Christmas Charity Auction

By Flatfish

Julia Blackwood hadn’t always been a spiteful, self-centred, bitter young woman. When she first started work at Lacey’s department store she was a happy nineteen year old who rapidly became a well-loved employee with a broad circle of friends. But one fateful day, eighteen months after joining the company she was called into the floor manager’s office and promoted. It had been her personality and social skills that made her an ideal candidate for the beauty department supervisor role. Mr Lacey, owner of the old family business, prided himself on the way his staff were looked after and getting on well with colleagues was seen as equally as important as management skills. But for Julia things didn’t work out so well. The thrill of recognition and promotion went straight to her head and she emerged from the manager’s office a changed person, bitten by the viper of ruthless ambition.

Nine months later, on Christmas Eve, Julia strutted through the beauty department like a queen looking with disdain upon her subjects. She stopped to check out the perfume counter which had been expertly organised with elegant displays by Julia’s former friends. She couldn’t fault it but she was determined to find something to allow her to stamp her superiority over her workers.

“Just look at the state of this counter,” she said. “Get it sorted.”

She didn’t wait for a response. She just walked away leaving three girls at the counter fuming.

 Around the corner Julia came across Mrs White, a member of the cleaning staff. “What are you doing on the shop floor at this time,” demanded Julia.

Mrs White was startled. “As a matter of fact Miss Blackwood,” she answered, “I am here as a customer so I’ll thank you to keep a civil tongue in your head. I have just bought a rather nice hairbrush for my granddaughter.”

“Do you expect me to believe that? If you’re here as a customer why are you wearing your uniform?”

“The store closes in twenty minutes and I will be starting my shift soon,” snapped Mrs White angrily. “You think you can lord it over me because I’m a cleaner and you’re a high and mighty supervisor but I won’t stand for it. You have no business taking a snotty attitude with me. I’ve worked for this company for over twenty years and I won’t have some slip of girl talking to me like that. Now be off with you before I find another use for this hairbrush!”

Julia gave Mrs White an angry look but turned quickly and walked away. She knew she had overstepped her authority and she knew she was in the wrong. Even staff members have to shop sometimes.  The old dragon’s threat was laughable but she still decided a dignified exit was the best course of action, especially today when she was hatching a plan that would boost her chances for further promotion.

Lacey’s Department Store was well known for its local charitable work, especially at Christmas and this year Mr Lacey had chosen the children’s ward at the city hospital. The staff had been collecting all through December and had also run a number of internal charitable events.  Now Christmas Eve had arrived and in place of the usual weekly staff meeting Mr Lacey was ending the charity drive with a fun staff charity auction. Suppliers and several members of staff had donated items and Julia had thought hard about what she could offer that would impress Mr Lacey and land her the promotion to supervisor of the fashion department. And then, that morning, as she sat at her dressing table mirror enhancing her beautiful features she hit on a brilliant idea; a great contribution to the auction that would really raise her profile. She had mentioned it to her manager who had promised he would pass it on to Mr Lacey. She also mentioned it to her ex-boyfriend Brad.

Brad and Julia had been in love until Julia’s change of attitude drove a wedge between them. He worked at the store in the health and fitness department and had a part time job as a fitness instructor at the local gym, but for Christmas he was also working as the store Santa Clause down in Santa’s Grotto. When they were an item, he and Julia had been inseparable. But as Julia turned nasty Brad had tried to point out how her behaviour was unacceptable and was damaging her friendships. Julia wouldn’t listen and in one final blazing row she had slapped Brad across the face. It had ended their relationship in an instant. Julia was filled with regret but it was too late. Brad still loved her but he wasn’t prepared to be with her as long as she was acting like a tyrannical monster. Since then they had settled into a cool and awkward peace.

Brad was wearing his Santa outfit when Julia came to see him and it felt strange to Julia, explaining her plan to Santa Clause. She almost felt she should be sitting on his knee. When Brad heard the plan he was astounded.

“It’s a crazy idea,” he said. “Have you even thought this through?”

Julia’s idea was simply to put herself in the auction. As one of the most attractive girls in the store she was convinced the chance of a date with her would bring some generous bids. She was surprised and angered by Brad’s negative response.

“There’s nothing crazy about it,” Julia snapped. “It’s a brilliant plan. Mr Lacey is going to be so impressed by my ingenuity and generosity that my application for the fashion department supervisor job will be in the bag.”

“Oh, so that’s what this latest ego trip is about. It’s not about the children’s ward or about offering something back to your fellow workers; it’s just about you getting what you want.”

“You make it sound like that’s a bad thing.”

“Ha! Not only is it a bad thing, it’s madness. It’s just not going to work.  You’ve trampled over your staff for months. They have bent over backward to please you and to make the cosmetics department a success and you have just abused their cooperation. You’ve developed quite a reputation throughout the store, Julia, and it’s not a good reputation. I don’t suppose you plan on sleeping with your date do you?”

“Of course not!” snapped Julia, shocked at the suggestion. “No way. What do you think I am?”

“It’s not what I think Julia; it’s what other people might think. And who’s going to pay for this date?”

“I… I thought the boy would.”

“Julia you are beautiful and sexy on the outside but you’ve lost your inner beauty. There is no way anyone working in this store is going to bid for a date with you; especially not a date that they have to pay for.”

Julia nibbled her lip. She was starting to wonder if Brad was right after all.

“And,” Brad continued, “just how impressed do you think Mr Lacey is going to be when not one member of staff is willing to support you? You know his philosophy on staff relations – staff are family.”

“Well I can’t back out now,” cried Julia. “I’ve already told the boss what I’m going to do.  You’ll have to bid for me.”

“You are joking Julia. Have you forgotten I’m your ex? No one’s going to believe I want a date with you and anyway that won’t save you. One person bidding isn’t going to persuade Mr Lacey that everything’s fine. No, you’re going to need a plan B.”

“A plan B?” wailed Julia. “The auction starts in fifteen minutes. I don’t have a plan B!”

“I do,” said Brad. “But you’re not going to like it.”

“Why?” asked Julia nervously. “What is your plan?”

“Don’t worry about the details. Leave that to me,” said Brad as a big grin spread across his face. “All you have to do is keep an eye on Mr Lacey and if you think your plan is turning sour then give me a nod and I’ll come galloping to your rescue. I have an idea that will make you look like a star. It will impress the boss and might even win over some of your staff. You just have to go along with it.”

Julia needed to look as sexy and attractive as she possibly could if she was going to tempt people to bid for her. She had purchased a very short sexy Santa dress and she disappeared to the ladies room to change.

The auction took place down at Santa’s Grotto where a raised platform for Santa’s throne provided a small stage. It was going well. Everyone was having a good time and the charity’s funds were growing.

“And now,” said Mr Lacey, “it’s time for our star item.” An excited murmur ran through the crowd as they wondered what was coming. “It’s a date with Miss Blackwood.” He paused for effect but was met with a disturbing silence. “Please step forward Julia.”

Julia’s stomach was churning. She could see by the look on some of the faces that people weren’t impressed. She gave a little wiggle and swayed her hips as she walked to the front.

“Ok, boys and girls,” said Mr Lacey, “what am I bid for a date with this beautiful young lady? Can I start the bidding at thirty pounds? Remember it’s for the children’s ward.”

There was no response from the audience. Mr Lacey cleared his throat. “Erh OK… erh who’ll start me at twenty five pounds…, twenty pounds? Ten?”

An uncomfortable silence hung over the room. Mr Lacey was looking very concerned. Julia was embarrassed and starting to panic. She looked over at Brad standing in his Santa suit at the back of the room and the desperation in her eyes told him it was time to execute plan B.

He took a step forward and his deep Santa voice boomed out through the silence.  “Ho ho ho, One hundred pounds,” he said.

Julia grinned with relief.

“But not for a date,” Brad continued.

“What?!” said Julia.

“I don’t understand, Brad,” said Mr Lacey.

“I’m afraid Miss Blackwood is on Santa’s naughty list this year. “ Julia turned pale. “So I will put one hundred pounds in the pot if Miss Blackwood will agree to be spanked by Santa for charity.”

Mr Lacey looked shocked but not as shocked as Julia. As Brad stepped forwards Julia grabbed his arm and turned away from the watching crowd.

“What the hell are you doing,” she hissed.

“I’m saving your career,” said Brad. “You need to go along with this.”

“But a spanking Brad? For god’s sake I’m not a naughty child. I’m a supervisor and some of these people are my staff.  I’ll never live it down.”

“These people, as you call them, are going to realise they have been misjudging you. They will appreciate that you’re making a brave sacrifice for the charity and they’ll love that you’re engaging in a bit of light hearted festive fun. “

Julia realised with mounting distress that she had no choice. She’d made a bad decision and it was one that could ruin her career. If My Lacey got wind of the way she’d been treating her staff and how she’d lost their support it would be a disaster. She would be lucky to keep her job.  Reluctantly she turned back to the crowd and gave Mr Lacey a sickly smile.”

“Well,” said Mr Lacey. “I wouldn’t normally approve of this sort of thing but it is a very generous offer for the charity and if you’re a willing participant Miss Blackwood I would be foolish to stand in your way.”

Julia wanted to scream “no! I don’t want to do this.” But instead she gave a nervous nod. She bent forward a little and put her hands on her thighs. “OK Brad,” she mumbled, “but not too hard.”

“Ho ho ho,” said Brad, taking a seat on Santa’s throne. He patted his thighs. “Not that way Julia. Naughty girls go over Santa’s knee.”

A murmur of laughter rippled through the crowd. This little Christmas show was becoming very interesting.

“What?” cried Julia in disbelief, standing up and tugging at the hem of her sexy Santa dress. “You’ve got to be kidding. “Over your knee? Really? In this dress?  No… I can’t… it’s, it's, too short!”

Brad wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He leaned forward and grabbed Julia’s wrist. She tried to pull away but he gave a sharp tug and with a yelp she found herself propelled face down across his knee and pinned in place with Brad’s large left hand. Brad looked down with delight. Julia was absolutely right, her dress was way too short and it had slipped up revealing a hint of her lemon coloured panties. Julia struggled to free herself but she couldn’t escape. She tried to tug her dress down to cover her underwear but it was no use. Brad pulled her grip away and pinned her arm to her side. He rested his hand on her bottom and Julia squealed in protest as he gently slipped her dress the rest of the way up to her waist. She squealed even more as Brad quickly raised his hand and began to spank.

A beautiful girl is spanked by Santa Clause

Julia was trapped. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth. Her face burned with humiliation. She couldn’t believe how she had let herself be talked into this ridiculous position, spanked like a badly behaved brat in front of all her work colleagues, but it was only a few seconds before embarrassment became the least of her problems. Brad started smacking slow and steady causing Julia to cry out and wriggle with each slap but he quickly picked up the pace and soon he was smacking hard and fast. Not a fun festive spanking anymore but a real spanking and the sting was rapidly becoming unbearable. Julia’s arm, still pinned to her side, fought to break free to cover her bottom but it was no use. Her feet kicked and her hips writhed in a frantic dance to try and dodge the next smack. The pain was mounting and mounting, her bottom was on fire and tears filled her eyes and poured down her cheeks until finally she couldn’t take any more and she twisted around with panic in her eyes.

“Stop, stop, Brad, please!”

 Even the people watching were shocked by the ferocity of the spanking.

Brad stopped. He hadn’t appreciated until then just how much anger he had suppressed about Julia’s behaviour; not because it was bad but because it was in total contrast to the person she used to be, the person she should be, the person she could be again. With a pang of guilt he realised he had lost sight of the reason for her being over his knee and instead of saving her career he had been really punishing her.  He gently rubbed her bottom. She flinched but strangely didn’t protest. But Brad also realised that if he was going to save Julia’s future then there was still more to do.

The visible part of Julia’s bottom that peeped from her panties, and the top of her thighs had turned a hot deep pink.  She was trembling and sniffling. Brad let her reach back and rub her burning cheeks. He leaned forward to speak quietly to her.

“Sorry,” he said. “I got a bit carried away.”

“That really hurt, Brad,” she sobbed. “My bottom’s on fire. Let me go. Please. I’ve had enough.”

“Not just yet,” said Brad. “We need to win everyone over and I can see there are still some people out there who think you’re just getting what you deserve. We need to get past the feelings of anger and vengeance and make them see you and I are doing this as a bit of Christmas fun for the charity.

Brad sat up and looked out at the gathered workers. “Julia has had a brilliant idea,” he said. “She says one hundred pounds is good but she’s sure we can do better. Now she’s just taken one hell of a spanking for the charity but for a further contribution Julia says you can buy some bonus whacks for her – and she says these can be real stingers.”

Julia whimpered.

“So,” said Brad, “for five pounds per smack, who would like to award her some super-hard bottom warmers.

Mrs White, standing at one side of the crowd, had watched Julia’s spanking with grim satisfaction and she dipped into her bag and pulled out the hairbrush she’d bought earlier. “Real stingers you say?”

“That’s right,” said Brad.

“I’ll buy two,” she said, but you have to use this.” She waved the hairbrush at Brad.

“Oh no,” wailed Julia.

 “Oh yes,” said Brad. He held out his hand and Mrs White brought him the hairbrush.

Laughter rippled through the crowd again. They were starting to appreciate what a good sport Julia was.

Megan, Sofia and Yvonne, the three girls from the perfume counter looked at each other. “Let’s buy some,” said Megan.

“I’m not sure,” said Sofia. She had been Julia’s best friend. “I’m amazed she’s volunteered for this and her bottom looks really sore.”

“You’re right,” said Megan, “she’s done this voluntarily for the charity and now she’s volunteered for more. We should support her and buy some.”

“Well I’m willing,” said Yvonne. “After that remark this afternoon about the state of our counter I just wish I could afford more.”

The girls clubbed together and bought another three stingers for Julia.

Miss Jenkins, Mr Lacey’s secretary bought one. She had wanted to buy something from the auction and nothing had caught her interest so this was her last chance to make a contribution. Two more were paid for by Pete Williams from stores. He wasn’t open about his fondness for seeing a pretty girl getting her bottom smacked but this opportunity was too good to miss. Lastly two stingers were paid for by Mr Lacey himself simply to support this young lady in her extraordinary charity initiative.

 “OK,” said Brad. “Are you ready Julia.”

“Just get it over with,” mumble Julia.

Brad tugged Julia’s panties up to bare a little more bottom. He rubbed the cold wooden back of the hairbrush over the flesh and then he started to hum a well-known Christmas tune, he had quite a good voice, and then he broke into song. “On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… ten (smack!) lords a leaping, nine (whack!) ladies dancing…

Each count of the jolly song brought another resounding thwack of the hairbrush and a howl from Julia.  The crowd loved it and soon joined in. When the pause came at five gold rings Julia’s bottom throbbed. The she squeezed her eyes shut as the song continued… “Four calling birds (smack), three French hens (crack!)”

The song finally ended with a blistering thwack at “…Partridge in a pair tree.” Everyone cheered.

Julia could hardly believe it was over and her bottom seemed to think otherwise. The stinging and throbbing continued long after the last smack.  Brad helped her to her feet and she paced about the platform rubbing her burning bottom. Mrs White came up to the stage to retrieve her hairbrush from Brad and Julia prepared herself for some cutting gloating remark from the old dragon.

“Well, young lady, you’ve certainly surprised me,” said Mrs White. “I didn’t know you had it in you. You took that spanking very well and made lots of money for those poor kiddies in the hospital. Well done.” Julia was stunned. Mrs White had never been nice to her before.

Next to join her on the platform came her three former friends. Sophia was first to speak. “Oh my god, Julia; are you OK? I knew the old fun loving Julia was in there somewhere, but a Christmas spanking from Santa Clause? That must have really hurt. You’re so brave.”

It felt good for her friends to be talking to her again. She wanted to say she was sorry for the way she’d been treating them but they already seemed to have forgiven her.

“We’re going to the bar across the road,” said Megan. “Are you going to join us?”

“I… I’d love to,” said Julia.

“Great,” Megan said. “We’ll save you a seat.

“Thanks,” laughed Julia, “but I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit on it.”

The girls went away laughing.

 Julia turned to Brad. “I’m sorry,” she said.


“Sorry and thank you. You were right all along when you said I was turning people against me but I wouldn’t listen. I nearly ruined everything but your plan B has given me a chance to start again.” She winced and gently rubbed her bottom. “Everyone thinks we planned this as a Christmas charity event and now my friends are talking to me again. Even Mrs White is being civil.”

“I think you’ve impressed Mr Lacey as well,” said Brad. “That promotion could be yours.”

“No,” said Julia. “I’m withdrawing my application. I want to rebuild some bridges with my friends in the beauty department and maybe learn a bit more about managing people. I want to be the person I used to be.”

“I don’t suppose you’d like your old boyfriend back,” asked Brad hopefully.

“Actually I would like that very much.”

“I love the old you,” said Brad. “It’s good to have you back.”

“Well I’m back for good,” said Julia.

“And if you’re not?” asked Brad.

“Well I guess I’ll be back on Santa’s naughty list.”

“Mmm,” said Brad. “I’d better buy a hairbrush, just in case.”