Zoe’s Spanking

By Flatfish

A Tribute to Doctor Who – The Prison in Space

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who then you will probably have chosen your favourite Doctor. I’ve just about been around long enough to remember them all and my favourite has long been the second Doctor – the one played by Patrick Troughton. This Doctor was eccentric, with an almost childlike excitability at times, but still supremely intelligent. He was accompanied by Jamie, a young 18th Century highland warrior played by Frazer Hines, but more importantly from our perspective, he was accompanied by a pretty 21st Century 19 year old called Zoe played by Wendy Padbury. This spirited girl was one of the naughtiest and most spankable of the Doctor Who companions.

We see an example of Zoe’s behaviour in the story “The Invasion”, where the mini-skirted minx destroys a computerised receptionist by setting it an impossible problem then laughs as it crashes in a cloud of smoke and sparks.


 But back in 1968 Miss Padbury as Zoe came within a hairs breadth of receiving a “very hard” over the knee spanking in an episode that almost made it to the screen. The script was written by Dick Sharples, complete with the spanking scene, and the episodes were scheduled to run immediately after “The Invasion” but the story was pulled before it reached filming.  That story was the Prison in Space. It is now available as an audio book, voiced by Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury and also as a script book.




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The Tardis has landed on a world dominated by women. Men have been reduced to subservience and are known as “Inferiors”.  The women have formed an army of guards dressed in black leatherwear, calf length boots, micro-skirts and skin tight tops. The Doctor and Jamie have been captured and sentence to life on the prison space station with other uncooperative males and Zoe has been press-ganged into joining the woman.

After being brainwashed in a device called the Silver Maiden Zoe is employed as a guard at the Prison. She is no longer aware of her friendship with the Doctor and Jamie. She only knows the doctrine imposed by the mind changing device.

Of course the prison cannot hold the Doctor and Jamie for long and soon they have freed all the prisoners and incited a revolution. Many of the woman guards are tired of the imposed lifestyle and they join with the men to create a world of equality. But one guard is so heavily brainwashed she cannot escape the old dogma. That guard is Zoe.

I take up the tale just before the spanking scene. I have on the whole retained the dialogue from the original Dick Sharples script but I have used a little dramatic licence to relay the scene as I would have liked to see it performed and I have appended a little après spanking scene to the end of the episode.


Zoe’s Spanking

The atmosphere in the great hall crackled with excitement. The oppressive regime was over. The new Madam Chairman, Sister Norah, thanked the Doctor once again.

“Excuse me, but what happened to Zoe?” asked Jamie.

“Oh… of course,” said Sister Norah. “She’s locked up with the rest of the Presidential Guard.”

Norah quickly sent a girl to fetch Zoe and a few seconds later she was brought to the hall, sullen and resentful, accompanied by two guards. She shook herself free and stood with arms folded, glowering at the people in the room.

“Zoe!” cried Jamie with a grin, pleased to see his companion safe and sound.

“My dear girl,” said the Doctor, beaming, “how good to see you again.”

“Good for whom, Inferior,” sneered Zoe.

“Oh dear…” said the Doctor, looking worried.

“What did you call him?” snarled Jamie.

“Inferior!” said Zoe contemptuously. “Because that’s what you are, aren’t you? A male…!”

 “Zoe, now listen to me, my dear,” said the Doctor kindly. “This is me - The Doctor - I’m your friend.”

“Don’t be impertinent!” snapped Zoe. “How could I be a friend of a mere male? I’m a woman, a superior being, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

“Oh, are you?” growled Jamie, rising to his feet.

“Of course,” said Zoe, turning away, not willing to waste any more time debating with these Inferiors.

“Well let me tell you something,” said Jamie, striding forwards. “We have a way of dealing with those who don’t know their place where I come from – especially cheeky wee lassies like you.”

“Now Jamie,” said the doctor, holding up his hands and trying to intervene.

“You leave her to me Doctor,” said Jamie, ignoring the Doctor’s attempt at keeping the peace, and marching towards Zoe, pushing up his sleeves. “You! Come here!”

“Oh go away little boy,” said Zoe, contemptuously. “Go knit yourself another pretty skirt”

Jamie’s jaw dropped in disbelief. It was bad enough being faced with Zoe's rude arrogance, but Jamie was a proud highland warrior and to refer to his kilt, his national dress, as a pretty skirt was the last straw.

“Another what?!” he bellowed. “That does it!”

Jamie grabbed Zoe by the arm causing her eye’s to open wide in confused panic. She was astonished that a mere male would dare to manhandle her. He dragged the struggling girl back toward his seat.

“Let me go at once!” yelled Zoe. “How dare you do this to me!” Her disbelief turned to furious humiliation as Jamie sat down and hauled her over his knee like a naughty child.

Zoe’s tiny uniform mini-skirt was much too short to completely cover her bottom in this position and her embarrassment at being spanked was suddenly amplified as Jamie grabbed the hem and dragged it the rest of the way up, fully revealing her bottom in thin cotton pants.

Zoe’s furious protests rapidly turned to howls and yells as Jamie slapped his hand down hard on her upturned cheeks. She writhed and kicked but Jamie’s strong grip locked her firmly in place.

Jamie McCrimmon spanks Zoe Heriot in the Dr Who episode The Prison in Space

“Stop! stop!” she cried between yelps. “Oww, you’re hurting me. Oww!”

“Hurting you am I lassie? Aye well it’s supposed to hurt. I’ll teach you to have some manners and to keep a civil tongue in your head.”

The Doctor stepped forward to intervene, horrified at such barbarity, but Sister Norah grabbed his arm. “No Doctor,” she said. “Don’t interfere.”

Zoe was howling and cursing and tears poured down her cheeks. But her eye’s had changed. Where once they had been glazed, emotionless, with an almost trance-like contempt, now there was a glimmer of life.

Jamie, lost in a mist of rage, was completely unaware that he was breaking through Zoe’s conditioning. He was determined to make sure she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. He ignored her howls and curses and spanked her with a passion.

Jamie finished with three very hard smacks. “Now, what d’you say to that?”

Zoe pushed her way slowly to her feet. She stood sniffling and rubbing her bottom. Her arrogant superiority was gone, replaced by confusion. She shook her head and gazed around her.

“Jamie,... Doctor, where did you come from?”

The Doctor grinned and clapped his hands excitedly. “Welcome back, Zoe!” he exclaimed.

“Indeed child,” said Sister Norah. “It would seem that even the Silver Maiden is no match for the physical shock of applied psychology.”

“Especially when it’s applied as firmly as that,” agreed the Doctor.

Zoe had no idea what they were talking about. “It’s funny,” she said, still absentmindedly rubbing her bottom, “I feel as though I’ve just woken up from a dream.”

“More of a nightmare if you ask me,” said Jamie, rubbing the palm of his hand.


With the celebrations over, the three travellers returned to the Tardis. The Doctor busied himself around the central console. He flicked some switches, pushed a leaver forward and the Tardis pulsed into life.

Zoe had discarded her uniform and changed into her own clothes but she was still dazed from her ordeal. She struggled to remember what had happened on the planet. She remembered the Doctor and Jamie being shipped off to the space prison and she remembered being forced into the Silver Maiden. But after that, the next thing she could remember was seeing Jamie and the Doctor as she returned to her senses. Lost in thought, she pressed a panel on the wall releasing a hidden seat, but as she distractedly sat down fire flared through her bottom and she leapt to her feet with a yelp clutching her stinging cheeks.

“What on earth..!” she cried.

Slowly her confused mind began to clear and she remembered her painful reawakening back on the planet.

“Jamie Mccrimmon!” she snapped. “You spanked me!”

“Aye that’s right Zoe,” laughed Jamie. “I tanned your backside good and hard. I don’t deny it.”

“How dare you do that to me,” Zoe said in disbelief.

“Now don’t you take that attitude with me, Zoe Heriot,” Jamie retorted. “It’s thanks to me that you have your mind back in one piece.”

“It… It did seem a rather effective approach,” interjected the Doctor in a bid to restore the peace.

“Aye, it did that,” said Jamie, “and I don’t regret it for a moment. Let’s face it Zoe. You’ve been asking for a good hard spanking for as long as I’ve known you.  It might have been your first lassie but I’ll guarantee it won’t be your last.”