A Classroom from Hell

By Flatfish

Suzi, Melanie and Zoe walked through the cavernous hall of the Liv-It museum. The vast complex boasted real life experiences from history. Creep through a Jurassic forest surrounded by true to life dinosaurs, the posters said, be the accused in a seventeenth century witch trial or face the Earps and Doc Holiday at the OK corral. The wonder of the museum wasn’t just the historical detail and often terrifying realism; it was the hundreds of machines, robots, animatronics and androids that populated the exhibits.

“I’ve heard there’s a new exhibit,” said Zoe. “Do you want to give it a try?”

“What is it?” asked Melanie. “I’m not doing anything dangerous.”

“My brother said they put all the historical detail they can into these machines but then they filter it through safety protocols,” said Suzi. “Like the dinosaurs are programmed to tear their prey limb from limb but they’re not allowed to hurt anyone. That’s what makes it feel so real and scary.”

“This is nothing like that,” said Zoe. “It’s school.”

“School!” said Suzie. “I had enough of that when I was a kid. The great thing about being twenty two is you don’t have to do school.”

“It’s not like school that we did,” laughed Zoe. “It’s not just sitting in front of a terminal. This is from back in the days when everyone had to sit together in a room with a strict teacher.”

 “I’ll give it a try,” said Melanie with a cryptic smile.

“S’pose I’ll have to try it as well then,” said Suzie reluctantly.

“Great,” said Zoe. “I think it’s up on the seventh floor. It’s the first exhibit they’ve done up there.”

Two minutes later the girls scrambled excitedly out of the lift to find the new exhibit but they were disappointed. It was closed.  A chain hung across the entrance with a sign that said ‘Out of Order’.

“Out of order!” snapped Zoe. “It’s only been open a week.”

They could see in the gloom beyond the chain, the door had been left ajar. “Why don’t we sneak in and have a look anyway,” said Melanie. “It’s a shame to come this far and then miss out.”

Giggling, the three girls slipped past the chain and through the doorway. They crept down the dark corridor separating the simulated world of the exhibit from the real world museum. As they approached the classroom, the smells of a mid-twentieth century school drifted through the air wrapping the visitors in a psychological fiction that would transport them emotionally to a 1960s secondary school.

Just before they reached the classroom they came to a door on the right. A sign read ‘Changing Room’.

“Let’s take a look,” said Zoe and she disappeared into the room. Melanie eagerly followed and Suzie trailed after them. The room was a standard Liv-It museum changing room with lockers for the visitor’s clothes and two full sized images of people dressed in the outfits of the period.

“I’m going to try on an outfit,” said Zoe excitedly.

“You’re crazy,” said Suzie. “We’re not even supposed to be in here.”

“We paid to come into the museum,” said Zoe. “We’re not doing anything wrong. We're entitled to use the exhibits and the clothes.” She marched over to the female image and hit a large red button to the side. A blue light scanned her and a second later a package dropped out of a chute.

Melanie did the same and the two girls changed into their outfits and stowed their own clothes in lockers.

Suzie looked them over; black shoes, white socks, a ridiculously short grey skirt, white blouse, black and gold striped tie and a black blazer with a pocket badge – A 1967 school uniform.

“How do we look?” asked Melanie.

“You look about fifteen,” said Suzie, but I'm not changing. I’m fine in my clinger. Suzie’s black one-piece stretch-ware outfit was warm but remarkably thin and clinging, offering the height of fashion for a sexy young woman of the 22nd century with a lightness and flexibility that felt daringly close to nudity.

The three girls left the changing room and wondered to the end of the corridor. They pushed open the classroom door and nervously entered.

It was just as they’d seen in the history books; two dozen individual wooden desks in rows, a teacher’s desk at the front and a long black panel on the wall with some simple algebra written in white chalk. The room itself was a 1960s British classroom but around the walls in displays and cabinets were other educational exhibits from the world of that era; a child's slate from the 1920s, a PC from the 1980s. The girls wondered around the room looking at each items and when they thought they had seen everything they decided to leave. They were about to head for the exit when they were stopped by a voice from a speaker on the wall which asked “How many are in your group?”

 “Erh… three,” said Zoe.

There was a click as the classroom door locked. The girls looked at each other.

“What the hell just happened?” said Suzie.

“I… I think the simulation’s started,” said Zoe. “The exhibit has noted that we’re all present so it’s locked the door to stop us from being disturbed by other visitors.

“I thought it was supposed to be out of order,” said Suzie looking nervously about. “And what’s that?”

Zoe and Melanie looked to where Suzie was pointing. A small screen on the wall had been flashing since the girls entered but they hadn’t noticed it. Now they walked over and read the message.

“Oh my God!” said Suzie.

“Now don’t panic,” said Zoe. “It’s just a school room. It’s not like a tyrannosaurus is going to tear us apart. How could it possibly matter that the safety protocols aren’t engaged in an exhibit like this.”

The girls relaxed. Zoe’s had a point, or so they thought. But they were about to discover just how wrong they could be.

“Pay attention class! My name is Mrs Sanders,” said a strict voice from the front of the room.

The girls turned and found that an android in the guise of a middle aged woman had appeared in the corner of the classroom.

“There appears to be some mistake,” said Suzie. “We… We’re not supposed to be here. If you would be so kind as to unlock the door we’ll leave immediately.”

“You are not going anywhere young lady. Why are you not in uniform?”

The android teacher strode over to her desk. “You girls sit down,” she waved a hand dismissively towards Zoe and Melanie. “But you, young lady,” she pointed an accusing finger at Suzie, “you come here!”

Suzie ignored the teacher and marched swiftly towards the door. “Let me out of here now!”

Mrs Sanders followed her and grabbed her by the arm. Suzie tried to pull away but despite the teacher’s frail appearance the android had a mechanical strength and weight advantage. Zoe and Melanie watched open mouthed as Mrs Sanders dragged Suzie over to her desk.

On a wall next to the chalk board hung a wooden paddle. A small sign next to it read ‘School Punishment Paddle, USA, Circa 1958’. Mrs Sanders grabbed it and ignoring Suzie’s frantic protests, the teacher forced her to bend over the desk, stretching her one piece clothing even tighter over the firm rounds of her bottom. Pinning Suzie’s arm behind her back, the teacher held her firmly in place and proceeded to whack her shapely cheeks hard. Suzie yelped and shouted. Her outfit offered no protection, being so tight and thin that she was forced to wear a thong, and by the third smack her eyes were watering and her cries had turned to cursing and swearing.

“How dare you use such language?” Mrs Sanders demanded.

“You’re fucking hurting me!” Suzie yelled.

“Well young lady, after that little outburst I can promise you it’s going to hurt a lot more.”

The next swat landed with twice as much power as the previous three and it made Suzie scream. The rest of the punishment was dished out with equal force and by the time twelve had been delivered Suzie was kicking and bawling.

Mrs Sanders pulled Suzie to her feet and marched her over to a corner of the room where she was made to stand facing the wall. Suzie didn’t dare speak. She just shuffled uncomfortably, sobbing occasionally and tenderly rubbing and squeezing her bottom.

“Now girls,” said Mrs Sanders, turning her attention to Zoe and Melanie, “take out your pens and exercise books.”

The two girls looked baffled. Pens and exercise books didn’t feature in twenty second century lives and they had no idea what the teacher was talking about.

“Well!” said Mrs Sanders. “I am waiting.”

“Please Mrs Sanders,” said Melanie timidly, “what’s an exercise book?”

“Do you think you are being funny girl?”

“No, honest,” Melanie protested, “I don’t know what an exercise book is.”

“How dare you lie to me!” barked Mrs Sanders. “Do you take me for a fool? Come out here, young lady and we’ll see how amusing you find a soundly smacked bottom.”

Melanie was terrified but excited and with no escape she didn’t dare argue. She pushed back her chair and nervously made her way out to the teacher’s desk. It had seemed like a good decision to wear the school uniform, especially when she saw what happened to Suzie, but now she felt frighteningly vulnerable and she tugged at the hem of her miniskirt wishing she could make it longer.

Mrs Sanders pointed at the desk and Melanie hesitantly bent over, trembling. She rested her elbows on the desk top and a thrill ran through her body when Mrs Sanders flipped up her short pleated uniform skirt to reveal her white cotton knickers.

The teacher grabbed the paddle and rested it against Melanie’s bottom, taking careful aim. Then she pulled it back and smacked it with a resounding crack against the girl’s soft cheeks. Melanie howled and tried to stand clutching her bottom but Mrs Sanders didn’t pause. She pushed the girl back into place and rapidly landed another four equally harsh whacks. She finished with a ferocious final smack!

The paddle had endured for two hundred years but the paddling of Suzie and Melanie was more than the old timber could handle and that last whack smashed it into pieces.

When Zoe saw what had happened she finally felt the confidence to speak up. After all, what could the teacher do now she was disarmed.

“That's it!” she said. “You've kept us here long enough. We’re not going to stand for anymore of this nonsense. Just open the door and let us out of here now!”

Mrs Sanders dropped the remnants of the paddle and released Melanie. Slowly and menacingly she turned towards Zoe.

Zoe only had a moment to realise what a huge mistake she had made making demands before Mrs Sanders paced around the desk and hauled her off her seat. Seconds later, the teacher had planted a chair at the front of the classroom and sat down, effortlessly propelling Zoe over her knee.

Zoe’s face was inches from the floor while her bottom was raised and vulnerable. Mrs Sanders lost no time in brushing Zoe’s skirt up out of the way and dragging her panties down to the middle of her thighs.

A bottom blistering spanking followed as Mrs Sanders lectured Zoe on impudence and respect.

A full three minutes of non-stop punishment turned Zoe’s bottom from sun tanned flesh to pink then red then on to blazing scarlet. Zoe yelled, howled and yelped through every smack. Her bottom was on fire and she was convinced that the punishment was never going to end. Mrs Sanders seemed to become more and more furious with every second.

Suddenly there was a click, barely audible through Zoe’s cries and squeals, and the lock on the classroom door opened. A confused technician hurried into the room.

 “Mrs Sanders, terminate operation and return to home point,” he ordered.

Instantly the spanking stopped and Mrs Sanders released her grip on Zoe’s waist. Zoe struggled to her feet sobbing and red faced and carefully eased up her panties. She wiped at her tears with the back of her hand and smiled gratefully at her rescuer.

Mrs Sanders face had become expressionless. She stood without a word and returned to the corner of the room where the girls had first seen her. A panel in the wall opened and the android teacher stepped inside.

“What are you girls doing here?” asked the technician. “Didn’t you see the sign? This exhibit is out of order. It’s dangerous.”

“W…we didn’t notice the sign,” lied Zoe, carefully rubbing her bottom. “And then we got trapped in here.”

The technician didn’t buy it but he thought the girls had already been punished more than enough. He led them out to the changing room then disappeared back into the classroom to finish fixing the exhibit. The next time Mrs Sanders would be activated she would be able to threaten and terrify her class of visitors but she would never be able to break through those safety protocols and spank anyone.

Zoe and Melanie changed into their own clothes. Zoe dropped her uniform into the recycler but Melanie swiped her credit tab and purchased hers.

“What could you possibly want with a school uniform from a hundred and fifty years ago?” asked Suzie. She rested a hand on her bottom and winced. "Don’t you want to forget what we’ve been through? I just want to put this whole embarrassing episode behind me."

The girls giggled at the unintended pun.

“I’m going to call at the museum shop and see if they have a replica paddle,” said Melanie. “Dave and I have been talking about spicing things up a bit. I think he’ll like this game.”

He might like it,” said Zoe, “but what about you. Surely you don't want to be paddled again. Haven’t you had enough of that today?”

Melanie just shrugged, patted her bottom and grinned.

“Well I’ve had enough,” said Suzie. “And Zoe, if you ever suggest going to a school exhibit again I swear I will spank you myself!”