By Flatfish

“Boring, boring, boring!” Angela’s irritation came loud and clear down the phone. “How long are you going to wallow in self-pity?”

“Oh, I know,” sighed Nicola. “But since Peter left me I just want to be left alone.”

“Well I’m not going to stand for it. I hope you’re not pining for that pathetic weak willed bastard.”

“No, defiantly not. But I don’t want to come to your party. I’ve had it with men.”

“Now listen to me,” said Angela. “Sooner or later, that floozy who’s run off with your husband is going to realise what a useless creep he is and kick him out. You mark my words; pretty soon Peter’s going to be on your doorstep, begging to be let back into your bed. When that happens, you’re going to be sexier, more stunning and more exciting than you have ever been. He will have just enough time to appreciate what he’s lost before you slam the door in his face and forget him forever.”

“Yeah? Well maybe.”

“Damn right! And the first step is to come to my party tonight. I’ll expect you at eight.”

Nicola put down the phone and appraised herself in the mirror wondering where she had gone wrong. She was an attractive thirty two year-old. Ten years earlier she had married Peter, an old boyfriend who had come back into her life after she returned to her hometown from university. After the initial excitement their marriage had quickly descended into a drab, mundane routine. “Vanilla”, Angela had called it when Nicola shared her despair. But Nicola thought even vanilla would be nice. Her marriage was downright flavourless. Oh she’d tried to spice things up. She bought a sexy negligée, wore enticing perfumes, she even left furry handcuffs on the bed but nothing made a lasting impact. Peter just wasn’t interested. And then the truth had come out. Peter was a slimy, cheating philanderer who had been having secret affairs for years.

Nicola knew Angela was right about her slime-ball husband. When Peter had left her for his nineteen year-old secretary she was devastated, humiliated and her self-esteem had been completely crushed. Since then she had let that sad loser continue to ruin her life. It really was time to scrape him off and move on. Maybe she should go to Angela’s party after all.


The party was alive with tasteful music, laughing couples and flirting singles. Nicola stood to one side, nursing her glass of chardonnay; uncomfortably self-conscious and wishing she had stayed at home. Angela appeared at her elbow.

“Come with me,” she said, wrapping an arm around Nicola’s shoulder. “There’s someone I want you to meet. His name’s Richard. He’s a real dish. I’d have him myself if I was interested in men.”

“Angela! I told you I…”

“I’m only asking you to meet him.”

Richard stood with a small group in the corner, talking quietly. He wasn’t a man who needed to say much. Handsome, athletic, sophisticated; he carried the quiet, relaxed confidence of the alpha male. When Angela tapped him on the shoulder he turned and his attention was immediately drawn to her pretty companion. A genuine smile illuminated his face.

“Hello Richard,” Angela said. “I’d like you to meet my good friend, Nicola.”

Nicola smiled apologetically, clearly embarrassed by Angela’s blatant match making. Richard held out his hand and Nicola shook it.

“Delighted to meet you Nicola,” he said.

Conversation from Nicola was nervous and faltering at first but Richard soon put her at ease. He seemed genuinely interested. Nicola couldn’t believe he was for real. How could a guy like this be attracted to her? As the evening progressed drink and good company wore through Nicola’s resolve to abstain from all men and by the time the party was breaking up she had somehow agreed to meet him the following night for a date.

The next morning Nicola awoke with mixed feelings of excitement and worry. She was flattered that Richard had asked her out. It had given her tattered confidence a well needed boost and Angela was right, the man was a catch. But it had been years since she had been on a first date and she had forgotten just how nerve wracking it could be. Nearly a decade married to Peter had left her out of practice, out of touch and with an inadequate wardrobe. She climbed out of bed and pulled open the closet doors. After two minutes of fruitless searching for the perfect outfit she gave up and flopped back onto the bed in despair.

It’s hopeless, she thought. She would just have to ring Richard and call the whole thing off. She’d been kidding herself to think she could start dating again at her age. She picked up her phone but as she swiped the screen a call came through startling her. It was Angela. Hesitantly Nicola confessed her decision to her flabbergasted friend “…so I’m going to call him and cancel” she said.

“Oh no you’re not!” snapped Angela. You are thirty two not ninety two. You have a beautiful face and a figure to die for. Your sex life is not over; not by a long way so drop the pathetic excuses. I know Richard and if you don’t like him then fine, call him and cancel and he’ll accept it. But I’m damn sure that’s not the case and let me tell you now he is not the sort of man to accept being dumped at the last minute just because his date can't decide what to wear.”

Not the sort of man to accept it? - Nicola didn’t know what that was supposed to mean but she didn’t have chance to ask because Angela was still ranting.

“Now, I’ll meet you at Malone’s Boutique on the High Street in an hour,” she said. “Bring your credit cards. We’re going to find an outfit that’s so smoking hot even a cool guy like Richard will melt when he sees you.”

Nicola surrendered once again to Angela’s advice and with a resigned groan she crawled off the bed, showered and dressed and set off to town. Three hours later, with aching feat and a heavily depleted credit card she was home again. She struggled into the house with a heap of clothes, shoes and perfume. Angela had talked her into buying a short clingy bright red dress with matching heels, stockings and sexy white lingerie. Nicola hadn’t dressed like this even before she was married.

At seven-thirty Richard arrived. Nicola slipped a light jacket over her shoulders and stepper out to meet him. When she saw his reaction she mouthed a silent thank you to Angela; Richard clearly found her stunning.

Richard had booked a table at Le Jardin, a high class restaurant that Nicola knew by reputation but one she had never been to. In fact she hadn’t been for a romantic meal to any restaurant for years.

At Angela’s party Nicola had admitted to Richard how unhappy she had become with her uneventful life. A life wasted she had said. Afterwards she had cursed herself and the chardonnay for sounding so self-pitying and opening up so much. But Richard had been so easy to talk to. And now he was taking her to Le Jardin, maybe he was going to be just the exciting catalyst her dull life needed. She thought back to some advice Angela had given her; life is too short to let things pass you by. Try everything, foods, drinks, sex and adventures, go for it girl.

At the restaurant the couple were shown to their table. They perused the menu and Richard suggested they might enjoy an aperitif.

“When the waiter comes over,” he said “You order the drinks."


"Yes, this is what I want you to say.” Richard leaned across and whispered in Nicola’s ear. Her eye’s opened wide and she shook her head, blushing.

"I…I can’t say that,” she hissed.

“Life is what you make of it,” laughed Richard, “If you want excitement, if you want more out of life then you have to be a little naughty now and then. Now, quick, the waiter’s coming, keep your face straight.”

The waiter glided up to the table and flipped open his pad. “Yes sir,” he asked.

“The lady would like to order some cocktails,” said Richard, gesturing towards his companion.

“Yes Miss?” said the waiter, turning to Nicola.

Nicola glanced nervously at Richard but he just nodded and suppressed a smile. She looked back at the waiter; her heart was hammering in her chest. Taking a deep breath she mumbled, “I would like a Damn Good Spanking and a Long Hard Screw.”

The waiter looked momentarily startled. “I…I beg your pardon Miss?”

“I would like,” said Nicola slowly and starting to blush, “a Damn Good Spanking and a Long Hard Screw please.”

The waiter recovered his professional composure. “Erh… certainly Miss. I’m not too familiar with those particular cocktails but I will have a word with the head barman.”

The waiter returned a few minutes later with a barely suppressed grin. “George, the barman, says he is not able to fulfil your request this evening Miss, although he is quite sure they are exactly what you deserve, and he suggests you might enjoy a Screaming Orgasm instead.”

“Oh, erh yes,” said Nicola, blushing. “Erh …That sounds nice. We’ll have two of those please.”

As the waiter left Richard smiled and his eyes sparkled. “Well done,” he said.

“It was fun,” whispered Nicola, “and the waiter seemed amused too.”

“You were very brave,” laughed Richard.

Nicola blushed and giggled. “Do they really exist?” she asked sceptically.

“A damn good spanking and a long hard screw? Oh they exist alright,” he answered with a grin, thoughtfully rubbing the palm of his right hand, “and something tells me you would enjoy them both."

Something in Richard’s eyes, his roguish smile and the cryptic tone of his answer sent a thrill through Nicola from her stomach to her loins. She tingled with feelings she had never known with Peter. So when the meal was over and Richard invited her back to his city centre apartment she already knew she was going to accept.

As they walked from the restaurant Nicola looked up at Richard. “Have you invited me back for cocktails?” she asked with a mischievous smile.

“Would you like that?” asked Richard.

“You said you thought I would enjoy a … erh… the ones I asked for before the meal. What are they like?”

Richard thought for a moment. “A damn good spanking,” he said, “has a bit of a sting in the tail. It starts out with a warming tingle, then there is a hot intense crescendo and it ends with a nice pink glow at the bottom. And as for a long hard screw, let’s just say the pleasure is orgasmic.”

Nicola stopped walking and Richard turned to face her.

“Richard… I may be wrong,” said Nicola coyly, “but… but I have the feeling you aren’t really talking about cocktails."

"Oh?" grinned Richard "Whatever can you mean?"

"Well if you’re not talking about cocktails then I guess you must be really talking about…,” she took a deep breath and blushed at the idea, “about putting me over your knee and spanking me like I’m a naughty child.”

“What a delightful thought,” said Richard as though it had all been Nicola’s idea. You do have a very tempting bottom. He slipped his hands around Nicola’s waist, pulling her gently to him and they kissed, slowly and deeply. Afterwards they continued to walk.

“A spanking doesn’t have to be a punishment,” said Richard, “or at least not a real punishment. It can be a source of wonderfully intense pleasure.”

“Really?” said Nicola.

“But now you mention it you have been rather naughty, hiding away. Maybe you do deserve a spanking. What do you think?”

Nicola giggled. The idea was shocking, scary but strangely intriguing. She had spent years in a dull marriage, then months hiding away and now suddenly she was being drawn into this kinky, exciting, sexual game with this gorgeous Adonis.

“Will it hurt?” she asked. She suddenly felt very conscious of her vulnerable bottom, barely protected by her clingy short, thin dress.

“I guess it will, a little, but believe me, it won’t be unpleasant.”

Nicola stopped walking again and looked up into Richard’s eyes. There was a momentary pause as she gathered her courage then…

“Okay,” she said quietly.


“Yes… Erh… Okay, yes, I… I suppose I might deserve a little spanking. But… but not too hard, okay?” she said.

It seemed the words had barely tumbled from Nicola’s lips before they arrived at Richard's apartment and she found herself waiting nervously while Richard calmly unlocked the door. Once inside he took her jacket and poured them both a cognac.

“Are you… are you going to do it straight away?” Nicola asked, timidly, taking a nervous sip from her drink. “You know... the… erh… the spanking thing?”

Richard took the glass from her hand and put it down on the coffee table. Then he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately, his hands caressing her back and his right hand slipping down to caress her bottom.

“No time like the present,” he whispered, quoting the old adage. Then he reached up to the zip on the back of her dress and Nicola gave a shocked gasp as he gently pulled it down.

Nicola stood submissively trembling as Richard softly kissed her neck while gently slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders. He eased the dress down over her breasts, her waist and her hips, softly kissing her body until the garment dropped in a heap at her feet. Then taking her by the hand he led her over to the couch and sat down. Gently he drew her towards him until she was standing nervously by his side, grateful that she had selected such attractive lingerie and chosen stockings rather than tights.  Then reaching softly around her hips, sliding his hand across her silken panties Richard guided her face down over his knee.

Nicola squeezed her eyes shut and held her breath, anxiously anticipating the first stinging smack; but it didn’t come. Instead Richard gently brushed her hair aside and ran his fingers softly down her spine. When he came to her bra strap he unclipped it and as it parted, stroked her back with sensual circular caresses. Nicola’s bra fell away and she allowed it to drop to the floor while Richard slipped his hands around and cupped and fondling her breasts. By now she was breathing heavily, her nipples were hard and there was a dampness between her legs. Richard moved his hands to her narrow waist then one hand moved to the small of her back, firmly holding her in place while the other slipped over the swell of her bottom continuing those soft circular strokes that were now drawing her down to dizzying depths of ecstasy. Then slipping his hand into the waistband of Nicola’s panties he slowly bared her bottom. Nicola quietly whimpered as the sexual tension and unbearable anticipation of her first bare bottom spanking became overwhelming.

The first smack was gentle, slapping Nicola’s right cheek with only a little more than the weight of Richard’s hand falling onto her soft curves but it caused her to cry out. A second smack quickly followed, striking her left cheek with a little more force. Richard paused briefly to gently rub away the sting before striking again and again; harder now. As the sting increased, Nicola’s mind was awash with emotions. Her bottom was smarting but it was lovely, deeply arousing, exciting. Richard settled into a steady rhythm. Nicola was never sure which cheek the next smack would strike and she writhed and kicked a little but didn’t try to cover her bottom. It seemed as though Richard knew just how much she could take before shifting to the other cheek or stopping to rub away the sting, his hand caressing her bottom and the top of her thighs, slipping occasionally between, causing her to moan and part her legs, inviting his intimate touch. Richard spanked harder and faster now causing Nicola to yelp and gasp and raise her bottom for more, the spanking driving her almost to orgasm.

Suddenly it stopped. In a second Richard slipped Nicola’s panties off completely. He hooked his hands under her body and knees and rolled her towards him, scooping her into his arms as he climbed to his feet. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he carried her to the bedroom and softly placed her onto his cool sheets.

Nicola’s bottom was burning and she was in ecstasy. Richard peeled off his clothes and climbed onto the bed. “A damn good spanking,” he said, how did you like it?

“It was delicious,” she sighed as she sank into his arms. "Now... give me a long hard screw."


As the morning sunshine broke its way into the bedroom Nicola awoke. It had been an unforgettable night of passion. Richard still slept quietly by her side. He had been wonderful, she thought. What on earth was she doing here with this man? Doubts and fears chased each other through her mind until her splintered confidence surfaced once again and she convinced herself that as soon as Richard awoke he would break her heart and discard her; just another notch on his bedpost.

Carefully she slipped out of bed. She scooped her stockings from the floor, remembering Richard’s sensuous touch as he had rolled them from her thighs the night before. She glanced back at the sleeping figure and knew she had to go quickly. She hurried from the room, anxious to get away before her lover awoke to shatter her dreams with a humiliating rejection.

In the living room she found her dress still on the floor where it had dropped when Richard undressed her. She stepped into it and wriggled the clingy material up over her naked body then struggled awkwardly to fasten the zip. Nearby she found her handbag and pulled out her phone before stuffing her stockings and discarded bra into its place. Then she hit contacts and ordered a taxi.

“You can cancel that cab,” said an angry voice behind her.

Nicola spun around. Richard was standing in the doorway; he had pulled on a pair of boxers and he looked extremely annoyed. “Am I not even worth the curtesy of a goodbye?” he snapped.

“I… I… I’m sorry,” said Nicola, clearly flustered and embarrassed at being caught sneaking away.

“Don’t you think that is very rude?” he asked.

“I… I didn’t mean to be rude,” Nicola wailed. “I was frightened you would throw me out so I thought I…”

“So, not satisfied with being rude, now you want to insult me by maligning my integrity.”

Nicola fell silent. It seemed as though she was digging herself into a hole and every word made matters worse. She hurriedly picked up her panties and stuffed them into her bag.

“I will drive you home,” said Richard,  “if that’s what you want. But before you leave there is something you need…”

Nicola nibbled her bottom lip. Suddenly she was a very naughty girl, caught misbehaving.

Richard paced forward and took hold of Nicola’s wrist. She gave a frightened gasp but allowed herself to be towed over the couch where Richard sat down and swung her over his knee once again. Despite the protection of her thin dress the spanking that followed made her yelp and cry with every smack. This wasn’t the wonderful sexual game of the night before. Richard slapped her backside hard and fast. This was a punishment. “This,” said Richard “is for sneaking away.” A barrage of furious smacks followed. “And this is for not trusting me.” Another shower of stinging slaps assaulted her poor bottom. “And this,” he snapped, pulling up her dress to reveal her now deep pink bare bottom, “is for having such a low opinion of yourself. And if I don’t see a big improvement in your self-esteem Nicola then there will be a hell of a lot more of this.” The spanking that followed was longer, harder and more relentless than the other two put together. It went on and on.

By the time Richard released her, Nicola was crying wildly. It wasn’t just the sting of the spanking, although that had her pacing and clutching her blazing bottom; it was the shame of her behaviour and the massive emotional release as she felt for the first time in years that someone actually cared about her enough to do such a thing.

As she calmed down Richard passed her his handkerchief. She dabbed at her eyes and nose. “I’m sorry,” she said, sniffling. She slowly rubbed her bottom some more and twisted around, pulling up her dress to see the damage. She smiled warily. “Did you mean what you said?” she asked.

“What I said?”

“That I’d be spanked a lot more if I didn’t think better of myself?”

“Damn right I meant it,” he answered.

“Good,” she said with a subtle smile, knowing that the threat of further spankings meant Richard was serious about sticking around.


Richard drove Nicola home and parked outside her house. “I have tickets for the Adelphi for tomorrow night he said. “I hope you’ll join me.”

“Oh… I don’t know,” said Nicola. Richard’s face dropped. Then she giggled. “It depends on how soft the seats are.” She grinned mischievously and leaned towards him, wincing exaggeratedly and softly rubbing her bottom.

Richard leaned over and kissed her. “I’ll pick you up at seven,” he said.

"I look forward to it," she answered. "Oh... and erh... will we be having cocktails?"

"You can count on it," Richard grinned.

Back in her house, Nicola was about to go for a shower when her mobile chirped its ring tone. She pulled it out of her handbag, scattering some of the other contents. It was Angela.

“How did the date go?” Angela’s voice was brimming with excited curiosity. “Are you going to see him again?

“It was fun,” said Nicola.

“Fun? Fun! Is that all? Oh you’re not going to go back to being Little Miss Boring are you?”

Nicola looked down at the panties, hanging out of her bag and thoughtfully stroked her tender bottom, thrilling at her nakedness under her thin dress. “No,” she grinned. “Somehow I don’t think life is ever going to be boring again.”