by Flatfish

Julie Spencer opened the jewellery box. She and her friend Wendy Rand had been in the apartment for five minutes and had collected quite a hoard; some designer clothes, cash, perfume, an antique comb and hairbrush and now jewellery. She ran her fingers through the gold and silver trinkets and selected a bracelet. A sudden rattle of a key in the lock disturbed her. 

“Damn,” she whispered. “Wendy, they’re back.” 

Stuffing the bracelet into her pocket she ran back towards the partly open window that had been their way in. Wendy was ahead of her. Realising they couldn’t both get out, Julie turned back and disappeared into the bedroom to hide. Dropping the rucksack of stolen items, Wendy tried to scramble head first through the window gap. It was a tight squeeze and she was only partway through when Adam and Amanda Bentley burst into the room. 

“Hey! Stop right there,” yelled Adam grabbing at the waist of Wendy’s tight black jeans. 

Amanda reached up and released the window, which fell down on Wendy’s back, pinning her over the window ledge and trapping the helpless burglar. 

“I have had enough of this,” said Amanda angrily. “This is the third time this year we have been burgled and the police do nothing. Keep her right there. I’m going to take care of this one myself.” 

Wendy struggled hard and kicked her legs but she was firmly wedged with the top half of her body sticking out into the empty street and her bottom half trapped in the room. 

“Let me go, ” she cried. 

A moment later Amanda returned to the window armed with a riding crop. 

“No Amanda,” said Adam. “You can’t do this.” 

“Just watch me,” said Amanda taking up position for a good swing. She touched the crop against Wendy’s defenceless bottom, then swung it right back and putting her shoulder into it she swiftly thwacked it as hard as she could against Wendy’s skin tight jeans. Wendy screamed as the unexpected pain seared across her bottom. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, owwww!” She howled, bursting into tears. “Let me go, let me go.” 

She could do nothing to ease the unbearable sting that throbbed across her bottom. She was trapped with her arms on the outside and her bottom completely defenceless. 

“Oh no. You’re not going anywhere yet,” said Amanda, taking aim for the next blow. “I have barely started. How.” Thwack! “Dare.” Thwack! “You.” Thwack! Thwack! “Break into my.” Thwack! “House?” THWACK! 

As each stinging blow exploded across her bottom Wendy screamed and cursed. She had never known such pain. After a dozen savage whacks Amanda ended her tirade. She raised the window and Adam dragged Wendy back into the room. 

The sobbing burglar franticly squeezed and rubbed at her bottom, marching backwards and forwards, tears streaming down her cheeks. There was nothing she could do to ease the intense burning. She felt as though she was sat on a brazier. 

“You fucking bitch!” She screamed. 

“You had better be quiet,” said Amanda. “You have had one dose of old fashioned discipline. Talk to me like that again and I will wash your mouth out with soap!” 

“Now,” said Adam gently, feeling sorry for the girl. “Why don’t you just sit down there until we decide what to do with you?” 

“Sit? Sit? I can’t fucking sit!” Yelled Wendy. She immediately regretted her outburst and glanced quickly at Amanda, fearing she might carry out her threat. 

“I think we had better call the police,” said Adam. 

Wendy’s eyes opened wide. “No,” she said, “please!” 

Amanda noticed that Wendy kept glancing towards the bedroom. Curious to see what was causing such concern she went to look. She returned a moment later, dragging Julie by the ear. 

“Two burglars,” said Adam. “I’m calling the police now.” 

“No! No!” Cried Julie, panicking. “Please. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything. Please don’t hand us over to the police. I have a baby daughter.” 

“If you think we’re just going to let you go, you can think again,” said Amanda. “You two need to learn that serious crimes have serious consequences. You have intruded into our home and for that you are going to be punished.” 

“I have been fucking punished,” said Wendy, tears still streaming down her face and hands still clutching her bottom. “My arse is killing me.” 

“You can be quiet,” said Amanda. “Go and stand over there and face the wall.” 

At eighteen years old Wendy didn’t appreciate being treat like a naughty child. She was about to protest but when Amanda swished the riding crop through the air, she changed her mind. With as much attitude as she could manage she slouched slowly over to the wall and leant against it. 

“Stand up straight and face the wall, now!” Yelled Amanda.

Wendy reluctantly did as she was told. 

Now Amanda turned her attention to Julie. She looked her up and down. Julie was a pretty girl, maybe eighteen or nineteen with a good figure. Like Wendy she was dressed for burglary; black trainers, black jeans and a black hoody.  Now with the hood pulled back Amanda could see she had long blond hair tied in a ponytail. 

Amanda softened a little. “I don’t want to see you go to prison and I don’t want your child to suffer, so I am going to give you a choice. We can call the police or you can agree to let my husband punish you.” 

Adams eyes opened wide and he looked very uncomfortable. 

“What sort of punishment?” Said Julie warily. 

Amanda smiled wickedly. “I think my husband would like to put you over his knee and spank you.” 

“What? No way,” said Julie. “I’m not a child, I’m a grown woman.” 

Amanda looked at the riding crop. “I don’t think we will need this,” she said, tossing it into a chair. “But you can take off your coat, drop your jeans and take what’s coming to you or we can call the police.” 

“Drop my jeans? No! I won’t!” 

Amanda moved a chair into the middle of the room. “Have a seat Adam.” 

Adam sat down and Amanda wondered over to the phone and lifted the receiver. “Your choice,” she said to Julie. “Shall I start dialling?” 

Julie screamed through clenched teeth in frustration and then moved sulkily over to Adam, discarding her hoody to reveal a tight black tee shirt, and unfastening her jeans as she walked. She stood looking down at Adam’s lap then glanced at Wendy and over at Amanda. Blushing with embarrassment she eased her jeans over her bottom and pushed them down. Adam’s mouth was dry and he could feel his swollen manhood hot against his leg as he gazed at the smooth skinned thighs of the half naked young burglar. Reaching up, he took hold of her wrist and with his right arm around her slim waist he gently pulled her towards him. She resisted a little at first then accepting that there was no escape she reluctantly allowed herself to be positioned face down over his knee. Adam could feel her warmth and smell her perfume as her breasts brushed past his face. 

Adam placed his left hand on Julie’s waist and stroked his right hand over her thin cotton panties. 

“Stop feeling me up” she said kicking her legs and looking back over her shoulder. 

Adam had been going to go easy on her but her words angered him. “You need a serious attitude adjustment” he said. Then taking a firm hold of her waist he raised his hand and slapped it down hard on the soft swell of her panties. Julie Howled and kicked. Adam set about giving her a spanking she would never forget, smacking hard, sometimes alternating between cheeks and sometimes focussing on one spot. His hand started to sting and he could only hope that Julie’s bottom was stinging even more. Julie cried and kicked with every smack, cursing at first then pleading for him to stop. Her panties covered half of her bottom, leaving the lower cheeks bare on either side. Adam concentrated his attention on the exposed portions of her bottom, noting with satisfaction how her reaction was even wilder as he built up the pain in these tender exposed areas. Her bottom was turning a blazing scarlet and tears poured from her eyes, dripping on to the floor. She writhed around on Adam’s lap but she could do nothing to stop the relentless spanking. 

Finally, Adam could stand the pain in his hand no longer and he reluctantly stopped spanking and released the helpless girl. Julie scrambled to her feet, clutching her bottom and crying uncontrollably. It was only when he felt the ache in his shoulder that Adam realised how long and hard he had been spanking her. 

“Right,” said Amanda, “if we catch either of you trying to steal from us again, this evening will seem like a walk in the park. Now get out!” 

Julie choked back the tears and pulled up her jeans, easing them carefully over her stinging bottom, not bothering to fasten them. Sniffling, she grabbed her hoody and the two girls hurried towards the door. 

“Stop!” Said Amanda. “Empty your pockets first.” The girls stopped and dipped into their pockets. Wendy showed that she only had a few personal items but Julie turned pale as she pulled out the bracelet that she had pocketed earlier. 

The girls stood, wide-eyed and terrified, like rabbits caught in car headlights. 

“Oh my God,” said Julie, panicking. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know! I forgot!” 

“I don’t believe you,” said Amanda. “You haven’t learned your lesson at all, have you? I warned you what would happen if you tried to steal from us again and you’ve started before you have even got out of the door.” 

Wendy stepped back, distancing herself from Julie. She didn’t want any part of the wrath that was heading their way. Amanda paced forward and grabbed Julie by the arm. 

“No! Please! No!” Cried Julie, pulling back. But it was no use. Amanda was strong and angry and she dragged the struggling girl back over to the chair and sat down, wrestling her over her knee. 

“Adam. Get my hairbrush.” 

“Its in the rucksack said Wendy,” and then covered her mouth as if trying stop herself from adding to Julie’s problems. Julie looked up and stared in disbelief at Wendy. “You bitch,” she cried. 

Adam picked up the rucksack and emptied the contents onto the couch. Then he picked up the hairbrush and tapped it meaningfully against his hand before handing it over. 

“So, young lady,” said Amanda, it seems that my husband was too easy on you. Now you’re really going to get it!” 

Julie squealed in terror and embarrassment as Amanda grabbed the loose waistband of her jeans and panties and roughly yanked them both down to her knees before accepting the hairbrush and resting its cool hard wood against her already tender flesh. Then, taking a firm grip on Julie’s waist, Amanda raised the brush above her shoulder and flashed it down hard with a resounding crack on Julie’s bare bottom. The deafening clap of hairbrush on firm naked flesh echoed around the room and Julie screamed and burst into tears again. The pain scalding her bottom was far worse than the hand spanking she had received from Adam but Amanda didn’t pause. Raising the brush high she brought it down again and again. Julie struggled and fought; bucking her hips and trying to avoid the relentless smacks, pleading for the spanking to stop, but Amanda held her firmly and continued to deliver the soundest paddling of her life. Soon the stinging built to an unbearable fire but Julie could do nothing to escape. Her whole bottom turned a deep red and she cried herself breathless. 

Amanda was in an anger zone of her own. She had seen the burglar’s horde poured from the rucksack; her clothes, her perfume, now her jewellery. It wasn’t until Adam called her name that she came to her senses and stopped the spanking. She released Julie and allowed her to slide to the floor clutching her bottom and crying. 

“Now get out!” said Amanda. 

Wendy helped Julie to her feet and helped her pull her pants up. With a quick glance back, the two terrified girls hurried from the apartment at last. As they wondered down the street, their bottoms stinging from the experience, Julie turned to Wendy. 

“That was a close call,” she sobbed. “I’ve finished with this game. Next time you are on your own. We could have been thrown in prison. I’m going straight.” 

“Yeh? Well maybe you’re not the only one,” said Wendy, wincing as her jeans rubbed against the welts that covered her bottom. 

In their apartment, Amanda turned to Adam and ran her fingers sensuously down his chest. “I think those two will think twice before they break in here again.” 

“Mmm,” said Adam. “But now I think there’s another naughty girl who needs a spanking.” 

Amanda giggled. She handed Adam the hairbrush and the couple wondered hand in hand into the bedroom.