Spanking the Cultural Attaché

 By Flatfish

 “You are ten minutes late for your appointment Janine.”

Janine Richards glanced at the ever smiling face of her wrist assistant, Tania, and thought, not for the first time, that the device seemed to take a smug satisfaction in delivering its irritating message.

“I know, I know. Damn this traffic.”

“Should I advise the Croton visitors that you will be arriving late Janine?”

“Yes,” Janine snapped. “Tell them I will be there in 5 minutes.”

“Our current velocity would indicate arrival in thirteen minutes and thirty five seconds,” Tania corrected.

Janine gave a frustrated groan. She had enjoyed an extremely wild time at the embassy party last night and she had arrived back at her apartment drunk and carefree. She had collapsed onto her bed and remained dead to the world until Tania’s persistent alarm had penetrated her dreams and she had awoken to find herself disastrously late.

“Tania, remind me to stay away from alcohol,” she said, “especially when I have an important appointment the next day.”

“The ‘No Alcohol’ warning has previously been set and was issued at eight thirty seven last night,” said Tania.

Janine was amused that the little wrist device could sound so disapproving. “Oh yes,” she laughed. “I set it up after that embarrassing affair at the ambassador’s reception in June.  I should have listened to the warning. I guess I’ve been a naughty girl again.”

“Acknowledged,” chirped the device.

A mile down the road, in a suite at the Palace hotel two extra-terrestrial visitors waited impatiently for Janine’s arrival.

Vidor, a tall, powerfully built Croton male paced the room. “Where is Miss Richards?” he growled. “She should have been here long ago. There are things I wish to discuss.”

“Calm yourself Vidor,” purred Soosoo, his female companion.  “I am sure she will be here soon.”

The Crotons were a proud people. They had lived out of sight in our solar system for generations, making brief forays to earth and genetically developing an appearance to facilitate their integration into terrestrial society. Two years ago in 2173 they had finally made formal contact.

A few months ago Janine Richards had been recruited to the interplanetary diplomatic service and had been assigned the junior role of cultural advisor and attaché to Vidor and Soosoo .  At twenty five, the pretty brunet was one of the youngest members of the service and she was still having difficulty in adjusting to the privileged life style that came with her new career.

Janine’s pod flipped out of the traffic stream and slipped silently to rest outside the hotel. Janine tumbled out looking harassed. She flicked her long hair straight, brushed the creases from her short, semi-transparent dress and took a deep breath. Then with determination she stepped into the hotel and headed to the Croton’s suite on the hundred and twelfth floor.

When Vidor snatched open the door Janine could tell he was furious.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” she mumbled, “the traffic was atrocious.”

“No matter,” snapped Vidor, barely hiding his irritation. “We have something to show you.”

Soosoo picked up a small mirrored disk from a side table and passed it to Vidor. He held it in the palm of his hand and a colourful image formed in the air above it. It was a scene from the park across from the hotel. It showed a woman walking a pair of poodles.

“Next,” said Vidor.

The image changed to a young couple sitting on a park bench.

“Play,” Vidor said.

The image started to move and it quickly became apparent that the couple were arguing. The girl leapt to her feet, waving her arms and shouting at the man. He stood also and the girl slapped him across the face. A second later the man sat down again, pulled the girl face down over his knee and started to soundly smack her bottom.

“We captured this interesting event yesterday evening,” Vidor explained. “But we don’t understand what is happening.”

Janine flushed a little as she tried to explain.  “It’s… erh… a kind of, erh… punishment,” she said.

“Ah… punishment,” Vidor answered, nodding his head. “I understand. You mean like prison or social realignment conditioning.”

“No, no, it’s not a judicial punishment. It’s more a private matter between two people,” said Janine. “It’s called a spanking. It might be used by a parent to punish a naughty child.”

“So the girl is a child,” said Vidor.

“No,” Janine answered, starting to sound exasperated. “She is an adult.”

“The man is punishing a naughty adult?” said Vidor.

“Er… Yes I suppose he is,” said Janine, hoping that would be an end to the explanation.

Vidor fell silent for a moment, mulling over this new information. Then he spoke.

“I wish to see more naughty girls,” he said, “so that we may understand spanking more fully.”

“I… I... I don’t think I can find more…”

“Incorrect,” said an unexpected voice from Janine’s wrist.

“Tania! Be quiet!” cried Janine, flushing again with embarrassment.

The wrist assistant fell silent.

“Please allow the device to elaborate,” said Vidor. “I am curious to know what it meant.”

“I’m sure it’s really nothing,” Janine said quickly. “I think it was just referencing a silly remark I made earlier; nothing that we need to hear now.”

“Please allow the device to speak,” Vidor responded firmly, clearly unimpressed by Janine’s attempt at an explanation.

Janine looked down at her wrist and nibbled her lip nervously. Tania had a bad habit of making her “helpful” comments at the most embarrassing moments and today she was running true to form. Janine took a deep breath, fearing she already knew what the device was going to say. She closed her eyes, crossed her fingers and spoke. “Tania continue,” she said.

The wrist device sprang back into life. “Janine broke the no alcohol rule last night and this made her late for her appointment this morning,” it said. “She defined this behaviour as being ‘a naughty girl again’.”

“Is this true?” rumbled Vidor.

“Erh… Yes, yes in a way, but, but it’s not as bad as it sounds, I… “

Janine’s words trailed away as Vidor moved menacingly towards her.

Janine’s eyes opened wide. “What… What are you doing?” she asked, nervously backing away.

Vidor grabbed her wrist.

“No!” she wailed, as he turned and started to pull her over to a chair. “You can’t do this. I’m a diplomat.”

“You have confessed to being a naughty girl and I am about to punish you,” growled Vidor. “Am I not following the customs of your planet?”

He sat down and gave a tug that sent Janine sprawling over his muscular thighs and then placed a heavy arm over her waist.

“N… Now Vidor,” said Janine nervously looking back over her shoulder and trying to sound calm. “You have simply misunderstood. J… Just let me go and we will say no more about it.”

 Vidor looked down at Janine’s shapely body as she tried in vain to twist herself free.  Her bronzed legs kicked in calf length white boots and her dress give a light blue tint to the white underwear that was clearly visible through the semi transparent material.

Vidor raised his meaty hand to shoulder height as he had observed in the park. “No! Please! Stop!” pleaded Janine, wriggling her bottom helplessly. “We need to talk about this.” But Vidor was not prepared to listen. With a look of grim concentration he slapped his hand down hard.

Janine howled and struggled even more but her writhing was totally ineffective against Vidor’s genetically engineered strength. The spanking clattered on with cries and smacks filling the room. Soosoo leaned forward for a better view. Her sparkling eyes were glued to Janine’s writhing bottom and the spectacular effect on the young attaché of Vidor’s heavy duty spanking.

After two minutes of nonstop punishment Vidor was showing no signs of tiring. The fiery glow of Janine’s rear end where her soft cheeks peeked from her panties was clearly visible through the thin transparency of her dress. Soosoo stood up and sauntered over to Vidor. She rested a cool hand on Janine’s rump causing Vidor to stop with his hand still raised. “Soosoo growled a few words in the Croton language. Janine didn’t speak Croton but she felt a wave of relief believing Soosoo had mercifully intervened to save her tortured bottom. A second later that relief turned to panic when Vidor answered in the same language and then waited while Soosoo gently took hold of the hem of Janine’s dress and drew the material up to her waist.

Janine was mortified. Having her underwear tastefully displayed through her designer peep-and-pose dress was the height of fashion but to have her panties fully exposed while she was being punished like a naughty child was excruciatingly humiliating. A second later her humiliation was forgotten as Vidor’s hand exploded once again on her stinging cheeks.

It took another five minutes of bottom blistering spanking to satisfy Vidor that Janine had learned her lesson and she kicked and howled through every second. He let her go and she scrambled to her feet. She ran into the bathroom, soaked a towel in ice-cold water then yanked down her panties and pressed the soothing compress to her stinging cheeks.

When the fire in Janine’s bottom had eased enough for her to stop pacing the room gritting her teeth, she gently eased her panties back over the tender skin, straightened her dress and returned to the living room.

“Don’t you ever do that again!” she snapped.

“I am confused,” said Vidor calmly. “Did the punishment not serve its purpose? I find that my anger at the rudeness of your late arrival has gone. Do you not feel deterred from behaving in that way in future?”

“Yes,” Janine winced, “of course I do. But you can’t go around spanking everyone who annoys you. It is against the law.”

“I apologise,” said Vidor. “Clearly much more research into this aspect of your culture is required. Would you care to assist?”

“No!” Janine’s hands flew to protect her bottom and she backed away. “I…I’m going to cancel the rest of today’s events. I think you have enough to think about for now. I’ll return tomorrow.”

Janine turned and almost ran from the room.  Once out of site of the Crotons she made her way carefully down the corridor gently rubbing her bottom and grimacing. She caught a chute to the ground floor and as she stepped out into the busy foyer she instantly regretted wearing a peek-and-pose dress.  Somehow she was going to have to make her way home with her well spanked bottom clearly on display.

In the room Vidor and Soosoo looked at each other, shocked at Janine’s rapid departure. Soosoo swayed sensuously towards Vidor, slowly unzipping the front of her grey skin-tight jump suit, the standard attire of the Croton visitors. Vidor gave a deep sigh as Soosoo’s naked breasts came into view.

“I would be happy to help you with your research she said, peeling away the outfit. I have been a very naughty girl.”