” 

Victoria yanked angrily at her chains but there was no escape. There was a moment of suspense filled silence then with an almighty thwack, a blistering fire engulfed Victoria’s bottom.   

Jane takes her revenge by spanking the bound domenatrix

Victoria howled and dragged at her chains in a futile rage. A second later another whack doubled the fire. She started to blubber. Jane laughed and set about delivering a merciless spanking to the bound dominatrix that soon had her tearfully cursing. 

After a short time (which felt like a long, long time to Victoria), Jane stopped the punishment. She sauntered around the room wondering which other toys she could use to punish her wayward mistress. Suddenly a thought struck her. She turned to Victoria. Her eye’s shone with glee. 

“I’m going to release you now Victoria,” said Jane. “But your punishment isn’t over. 

Jane unfastened the manacles and Victoria stood and clutched and rubbed at her stinging bottom. 

“Now,” said Jane. “Take off your cat suit.” 

Victoria looked furious but she gripped the zip that was already open enough to reveal her cleavage and slowly unzipped it down to her navel. Then with a struggle she peeled the cat suit away. 

Now, naked, except for a pair of white panties, Victoria felt as though her authority had been completely stripped away with the cat suit.  Jane walked around her and admired the fiery redness that almost glowed from her bottom. She touched the hot skin with icy fingers and laughed as Victoria leapt forward. 

“Bitch!” mumbled Victoria. 

Jane grabbed a paddle from the wall and sent Victoria into the lounge. She followed her through and pulled out an upright chair. Sitting down she ordered her mistress over her knee. She yanked down Victoria’s panties and the spanking that followed on her already sore bottom was relentless. Victoria kicked and bawled but Jane found she was surprisingly good at holding down a struggling brat and continued the spanking until she was satisfied Victoria had truly learned her lesson. 

When Jane finally went home, she left Victoria standing on the naughty step. As the door closed Victoria laughed to herself. Fifteen minutes later she eased herself into the foam of a warm bath. She poured herself another glass of champagne and smiled contentedly. “Some times,” she thought, “even a dominatrix needs a little spanking.”