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Last Updated 27th November 2017

 New Christmas Story: Snowball  


 Stories and Illustrations



All spankees are fictional female adults.


Spanking Soap (Series)

Snowball (27th November 2017)

A Christmas spanking story.

Cocktails (15th October 2017)

Deserted by her philandering husband, bored unhappy housewife Nicola is introduced to a new man and a world of spanking pleasure.

Breaking the Rules (5th March 2017)

A young teacher breaks one rule too many and suffers angry consequences from the Headmaster.

A Christmas Charity Auction (illustrated) (9th December 2016)

Julia was a nice girl working in the department store until she was promoted. When she offers herself as a star buy at a Christmas charty auction she starts to understand the error of her ways but her ex boyfriend comes to her rescue with a spanking good plan.

A Halloween to Remember (12th November 2016)

Jemma is bored with Halloween until her husband arranges a visit from the ghost of a medieval monk - Brother Spankhard.

Private Tuition (illustrated) (16th August 2016)

Twenty year old Melanie hires a private tutor but tricks him into thinking she's a schoolgirl.

Fifties Night (illustrated) (8th June 2016)

After she has flirted with every boy at the Fifteis Night dance Amanda's husband shows her some fifties style discipline.

Caught and Spanked (illustrated) (12th January 2016)

Stephanie, a pretty graduate trainee, is tempted to make the wrong choice and she is caught and spanked.

Christmas Tales from the Black Swan (16th December 2015)

A Christmas selection box of festive spanking tales.

McGregor's Revenge (illustrated) (31st October 2015)

A Halloween spanking tale.

Speed Date (illustrated) (25th September 2015)

When an American girl working in the UK tries speed dating it results in a sound spanking for her and her two companions.

The Princess and the Wooden Soldier (illustrated) (22nd August 2015)

A fairy story in which a beautiful princess breaks an evil curse by being spanked by a lifesize wooden soldier.

Zoe's Spanking (Illustrated Feature) (6th May 2015)

A trubute to the 1968 Dr Who story "The Prison in Space" which sadly only made it as far as scripting. This story featured a "very hard" over the knee spanking for the Doctor's pretty companion, Zoe Herriot.

You Can Bet Your Ass (Illustrated) (7th April 2015)

Megan visits Las Vegas to prove she can make it as a professional gambler. She discovers she has much to learn and some lessons carry a sting in the tail.

Spanking the Cultural Attaché (9th March 2015)

Its a sizzling time for the cultural attache when an alien visitor takes a keen interest in spanking naughty girls.

Lunar Girl (11th January 2015)

Life on the Moon is great, or so 18 year old Jemma thinks until her skimmer breaks down when she crosses the frontier to Far-Side.

A Classroom From Hell (3rd November 2014)

Three 22nd century girls visit a school exhibit at the Liv-It museum and experience 20th century discipline from the android teacher.

Titan 5 (Illustrated 3rd August 2014)

An industrial robot is put to spanking good use when a pretty, young executive plans to make the workforce redundant.

Ransom (Illustrated) (23rd July 2014)

When Fiona engineers her own kidnapping, things don't go to plan.

The Wife Sitter II - Sisters in Trouble (3rd February 2014)

Bob 7 The android baby sitter who spanked 22 year old Yvette returns and this time he has two naughty girls to deal with.

Naughty Girl (21st December 2013)

When Sarah's husband suggests spicing up their love life with role playing games its a chance for Sarah to bring her secret spanking dreams to life. She has always wanted to be the girl on Santa's naughty list. 

Ghosts? (24th October 2013)

When a student on a ghost hunt spanked his beautiful companion, did ghosts make him do it?

Secrets Lies and Consequences (Illustrated) (21st September 2013)

Sarah is keeping a secret from her husband and inevitably its only a matter of time before it lands her over his knee for a very sound spanking.

Hot Scoop (8th September 2013)

News of an upcoming attack on an old lady's house by vandals leaves a freelance journalist in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (illustrated) (29th October 2012)

An ancient curse can be lifted by the sorrowful song of a well spanked woman. Unfortunately for attractive young archeologist Dr. Sarah Cross, she is the only woman around. 

Sorority (16th August 2012)

When the sorority's chief sponsor, Agnes Johnson, passed away she left a generous bequest that could only be claimed if the girls adopted her strict rule book and its accompanying wooden paddle. Who will be first to feel the sting?   

Three Girls (25th July 2012)

 The Library of Spanking Fiction 2012 Picture Story Challenge Winner. 

When Aunt Jane died she left special bequests for the husbands of her three Great Nieces. There are going to be some very sore bottoms when those husbands get home.

Scrabble (12th July 2012)

How can a young wife tell her husband she wants to be spanked?

Zero G (6th June 2012)

A beautiful Japanese student at a research centre, spinning in the vastness of space, visits the zero gravity gymnasium at the centre of the complex. She reprograms the five tentacled exercise bot with spanking results.

Mistress and Slave Girl (illustrated) (20th April 2012)

A young business woman fulfills her spanking needs by visiting a dominatrix, but which one will be spanked?

Bad Girls in Benidorm (illustrated)  (1st April 2012)

"Kneeling on the bed, holding the bed covers up to her chin, Susie watched in horror as Mateo gave Nicola a ferocious spanking. She was acutely aware of her own near nakedness under the bed covers and her eyes filled with tears knowing she would be next over his knee. " 

The Punishment (6th March 2012)

A spoiled student is soundly spanked after stealing an essay and handing it in as her own work.

Shoplifter (4th February 2012)

An angry husband has to come to the store and deal with his delinquent wife when she is caught shoplifting.

New Year's Resolution (12th January 2012)

It's spanking consequences for a young wife when she and her husband set each other's new year resolutions.

The Spankton Chase (19th December 2011)

Arrested for careless driving and sentenced by the local magistrate, can Christine make it to the village boundary before the angry villagers catch and spank her.

Haunted (30th October 2011)

Its a spooky triple spanking extravaganza when girl group "Spoiled Brats" are guests on the reality TV show "Really Haunted". 

Spanking Scene (1st August 2011)

The angry wife of a film star forces her husband to soundly spank a young actress in front of the cameras when she lies about a stolen kiss. 

The Game (31st July 2011)

A pretty, young executive becomes trapped in a console game. As she battles her way to freedom her foes are intent on giving her the spanking of her life. 

The promise

A young wife fantasizes about being genuinely punished with a sound spanking. She extracts a promise from her husband to make her wish come true. Be careful what you wish for.


A quiet young woman is possessed by the ghost of her mischievous twin and finds herself asking to be spanked.


A couple find their home being burgled by two girls. They are caught red handed, or should that be red bottomed?

The Wife Sitter

It's the 22nd Century and an angry husband thinks his wife is behaving like a spoiled child. He hires an android babysitter to keep her safe. Perhaps he could have been a bit less enthusiastic when he set the discipline level. 

Alien Abduction

A beautiful alien finds her study of the Earth art of spanking becomes more hands on than she expected.


A gypsy curse adds fire to a twenty first birthday party.

The Research Assistant

A pretty 19 year old sports student in need of cash agrees to be strapped into a spanking machine for medical research. 

The Legend of Spanking Rock

A young couple enjoying a picnic discover an old spanking legend.

The Letter

A young wife puts on her old school uniform and an overdue spanking is finally delivered.

The Last Straw

An easygoing husband is pushed too far. When his wife stops him from spanking his spoiled daughter she soon finds herself taking the daughter's place.

Catgirl and Mouse

Zap! Pow! Can this be true? Is this the end for our feline fighter of crime and her trusty sidekick? The evil Maestro and his musical cohorts deliver a spanking serenade to our daring duo. 

  Spanking Soap:

Series 2 Episode 5: The Psychology of Spanking (15th July 2013)

Bobby illustrates her lecture on the psychology of spanking by putting a young student over her knee - but all is not as it seems.

Series 2 Episode 4: She Needs a Damn Good Spanking (3rd April 2013) - Illustrated.

Stephanie's girlfriend Bobby has never been sent to her room to await a spanking, but its never too late.

Series 2 Episode 3: The Cheating Wife (25th February 2013)

When Stephanie came home drunk, late and wearing a tiny stretch mini-dress she was soundly spanked by her husband. Is she having an affair?

Series 2 Episode 2: The Campus Creeper (9th February 2013)

Detective Constable Pamela Ross goes under cover as a spankable student to trap the Campus Creeper, a mysterious assailant who is stalking students and spanking them. 

Series 2 Episode 1: Spanking Honeymoon (24th January 2013)

David and Susan are married and honeymooning in a French ski resort. When David hurts his ankle, Susan is free to be a naughty girl - and we all know what happens to naughty girls.


Series 1 Episode 8: Hypnosis (22nd October 2011)

Angela, the kidnapper from episode 2 returns. Dr. Snell is determined to cure her of her obsessive stalking of ex-husband David and his girlfriend Susan. Angela is hypnotised to demand a spanking whenever the jealousy appears. 

Series1 Episode 7: Kiss Me Kate (2nd October 2011) - Illustrated

Jim has to give his teacher a sound spanking in the school production of Kiss Me Kate.

Series 1 Episode 6: Spanking Lessons (19th September 2011)

Bill "Spanker" Johnson breaks out of prison and storms into a classroom where Susan Harper is teaching. Furious with the teacher he puts her over his knee and spanks her in front of the class.

Series 1 Episode 5: Girls in Blue (10th September 2011)

Two young women police officers investigate a break-in at Jennings Warehouse. The burglar Bill "Spanker" Johnson captures them. Handcuffed and defenseless the uniformed officers face a long, hard spanking. 

Series 1 Episode 4: The Strong Arm of the Law (29th August 2011)

Mandy assaults a policeman at the student demonstration. The policeman knows her from the past and has a private score to settle. Both Mandy and her sister face a sound spanking from the strong arm of the law.

Series 1 Episode 3: Spanking Students (23rd August 2011)

Susan's younger sister and her two friends Louise and Tamara are three pretty college students who learn the pain and pleasure of a sound spanking. Tamara signs a spanking IOU with blistering consequences.

Series 1 Episode 2: Kidnapped (14th August 2011)

The story continues. David's jealous ex-wife kidnaps Susan and blackmails her into being her spanking plaything. 

Series 1 Episode 1: Back to School (12th August 2011)

A new sports teacher spanks a young English teacher after school in her classroom. 


Katie King


Spanking in the Crypt (30th October 2011)

Katie King investigates a secret Halloween ritual. 


Sporty Sue


Beach Volleyball Brat (19th August 2011)

Sue cheats at beach volleyball and is soundly spanked.


Katie King


Sun Sea and Spanking

Undercover reporter Katie King in a  bottom warming beach adventure.


Sporty Sue


  Abominable Skiing

Sporty Sue has a surprise encounter on her Himalayan skiing holiday.





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  Uniform Girls




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Breaking the Rules

A Christmas Charity Auction (illustrated)

A Halloween to Remember

Story Illustrations 

Private Tuition (illustrated)

Fifties Night (illustrated)

Caught and Spanked (illustrated)

Christmas Tales from the Black Swan

McGregor's Revenge  (illustrated)

Speed Date (illustrated)

The Princess and the Wooden Soldier  (illustrated)

Zoe's Spanking(illustrated)

You Can Bet Your Ass(illustrated)

 Spanking the Cultural Attaché

Lunar Girl

A Classroom From Hell

Titan 5 (illustrated)

Ransom (illustrated)

The Wife Sitter II - Sisters in Trouble (illustrated)

Naughty Girl


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Secrets Lies and Consequences

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The Psychology of Spanking

She Needs a Damn Good Spanking 

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New Year's Resolution

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