Caught and Spanked

By Flatfish

It hadn’t been an easy choice. Stephanie had always considered herself to be completely honest but the offer had been just too tempting and Mr Smith, as he called himself, had been very persuasive. It really wasn’t fair. Raised by an overworked and underpaid single mum, Stephanie had survived a tempestuous childhood and made it to university. She graduated with first class honours and she’d been thrilled to join the prestigious Johnson Howard Company. It was a dream job. But now after only a month she’d blown it. She was sitting in the outer office of Mr Johnson Jr. like a naughty schoolgirl, waiting to be called in and sacked. The pill was all the more bitter because Johnson had recruited her himself, giving her his personal endorsement after she impressed him at a graduate recruitment fair. Oh why had she been so stupid.

Gloomily, she thought back over the past week since George Smith had embroiled her in his illicit espionage plot. He'd approached her after work. He’d chatted to her in the bus queue, flattered her, taken her to dinner then tempted her with an unbelievable offer and finally reeled her in. Six month’s salary in exchange for a harmless photograph of a single document – that was the deal. He just wanted to know what the firm was offering in its bid to take over a small rival. Of course Stephanie refused at first. After all, as a graduate trainee she didn’t really have access to confidential documents. But she hated catching the bus each day and she’d seen the perfect little car. She passed it every morning as it stood gleaming on the forecourt of Max’s Motors. She had to have it. But she didn’t have the money. And then two days ago fate had taken a hand. She’d been sent on an errand to this very office with strict instructions to hand a confidential package to the secretary.

“Make sure you hand it over to Meg Walker in person.” She’d been told.

 The secretary was away from her desk so Stephanie had taken a seat but after a couple of tedious minutes she had become bored and she’d wondered around the office looking at the artwork on the walls, the water dispenser in the corner and the papers on Miss Walker’s desk. Then her eyes had opened wide. The document detailing the bid for Parker Units was there on the secretary’s desk in full view, the same document Smith had asked her to photograph, and Stephanie was alone. She’d had seconds to make the choice and that was where she’d ruined everything; a quick snap on her phone, select and send. Ten seconds and the evil deed was done. She still didn’t know how they’d found out. But an hour ago security had made her clear her desk, confiscated her phone and escorted her to the executive floor to be “interviewed” by Mr Johnson Jr. himself.

The intercom on the secretary’s desk buzzed, snatching Stephanie out of her trance. A quiet voice said “Meg, Please have Miss Brown sign the document you prepared earlier.”

“Yes sir,” answered Meg Walker. She tapped a button on her keyboard and walked over to the printer to retrieve the two page output.

A lead weight dropped in Stephanie’s stomach and any shred of hope she’d had of keeping her job evaporated. Miss Walker attached the pages to a clipboard and handed it to her.

“Sign at the bottom,” she said brusquely.

Tears filled Stephanie’s eyes and she tried to read the document but she was too distraught. She soon gave up and with blurry vision she just signed the last page. She assumed it must be some sort of termination form and she had no wish to draw this nightmare out any longer than necessary. She handed the document back to Miss Walker who glanced at the signature and smirked. Miss Walker sauntered back to her desk and spoke quietly into the intercom then she glanced up at Stephanie and smiled. “Mr Johnson will see you now,” she said, “here, take the form with you.”

Stephanie stood up and tugged her short skirt straight. She brushed down her blue satin blouse and flicked her auburn hair back over her shoulder. She took the form from Miss Walker and walked nervously to the polished light oak double doors that led to Mr. Johnson’s office, cleared her throat and tapped timidly on the door before entering.

Johnson’s office was huge. The chief was sitting on a corner of his desk with one foot on the floor. He was a tall, good looking man in his mid-forties. His hair was dark and expensively styled and a hint of grey was just starting at his temples.  Behind him large plate glass windows looked out onto a panoramic city view.

Stephanie gave a fleeting nervous smile and pushed the door closed with a quiet click. She had only taken one step forward when Johnson was on his feet and striding towards her. He looked so furious Stephanie almost ran. She held out the form with a trembling hand and she flinched as Johnson snatched it from her. He flipped the page, grunted a brief acknowledgement at the signature then tossed it into an armchair. “Right!” he snapped and then without another word he grabbed her by the arm and marched her across the office. She squealed a brief objection, a mixture of shock, confusion and fear. She almost stumbled as she was forced to totter across the carpet on her stilettos. Johnson didn’t take her back to his desk. Instead he steered her over to a leather couch located at the side of the office next to a long coffee table. Keeping hold of Stephanie’s arm, he sat and sent the startled girl sprawling face down over his knee.

“Woa…,” she screeched, “what the hell do you think you’re …”

Her protest was cut short as Johnson’s large hand smacked down on the seat of her thin skirt sending fire through her right cheek. It was immediately followed by a ferocious whack to the left. She tried to reach back but he pushed her hand aside. Her legs kicked and she wriggled and struggled but Johnson was muscular and athletic and he had little trouble keeping her under control with his left arm while his right hand blasted her shapely bottom.  Johnson didn’t say a word. He just smacked and smacked again, relentlessly stinging Stephanie’s bottom with a barrage of searing whacks until both cheeks blazed and tears poured from her eyes. “Let me go you fucking bastard,” she yelled.

Johnson immediately stopped and rested his hand on Stephanie’s bottom. She tried to wriggle free but she found she was still pinned to his knee.

“How dare you use language like that in my office young lady,” growled Johnson. His voice held a fearsome authority and it was laced with anger. He grabbed the hem of Stephanie’s skirt, causing her to squeal, and dragged it up over her bottom.  Bizarrely, Stephanie immediately worried about what underwear she had on and she felt a momentary wave of relief when she remembered it was the new white pants she’d bought at the weekend.

With her skirt pushed up out of the way Johnson continued to angrily spank Stephanie’s semi-naked bottom until the visible skin was crimson.

Stephanie over the knee of Mr Johnson being spanked on her panties

Unbearably humiliated and with her bottom stinging more with every ferocious smack, tears flooded down Stephanie’s face. She kicked and writhed but she knew she had really let this man down. He had trusted her and she had broken that trust. An overpowering wave of guilt flooded over her and the knowledge of her mistake made her cry even harder.

Eventually Johnson let her go and she scrambled to her feet, pulling her skirt straight and tearfully rubbing and squeezing her bottom. Johnson stood as well. Despite her inner contrition Stephanie was furious with him and she angrily swung her open hand to smack him across the face. Johnson caught her wrist, blocking the blow and the look on his face was enough for Stephanie to know she would soon be paying for that little outburst.

“Oh no, no, please,” she cried, shaking her head and trying to pull away, but Johnson had a strong grip. He sat again and hauled her back over his knee. In a second her skirt was dragged out of the way and this time her pretty white panties were pulled down her thighs revealing her hot pink cheeks. Stephanie squealed in horror and embarrassment. In the outer office Miss Walker gave a satisfied smile – The boss was giving that young minx exactly what she deserved, a long hard bare bottom spanking. The punishment that followed was more painful than ever. Stephanie’s bottom was already agonizingly sore and this time it seemed as though the spanking was never going to end. Her hips danced and writhed but there was no way to avoid the ferocious thrashing. It just went on and on. By the time it was finished she was crying like a scolded child and her whole bottom was a blazing deep and angry red.

When Johnson finally released her, Stephanie scrambled to her feet and stumbled, away red faced and dishevelled. She fled across the carpet, wincing and gritting her teeth as she tried to pull her panties over her stinging cheeks and pull her skirt straight. Johnson walked calmly over to his desk and sat down, rubbing the palm of his hand. When Stephanie reached the door she rattled the handle and tugged but it wouldn’t budge. “Let me out of here,” she yelled, kicking the door in frustration. “I’m going to call the police. You won’t get away with beating me and imprisoning me. Open this door.”

“Sit down,” said Johnson calmly. “We’ll talk then you can go.”

Stephanie yanked on the door for a few seconds more but she soon realised she had no choice but to do as she was told. She flounced over to the chair in front of Johnson’s desk and dropped angrily on to it. Fire shot through her throbbing cheeks and with a tear filled yelp she scrambled back to her feet, clutching her bottom and crying.

Johnson waited patiently for her to regain her composure. “We know about your meetings with George Smith,” he said. “We have been aware of his activities for some time and the document you sent him was of course a fake. I wouldn’t expect payment if I were you. As for your accusations of beating and imprisonment, you surprise me. Before you came into this office you willingly signed the document Miss Walker gave you agreeing to accept punishment at my hands in preference to being handed over to the authorities. I am shocked that you are now trying to go back on that decision.”

Sarah felt stunned, confused and foolish. If only she’d read it…

“I am bitterly disappointed Miss Brown,” Johnson continued, “and extremely angry. I brought you into this company and I feel a personal responsibility for your actions. You are in your probationary year and subject to a variety of measures and assessments. Your meetings with Mr. Smith were reported to me and it was suggested that we should assess your trustworthiness. I was confident you would pass with flying colours but I agreed that a suitable document could be made available to you so you could demonstrate your loyalty.  You chose, instead to demonstrate greed and betrayal and I must admit my first reaction was to fire you and hand you over to the police. But the truth is that I see in you the daughter I never had, and upon reflection, as your sponsor in this company, I felt it would be a more rewarding outcome for both of us if I offered you the opportunity to be dealt with by myself in, shall we say, a more paternal way.”

Stephanie was lost for words. Her bottom was stinging like Hell, her eyes were red, tears were pouring down her cheeks and her nose was running. She felt embarrassed by her own actions and even more embarrassed that she’d been caught and spanked like a child. But somehow this charismatic man made her feel as though she’d been a naughty girl and had been punished for it and now she was being forgiven. She’d come desperately close to throwing away her values and her future and ruining her life and he had yanked her back from the edge. She wished she could wind back the clock. She wiped her nose on the back of her hand and Johnson offered her a tissue.

“So… so do I still have a job?” she asked quietly.

“You have a choice,” said Johnson, “and you have already shown how you can choose badly so think carefully before you answer. On the one hand you can walk away. You will be given an honest reference stating that you are very good at your job but also stating that you have been dismissed on an issue of trust. On the other hand you can choose to stay and I will continue to take a… erh, close personal interest in your career development.

Stephanie’s flinched at Johnson’s words. Her face flushed and her bottom throbbed but she already knew the choice she would make. “I… I’d like to stay,” she said.

“Good!” said Johnson and clapped his hands together. Wash your face Miss Brown, repair your makeup and return to your desk. Work hard and be on your best behaviour, because if I have cause to discipline you again I will not be so lenient. Miss Walker has a rather large hairbrush in her desk drawer and I think it will prove very effective at keeping you on the straight and narrow.”