Bad Girls in Benidorm

 By Flatfish 

The hot Spanish sun glistened on Susie’s bronzed thighs as she turned bottom up on the poolside sun lounger and gave her long red hair a flick. She glanced across at her friend Nicola sprawled on her back, enjoying the sunshine, her blond hair in pigtail plaits contrasting with her dark holiday tan. Both girls were eighteen years old and it was great to be away from their parents for the first time. 

“Can you believe it Nicky? Two weeks we’ve been in Benidorm and I’ve hardly had a snog. We fly home tomorrow. I came here for sun, sea and sex!” 

 “It’s your own fault Susie. You turned down that English lad.” 

“He was boring,” protested Susie. “I fancy someone a bit more exotic. I have my eye on Mateo.” 

“That Spanish waiter?” 

“He’s not a waiter,” said Susie defensively, “ He does lots of different jobs. Today he’s a lifeguard.” 

Nicola followed Susie’s dreamy gaze across to the other side of the pool where Mateo had set up his lifeguard station. He was chatting and laughing with a group of giggling teenage girls. 

“Looks like there’s plenty of competition,” laughed Nicola. 

“I’ll find a way to get him alone.” 

“Maybe you should drown yourself in the pool. Then he’ll have to come and fish you out.” 

“That’s not a bad idea,” said Susie grinning slyly. 

“You’re not serious.” 

“Not really drown myself, but there’s no harm in pretending. I was good at drama at school. Watch and learn Nicky. Watch and learn.” 

Susie scrambled to her feet, straightened her tiny blue bikini and wondered innocently over to the side of the pool. She glanced around and when no one was looking she screamed and threw herself into the water. She came to the surface thrashing about and shouting for help. Mateo looked up from the adoring teens and saw the commotion. He leapt from the lifeguard station, ran to the side of the pool and dived into the water. Moments later he wrapped a strong arm around Susie and dragged her to the side of the pool. Scooping her up in his arms he deposited her limp body on the sun-bleached poolside. 

Mateo clambered out of the pool and knelt down at Susie’s side. Her eyes were closed and she tried not to breath. “Quick,” he shouted in broken English to the surrounding holidaymakers. “Call ambulance!” 

Susie opened one eye briefly. This was not going to plan. She had imagined that she would be melting into Mateo’s arms. Instead he pulled back her head ready to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She decided it was time to recover. She opened her eyes and found Mateo inches from her face. “Erh… Hello,” she said, and gave a weak smile. “I’m Susie.” 

Mateo shot back like a startled animal. “You…you are faking!” He scrambled to his feet. Susie propped herself up on one elbow, emphasising the curve of her narrow waist and the swell of her hips. She gave Mateo a sultry look. Mateo called for the ambulance to be cancelled.  Then he turned his anger on Susie. 

“You English girls,” he spat. “You are all the same. You come here. You get drunk. You make trouble. You anger other guests. Well I know what you need.” 

Mateo reached down, grabbed Susie by the wrist and hauled her roughly to her feet. 

“W..what are you going to do?” she cried, wide eyed and panicking. 

“You will come with me!” 

“Nooo… wait! She squealed. She tried to resist but she was no match for Mateo as he pulled her, struggling and protesting, through the smirking holidaymakers along the side of the pool. When he came to the springboard he sat down and yanked the troublesome eighteen-year-old over his knee. 

“No!” she screamed. “Don’t you dare! Let me go!” 

Susie’s wet bikini bottoms barely covered her cheeks and could offer no protection against the fiery retribution that Mateo was about to unleash. With a tight grip on her waist he set about spanking her as hard as he could. He was furious and each stinging smack was delivered with a force that echoed across the pool and added a blistering red handprint to her quivering bottom.

 Susie howled and thrashed about but Mateo had no trouble controlling her and he landed each resounding crack of his hand with punishing effectiveness.

 Susie's tiny wet bikini offers no protection when Mateo sits on the diving board, pulles her over his knee and gives her a ferocious spanking.

Among the spectators a young boy turned to his father. “That’s the lady Mum said you hadn’t got to stare at.” 

“Yes, I know,” his father answered, “but I can’t miss this.” 

“Has she been really naughty Dad?” 

“Yes Son, really, really naughty. I bet she won’t be sitting down tonight.” 

Over at the diving board Mateo was starting to tire and his hand was stinging. He reluctantly stopped the spanking and released his grip. Susie struggled to her feet and stood clutching her bottom and bawling. Her face was as red as her tail. And if it wasn’t bad enough that the man she had wanted to seduce had put her over his knee like a naughty child, her humiliation was compounded by the punishment being dished out in full view of dozens of holidaymakers; the same people who had been forced to tolerate her wild behaviour for the past fortnight and who were wholly in favour of Mateo’s actions. 

“I’m going to report you to the police,” wailed Susie. “You’re going to pay for this.” 

“No! You are a guest in my country,” said Mateo. “Because of your hoax an ambulance was called out. You are in big trouble. If you want to catch your flight tomorrow you will do as I tell you.” Mateo pointed towards the guest rooms. “Now go to your room and don’t come out until you check out tomorrow.” 

Some of the watching crowd gave a ripple of applause as Susie ran to her room in tears, acutely conscious of the curious looks from everyone in reception as she tried to cover her scarlet bottom. Nicola followed swiftly behind, loaded down with towels and suntan lotion. 

In the room Susie threw herself down on her bed. Nicola decided to give her a few minutes. She peeled off her own bikini and disappeared into the shower. She came out a few minutes later, dripping and wrapped in a short white towel. Susie had finally stopped crying and Nicola couldn’t help laughing at her misfortune. “I have some great holiday pics to take home now,” she said. “I got the whole thing on my phone. I’ll have to post this on You Tube. 

“It’s not bloody funny,” said Susie. 

Nicola passed her a face cloth soaked in cold water and Susie pressed the cool compress to her burning rear. “It really hurts. And it’s all your fault.” 

“My fault?” said Nicola. “How’s that?” 

“You said I should drown myself to get his attention.” 

“That was a joke. I didn’t think you’d really try it. Anyway, I think you got just what you deserved. It was well funny!” 

“Oh is that right,” shouted Susie. “Well if you think it’s so bloody funny, maybe you should try it.” 

“I wouldn’t mind,” said Nicola. “It sounds kind of sexy having a strong hunk put me over his knee.” 

“What?” said Susie. “No way!” 

“Yeah, really. I’ve always liked those Hollywood flicks where the woman is a brat and the man gives her a good spanking. That’s my kind of man.”

“Come on then,” said Susie sitting up and grimacing as her sore bottom made contact with the bed. “If you think it’s so great, get over my knee.” 

“OK,” said Nicola, grinning. ”I’m not scared.”  She had butterflies in her stomach. She had often fantasised about being spanked but it had never happened. She knelt on the bed next to Susie and crawled over her knee. 

Susie gripped Nicola’s waist and started spanking over the thin hotel towel that barely covered her bottom. She smacked quite hard but Nicola just writhed a little and lifted her bottom. Susie spanked harder Nicola was clearly still enjoying it, although she kept reaching back and giving a little rub. Susie started to get mad. She was aiming to teach Nicola that spanking was a punishment not a pleasure but she seemed to be losing the argument. In desperation she yanked the towel up out of the way, grabbed her hairbrush from the bedside cabinet and delivered a flurry of hard whacks to Nicola’s bare cheeks. Nicola squealed and rolled quickly off Susie’s knee, clutching her bottom. 

“Maybe that’ll teach you,” said Susie. It’s no fun getting spanked is it?” 

“Nicola just grinned and blushed a little. “Come on then,” said Nicola, rubbing her bottom and changing the subject. “This is our last night here. Let’s make it special.” 

“I can’t go out!” protested Susie. “You heard what Mateo said. I have to stay in my room. I’m under house arrest.” 

“House arrest! Who do you think you are, Europe’s most wanted? You haven’t been arrested. You’re grounded.” 

Susie flushed at Nicola’s remark. 

“Spanked and grounded like a naughty little girl,” giggled Nicola. “You’re lucky he didn’t wash your mouth out with soap and make you stand in the corner.” 

“You know what,” said Susie. “You’re right, he can’t tell me what to do. We’re going out. Come on, let’s get ready.” 

An hour later the girls were sneaking through the hotel foyer, showered, perfumed, high heeled and wearing the shortest skin-tight dresses they could legally get away with.  Susie glanced around, desperate not to be seen by Mateo. 

“He won’t be here at this time,” said Nicola. “Come on. Let’s go to clubbing.” 

Out in the town, the girls partied through a string of bars before making their way back to a nightclub a few yards from the hotel. The street outside throbbed with loud music and was awash with nighttime revellers. As soon as the girls set foot inside they stopped and stared. Mateo was there, dancing with a group of girls from the hotel. A second bar was located on an upper floor, overlooking the dancers below. Mateo was dancing directly below the balcony. Susie grabbed Nicola’s arm and giggling, dragged her towards the steps. 

“Come on,” she shouted over the music. “I’ve got an idea.” 

The two girls fought their way up the crowded steps to the upper level. Susie spotted an unguarded drink and swiped it off the table. It was a tall glass of ice-cold alcohol and fruit juice with slices of fruit and a cocktail umbrella. She carried it over to the edge of the balcony and looked down at Mateo dancing on the floor below. 

She held the glass out over the balcony at arms length and shouted to Nicola. “Shall I?” 

Without giving Susie chance to change her mind, Nicola grabbed her hand and tipped the glass upside down. The freezing contents splashed down onto the unsuspecting dancer below. 

Furious, soaking wet and with bits if fruit sticking to his hair and face, Mateo looked up to see where the drink had come from. 

“Run!” shouted Nicola. 

The two girls turned and ran but they were too slow. Mateo had spotted them. 

As Mateo angrily tried to work his way across the crowded dance floor, the girls tumbled, giggling and squealing down the steps and disappeared out into the night. 

Susie and Nicola stayed out for a while but since they had to be at the airport early the next day they decided to head back to the hotel. The foyer was empty except for a night porter who smirked cryptically as the girls tottered towards the elevator. 

Outside their room, Nicola fumbled in her bag for the key card. Uneasily, she slotted it into the lock and carefully pushed open the door, half expecting to find Mateo lurking inside. She switched on the light and laughed. The room was just as they had left it. Relieved, the girls entered and shut the door. With a long sigh, Nicola threw herself down on her bed. 

The girls chatted and laughed about the night’s adventure. They started to get ready for bed. Nicola had just slipped on a little see through baby doll and Susie had stripped down to her panties when there was a loud knock at the door. 

“I’ll get it said Nicola.” 

Susie didn’t have time to put on pyjamas.  She slipped quickly onto the bed and pulled up the covers. 

Before Nicola could reach for a bathrobe to cover her see through nighty she was stopped in her tracks. She heard the distinctive sound of a key card releasing the lock. A feeling of dread sank in her stomach. Slowly the door swung open and to her horror, Mateo was framed in the doorway holding the night porter’s passkey. He was furious. 

“Get out!” screamed Nicola, quickly covering her breasts. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” 

“I show you what I do!” spat Mateo. “You see this?” he slapped his hand against his chest where the girls’ cocktail had left an ugly pink stain down his expensive shirt. He stormed into the room slamming the door behind him. Without another word he grabbed Nicola by the arm and pulled her over to the room’s single upright chair. Sitting down, he dragged her, squealing, over his knee. The flimsy chiffon of Nicola’s nighty gave Mateo a clear view of her panties and offered no protection when he slapped her hard on the bottom. 

Kneeling on the bed, holding the bed covers up to her chin, Susie watched in horror as Mateo gave Nicola a ferocious spanking. She was acutely aware of her own near nakedness under the bed covers and her eyes filled with tears knowing she would be next over his knee. 

Nicky is spanked in her hotel room while Susie watches, knowing she will be next.

Nicola was howling and her blond hair was flying as Mateo landed smack after stinging smack on her upturned rump. It seemed that no amount of punishment was going to satisfy his anger but suddenly the punishment stopped. Mateo was breathing hard. He spat out an angry phrase in Spanish then pushed up Nicola’s nighty and dragged down her panties; Then the blistering attack continued, now on her scarlet bare flesh. Nicola writhed, kicked and yelled. Her tears soaked the carpet but there was no escape. Finally after a flurry of hard stinging smacks Mateo stopped. The punishment was over. Nicola struggled shakily to her feet, holding her inflamed bottom.

Susie expected Nicola to give Mateo an earful of abuse but it didn’t happen. Both she and Mateo were amazed when Nicola, looking extremely contrite, tearfully stroked her bottom and said  “Thank you for my punishment sir. I’m very sorry for what we did. I’ll go and stand in the corner and think hard about my behaviour.” 

Susie stared, astonished as Nicola walked over to a corner of the room and stood facing the wall with her hands on her head, her scarlet bottom showing clearly through the diaphanous veil of her skimpy nighty. Mateo gave a nod of satisfaction then turned his attention to the bed where Susie knelt petrified. As he approached she started to slide away. Suddenly she broke, threw off the covers and ran towards the door. She didn’t get far. Mateo clambered over the bed, hooked his arm around her waist and lifted her off the ground. 

“No, no, please!” she begged. “Let me go. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. I’ve already been spanked today!” 

Her pleas didn’t raise even a spec of sympathy. Mateo put his foot up on the chair, swung Susie up and over his knee and yanked her one remaining shred of clothing, down and off. On the hotel desk-come-dressing table next to the chair Mateo spotted a hairbrush. Susie looked back over her shoulder and turned pink with humiliated at seeing herself in the wall mirror, naked, vulnerable and about to be spanked again. 

“You learn nothing when I spank you this morning,” Said Mateo. He picked up the hairbrush and admired its suitability. “Now I teach you proper lesson.” 

“Nicky, Nicky, do something!” cried Susie. “This is all your fault.” 

“Ha!” said Mateo. “Always the same with girls like you, always someone else’s fault. I teach you to be good girl like your friend.”

Susie sees herself in the mirror as she is spanked naked over Mateo's knee. 

The hairbrush made a lethal spanking paddle. The very first crack of wood on flesh raised a fiery red oval on Susie’s naked bottom and triggered a howl of despair from the spoiled teenager. Each subsequent whack added to the ever-growing fire until her stinging bottom glowed like a Mediterranean sunset. 

When Mateo was finally satisfied he swung Susie off his knee and dropped her painfully onto the bed. Then with a final gesture and an angry Spanish expletive he left. 


Morning came and Susie and Nicola waited in the departure lounge for their flight home. Nicola shuffled uncomfortably in her seat, thinking about her smarting rear. She smiled, enjoying her newly surfaced submissiveness. Susie stood gently rubbing her bottom, a well-punished teenager. 

“Look Dad,” said a small boy in a family group, also waiting to depart. He pointed at Susie. “It’s that lady again. You were right Dad, she still can’t sit down.” 

Back at the hotel Mateo sat at his lifeguard station and appraised the long row of upturned bottoms along the side of the pool where the newly arrived holidaymakers soaked up the sun. 

“Ah yes,” he thought, rubbing the palm of his hand, “another group of naughty English girls in need of Mateo’s special attention.”