Fifties Night

By Flatfish

The door bust open and Amanda stormed into the house. She slammed it closed and strode on into the lounge. A second later it slammed again as Tony, her husband, followed her in.

Amanda spun around to face him, her eyes flashing anger. “How dare you call me a trollop?” she snapped.

How dare you spend the whole night dancing with every guy in the room except your own husband?”

The couple had been to fifties night at a local hotel – an evening of music and dancing from the rock and roll era. If Tony hadn’t been so angry he would have admitted that when it came to dancing he was born with two left feet, but Amanda hadn’t even tried to dance with him. In fact she’d spent the whole night, laughing and flirting and clinging to every other guy in the room. The couple had dressed for the occasion in fifties style and Amanda hadn’t hesitated to spin and jive on the dance floor, flaring her skirt and flashing her pants which had Tony seething even before he encountered Amanda’s final insult – an amorous goodnight kiss for an all too friendly ex-boyfriend.

“What was wrong with dancing with a few boys?” Amanda protested. “That’s what they did in the fifties. Girls danced with boys.”

“Not with every boy,” snapped Tony. “Like I said, you were behaving like a trollop. And what about Jimmy Thomas? I saw you kissing him.”

“I… I didn’t,” Amanda answered weakly. She hadn’t realised she’d been seen. “Erh… He kissed me.”

“I didn’t see you protesting,” scowled Tony. “In fact you had your arms around his neck and your body pressed against his, not to mention that he had his hand on your backside!”

“It was all perfectly innocent,” cried Amanda. “I was just being a fifties girl.”

“Amanda, you’re twenty years old. A twenty year old in the fifties would still have been a minor. If you’d behaved the way you did tonight you’d have been marched straight home and your dad would have put you over his knee for a damn good spanking.”

“A spanking?” laughed Amanda derisively, “No he wouldn’t. My dad would never lay a finger on me and anyway, I’m a married woman.”

“OK,” said Tony. “Then it would have been my job to spank you.”

“Ha! I’d like to see you try.”

There was a moment of stunned silence before Toney’s face hardened and he took a step forward. Amanda’s eyes opened wide and she started to back away. “Now… Tony… erh… Don’t be ridiculous. You… you wouldn’t.” Tony pulled off his jacket.

 “I’m not being ridiculous fifties girl, in fact I’m just coming to my senses and maybe it’s time I became a fifties husband.” He tossed his jacket into a chair and moved slowly towards Amanda.

“Tony! No! This is crazy. This is the twenty first century.” Amanda backed away until she was stopped by the dining table.  Panicking she looked around for an escape route.

Tony reached to her side, grabbed a chair, spun it around and slammed it down causing her to flinch.

Amanda looked him in the eye and knew she was in trouble.  She darted to the side but Tony caught her around the waist. He sat down and with a frightened squeal from his delinquent wife he swung her over his knee.

“Tony! Stop!” she cried. She kicked and wriggled but Tony had a firm hold. Amanda reached back to cover her bottom but Tony grabbed her wrist and pushed it aside, holding it out of the way. Then he raised his right hand high and started to spank – hard!

Amanda yelled and cursed. Tony was a pressure cooker of anger. His rage had been building all night and now he’d started spanking he wasn’t going to stop until he’d blown off a hell of a lot of steam. Amanda’s flared skirt and petticoat offered surprisingly little protection and Tony could feel her soft round flesh through the thin material as he landed each new punishing smack.

Amanda’s flirtatious behaviour had been gnawing at Tony for hours and the more he thought about it the more furious he became. He took a tighter grip on her slim waist and as she squealed and kicked in panic he dragged her skirt and petticoat up out of the way, revealing her stockinged thighs and her reddening cheeks partly covered by cotton panties.

“No Tony, no!” wailed Amanda. “Stop. It hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt,” snarled Tony, launching into another wave of severe spanking. “It’s a punishment.”

“If you don’t let me go I’ll leave you!” wept Amanda.


“Oww! I’ll go to my mother’s. I’ll never speak to you again! I… I’ll go and live with Jimmy Thomas!”

Tony stopped spanking and Amanda realised with mounting dread that she’d said the wrong thing.

“Jimmy Thomas! Jimmy bloody Thomas!”

Tony grabbed the waistband of Amanda’s panties and dragged them savagely over her stinging bottom and down her thighs.

“I’ll give you Jimmy bloody Thomas!” he yelled.

Amanda’s bottom was already well blotched with fiery hand prints but now Tony set about making sure that every inch was turned a deep and painful scarlet.

Amanda’s spanking continued ferociously while she kicked and howled until eventually her angry cursing broke down to yelling and writhing and finally tear-filled bawling.

“I… I’m sorry!” she wailed.

With one last smack Tony’s anger dissolved. His hand throbbed. He stopped spanking and a wave of guilt and regret flooded over him. Amanda’s panties been shaken down to her ankles and had eventually flown off as she had struggled and kicked. Her bare bottom looked red raw and unbearably sore. Tony took hold of her skirt and petticoat and gently covered her up. Then with his hands around her waist he helped her to her feet.

Amanda stumbled away. She was too distraught to speak. Tears flooded down her cheeks as she blubbered and sniffled. She carefully raised her skirt at the back and gently rubbed her blazing bottom. Tony opened his mouth to speak but before he could say anything Amanda gave him a tear filled glare and ran from the room. Tony flinched as she slammed the door. He heard her stomp up the stairs and he flinched again as she slammed the bedroom door.

 Tony was shaken. He was trembling as he poured himself a whisky. Had he destroyed his marriage? His stomach churned as he pictured Amanda, upstairs, angrily throwing clothes into her suitcase – and who could blame her? He was a fool; a stupid, bullying, violent fool.

Up in the bedroom Amanda threw herself facedown onto the bed. She kicked her feet and punched at her pillows in an angry tantrum. Her bottom was on fire. She couldn’t believe that Tony had actually spanked her! Over his knee! Like a naughty schoolgirl! She was twenty years old for God’s sake!

She reached back and eased up her skirt and petticoat again and gently ran her cool hands over her bottom, feeling the heat. The constant stinging was toning down although her bottom was still very sore to the touch. But that wasn’t all. There was another heat as well, a passionate sexual heat. Thoughts ran through her mind of the heroines she had seen in movies who had been spanked by the dashing hero. She rolled gingerly off the bed and examined her bottom in the mirrored wardrobe door. It was extremely red.

When Amanda didn’t appear downstairs, Tony started to feel a faint shred of hope that there could still be a way through this mess. He nervously climbed the stairs, wondering how he could possibly repair the damage.

When he entered the bedroom he was surprised and relieved to find Amada in bed. She lay on her side and she stirred slightly as he came into the room. Tony undressed and slipped into the bed beside her. She had her back to him. Hesitantly he reached across under the covers and placed his hand on her waist. He was startled to find she was naked.

Amanda sniffled quietly. “I… I’m sorry I behaved so badly,” she said in a small voice. “It was thoughtless and childish.”

Tony was stunned. This wasn’t the angry reaction he’d been expecting. “I… I’m sorry I spanked you,” he said. “You must think I’m a monster.”

“No,” she answered. “I know you’re not a monster and I’m not sorry you spanked me. I deserved it.”

“What?” said Tony, puzzled. “Why would you…”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I know it’s not very PC but I think I quite like the idea that I have a strong husband looking after me and that when I do something naughty then you’ll be there to put me over your knee and… set me straight. Do you think I’m weird?”

Tony moved closer and hugged his wife. “I would never think that,” he said, “in fact I think it’s pretty sexy.” Amanda suppressed a yelp as his body pressed against her sore cheeks but she shuffled around, pushed Tony back and climbed on top of him. The love making that followed was wild.

Afterwards, as they lay together, Tony gently caressed Amanda’s bottom.

“I don’t think we should go to any more fifties nights,” he said.

“Maybe not,” said Amanda. “But I’d still like to be a fifties wife sometimes, especially when I’m feeling naughty.”

“Really?” said Tony with a smile, then he raised his hand and gently smacked.